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Home Made Shimmers Paint
This is my recipe for Shimmers paint. May of my local stores do not have the cool scrap booking items that most of you ladies have access to. My local Micheals is not updated with new inventory like most of the larger Micheals I have visited that are far from my home. And My JoAnn's is also a very small JoAnn's not the cool SUPER JoAnn's that are out there. So I find many ways to make the products I so want to add to my scrap booking arsenal. This is one of my solutions. I hope you like it. I will be posting more videos soon, so please stay tuned and better yet Subscribe to my channel and visit my Blog roxycar1.blogspot.com
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Recyled Egg Carton into a Rose
When I was a little girl, my mom and I use to go to a craft group that was local to our home. I learned this one there when I was just about 8 or 9 years old. : ) This is just another flower that is a very old technique I learn when i was a little girl - so it's not a new flower....But I love this one and it is very quick and easy and they look stunning when you paint them! I hope you enjoy this one. Also It wont cost you anything to make : ) I hope you like this one. they are really pretty when yo paint and glitter them up. I hope you try these and let me know if you make some - I'd love to see them : ) God Bless, Love you all
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DIY Glimmer Spray tutorial - my Homade version
This is my version of "Glimmer Mist" because my local Scrap Booking stores do not sell it...... I have to come up with ways to achieve the fun techniques I see in videos...... so this is my solution. I hope you like it.
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Shabby Chic Butterfly
Hello Everyone I was making some butterflys for a mini ablum I'm making and I thought I would show you the Buttlerfly I came up with. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think HUGS rosanne
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DIY Tutorial Mini Tea Lace Book 4
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Tiny Tea Bag Mini Journal-Process Part 1
Surprise for one of my swaps : ) hope she likes
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Butterfly tutorial Part 1
Hello ladies I have 2 more technique videos that are way over due!!! I did this technique on Arlene's August GGS Mini Album swap. I have had many requests for this tutorial so here it is...I hope you like it. HUGS Rosanne
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Tiny Tea Bag Min / Journal - More Recycling
I've been having some fun hope you try this it's really fun and the possibilities are endless : ) God Bless everyone
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Tussie Mussie   Tutorial by request
I hope this inspires you to try to make one for your self now that you see how easy they are to make from scratch
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Wire Ribbon Roses Tutorial
I hope you like this one
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Tutorial Making a Tag and How to use your Snippet trims
Hope you like these really quick ideas : )) God Bless
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Home made FRANTAGE! Tutorial
Before you spend money try this and see if you like it I hope you like this and try it You can also make this in your favorite Colors! Just change the white Embossing powder to the color of your choice. Hope you have fun Playing. Let me know what you think : )) God bless What I used: Ultra thick Pearl Embossing Powder Dazzling Diamonds Glitter Gold leaf flakes Recollections White Embossing Powder
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Stampers best Dress form Madness some one stop me : )
I just can't stop making Dressforms LOL For 10% discount on all stamp orders use coupon code roxycar1 Stampers Best http://www.stampersbest.com/ Beth's channel http://www.youtube.com/user/chirho41?ob=0&feature=results_main
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Gypsy Fabric Book/ Journal  Tutorial   DIY Page 5 Part 3
hope ya like, this video is slow getting there because I was so indecisive that day, to many things on my plate and life's not being good to me right now lol - lol but be finally got there in the end : )) thank you so much for watching and May God Bless
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Scrunchy Paper Flower Tutorial
This vidoe will feature (2) new flowers I have fun making and thought I would share with everyone. i also used them in my Halloween Mini Album just recently. If you have any questions , just email me or leave me a commnet. HUGS to all of you Rosanne
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Faux Vellum Technique
This video was originally going to be for the Freestyle crafting channel. I forgot because it's a new channel our videos can only be 10 minutes long so I did a shorter one for that channel and posted this one to my channel I hope you like this technique., and use it in some of your projects. HUGS rosanne
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P-2 -Stunning! Surprise RAK !!!!!  from my friend Nola Harris
Nola Harris https://youtu.be/U8v5DFlrHHQ I can't tell you how much I love this!!!!! - I can't believe you sent this to me What can I say, your in so much trouble!!!!! : )) thank you so much : D No words - thank you is not enough for all you have done! Love you, God Bless oxoxoxoxo
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Gypsy Junk Journal Embellishments for my Next Journal
Hope you like so far Debra
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Crate Paper Flower
Quick Tutorial on A Crate paper flower. Hope you like it. If you have any questions just leave me a commnet or visit me at roxycar1.blogspot.com Warm Hugs Rosanne
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Gypsy Snippet Fabric Journal  Embelishments Tutorial - DIY
I will be posting Page 5 of the Gypsy Fabric Book very soon : )) thanks so much for watching - God Bless
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Prima Flower Center looka likes
Just fooling around with some bling and I came up with this way of making some flower cnters......I hope you like it ....Please leave me a comment and let me know how I'm doing hugs rosanne
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My Gorjuss Swap with Suzi Q !!!!!
Suzi Q https://www.facebook.com/suzy.quaife http://suziqusthreadworks.blogspot.com/ My dear sweet friend, thank you so very much - i love everything, and I hope you like yours, half as much as I have enjoyed this swap with you and i look forward to the next one : )) God Bless my friend oxoxoxoxo
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Gypsy Fabric Book / Journal Tutorial  Page 6 Part 2
Okay, I was getting so confused with these videos and I almost deleted this page 6 series : / This page turned out so similar to page 5 that I thought it was the same video lol. but I think I'm all squared away now lol. I guess I really did love page 5 so much that I almost recreated it and didnt even realized lol anyway......Hope you enjoy - thanks for watching and God Bless
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Vintage Burlap Flower
hope you like this one God Bless
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Messy Scrap Room Tour ("the before" Jul7 09)
I thought I would try my hand at recording videos, so here goes.........This first one is the before video. I will be re-organizing my scrap room so I wanted to give you all a before and after video. I hope to make more videos in the future that will include paper atrs techniques and tutorials. I am also a Stampin up Demonstrator, so I will try to post some stamping videos also. Thanks for viewing! If you like subcribe and leave me a comment. :} Also visit my blog roxycar1.blogspot.com
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Tutorial - Scrap collage roll for your Projects
Hope You like _ God Bless
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Gypsy Fabric Book Tutorial / process video -  DIY -Page 1 part 2
I hope you like Please come back for the rest of the pages : )) thanks for watching and God Bless
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Tea Bag tutorial By Request
thanks so much for watching and please stay tuned for more vids as soon as I can upload them
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Gypsy Fabric Book Tutorial /Process video DIY page 1
I'm using lot of Goodies given to me by my sweet friends : D Thank you for watching - God Bless
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Circle Roses Part 1
These roses are lots of fun to make also i hope you like them - try making them and let me know what you think of them. HUGS Rosanne
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Vintage Shabby  Heart
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Embellishments made with snippet kit P2
Hope ya like Snippet Bits kit video https://youtu.be/cgWsqnMm4O4
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Napkin Decopage - Faux Vellum Napkin -Technique P-2
Using a Napkin to make a velum like paper for your crafts- I hope you like it and try using this technique for your projects HUGS Rosanne
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Home made Distressed Embossing Powder
I guess you could cal me the mad scientist of Scrap Booking. I'm always looking for ways to create with house hold items. In this day and age Scrap Booking supplies can get costly! This is my way of helping out my fellow scrapers. tehehe Warm and cuddly HUGS Rosanne Please subscribe to my blog at roxycar1.blogspot.com.
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Fancy Shabby Snippet Trims- DIY how to make
Hope you like this quick and easy little trims - I came up with - and I hope you make some for your self. Thank you so much for watching and God Bless
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Tiny Tea Bag Mini Journal-Process Part 5
Part 1 https://youtu.be/7oVBMGLZGYY Part 2 https://youtu.be/QafGTpi20ww Part 3 https://youtu.be/6y-kzR1MQCE Part 4 https://youtu.be/IwFs4vfRg0c
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Gypsy Fabric Book  / Journal Embellishments 1
DescriptionI'm so sorry everyone I have been super busy and have not had an opportunity to work on my Gypsy book - but I did have a short time to play to make some quick embellishments hope you like : )) there are about 3 or 4 vids coming to hold ya till I can find some time to work on the next page : )) thanks for watching and God bless
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Gypsy Fabric Book P-1
I have had several requests to show my Altered Gypsie Book...so I have finaly filmed it...I hope you like it. Please leave a comment Warm hugs Rosanne
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Paper Ribbon Flowers Tutorial Part 2
Part 2 of Paper and Ribbon flower tutorial. Hope you like it. Please leave me a commnet and subscribe. Also if you have an opportunity please visit my blog at roxycar.blogspot.com HUGS Rosanne
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Paper Roses Turorial.mov
This is one of my favorite flowers to make i hope you all lke it! HUGS Rosanne
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FLOWERS Tutorial  PART 1
This is part one of 3 videos that I will be realeasing on making eclectic looking flowers Stay tuned
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EASY Doily flower, EASY Rolled, Rolled Rose-DIY How to-tutorial
hope you like more flower vids coming. God Bless oxoxoxox
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DIY Tutorial - TP Dress Form / ART Dress/- (on my take)
This ART Dress was inspired by so many lovelies here on You TUBE I have posted all their links below Thank you all so much for watching and God Bless Links Janet - Nanajl54 - TP Dressform Tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhRVkiePVG8 Janette ScrappingHappyox - ART Dress Tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z17JuGFH1yw Kelly Reynolds - Couture Corset videos http://www.youtube.com/user/PaperCatDesigns/videos Natasha's Scrapbookorner Zibbet store http://www.zibbet.com/NatashaScrapbooKorner#
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How I Bind My Gypsy Fabric Book - Yay!  -   I found my video : ))))))))
PLEASE bare me till I can figure out this new Device and the positioning for my videos - I'm so sorry that this angle was off - I cant see what is being filmed now like I use to : / - It will take me some time to get use to doing this a new way - thank you for watching and God Bless
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Vintage Snippet Junk Journal
Etsy link https://www.etsy.com/listing/521679373/vintage-junk-journal?ref=shop_home_active_1 Description details in my Etsy store thanks for watching - if you would like me to create a personal custom Junk or Art Journal for you with your theme and colors in mind contact me at [email protected]
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Fabric Collage Postcards, Heart Tags, Clutch Purse -Project shares
My go to Inspiration Suzi Q suziqusthreadworks.blogspot.com Hope you like God Bless
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Snippet Roll, Mini Dresser, altered Gift Bag Swap items for Debbie Vignola
I had the best time creating these items for our swap, Debbie thank you so much for asking me to swap with you I hope you like all the items I've created for you. - - God Bless Debbies Channel https://youtu.be/RMxbelgiTHQ
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Snippet Roll - NSK DT Project - Jan2016
Discount code ROSANNE Don't forget our HOP : )) Details below You are here by invited to take a ride with the taxi park of NSK to a Valentine’s Day mojo inspiration destination during “Valentine’s Day with a touch of NSK hop” event on January 25, 2016. We have a variety of vehicles available to pick you up at a convenient time and location. We will even arrange the changes of transportation with all our drivers who are well-known and much loved professional crafters, very friendly with a fully checked background. Our service will leave you in a good mood, lifted and inspired to enjoy “Valentine’s Day with a touch of NSK hop”. So please save the date and join us during this event! 1. Masha Fromrussia https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDZUgUks2X11Yk7T7DUzpmw 2. KSP by Luisa https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF15OaJchO6jlib2kLJv2OA 3. Maggie White https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGqNc0fcPJM_Zce_977kpEA 4. sparemarbles2012 https://www.youtube.com/user/sparemarbles2012 5. LizasPaperPassion https://www.youtube.com/user/LizasPaperPassion 6. roxycar11 https://www.youtube.com/user/roxycar11 7. Marilyn G https://www.youtube.com/user/marilyngcrafts 8. faythchik777 https://www.youtube.com/user/faythchik777 9. ZucchiniKitty https://www.youtube.com/user/ZucchiniKitty 10. Yorlis07 https://www.youtube.com/user/Yorlis07 11. Sybil B https://www.youtube.com/user/JandSib80 12. Donna Gonzalez https://www.youtube.com/user/PastorDonna100 13. DCScrappinRooster https://www.youtube.com/user/DCScrappinRooster 14. Erla Kristinsdottir https://www.youtube.com/user/erlamark 15. Vintagepapergrl https://www.youtube.com/user/vintagepapergrl 16. Whimsicalendeavors https://www.youtube.com/user/whimsicalendeavors 17. ThePassionForCraft https://www.youtube.com/user/ThePassionForCraft 18. Debbie Vignola https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOSTgFgyAnis91MXW19RpRA 19. mynashka: https://www.youtube.com/user/mynashka Thank you for watching, commenting and subscribing! God Bless
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DIY - Tutorial - My Avocado, Tea, Coffee   Dye results
My Store Link a moms impressions https://www.etsy.com/shop/amomsimpressions?ref=search_shop_redirect recipe 2 cups Avocado water boiled for 30 minutes - 1 hour 1 cup of green Tea made with at least 5-7 tea bags - again boiled for at least 30 minutes - 1 hours 1 cup instant Coffee made with 2-3 teaspoons depends on the darkness you would like to achieve and you can dye while solution is cold or warm
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