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Payday 2 | First World Bank | Solo Speedrun (7:33)
This is 3 seconds away from the fastest time I have ever seen in a video on YouTube without using the pretty common glitch utilizing the plant pot and Payday 2's movement mechanics. Also the perk deck which I am using is Yakuza, which is great for speedruns.
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Payday 2 | Big Bank | Solo Speedrun (9:02)
I know this isn't breaking records, but that was my best time for this mission. (I tried for a couple days.)
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Payday 2 | Car Shop | Solo Stealth
FPS counter is Fraps. Shot w/ Nvidia Shadowplay. OS: Windows 10. If you are wondering why I am using molotovs, this is usually a build for Yakuza perk deck, which benefits from low health. Since this map is close quarters, I swapped Yakuza out for Burglar.
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