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Inigo shuts down Nazeem.
It was at this point I decided that Inigo is the best character in Skyrim, modded or otherwise.
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That spy is a..... spray?
New from MannCo! The Instant Decoy Kit! Astound your fellow mercenaries with your mastery of subterfuge! Laugh at the poor fools lacking enough common sense, or eyeballs enabling them to have a proper sense of depth perception, to realize it's a phony!
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Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons gameplay
Recorded on the Prince Umeboshi server, 11/19/09 If it seems like I'm not that good, I wasn't really playing seriously, I was just trying to show how crazy things are with a full 64 player server for this mod. Plus I'm an american player on a japanese server, so things are gonna be just a little laggy. If you wanna join me on this kind of epic fun, go get Battlefield 1942 (IT'S FREE! Go download it on Origin!), and download the Forgotten Hope mod along with the Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons minimod. Prince Umeboshi server fills up at about 1 in the morning on Los Angeles time. They only speak japanese, but they're a nice bunch of players.
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Holes OST: Stanley Steals the Truck Extended
Per a request. I do not own Holes or the soundtrack. Sorry for the skips on some of the transitions, they didn't show up in Windows Movie Maker, seems to have happened during the process of converting to an MP4 file.
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Total War Warhammer No-HUD battle
One of my more epic TW:WH campaign battles, when I ended up facing a Greenskin horde three times larger then my army. Managed to set up in a corner of the map to prevent outflanking, with my crossbow-armed Quarrellers and Grudgethrower catapults protected behind a sturdy line of Dwarf Infantry with a Hammerer group and some miners. By utilizing the superior Dwarven ranged units and the excellent defensive infantry, I was able to hold on and eventually rout them after killing over half their force.
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Doof Warrior in GTA Online
RIDING SHINY AND CHROME INTO VALHALLA! Made with the assistance of PyroDrifter12
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Epic ramming fail
Lakeville, I'm sitting pretty on the shore of the lake keeping an eye on the enemy team, when a pair of pesky T-50 scouts comes zooming behind me and ruins my hiding spot, exposing me for the enemy team to see. So I decide "the heck with it" and gun my engine and make for their scouts while the enemy was busy in city. But apparently their AMX50-120 was watching his map, because he came zooming out of an alley with murder in his eyes and tried to ram me into the lake. Thanks to my agility though I was able to just barely squeeze out of his way, and his momentum carried him right into the lake. I couldn't stop laughing!
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Pzkpfw B2 Massacre
So yeah. This is me and the gem of my World of Tanks garage, the Pzkpfw B2 740(f), a French heavy tank from WWII repurposed for German use. This is my first 10 kill match, though what is truly frightening about this tank is that this is not much higher then my average in it, usually 6-7 kills. I apologize for the hiccups every 30 seconds, I am using the free version of FRAPS and it only records in 30 second increments, so there's a gap between when the last clip stops recording and the next one starts.
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Saving Private Ryan in 48 seconds
Ripped this audio file off an old YTMND before the site went down, all I know is, it's old, and probably dates back to when the movie was new. No clue on the origin, I swear it sounds like that's actually Tom Hanks in it. Mentions in the audio file of "Kamen entertainment" and my old employer, the now defunct rental store franchise Hollywood Video. Perhaps this existed as an audio promotion that would sometimes play in the stores? Either way, it's bloody hilarious and I figured this needed to go on youtube.
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One of the most fun and intense top tier matches ever!
I've only had the T55A for about 20 matches or so but I'm having an absolute blast with it! I don't think I've ever seen a tier X match with this much madcap action with knife-fighting and dogfights between light/medium tanks.
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Panzer I C dogfighting
So yeah. The Panzer I C is kinda freaking epic.
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Ammo-Out Punch-Out
When Maxine runs dry, let the fists fly! Using Maxine replacement model for Minigun, and the Terminator Heavy skin.
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Demopan or Demopwn?
My first jab at the replay tool, forgive the sloppiness.
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World of Tanks Kill from midair flying over cliff
So, I'm running missions in a platoon, in my M4A3E8. Map, Cliffs. I start things off hard and aggressive on the eastern edge of the map, racking up 3 kills in short order (FRAPS restarted recording during the bit where I got the first kill). One of the last enemies standing in our way on the east side is a Stug IIIG, using a boulder as cover. Upon seeing me and all my teammates rolling his way, he panicked and decided his best course of action was to deny us a kill (like a wuss). So he heads for the cliffs and attempts a suicide by falling into the ocean and drowning. But I've already racked up 3 kills, my platoon needs 5, and I WILL NOT BE DENIED THIS ONE. So I gun my engine and sail over the cliff. I regret nothing.
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SDKFZ9 model render
Just a little something I did for my college class in Maya.
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World of Tanks: Sumo vs the West.
This is why you don't get into shoving contests with the Japanese superheavies :)
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