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The Plan To Save America You’re Not Going to Believe! Insider Larry Nichols Leaks Massive Intel
Insider of Clinton administration tells all. Tell how to save our Constitutional Government.
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Return To The Garden To The Tree Of Life
Man has been looking for a way to the tree of life since the fall in the Garden. There is only one way to life and that is Jesus the Christ. Jesus is that tree of life. Here are many parts of John that show this. Read Romans 10:9 & 10/ Then call on Jesus the Son Of God. Proof Jesus is God from many scriptures out of Gospel of John. How to put these Scriptures to good use is the following... Romans 10:9 If you will confess the Lord Jesus (acknowledge he is God) and believe in your heart God has raised him from the dead you shall be saved.
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Trump's warning in 1999/ rewarns today/North Korea
If we had listened to Trump 18 years ago we would not be in danger from NOKO. video from BPEarthwatch.
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