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IJN Ryujo steel ocean gameplay
Welcome everyone to a new steel ocean video, and this i am using a aircraft carrier, the IJN Ryujo. A Japanese tier IV CV. Great thing to use, the torpedo's are really fast as is seen in the video, and i hope i can progress to the next ship soon!
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Airsoft the chambers 10/3/2019
Welcome to another airsoft video, where today we are back at the chambers, are most common field to go to, because it is a fun field to play, and we know it by watching a lot of videos by other airsofters, most dutch and belgium airsofters play here. Today i am using my JG G36RH as well as my TM M45. And as secondary primary i got the new Cyma CM353 shotgun as squad weapon, hope you guys enjoy watching
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welcome everyone, to the first ever airsoft video i made! Today we are playing on a field named Zuid 63, a field in Limburg (netherlands) An amazing field to play! The teamplay is just amazing, and the field is 10ha, so a lot of walking! The day of recording was the 24th of june 2018, editing takes some time, but i did it! Hope you guys enjoy watching! And best of all, we won in the end! Follow Airsoft No Limits on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/airsoftnolimit/ Join Discord to stay tuned about more videos: https://discord.gg/Ze7Phvm View the official thumbnail here: https://scontent-ams3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/36087178_2354211558138946_8125133862587072512_n.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=e970a6de8a8b29a468260af6e2047a60&oe=5BA5A672
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AWSM speedbuild
Today, i got a new weapon speedbuild, this time being, the AWSM bolt action US sniper rifle! MKD Too hot for pants 0:00 Illenium - Only One (ft. Nina Sung) 3:37
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War Thunder sound mod made by Boris the blade
I wnt through the sound mod in WT again and recorded some more tak sounds. Mod still isn't quite done, but i try to show as much as possible. The Tiger II H is so far my favourite sound so far stay updated my B0ris himself here: http://live.warthunder.com/user/B0ris_the_blade/ download the mod here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1agw4g5pmm6u8uk/B0ris%27s%20Ambient%20Sounds%20mod%2012%2C02%2C16.zip?dl=0 no commentary
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HMS Repulse gameplay
Welcome everyone to a new video, with today: Steel Ocean, a game that is a look out, but not too much.In base of quality this game is complete worthless. But gameplay wise it is worth it. It is a free to play game available on steam, and one nice feature compared to WoWs is that subs are added in steel ocean. Hope you guys enjoyed watching Fun fact: the thumbnail is made on ship quality to the max
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Fort Barchon / 26-8 / tunnelrat
Today in the video, we are at Fort Barchon. Which is an amazing place! And i really enjoy playing on this field! We will probably come back to this field in the future! So far this is my favourite field!
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KJW M1911 VS TM M45 (Airsoft pistol comparison
Hello everyone, and welcome to a new airsoft related video, where today, I am comparing my favourite KJ Works 1911, to the new Tokyo Marui M45, Links to the weapons down below! KJ Works m1911: https://www.airsoftestartit.com/en/kj-works-m1911a1.html Tokyo Marui M45: https://www.airsoftestartit.com/en/tokyo-marui-m45a1-cqb.html Please don't judge me on anything, and please tell me how I could improve, this is just my first comparison video, and want to improve my content based on your ideas and opinions.
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Airsoft on the chambers 29/7
It took some time to upload this video, due to vacation. And because of that i had no time to edit this. But now i finally did. This was the airsoft match of 29/7 on The Chambers, we had a really fun day, and can't wait for more! The next event is also already planned!
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Roblox Make Le Bote great again
Welcome everyone, to another Roblox video. Where today, we have a small discussion about Le Bote on Roblox, an old game that used to be good. With this video, I hope to help the game improve further, I know the game creator is still active. And Le Bote needs to be great again!
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airsoft fort barchon 21-10-2018
Today, we are finally back at airsoft! On the beautifull field Fort Barchon is Belgium, this is a one time per month event, which i really enjoy playing at, it offers a great variaty in terrain, and is also at a beautifull location. Thumbnail: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/439346619821850627/503652026220281856/20181021_122121.jpg
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Dirt 4 last rally career stage
Last race of the rally career, in career mode. Before beating all the championships. Great feeling when you finally win! Focus not recomended XD
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Airsoft Fort Barchon 20/1/2019
Welcome everyone to a new airsoft video back at Barchon, where we have some new experiences, more amazing teamplay, and not being stuck in the fortress this time! We tried our best to avoid indoor, just so we wouldn't get stuck. Hope you guys enjoy watching!
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ets2 tregion / channel updates 2019
In this video i will talk about the Tregion map for euro truck simulator 2, as well as improvements i want to make in 2019. Watch the video for the full explenation Working car mods for 1.33: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Iiu21pgicsOcxoC2odVsknsXYK86Afz_4nYk0iq7Vvs/edit?usp=sharing My g2a link: https://www.g2a.com/r/test_dude
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CYMA CM 353 review
Today we got another airsoft review video, this time about the Cyma CM353 shotgun. DISCLAIMER! This shotgun was already used when recording this
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Airsoft fort Knox 17/2/2019
Again a bit late on uploading, but here is the new video of the gameplay of our airsoft match in februari, i hope you guys will enjoy watching it!
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How to win the weekly la sarthe race without pitting (week 1)
This is how to win the la sarthe race without pitting Raee rules fuel usage: 3 times tire usage: 11 times start the race with fuel economy on 2, this way you avoid pitting with fuel, for tires, choose either racing normal/medium or hard, whatever your preference is. I don't recomend using soft, because your rear left tire wears out too much. I hope i can help some people out with this GRAN TURISMO™ SPORT https://store.playstation.com/#!/nl-nl/tid=CUSA02168_00
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War Thunder BV 141 ''rare'' footage
Welcome everyone, to a new video, with today, rare footage in war thunder about the BV 141! Just kidding, it's a usermade model by Grakino_UA on war thunder live, the BV 141 was a actual plane that did exist, as actual use, or just prototype or concept? Idk myself, hope you guys enjoy watching!
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Ka Mi! War Thunder gameplay
Welcome everyone, to a new war thunder video. Where today, we got another new Japanese tank. The Ka-Mi. A new tier 1 amphibious tank. Armed with 2 7.7 mg's and a 37mm cannon, and poor armor, as every tier 1 vehicle.
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Black ops 4 NEW UPDATE
Welcome everyone to my channel, my name test_dude and i am from the netherlands, I want to give some content and news to you guys about some games I play, like WT, WoT and SO (Steel Ocean) hope everyone enjoys the video's, and will stick around.
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TIME TO DERP! War thunder gameplay
Welcome back to another war thunder video, with this time: Derping around in low tier aircraft, against high tier aircraft. Joined with atomicgamernl and CODking1234. It went a little bit good, but not completely
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War Thunder / AD 2 Skyraider / gameplay
Welcome back to a new War Thunder video, with today not a tank, but an aircraft. The AD-2 Skyraider. It's a tier IV US attack arcraft with a battle rating of 6.0. The AD-2 is a great plane to use with great bombloads. Download the skin here: http://live.warthunder.com/post/277972/en/
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War thunder ghameplay / Russian tank rb
In this video i play with the SMK, 72k Gaz (from mind) and the AR-2 dive bomber. As noticed, this is the first or second time i talk english, and second time i record alone. A few days ago i played wows alone. This was fun to play and fun to record, more can be expected in the future. (rb stands for russian bias and realistic battle, so the thumbnail sais ''russian bias in realistic battle??'')
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war thunder B25 cockpit mod
You can install the mod here: http://live.warthunder.com/post/162881/
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Australian warfare! war thunder gameplay
Welcome back to another video everyone, today with the AV IV Thunderbolt. I had this tank for a while, but now i actually used it :P
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Funny moments #2
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F2HIV is better than before!
After some time, I am back on the pc! New graphics card, new motherboard, new mic, new everything! It goes better than ever now! For this first WT video, i am using the F2H together with my friend OFW_Schroedinger, he was also in me HnG video, and now this one! We take the F2H in battle and try to fool the enemy!
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pz IV F2 war thunder gameplay
Welcome everyone, to a new war thunder video, with today the Pz IV F2, my most used Panzer IV. Due to its great cannon and low battle rating.
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IJN Kongo Steel Ocean gameplay
Welcome by another Steel Ocean video, with today the IJN Kongo, 1931. Lovely ship to use, for its tier it is really powerfull, maybe because it is a battleship afterall. Kongo is a ship you need to have if you want to reach the Yamato at final, wich i am trying to do. Won't be anywhere soon though, sadly. Hope you guys enjoy watching.
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We're spacebound! Star Conflict gameplay
Welcome to my first video of Star Conflict, these are my first matches in the game, so that's why everything did go so difficult for me. But it is a great and fun game, only need to get used to the controls. I will defenitly play more in the future :D See more about the game here: http://star-conflict.com/en
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NEW CHRONICLES! (war thunder gameply)
Today, we are able to to take a early look on the upcoming chronicles vehicles! Even before they are available, BIG DISCLAIMER! These aren't the actual shells they have. As told in the video. I hope you guys enjoy watching!
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Shooting star! War Thunder gameplay
Welcome to my first 2 jet matches in the p-80 shooting star. In my opinion, I expected better. But that may be because i just started playing jets. I hope it will get better in the future, :P The skin is made by Sidescrape, lovely skin Download link to the skin: http://live.warthunder.com/post/350833/en/
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War thunder First ever Juggmode!
The first ever juggmode was a succes, I will do this more often. With more people for more fun
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M4 Sherman war thunder gameplay gameplay
Welcome everyone by a new video, with today, M4 Sherman gameplay. I tried my best to make something out of it, but shermans are a difficult task in WT. As new onformation, 1.61 just got released and RAM II and Brummbar gameplay will be up shortly. Hope you guys enjoy watching this video.
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War Thunder Tiger II H gameplay
What's going on everyone, and welcome back to another war thunder video. With this time, the Tiger II H. One of my favourite tanks to use in War thunder. It is also the best tank i have in game currently :P Hope you guys enjoy watching. reference of 11:25 https://scontent-ams3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/12065984_975216142500168_2008649518678855967_n.jpg?oh=1833ce95096e9898bba287a8355176a9&oe=57E2AB0C
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m4a5 ram II War Thunder gameplay
Welcome everyone, to a new War Thunder video. Where today I am going to try the Ram II again, last video didn't go that well, when 1.61 got released. Hope everyone enjoys watching.
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Welcome everyone, to a new video, where today we are discussing some topics for this channel 100 milestone rached future of this channel upcoming giveaway airsoft on this channel secret war thunder usermodel project I hope you guys will enjoy this video, and don't forget to check out neith as well! twitter: https://twitter.com/WeaverNeith patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Neith/posts
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German combo! War thunder gameplay
Welcome to another video, with this time the Pz III B. A new vehicle in 1.59, just like the Hs 123 A-1. Both seen in this video as a combo. Both fun vehicles to use, but not really what i am used to, i am more like a US plane user, or a higher tier German tank player. Hope you guys enjoy watching :D Hanger made by Boris_the_blade, download it here: http://live.warthunder.com/post/450037/en/
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war thunder He 111 H 3 cockpit mod
Today I will show the cockpit mod again, last time for now because this is the lat plane to show. for now! stay tuned for more cockpits Install it here: http://live.warthunder.com/post/162881/
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M3 GMC War Thunder gameplay
Welcome to another War Thunder, but today i am using the M3 GMC, i know 1.59 is out but currently i want to have my firdt jet first, and i need money for that :P The skin that can be seen in the second video is made by WTrunner Link to the skin: http://live.warthunder.com/post/424203/en/
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JINTSU THE SUB KILLER!! Steel Ocean gameplay
Welcome to another video, with today, Jintsu, the 30 day premium ship in Steel Ocean, it's a fun thing to use, and recomend getting it. For me, Jintsu is a absolute sub killer, because i can't aim at battleships :P Hope everyone enjoys watching!
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b29 cockpit gameplay
Welcome everyone, to a new War Thunder video, where today, i am showing the b29 cockpit. A massive thing to fly, and from time to time a bit difficult as well. The b29 cockpit is big, but for its size, it's not really a fantastic cockpit
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how not to park in ets2!
Welcome everyone, to a extra video. Where I saw something funny with some friends, this guy tried parking with his truck for over 15 minutes! While me and my friend did it within 1 minute counted together, we tried helping him a little, show him how it's done, and so on!
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Ahoy Tuning/ Part 1
Follow me while i am going to Ahoy Tuning with a friend, beautifull cars in this video, stay tuned for the next part ;)
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The zeppelin! Toy Soldiers #3
Welcome everyone, to a new video, with after a long time, finally some more Toy Soldiers, had some time between the last episode, and sorry for that. Let's continue the series now!
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ITALIAN PLANES! mc202 gameplay
Welcome everyone, to a special video, where we are preparing ourselves for the release of the Italian tech tree! Most already heard or read about this, but for the people who didn't, they are coming, for real. That's why we are using the mc202, together with dermot100. To get into the italian spirit, for when 1.69 is released. Link to dermot100: https://www.twitch.tv/dermot100 link to the confirmation: http://warthunder.com/en/news/4671-italian-aircraft-in-war-thunder-update-1-69-regia-aeronautica-en
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D3 and G-5!! War Thunder ships gameplay
Welcome everyone, to a new War Thunder video. Where this time, i am finally able to show 2 of the new ships/boats added soon in War Thunder. The Russian D3 and G-5. These 2 boats are low tiers for USSR, and will be available to play somewhere soon. Participate here: http://warthunder.com/en/news/4327-fleet-pre-beta-test-of-the-war-thunder-naval-forces-update-02-12-2016-en/ If you want to listen to my opinion, skip to 9:33
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War Thunder .50 cal montage
Welcome everyone to this short montage. This is just short to show of the power American .50 cals can have, and it can be really good in the right hands
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World of Tanks Convoy special event
Welcome everyone, to a new video. Where we are back at WoT, but with a special event this time. Convoy. The objective for the attacking team is to defend the Mark I to the enemy base, while the enemy team tries to defend it, and destroy the Mark I. It's a fun gamemode to do, and recomend checking it out if you got WoT installed!
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