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[League of Legends]Shocking News: League sucks complete ass
Ill take a break from uploading as I need to finish a project .Had uploaded some more vid's since some people have subbed , I mean I dont know why anyone would do that BUT i will continue to upload now and then for that Also the title is kinda clickbait , I do know that League isnt that bad ,I mean for a free to play its good ,but its just disappointing currently
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Huniepoop in a nutshell
Lost some people in my friend list when i started playing this game, war has changed.
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[Cancer online]Shocking news:MMO's suck ass
A video about me bitching about a game that i've bought and hated , thus i will explain it in a bunch of minutes because the the title "[Cancer online]Shocking news:MMO's suck ass" just isnt enough.
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Gaming Bullshit vol 1
Trash talking certain games to get you triggered , Ill be doing this two games and one indie formula . You can put in the comm section which games youd like me to cover , dunno why you would do that but yeah.
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[Some garbage shooter]Dont click on this video if you are easily triggered
Yes, I know that APEX LEGENDS is f2p and its not that bad of a game and that its the rave or about to be the rave in the near future, but I honestly dont care. Also the guy who asked for my opinion was German , hence why some shots at them.
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[League of Legends]Well not really league , but still league
Me and some friends,hope you liked it .
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[League of Autism]Part ∞
If anyone is offended by anything in the video please kill...ahem , keep in mind that it does not offend/address you directly , unless you want it to in which case I don't care, and that it is more for lols and giggles Also this is the last league vid , I dont think I can stand editing another video filled with Basic's ANNOYING slurping
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Russian copper best copper
And thats how russia won ww2
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S4 Cancer
Never give in to nostalgia , also i hope you enjoyed this .I didnt.
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[Stardew Valley]An accurate representation
Hello this a random video about Stardew Valley , I say random because its just a mish mash of whatever i happened to think of at that time , besides that hope you enjoyed.I know i didnt.
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[Draw my thing] Draw my thing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Busic naruto reference : https://youtu.be/I1D7gPF6w8w?list=PLBeb4LsF-6ZO4iqxGJG38AljA9anCBKaR&t=427 7:22
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Gaming Bullshit Vol 2 MMO Edition
Yes Song/s used: Jahzzar - Scenes From the Zoo
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[Battle Rite]Some edgy title
Ive made this video quite a while back , as per usual i hope you like it.I didnt.
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League of Autism
This video was made six to seven months ago , I just forgot to upload it . I gave up by the end on this video
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[RimWorld]A nice little game
A video where i bitch around on how good a game is by trying to make it as attractive for you since i really enjoyed the contents of my purchase. As per usual i hope you enjoyed the voice of our lord and savior/god for life/perfect human being Tynan Silvester , i mean video, yes , video.
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[Draw my thing]More like draw my fig
Hope you enjoyed this video, sorry for audio being off a little at times.
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[Slave Masters]Shocking news:CARD based games suck ass
Castle Fight is a 20016 attempt at a combination of turn based combat and RTS , its just that it happens to be neither. Credit where its due and sources that i heavily used Trollden:episode 396 ColdBeerHD:10 games like HearthStone~Or something like that
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