Videos uploaded by user “Bible shows round Earth hanging on nothing”
Anti-glasses song for Lauren Francesca
God deeply loves beautiful actress/dancer Lauren Francesca and he blessed her with a beautiful and extremely charming face. Why she see fit to hide her great God-given gift behind glasses?
2nd song against eyeglass wearing for Lauren Francesca
The last line in song is just for fun and rhyme purposes but Lauren drop glasses for real as she looks better without Her fans usually think little of her glasses too.
Persian Empire United Greek and Israelite lands
And the Greeks were influenced by Bible ideas. Like round earth
Lauren Francesca's Joker Teaser Trailer Reaction by beauty Lauren Francesca at iwantmylauren at YT
With God-given gorgeous face and body beauty Lauren Francesca has a great channel called iwantmylauren here at YT. See my other videos on face beauty Lauren.
Hindu version of Noah's Ark based on Bible's indeed
In a Hindu book called Puranas they have a flood story about a man named Manu. He had 3 sons one called Yapeti clearly Japheth. Manu and his sons survive the flood, in a boat, that kills all others. They make the human race over again. The Purana were written hundreds of years after Christ. Hindu beliefs are based on more true and very Holy Bible beliefs.
Greta Vosper wrong to be an atheist as Bible has incredible scientific accuracy
Like water eroding rock, the hydrologic cycle, the winter food storing process of female ants, water being older than the sun. And more!

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