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Another Big Load of Crap arrives in Vancouver!
Container ship goes under Lion's Gate Bridge in Van.B.C.
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Stardust Memories
Ukulele Busker at Vancouver SeaBus station gives a unique rendition of Stardust Memories!
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Shoplifter gets "Malled"!
Man steals a 50 lb.amethyst geode from Tinsel Town mall in Vancouver BC and is quickly apprehended by the mall's slick and smooth undercover dicks!
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East Vancouver Rockabilly Rodeo & Burger Revival
Partying on the mean streets of East Van!
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Kite Surfing at English Bay!
Kite Surfing at English Bay Nov.30-2009
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Rainbow Slider
Slide Guitarist @ Vancouver Canada
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Ronald McDonald "Kickin it Old School!"
Short clip of that Fast Food Clown booging to some gaelic music!
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"Day of the Dead" Celebration Vancouver Can.
series of video clips at Day of the Dead/Halloween Party in Vancouver BC Oct.27,07
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Mother Goose (Guller) of Oppenheimer Park!
Old Lady frequents Oppenheimer Park in Vancouver where she always brings 3-4 loaves of bread,that she buys at the corner store,to feed her noisy and ravenous "babies"!
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