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Crazy Dad destroys Play Station
No one would teach dad how to Play Guitar Hero So He takes it and smashes it to pieces.. RIP Guitar Hero
Views: 398 Crazy Newb 38
Hillbilly Bathroom Rant With Bubba
Bubbas opinion about Hillbilly and bathrooms..
Views: 217 Crazy Newb 38
Hillbilly Grill Cheese Disaster
Hillbilly Bubba tried to cook a grill cheese for his lady but all she did was laugh.
Views: 204 Crazy Newb 38
The Best Truffle Shuffle
Must see Fat man doing the Truffle Shuffle.
Views: 163 Crazy Newb 38
My Girlfriend Destroyed My Clothes
This is what happens every time my girlfriend washed my clothes.. I know I cant be alone.. Thank you for watching please like and subscribe for more..
Views: 129 Crazy Newb 38
Crazy Newb coming at you live
Shooting the bs stop on by
Views: 0 Crazy Newb 38
I poop my pants
Telling just the way I feel about crapoung myself and how toilet paper needs to be thicker. I say what we all think but No one is comfortable talking about.
Views: 384 Crazy Newb 38
My Girlfriend Caught me Cheating!!
I got Caught Cheating and this is How!!
Views: 107 Crazy Newb 38

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