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Gothic 2: short combat showcase
Just wanted to capture some footage of a somewhat longer battle. This is also the recommended way to handle 1 v 1 fights against orcs when you're still at a somewhat lower level.
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Gothic: In Extremo: Herr Mannelig
Herr Mannelig by In Extremo live in the Old Camp!
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Spirit of Gothic
Just my favourite part of the Soundtrack
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Gothic 1 Dx11
Just wanted to show off some Gothic 1 dx11 footage as I saw very little of it on youtube Song is Dunwich by Electric Wizard Guide to dx11 your Gothic 1 game - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=484664831
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Gothic: Don't get cocky edition
''Don't go into the forest on your own''
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Gothic Alte Mine Dx11
A visit to the old mine Apologies for the framedrop at the very end.
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