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After mesmorizing audiances for over 17 years, ALIEN NESS comes at you live and direct with the release of his first home video. Trained in the traditional style of B-boying by the likes of BUCK 4 (r.i.p.), KURIAKI (r.i.p.), and Mr. FREEZE of the legendary N.Y.C BREAKERS, and is now one of the newest members of ROCK STEADY CREW. The Video features many shows, practice runs, concrete sessions, and battles to display ALIEN's unique style dubbed "THE TRIPPLE TERRAIN STYLE" by legendary graff writer and all around hip hopper PHASE 2. This video also features some of the best B-Boys from N.Y.C. area including: FEVER ONE, LIL LEP, FROSTY FREEZE, SMERK, KAMEL, CRAZY LEGS, CYCLONE, KLOWN, NITE CRAWLA, KIT KAT, POPMASTER FABEL & SEEPY. There is also rare battle footage of ALIEN NESS from 1984. Dj routines are orchestrated by the COLD CUTZ CREW, featuring Dj SLINK, OVEE and JS ONE. MC freestyles delivered by N.Y.C. underground MC"S like: MR RYTHM, DA MOOD SWINGER and STONGHOLD MC"S. Add to all that, scenes of ALIEN NESS rapping live on stage with platinum selling rap artist RAY BOOGIE, and an unreleased music video by NON-PHIXION and THE ARSONISTS, and you have yourself a must have hip hop video! После семнадцатилетней карьеры введения публики в транс ALIEN NESS возвращается к вам с выпуском нового домашнего видео. Его учителями классического стиля бибоинга были такие танцоры как ВUCK 4 (r.i.p.), KURIAKI (r.i.p.), and Mr. FREEZE из легендарной команды N.Y.C BREAKERS и один из новейших членов ROCK STEADY CREW. Видео содержит большое количество выступлений, репетиций, джемов на бетоне и баттлов – везде, где ALIEN NESS демонстрирует свой уникальный стиль, который легендарный граффити художник и многофункциональный хип-хопер PHASE 2 окрестил "THE TRIPPLE TERRAIN STYLE" (тройной рельефный стиль). На видео представлены одни из лучших бибоев Нью-Йорка, среди которых: FEVER ONE, LIL LEP, FROSTY FREEZE, SMERK, KAMEL, CRAZY LEGS, CYCLONE, KLOWN, NITE CRAWLA, KIT KAT, POPMASTER FABEL и SEEPY. Также показаны редкие съемки баттлов ALIEN NESS 1984 года. Диджейские рутины исполнены COLD CUTZ CREW, а именно Dj SLINK, OVEE и JS ONE. За фристайлы ответственны такие андерграунд эмси Нью-Йорка, как MR RYTHM, DA MOOD SWINGER и STONGHOLD MC’S. Добавим к этому кадры живого рэп-выступления ALIEN NESS вместе с платиновым рэпером RAY BOOGIE, а также неизданный музыкальный клип NON-PHIXION и THE ARSONISTS, и вы станете обладателем «маст-хэв» хип-хоп видео! Journey Jam: INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/top9kosto/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/kosto.topnine SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/dj-ko100 WEBSITE: http://www.top9crew.ru/ TELEGRAM: https://t.me/top9kosto ВКОНТАКТЕ: https://vk.com/kostotop9 VKONTAKTE: https://vk.com/journey_108g
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"The Best Kept Secret" - Dr. Myles Munroe (1995)
"Science has proven that during conception, over 500 million sperm cells dash toward the egg to fertilize it -- but only ONE makes it." This DVD reveals why the one CHOSEN to make it, was YOU! If you have ever questioned the reason for your existence -- YOU NEED to watch this video. Recorded in 1995 at Speak the Word Church in Minneapolis, MN. I do not own the copyright to this video and no copyright infringement is intended. I do not receive any monetary gain by sharing this video. I share this video freely as an outreach and evangelistic tool in the work of the ministry and to introduce others to my Bible Study at: http://tinyurl.com/biblestudy1 Quick Link to Share this DVD: http://TinyUrl.com/TBKSDVD QuickLink to My List of Bible Study Resources: http://tinyurl.com/BibleStudyResources1
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Best kept secret ever?
Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom Music by: Sister Hazel My wife and I decided to have some fun and surprise all our friends and family with the big news of having twins.
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World’s Best Kept Secrets
From Mysterious Online Societies; to the existence of above top secret projects and sites; these are 5 of the World’s Best Kept Secrets! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 5.Wikileaks THE SECRET - Who are the whistle blowers ? 4.Cicada 3301 THE SECRET - WHO RUNS THIS GROUP Hello. We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. To find them, we have devised a test. There is a message hidden in this image. Find it, and it will lead you on the road to finding us. We look forward to meeting the few that will make it all the through. Good luck. 3301 This cryptic image was first posted on January 4, 2012; and of course it was on found on a 4chan board. Many people assumed it was just someone running a prank; but there was a few people who were intrigued. Over the course of a month; a dedicated group of users solved multiple, increasingly harder puzzles. It was all fun and games until one of the last clues was found; Coordinates. This was no longer an online role playing game, at this point a lot of people got spooked, but some persevered through their fears. Considering there was an active chat channel; and multiple forums trying to crack the code at the same time; you might say that the solving of the puzzles was “crowdsourced”. The last clue to the Cicada 3301 Puzzle lead to a site on the deep web…. But only a select few saw it in its original state. The site had been replaced with a simple message “ We want the best, not the followers.” On January 5th, 2016, the fourth round of recruitment began… 3. Satoshi Nakamoto THE SECRET - Who is the man behind bitcoin ? Okay, many of you are familiar with bitcoin; it is the most popular crypto currency in existence; a digital currency that uses cryptography to control the creation of new coins and transactions of coins; a medium of exchange; a digital asset. So far; so good. Was bitcoin the original cryptocurrency; no. There was many before it; and it can all be traced back to Wei Dai; the creator of B-Money(1998); then there was Nick Szabo and his Bit Gold concept(1998); then a few others tried the concept out. Out of all, Bitcoin is by far the most successful one. The venture began in 2009 and it was created by the secret and mysterious identity only known as Satoshi Nakamoto. There are a few “educated guesses” as to who it might be, but nothing has been proven. It is also believed Nakamoto has a wallet with roughly 1 million bitcoins in it, in US dollars; we are talking 1.9 billion…. In reality, if Nakamoto ever decided to move or sell any of these bitcoins the whole market might collapse. Why? Because there would be widespread panic as to how much of the coins will be dispersed, creating an imbalance in the supply and demand chain. As of right now, one bitcoin trades for 1906 dollars. 2.The ULTRA Secret THE SECRET - The cracking of the Enigma Code 1.Black Projects We can sit here and speculate all we want, but there is no way in hell we will ever find out what the current black projects and sites that the .... is working on are. So instead, lets look at confirmed black projects of the past; Like the SR-71 Blackbird, the fastest plane ever recorded. How FAST? 2193.2 MPH( 3,529.6KM/H) fast. The general protocol for evading surface to air missiles was to just accelerate and outfly. The plane was developed by the Lockheed Corporation at their Skunk Works division.. This haunting picture shows all the pilots of SR-71 Blackbird in the 80’s. There is something about this image that is very surreal. Almost alien like. When I first saw it; I just had to know the history behind it. Considering the plane reached altitudes of 80,000ft (24,000M) they had to wear these special pressurized suits to stay alive. Some other notable declassified Black Projects are the B-2 Spirit Bomber; The F-117 Nighthawk; and the IX-529 | Seashadow. Which one do you think is the coolest ?
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Angus & Julia Stone - Live at Best Kept Secret 2018
Angus & Julia Stone moeten zich in een complete déjà vu hebben gewaand. In 2014 staan ze ook al op Best Kept Secret, op het hoofdpodium. Het is die dag zonovergoten. Publiek zit tot aan de waterkant en is pootje aan het baden. Ook dit jaar is het veld een zee van zonnebrillen en zonnebrand. De zon staat hoog aan de kraakheldere hemel. Niemand lijkt het per se erg te vinden dat Angus & Julia Stone daar staat te spelen. De softe folkpop is decor geworden bij het zorgeloze middaguur. setlist: Draw Your Swords Snow Oakwood Private Lawns Who Do You Think You Are Nothing Else Cellar Door Big Jet Plane Chateau Lees meer over Best Kept Secret: https://3voor12.vpro.nl/tags/BestKeptSecret18.html ••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​​​•​••​••​••​••​••​​​•​••​••​​​•​​​ Je hoort in 3voor12 Radio de allernieuwste muzikale trends, alternative tracks en de actualiteit van vandaag én morgen. Regelmatig zijn er artiesten te gast om te praten over hun nieuwe releases (en om ze te spelen, natuurlijk). Ook hoor je hier concertrecensies en de Je Weet Nooit Wat Je Krijgt-Request! Tune in: iedere maandag t/m donderdag van 21.00u - 00.00u.​ ❯ Meer 3voor12? http://vpro.nl/3voor12 http://facebook.com/3voor12 http://twitter.com/3voor12 http://instagram.com/3voor12​
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The Kills - live at Best Kept Secret 2018
Setlist: Doing It To Death List of Demands (Reparations) Steppin' Razor Baby Says Black Balloon BKS18: De seks is er grotendeels af bij The Kills Duo mag weer terug naar de basis https://3voor12.vpro.nl/update~2506d5d6-28a6-4dc0-af48-2df3e6fe40c1~bks18--de-seks-is-er-grotendeels-af-bij-the-kills~.html Lees meer over Best Kept Secret: https://3voor12.vpro.nl/tags/BestKeptSecret18.html ••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​​​•​••​••​••​••​••​​​•​••​••​​​•​​​ Je hoort in 3voor12 Radio de allernieuwste muzikale trends, alternative tracks en de actualiteit van vandaag én morgen. Regelmatig zijn er artiesten te gast om te praten over hun nieuwe releases (en om ze te spelen, natuurlijk). Ook hoor je hier concertrecensies en de Je Weet Nooit Wat Je Krijgt-Request! Tune in: iedere maandag t/m donderdag van 21.00u - 00.00u.​ ❯ Meer 3voor12? http://vpro.nl/3voor12 http://facebook.com/3voor12 http://twitter.com/3voor12 http://instagram.com/3voor12​
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The National - live at Best Kept Secret 2018
Setlist: 00:46 - Nobody Else Will Be There 05:15 - The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness 09:46 - Don't Swallow The Cap 14:34 - Walk It Back 20:39 - Guilty Party 26:59 - Afraid of Everyone 31:53 - Bloodbuzz Ohio 36:50 - I Need My Girl 41:19 - Conversation 16 45:42 - Slow Show 49:51 - Day I Die 55:08 - Carin At The Liquor Store 58:32 - Graceless 1:03:42 - Rylan 1:09:21 - Fake Empire 1:13:13 - About Today -- 1:21:14 - Light Years 1:25:15 - Mr November 1:30:15 - Terrible Love 1:35:29 - Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks BKS18: The National draagt het ongemak van de wereld Het bekertje rode wijn, de afbrokkelende relatie, het meebrullen met majestueuze rockers https://3voor12.vpro.nl/artikelen/overzicht/2018/Best-Kept-Secret-2018/The-National.html Lees meer over Best Kept Secret: https://3voor12.vpro.nl/tags/BestKeptSecret18.html ••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​​​•​••​••​••​••​••​​​•​••​••​​​•​​​ Je hoort in 3voor12 Radio de allernieuwste muzikale trends, alternative tracks en de actualiteit van vandaag én morgen. Regelmatig zijn er artiesten te gast om te praten over hun nieuwe releases (en om ze te spelen, natuurlijk). Ook hoor je hier concertrecensies en de Je Weet Nooit Wat Je Krijgt-Request! Tune in: iedere maandag t/m donderdag van 21.00u - 00.00u.​ ❯ Meer 3voor12? http://vpro.nl/3voor12 http://facebook.com/3voor12 http://twitter.com/3voor12 http://instagram.com/3voor12​
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BEST kept Secret of Minecraft 1.14 Update
Game Changing Secret Minecraft 1.14 Feature that YOU need to know about now! PLAY my NEW Minecraft Game ► http://bit.ly/BigBlockIsland BUY LOGDOTZIP SHIRTS & MORE ► https://logdotzip.merchforall.com/ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ The Minecraft 1.14 update has brought a lot of intended updates/ features to the game! However, there is one SECRET update that was looked past everything new in minecraft 1.14. This is of course the crawling minecraft bug! Now, whether this is intended or not, we decided to show you some awesome examples of how you could use crawling in minecraft to make some amazing 1x1 creations! You'll never have to worry about mobs spawning in your house because they won't spawn in your 1x1 build. Or maybe you create a door so only a player could get through! There is lots more to explore in the new update so make sure you're subscribed for more! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ My YouTube Channels: SUBSCRIBE 🔔 AND CLICK THE BELL! SUBSCRIBE TO Logdotzip ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2D-GCxeE69hCUmRwISXABw?sub_confirmation=1 SUBSCRIBE TO Logdotzip PE ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjohKw_BBprzQ23M_5hXrZg?sub_confirmation=1 SUBSCRIBE TO dotZiP ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3k2qBjcrvzg1E5XpYc0Xzw?sub_confirmation=1 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Hang out with Logdotzip! Fan Discord ► http://discord.gg/logdotzip ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ My Social Media: 📰 Facebook ► http://facebook.com/Logdotzip 💬 Twitter ► http://twitter.com/Logdotzip 📸 Instagram ► http://instagram.com/Logdotzip ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 📨 Send me your Mail Logdotzip INC P.O. Box 2458 Anaheim, CA 92814 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ✅ https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/bjskou/the_mobproof_gate_i_designed_for_my_village/ ✅ https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/bj05y1/steve_can_now_get_into_a_gap_of_05_blocks_high/ ✅ https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/bl5mp6/worm_man_isnt_real_and_he_cant_hurt_you_worm_man/ 🎶 Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound All music used with permission from its creator.
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MAGIC SPELLS: Are These *3 WORDS* the Best Kept SECRET on the Planet?
The Very Best Spells here: https://whichspellswork.com/answers (or if visited already) special updates here - https://whichspellswork.com MAGIC SPELLS: Are These 3 WORDS the Best Kept SECRET on the Planet? For the Ultimate in power... ...Whichspellswork has reviewed and tested the most powerful Spellcasters on the planet. So if your wishes are REALLY important to you, your life and your heart - they can make ANY wish come true - so you really can get the happiness you want in life and get it now! And now is the time to absolutely change your life and let real magic spells get you the happiness you need! Help our magical cause and your like-minded friends and family xx ** Please share the Magic and Love - and "Like" and "Share" this Video - the Universe will thank you! For a serious life-changing spell to bring about any situation you want (love wishes, money wishes etc)... ** Guaranteed spells here - https://whichspellswork.com
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Deerhunter - live at Best Kept Secret 2018
Setlist: 0:00 Cover Me (Slowly)/Agoraphobia 5:35 Detournement 9:32 Revival 12:00 Futurism 14:53 What Happens To People 21:34 Death In Midsummer 26:35 Desire Lines 33:42 No One's Sleeping 38:25 Helicopter 45:29 Take Care 50:13 He Would Have Laughed De Amerikaanse band Deerhunter heeft er een handje van shows rond één album te bouwen. Dit flikten ze in 2015 met hun laatste album Fading Frontier op Le Guess Who?, en vandaag halen ze het trucje nog een keer uit. Maar nu tillen ze het naar het volgende niveau. Namelijk met de cassette The Double Dream of Spring waar slechts driehonderd exemplaren van zijn en niet online te vinden is. Lees alles over Best Kept Secret 2018 hier: bit.ly/3voor12BestKeptSecret ••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​​​•​••​••​••​••​••​​​•​••​••​​​•​​​ Je hoort in 3voor12 Radio de allernieuwste muzikale trends, alternative tracks en de actualiteit van vandaag én morgen. Regelmatig zijn er artiesten te gast om te praten over hun nieuwe releases (en om ze te spelen, natuurlijk). Ook hoor je hier concertrecensies en de Je Weet Nooit Wat Je Krijgt-Request! Tune in: iedere maandag t/m donderdag van 21.00u - 00.00u.​ ❯ Meer 3voor12? http://vpro.nl/3voor12 http://facebook.com/3voor12 http://twitter.com/3voor12 http://instagram.com/3voor12​
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Balthazar - live @ Best Kept Secret 2015
http://3voor12.vpro.nl/luisterpaal/pl... Balthazar live @ Best Kept Secret 2015 Setlist: 00:00 Decency 5:22 Then What 10:03 Leipzig 12:58 The Boatman 17:38 Nightclub 21:54 Oldest 25:31 Bunker 31:08 Fifteen Floors 36:46 I Looked 41:20 Sinking 45:45 Claim 52:21 Blood Like Wine
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The Tallest Man On Earth - live @ Best Kept Secret 2015
http://3voor12.vpro.nl/luisterpaal/concerten-en-festivals/festivals/Best-Kept-Secret.html The Tallest Man On Earth's amazing performance at Best Kept Secret festival 2015 Setlist: Love Is All The Gardener Sages The Wild Hunt Timothy Wind And Walls Like The Wheel
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Our TRIPLET Reveal: BEST kept secret!!!!
*****FOLLOW US******* https://www.facebook.com/desireefortin/ https://www.instagram.com/theperfectmom/ http://theperfectmomblog.com/ After heartache and lots of tears we finally fell pregnant through IVF and received the surprise of our lives: TRIPLETS!!! We told EVERYONE we were having twins and at our Gender Reveal Party we surprised them all with our bonus baby!!! It was our best kept secret. We couldn't be happier and cannot wait to meet our trio!!! https://www.facebook.com/thefortintrio/ https://www.instagram.com/thefortintrio/ http://ourjourneytoparenthoodblog.com/ Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom
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Topaz's Best Kept SECRET - 100 Hour Maybach Level 5 Signature Detail!
Most cars suffer from something known as Orange Peel. This is due to distortions in the lacquer causing unsightly reflections. The only solution to this is the Topaz Signature Detail. The car is question is the immense Mercedes Benz S600 Pullman Maybach, which redefines luxury!
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The War on Drugs - Best Kept Secret Festival (2014)
00:14 An Ocean in Between the Waves 07:50 Baby Missiles 12:45 Eyes to the Wind 18:57 Under the Pressure 27:35 Burning 33:35 Red Eyes 40:05 Your Love Is Calling My Name The Animator 46:42 Come to the City 54:30 Lost in the Dream Thanks to Ozay for the setlist times
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Sigur Rós live at the Best Kept Secret festival 2013.
Sigur Rós performing at the Best Kept Secret festival 2013. All the rights go to Sigur Rós, Best Kept Secret and 3voor12. Other Best Kept Secret performances: Allah-Las: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oua85hv9ao Arctic Monkeys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGMRuxKDz0g Balthazar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwBxvjHp2r8 Bloc Party: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxzy3AFJrBk Damien Rice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSsBkNmTdwU Efterklang: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cosVuv2pd9o Kashmir: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67nspEE9j18 Kurt Vile & The Violators: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGUUp7WFeiU Local Natives: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9oNfYSeqGA The Maccabees: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFudQsQuNyg No: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vn0M9P3guwE Palma Violets: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoNHfZyYFP4 Sigur Rós: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5kn0iPef9s Two Door Cinema Club: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Pgm2OXptlo
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The Secret to Being The Best Kept Secret | DailyVee 549
In this episode, Gary gives a talk at the United Center in Chicago, does some Q&A at an event with Kevin O’leary, and drops some knowledge on what sports cards to invest in. Here are some moments you guys might find interesting: 1:05: Gary’s POVs on sports cards, and what cards to buy today to get a return on your money. 6:12: Don’t watch this video on your lunch break ;) At this moment, you’ll see why. 7:20: Fun fact for all you long time Gary fans - this is the real reason he wears beanies so much. 8:19: Gary hits the stage. 12:31: Gary does Q&A with Kevin O’Leary - here’s a link to the full version on GaryVee Archives: https://youtu.be/Qe2VmuXTWYI — If you haven't joined my #FirstInLine community, you need to jump on it ASAP! By joining #FirstInLine, my messaging program, you get details on exclusive giveaways that I'm doing, updates regarding my keynotes/conferences, and more ;) You can join here: https://garyvee.com/JoinFIL Thank you for watching this video. I hope that you keep up with the daily videos I post on the channel, subscribe, and share your learnings with those that need to hear it. Your comments are my oxygen, so please take a second and say ‘Hey’ ;). — Check out my new direct to consumer winery, Empathy Wines: https://garyvee.com/EmpathyWinesYT — Follow my journey as an #entrepreneur here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfA33-E9P7FA-A72QKBw3noWuQbaVXqSD — ► Subscribe to my channel here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=GaryVaynerchuk ►Check out my second channel here: http://www.youtube.com/garyveearchives — Gary Vaynerchuk is the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day media and communications holding company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a full-service advertising agency servicing Fortune 100 clients across the company’s 4 locations. In addition to VaynerMedia, VaynerX also includes Gallery Media Group, which houses women’s lifestyle brand PureWow and men's lifestyle brand ONE37pm. In addition to running VaynerMedia, Gary also serves as a partner in the athlete representation agency VaynerSports, cannabis-focused branding and marketing agency Green Street and restaurant reservations app Resy. Gary is a board/advisory member of Ad Council and Pencils of Promise, and is a longtime Well Member of Charity:Water. Gary is a highly sought after public speaker, a 5-time New York Times bestselling author, as well as a prolific angel investor with early investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, and Uber. Gary is currently the subject of DailyVee, an online documentary series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO and public figure in today’s digital world, as well the host of The GaryVee Audio Experience, a top 100 global podcast, and host of #AskGaryVee, a business and advice Q&A show which can be found on both YouTube and Facebook. Gary also appeared as judge in Apple’s first original series “Planet of the Apps” alongside Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba and Will.i.am. — Check out my Alexa skill!: http://garyvee.com/garyvee365 — Follow Me Online Here: 2nd YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/garyveearchives Instagram: http://instagram.com/garyvee Facebook: http://facebook.com/gary Facebook Watch: http://facebook.com/garyvee LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/garyvaynerchuk/ Snapchat: http://snapchat.com/add/garyvee Website: http://garyvaynerchuk.com Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/garyvee/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/garyvee Medium: http://medium.com/@garyvee Podcast: http://garyvaynerchuk.com/podcast Wine Library: http://winelibrary.com Official Merchandise: http://garyveeshop.com Subscribe to my VIP Newsletter for exclusive content and weekly giveaways here: http://garyvee.com/GARYVIP
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Rodriguez - live at Best Kept Secret 2018
Setlist Your Song (Elton John cover) 2:50 Light My Fire (the Doors cover) 5:17 Only Good For Conversation 9:49 Inner City Blues 12:55 Crucify Your Mind 17:27 Establishment Blues 20:00 I Wonder 23:37 Sixteen Tons (Tennesse Ernie Ford Cover) 29:00 Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane Cover) 32:34 You'd Like To Admit It 36:17 Sugar Man 40:50 Rich Folks Hoax 45:55 Love Or Leave Me (Nina Simons Cover) 50:38 Let's Think About Livin' (Bob Luman cover) 53:25 Forget It 56:04 Thanks to Enrique Pescador for the timestamps De nasleep van de documentaire Searching For Sugar Man is nog voelbaar. Sixto Rodriguez wordt in de coulissen gespot en er gaat meteen een gejuich op. De man zien is onderdeel worden van het bijzondere verhaal: de muziek van de politieke singer/songwriter doet begin jaren zeventig niets, Rodriguez gaat tientallen jaren werken op een bouwplaats terwijl zijn muziek zonder zijn medeweten groot wordt in Zuid-Afrika, en uiteindelijk krijgt hij de grote waardering en het applaus dat hij verdient. ••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​​​•​••​••​••​••​••​​​•​••​••​​​•​​​ Je hoort in 3voor12 Radio de allernieuwste muzikale trends, alternative tracks en de actualiteit van vandaag én morgen. Regelmatig zijn er artiesten te gast om te praten over hun nieuwe releases (en om ze te spelen, natuurlijk). Ook hoor je hier concertrecensies en de Je Weet Nooit Wat Je Krijgt-Request! Tune in: iedere maandag t/m donderdag van 21.00u - 00.00u.​ ❯ Meer 3voor12? http://vpro.nl/3voor12 http://facebook.com/3voor12 http://twitter.com/3voor12 http://instagram.com/3voor12​
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ALC Files: Ableton’s Best Kept Secret
In this video, Pyramind instructor Liam Shy (aka Mountain of Youth) explains Ableton’s best kept secret - ALC Files. He goes over what an ALC (Ableton Live Clip) file is, and how you can create and use them. This is a must-watch for Ableton users who aren’t already making use of ALC files. Book an online one-to-one session with Liam: https://bit.ly/2goMRjw
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The Best Kept Secret in Construction | Michael Johnson | TEDxDavenport
The construction industry is much more than just “swinging a hammer”. Technology adoption is rapidly changing the way we deliver the built environment. Through the story of one architect-turned-contractor, this talk will introduce you to the underlying technology impacting this change; leaving you with a new framework of what a contractor can be. Michael is an architect and technology enthusiast. His work focuses on exploring, analyzing, and applying technology to the everyday business practices behind delivering a successful construction project. He is passionate about current and emerging industry trends including Building Information Modeling (BIM), virtual and augmented reality, reality capture, and data analysis. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Khruangbin - live at Best Kept Secret 2018
Setlist: 0:03 Dern Kala 3:29 August 10 9:02 Mr. White 13:36 Two Fish and an Elephant 17:53 Lady and Man 22:31 Evan Finds the Third Room 28:32 White Gloves 31:35 Next Episode / Good Day / Regulate / G-Thang / Summer 34:04 Madness 35:55 Maria Tambien 40:05 People Everywhere (Thanks to Sergei Khmylov) BKS18: Op wereldreis met de surffunktovenaars van Khruangbin Het exotische trio doet precies de juiste tussenstations aan https://3voor12.vpro.nl/update~86433ab3-0048-49a9-8c61-c77de1ef9f4d~bks18-op-wereldreis-met-de-surffunktovenaars-van-khruangbin~.html Lees meer over Best Kept Secret: https://3voor12.vpro.nl/tags/BestKeptSecret18.html ••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​​​•​••​••​••​••​••​​​•​••​••​​​•​​​ Je hoort in 3voor12 Radio de allernieuwste muzikale trends, alternative tracks en de actualiteit van vandaag én morgen. Regelmatig zijn er artiesten te gast om te praten over hun nieuwe releases (en om ze te spelen, natuurlijk). Ook hoor je hier concertrecensies en de Je Weet Nooit Wat Je Krijgt-Request! Tune in: iedere maandag t/m donderdag van 21.00u - 00.00u.​ ❯ Meer 3voor12? http://vpro.nl/3voor12 http://facebook.com/3voor12 http://twitter.com/3voor12 http://instagram.com/3voor12​
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🔴 You Need To Watch This, It’s The Best Kept Secret
If you are considering getting a budget friendly #tactical #shotgun I strongly recommend taking a look at the #Browning #A5 You can get them very affordably priced and they work If you would like to help support the channel Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/CRSFirearms
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Manhattan's Best Kept Secret ? Washington Heights (NYC Neighborhood Tour)
We continue our local's NYC Neighborhood Guide series in Washington Heights, Manhattan. Noemy, who grew up here takes us around the predominantly Dominican neighborhood as she shows us hidden gems, restaurants, parks, the George Washington Bridge and more.. Tired of tourist traps ? Then a trip to Washington Heights is for you . Leave us a comment when you're done telling us what you think of the neighborhood, and watch my other NYC Guides/Playlists for even more ideas of things to do ! Local's Guide to NYC Neighborhood Tour Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gky_LEouuWc&list=PLb_xU7RWYGbZqpllAOntM6vSMTbhiPNDj N.Y.C Things To DO PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLb_xU7RWYGbbYm1SHo4FjwcpNvefdPlFv SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://bit.ly/2ddsVMs Support The Channel: Buy Some Merchandise (T-Shirts/Hoodies/Coffee Mugs): https://teespring.com/stores/here-be-barrs-store I don't have a Patreon, but if you'd like to buy Adriana and I a $1 Pizza Slice, or a round of beers, or even dinner, much appreciated: http://www.paypal.me/herebebarr WANT $40.00 off your first Airbnb stay?: http://bit.ly/2keuwJf TAKE 10% Off your Booking.Com Reservation: https://booki.ng/2oCFDfg SIGN UP FOR SCOTT'S CHEAP FLIGHTS, my BEST METHOD to FIND OUT ABOUT AMAZING FLIGHT DEALS: https://scottscheapflights.com/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=here_be_barr My Equipment: (Support this channel, by buying through these affiliate links) Canon M50 (Main Vlogging Camera): https://amzn.to/2v2b3Sb Brevite Backpack (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED): http://www.brevite.co/?rfsn=2276516.118c40 DJi Mavic Pro Drone: http://amzn.to/2qOfyJj CANON G7X MARK II: http://amzn.to/2ket6Oz GO PRO HERO 5: http://amzn.to/2iYr8g9 Go Pro Sport Kit/Accessories: http://amzn.to/2m0kUzF Big Joby Tripod: http://amzn.to/2m0mFNk Little Joby Tripod: http://amzn.to/2m0pApr New Outlander Daypack (20 L size great for holding gear): http://amzn.to/2mjy0KX Canon Battery Pack NB-13L: http://amzn.to/2kIWokF SanDisk Extreme 128GB Flash Memory Card: http://amzn.to/2jLJYsr Skinny Micromuff (essential for wind noise): http://micromuff.com/ CONNECT- FOLLOW ME ON IG: http://www.instagram.com/here.be.barr FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/herebebarr LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/herebebarr CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE: http://www.herebebarr.com SEND ME AN EMAIL: [email protected] "More About Here Be Barr" I'm Jon Barr, an ex-sportscaster turned travel vlogger. If you're looking for waste no-time ,incredibly informative videos loaded with useful travel tips, you've come to the right place! My vlogs are made for the savvy traveler. Subscribe to learn all of my travel tips, tricks, and secrets that have helped me visit 33 countries. Based out of NYC but always on the go. Don't be shy to reach out via Social Media or Private Message. If you're still curious about my background, this video will help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nf5G1MbYizw MUSIC- Epidemic Sound- Ekans- Molife & King Masa- SINY
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WORLD'S BEST KEPT SECRET!!! w/ Sam & Colby, Corey Scherer
Click here to download Best Fiends for FREE: http://download.bestfiends.com (This video is sponsored by Best Fiends) SAM GOLBACH - IG @SamGolbach COLBY BROCK - IG @ColbyBrock https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg3gzldyhCHJjY7AWWTNPPA COREY SCHERER - IG @CoreyScherer https://www.youtube.com/user/ItsCoreyScherer GET A FREE UBER/LYFT RIDE ON US! Uber Code: TREEFREE35 | Lyft Code: EltonLyft Subscribe to TFIL: http://bit.ly/Sub2TFIL Get your TFIL  / SEND IT SOCIETY gear!  www.SendItSociety.Com  Use code “The Fun In Life” for 25% Off =) Check out our PATREON for bonus footage, podcasts, exclusive livestreams, personalized videos & more! www.Patreon.com/TFIL FOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ELTON CASTEE IG - http://www.instagram.com/EltonCastee Twitter - http://twitter.com/EltonCaste YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/eltoncastee About TFIL: TFIL is now a 10x Guinness World Record title holding channel that has helped raised over $325,000 for various charities. As of March 1st, 2019, the channel will is the first ever 100% non-profit, 501(c)3 Youtube channel. Producing short length documentaries alongside various charities from around the world, TFIL will aim to not only raise awareness, but increase the education surrounding the various topics and produce a perpetual revenue source for the charities in which they partner with. We donate 100% of the channel's Youtube Adsense, and encourage direct donations. We hope to continue to find creative ways to fundraise. TFIL hopes to raise over $1.5 Million in 2019. WORLD'S BEST KEPT SECRET!!! w/ Sam & Colby, Corey Scherer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsMqhJLk7-k TFIL https://www.youtube.com/TFIL
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Ray Comfort: "Hell's Best Kept Secret"
Why are so many unbelievers turning away from the message of the Gospel? Doesn't the Bible tell us how to bring sinners to true repentance? If so, where have we missed it? The answer may surprise you. Discover when, why, and how the enemy buried an important key needed to unlock the unbeliever's heart. Now Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron boldly break away from modern tradition and call for a return to biblical evangelism. If you're experiencing evangelical frustration over lost souls, unrepentant sinners, and backslidden "believers," then look no further. This radical approach could be the missing dimension needed to win our generation to Christ. "After a thousand revivals and area crusades, I have used a lot of soul-winning materials. 'Hell's Best Kept Secret' is the greatest single tool I have ever found." --Larry Taylor, Evangelist "Hell's Best Kept Secret" is also available in DVD, CD, and book format. We have a FREE downloadable MP3 (in multiple languages) of the full sermon of the same name from Ray Comfort that this video was based on, as well as free study sheets at http://www.hellsbestkeptsecret.com This video is from our "Basic Training Course"--which is based on our TV program "The Way of the Master." Each BTC video is co-hosted by bestselling author Ray Comfort and actor Kirk Cameron. It's available at: http://tinyurl.com/oayxma6
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The Districts - live at Best Kept Secret 2018
Setlist: If Before I Wake 0:00 Violet 4:45 Salt 9:42 Peaches 14:20 Ordinary Day 19:38 Chlorine 25:16 Fat Kiddo 29:57 4th and Roebling 33:12 Funeral Beds 39:25 Nighttime Girls 44:33 Young Blood 48:52 Thanks to Pauline Autard for the timestamps BKS18: The Districts telkens een treetje hoger Gedreven indierockers weten hoe het wél moet https://3voor12.vpro.nl/update~3b8206da-bdd3-47f2-984d-767b29fa77d9~bks18-the-districts-telkens-een-treetje-hoger~.html Meer BKS: https://3voor12.vpro.nl/tags/BestKeptSecret18.html ••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​​​•​••​••​••​••​••​​​•​••​••​​​•​​​ Je hoort in 3voor12 Radio de allernieuwste muzikale trends, alternative tracks en de actualiteit van vandaag én morgen. Regelmatig zijn er artiesten te gast om te praten over hun nieuwe releases (en om ze te spelen, natuurlijk). Ook hoor je hier concertrecensies en de Je Weet Nooit Wat Je Krijgt-Request! Tune in: iedere maandag t/m donderdag van 21.00u - 00.00u.​ ❯ Meer 3voor12? http://vpro.nl/3voor12 http://facebook.com/3voor12 http://twitter.com/3voor12 http://instagram.com/3voor12​ Connect with The Districts Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2walTmq Insta - https://instagram.com/thedistrictsband/ FB - https://facebook.com/thedistrictsband/ Website - www.thedistrictsband.com
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Hell's Best Kept Secret - New Prosperity Gospel  // Ray Comfort
Hell's Best Kept Secret with Ray Comfort Living Waters Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmrVJGUS1u5-Hsm_BFS_1YA Original Sermon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_T2tKj7zdqQ I noticed some misspelling in the video sorry for that: Kept*Liars* __________________________________________ IMPORTANT Right now YouTube have blocked this channel from monetization because of the content! Editing videos like this takes a lot of time, and there are some setbacks to spread the truth and this has been a full time work for the past 7 months. So if you like me to continue to create videos like this, then feel totally free to help me out. Financially, and/or just keep this channel in your prayers it is well needed! God is Greater! /Robin https://www.patreon.com/aando http://www.paypal.me/aandoproduction (A Special Thanks To all the Sponsors) God Bless You For All Your Support to This Channel, It Means a lot!!! Instagram: @aandoproduction Private IG: @robinmahl Contact me at: [email protected] ___________________________________________ Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.
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Best-Kept Secrets Airlines Don’t Want You To Know
When flying with airlines, in the air on an airplane, do you ever contemplate what are the best-kept secrets of airlines? Do you think the airlines that operate our flights are doing their best to look after us? Here are 10 of the best kept secrets that the airlines don’t want you to know. Subscribe for more! ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedSubscribe ◄ Stay updated ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedFacebook https://twitter.com/BeAmazedVideos https://instagram.com/BeAmazedVideos◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: [email protected] Credit: 10:http://linkbun.ch/04msn ; 9:http://linkbun.ch/04mso ; 8:http://linkbun.ch/04msp ; 7:http://linkbun.ch/04msq ; 6http://linkbun.ch/04msr ; 5:http://linkbun.ch/04mss ; 4:http://linkbun.ch/04mst ; 3:http://linkbun.ch/04msu ; 2:http://linkbun.ch/04msv ; 1:http://linkbun.ch/04msw ; Outro:http://linkbun.ch/04msx Music: Chillin Hard Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com), Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License, http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Harbor Freights Best kept SECRET that 99% of people don't know
Most people think Harbor Freight has good cheap power tools, But they don't know the whole story. I went into Harbor Freight to pick up their best tools for a tool fight with Tools in action. I started talking with the store manager and cashier and what I learned from there surprised me. Heres the best prices on Some of my favorite Amazon tools: Dewalt concrete saw: https://amzn.to/2FsxsNE Fiskars axe: https://amzn.to/2DIsieP Gear wrench Speaker: https://amzn.to/2Lbhl6l Makita Power shaft Multitool: https://amzn.to/2DroIowShock strap: https://amzn.to/2KoEAth Milwaukee heated coat: https://amzn.to/2r164fr Buy 12 blades get a free concrete saw here: https://bladesdirect.net/dirtmonkey/ 10% off Kujo shoes here: http://www.kujoyardwear.com/?promo=10dirtmonkey Diablo Metal cutting blade: https://amzn.to/2Kan8bE ISO tunes http://ISOtunesAudio.com?rfsn=1826204.613aa5 Milwaukee tools Air Compressor https://amzn.to/2EfYCoP Winter equipment-Best cutting edge ever: http://winterequipment.com/shop/contractor/v-plow-system?referral=dm Igloo trailmate: https://amzn.to/2UBVYPW Ego snow blower: https://amzn.to/2C62ya4 Crescent wrench pass through socket set: https://amzn.to/2EjfLh8 Milwaukee packout: https://amzn.to/2EfXhy8 Striker trilight: https://amzn.to/2Pxehln Bosch impact set: https://amzn.to/2LdNb28 3m work tunes: https://amzn.to/2Ee9t2w Makita Chainsaw: https://amzn.to/2PyDEmU Dewalt mitre saw: https://amzn.to/2QMndrU DirtMonkey thermals https://shopdirtmonkeyu.secure-decoration.com/shop/view_product/WAFFLE-THERMAL?n=10620117 DirtMonkey hats https://www.dirtmonkeyu.com/p/Gear
The Slow Show live @ Best Kept Secret 2016
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Arctic Monkeys - live at Best Kept Secret 2018
More songs can be streamed on our website: https://bit.ly/2y4W37x Setlist: 0:47 Four Out Of Five 5:17 Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair Een scherpere headliner kun je je als festival nauwelijks wensen: amper twee weken geleden verscheen het zesde album van Arctic Monkeys, en daarmee keert de Engelse band vijf jaar na hun eerste keer terug in Hilvarenbeek. Lees meer: https://3voor12.vpro.nl/artikelen/overzicht/2018/Best-Kept-Secret-2018/Arctic-Monkeys-van-biergooiers-naar-Martini-drinkers.html Lees meer over Best Kept Secret: https://3voor12.vpro.nl/tags/BestKeptSecret18.html ••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​​​•​••​••​••​••​••​​​•​••​••​​​•​​​ Je hoort in 3voor12 Radio de allernieuwste muzikale trends, alternative tracks en de actualiteit van vandaag én morgen. Regelmatig zijn er artiesten te gast om te praten over hun nieuwe releases (en om ze te spelen, natuurlijk). Ook hoor je hier concertrecensies en de Je Weet Nooit Wat Je Krijgt-Request! Tune in: iedere maandag t/m donderdag van 21.00u - 00.00u.​ ❯ Meer 3voor12? http://vpro.nl/3voor12 http://facebook.com/3voor12 http://twitter.com/3voor12 http://instagram.com/3voor12​
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St. Paul & The Broken Bones - live @ Best Kept Secret 2015
http://3voor12.vpro.nl/luisterpaal/concerten-en-festivals/festivals/Best-Kept-Secret.html Some highlights from the St Paul & The Broken Bones show at Best Kept Secret 2015 Setlist: 00:00 Dixie Rothko 5:05 Like A Mighty River 9:00 Call Me 12:25 Grass Is Greener
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VAN LIFE VLOG // Mexico's Best Kept Secret // Baja Bound Ep. 25 ♡ Support Us By: ↠ SUBSCRIBING http://bit.ly/2DDSUgu ↠ shop our Cookbook https://www.eamonandbec.com/ ↞ ↠ shop our chai blends https://chaiwalachai.com/ ↞ Start from the beginning: BACK TO MEXICO http://bit.ly/2TJw6QL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL the music we use is from Epidemic Sound: http://share.epidemicsound.com/eamonbec Sign up for a free trial and download them: Better Days - Tellow Like Crazy - Master http://share.epidemicsound.com/eamonbec ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Music: Music by Nico Anuch - Another Day - https://thmatc.co/?l=513AF12C Music by Clueless Kit - rain - https://thmatc.co/?l=C2697AA9 Music by Löwe - Escape - https://thmatc.co/?l=444ACDC5 Lotus - From a Rooftop Matt Large - The Struggle is Real Music by Nico Anuch - I'll Stay - https://thmatc.co/?l=543AEAEB Music by Peter Fenn - Like Crzy - https://thmatc.co/?l=AB824481 Music by MYSM - Aloft - https://thmatc.co/?l=38AB088 Our Favourite Products Bec’s Linen Clothing https://www.cedarandvine.net/?afmc=BECCA Bec’s Workout/Everyday Gear https://bit.ly/2XeApWd Our Sunglasses johnnyflyco.com/eamon (get 20% off with this link!) What We Shoot On! Daily Vlogger https://amzn.to/2rgaNtN B-Roll Beast https://amzn.to/2vYD2CF Aerial Footage https://amzn.to/2XauZvi Our Top Ten Van Life Essentials Tooth Brush Holder https://amzn.to/2p1fIO9 Spice Jars https://amzn.to/2NxlTHY Gimbal Fan https://amzn.to/2Qjlyae Fruit Hammock https://amzn.to/2QmLyBt Essential Oils https://amzn.to/2oZFMJS Car Diffuser https://bit.ly/2NkLjsI Bug Screen https://amzn.to/2QmMjL0 Vitamix https://amzn.to/2BiW35r Water Filter http://bit.ly/vanlifewaterfilter Chaiwala Chai Kit https://chaiwalachai.com/ MAX TRAX https://amzn.to/2XBT8f9 IF YOU’RE NOT FROM MEXICO, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Huasteca. Americans tend to stick with the tried and true vacation spots they’ve heard of such as Cancun and Cabo when traveling to Mexico. More intrepid travelers might visit Oaxaca, Mexico City and San Miguel Allende. However, one of the most beautiful spots in the entire country is only a two-and-a-half hour drive from Tampico or a 12-hour drive from Houston. This secret oasis remains almost unknown to American tourism. It is called Huasteca, San Luis Potosí. Thanks for sharing a REAL day of van life in Mexico with us! A video you may enjoy if you liked today's vlog: DAILY VAN LIFE ROUTINE IN MEXICO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoRT1... Today's van life vlog begins in Bernal Queretaro where the three of us (couple + dog) hike up one of the world's largest monoliths to get a jump start on the day. Yes, I know what you're thinking...Rojo has become quite the adventure dog already! Then we stock up on a few things (tortillas and avocados.. you know the important stuff) and head to our first stop in San Luis Potosi: Puente De Dios. Here we have a quick swim to cool off from this extreme Mexican heat. We then make our way to Xilita to visit Sir Edward James' surrealist garden and realize that Semana Santa makes for a very challenging week of exploring. Las Pozas is English artist Edward James’ vision of the Garden of Eden, and it’s trippy AF. The 80-acre, surreal “park” is built in thick jungle and is teeming with waterfalls, pools, and unusual concrete sculptures. It feels like a movie set -- or a long-lost abandoned civilization for fairies, and mythical creatures. James began building here in 1949 and over the course of 35 years, scores of these surreal structure were created like stairs that lead to nowhere and concrete flowers next to real ones. We have loved living in a van (self converted sprinter van) for the last year and a half and while we enjoy spending time in Canada it can get a little cold throughout the winter. So, we've decided to hit the road and drive across the continent to enjoy some warmer weather in Baja Mexico. If our last trip to this country taught us anything... it's to expect the unexpected!! The Traveling Van Life in Mexico; hot, sticky, but oh so much fun! Want updates in between videos? ▬ SHARE WITH US ▬ ►Instagram: https://instagram.com/eh.mon https://instagram.com/rebeccamoroney Who are we? We're Eamon and Bec, a Toronto-based couple who live full-time in our self converted Sprinter Van!! SUBSCRIBE for wanderlust travel, behind the scenes of what it's really like to live in a van, and videos all about the yummy vegan food we make + eat! VAN LIFE COUPLE. Our goal here is to inspire you to chase after your own dreams however big (or small... tiny homes anyone?) they may be! We hope to create a community of like-minded, positive individuals who will grow to love and support one another on their own journeys. #vanlife #vanlifemexico #eamonandbec
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Wolf Alice - Best Kept Secret Festival 2018
Visit: ► http://sharemania.us
Views: 117865 Sharemania
12-Year Old Child Reveals One of the Best Kept Secrets in the World
12-year old exposes the immorality of the global banking system and why sound money is essential to freedom and stopping the spread of misery on this planet.
Views: 12436088 skwealthacademy
This Was The Worlds Best Kept Secret Until This Video Exposed It
Everyone needs to hear this.
Views: 387840 Matrix Wisdom
DIIV - Best Kept Secret 2016
https://www.facebook.com/diivnyc https://twitter.com/diiv https://diivct.bandcamp.com/ http://www.bestkeptsecret.nl/ credits kigonjiro
Views: 139087 Johnny Mateus
Hell's Best Kept Secret is the false heretical gospel Ray Comfort preaches
Ray and others like him are propagating a damnable heresy adding human works to the finished work of Christ bc they twist verses that say "repent" to mean "turn from sin" when in context, it means nothing of the sort. Eternal life is a free gift by God's grace bc of the finished work of Christ on the cross/resurrection. THE REAL GOSPEL IS 1 CORINTHIANS 15 1-4
Views: 5081 Renee Roland
The Libertines at  Best Kept Secret festival 2015 (full)
The Libertines at Best Kept Secret Festival, Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands June 19th 2015 Setlist; ----------- The Delaney Vertigo Time for Heroes Horrorshow The Ha Ha Wall Music When the Lights Go Out What Katie Did The Boy Looked at Johnny Boys in the Band Can't Stand Me Now Last Post on the Bugle Death on the Stairs Don't Look Back Into the Sun Tell the King The Good Old Days Encore: You're My Waterloo Up the Bracket (performed with Andrew Newlove) What a Waster Gunga Din (1st time live performance) I Get Along
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W5: France's best-kept secret in North America
Many Canadians may not realize that the United States isn't the only country that Canada shares a border with. W5's Kevin Newman takes a tour of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon; a tiny archipelago with a French connection. Subscribe to W5 to watch more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPTDmZEOrQKHT-6AM7aTTTA Connect with W5: For the latest investigations visit: http://www.ctvnews.ca/w5/ For a full video offering visit the CTV News Network: http://www.ctvnews.ca/video?binId=1.811589 W5 on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CTVW5/ W5 on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CTVW5 --- W5 is Canada’s most-watched investigative, current affairs and documentary program. Tackling major stories and investigations W5 is in its 51st season.
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Pascal Siakam is the Best Kept Secret in Basketball | The Ringer
In this new video from J. Kyle Mann, creator of The Ringer’s The Leap series (which featured breakdowns of Brandon Ingram, Josh Jackson, Jaylen Brown, and Jamal Murray), and the man behind “The Kemba Dilemma,” we go deep on the key to the Toronto Raptors’ depth: third-year wing Pascal Siakam. Here’s the thing about depth: It’s not just about having guys, it’s about having guys who can do lots of things. Siakam is the Draymond of the Raptors. He’s a defensive dynamo and one of the best transition scorers in basketball. Sure, Kawhi Leonard gets the plaudits, and head coach Nick Nurse’s system has modernized Toronto’s approach. But if the Raptors want to get over the postseason hump, Siakam and his multifaceted game will be the key. Stats are updated through December 18, 2018. Get your official Ringer gear at the web store: https://theringer.com/shop CONNECT Website: http://theringer.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/ringer Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ringer Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ringer YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT83YP07yVuaH9J19YABhlw
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Mysterious Antarctica → The World's Best Kept Secret?
Wikileaks Photos, John Kerry Visit and UFOs in Antarctica: Just days after the shocking U.S. presidential election, Secretary of State John Kerry became the highest-ranking U.S. government official to ever set foot on Antarctica (although there are rumors President Obama made a secret visit there earlier this year). http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2016/11/wikileaks-photos-john-kerry-visit-and-ufos-in-antarctica/ Mysterious Antarctica - The World's Best Kept Secret? Part 1 - Why Antarctica is Kept Top Secret? Part 2 - Researcher Discovers a Huge Pyramid in Antarctica Using Satellite Images Part 3 - Amazing German Antarctic Discoveries In 1938 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Part 1 - WHY ANTARCTICA IS KEPT TOP SECRET ? This documentary short is a complex presentation of recent U.S. and Russian visits to Antarctica, the Nazis, and Hollow Earth, including its importance in Nazi Germany before and during WW2, and Antarctica's possible escape route off of the Earth for many Nazi's who mysteriously disappeared after the war without a trace. Few know the truth about Antarctica, as it is an expanse of land that has gone unnoticed for centuries. But not by the Nazis...They knew the truth... The Nazis believed there might have been a civilization inside the Earth. This was the belief of Helena Blavatsky, who profoundly influenced the Nazi's philosophy and esotericism. There is an abundance of evidence to suggest that a theory now considered dumb to most people, the hollow Earth, had an unusual cult following in Nazi Germany. German pop figures and writers also supported this idea, including one writer named Karl Neupert. The Earth was not a solid rock, but was shaped more like a human eyeball, having two portals of entry at the North and South poles and was hollow in the center. An empire was alleged to exist inside the Earth called Agartha. This is where the master race dwells. Why was this? The Nazis did not create the hollow Earth concept. The idea preceded them. Even illuminati members Edgar Allen Poe and Jules Verne alluded in their poetry and prose to such a place, deep underneath the crust. Call it conspiracy, but the Nazi's led three expeditions to Antarctica, and Admiral Richard Byrd, who led Operation Highjump, suggests that "bases" were established in Antarctica by the Nazis. They were doing something down there. Was the continent an escape for them? Now, Obama visited Antarctica in March, and he was preceded by Patriarch Kirill of Russia. Simultaneous to Obama's visit to the South Pole, his director of CIA, James Clapper, made a secret trip to Australia, another country with heavy interest in Antarctica. Kirill offered a strange blessing of Antarctica, calling the barren land an "ideal for human kind" because there were no weapons down there or any type of science experiments. Except, we know that is not true at all: there are multiple scientific expeditions that have gone to Antarctica: this was confirmed in an interview with Richard Byrd, who said that the region would become the center of scientific inquiry directly after WW2. What did he mean by this? Part 2 - Researcher discovers a huge Pyramid in Antarctica using Satellite Images http://www.ancient-code.com/researcher-discovers-a-huge-pyramid-in-antarctica-using-satellite-images/ Part 3 - Amazing German Antarctic Discoveries In 1938 (Interview Jeff Rense, Harry Cooper, Jim Marrs & Dick Allgire) (Full Documnetary film - Jeff Rense, Harry Cooper, Jim Marrs & Dick Allgire): https://vimeo.com/ondemand/rvhitler --------------------------------------------------------------------- NAVY ENGINEER: I SAW ANCIENT RUINS, ALIENS, AND TOP-SECRET BASES IN ANTARCTICA! http://mysteriousearth.net/2016/10/18/navy-engineer-i-saw-ancient-ruins-aliens-and-top-secret-bases-in-antarctica/ ANTARCTICA: NASA IMAGES REVEAL TRACES OF ANCIENT HUMAN SETTLEMENT UNDERNEATH 2.3 KM OF ICE http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/antarctica-nasa-images-reveal-traces-of-ancient-human-settlement-underneath-2-3-km-of-ice/ Ancient Civilizations And Pyramids On Antarctica, Theories Say It’s Possible http://www.ancient-code.com/ancient-civilizations-and-pyramids-on-antarctica-theories-say-its-possible/ -------------------------------------------------------------------- Source Videos: Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) Jeff Rense.com Please visit http://www.rense.com/ for updates and information you will never see on Fox News! Clip from May 13, 2016 - guest Harry Cooper, Jim Marrs & Dick Allgire on the Jeff Rense Program. Full program available in Archives at http://www.renseradio.com/signup.htm The Mag/Truth Documentary Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14BtWERAUNU https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-2l97YfAxFAFzt3qdLmoEA ufoswlg https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfuMmKAYFzQWZkfNQzrn1Qw -------------------------------------------------------------------------
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The BEST Kept Secret for CHEAP Blu-rays!!!
Check out the best kept secret for finding great Blu-ray deals online! One of my go-to stores, Hamilton Books! Their Blu-ray selection: https://www.hamiltonbook.com/blu-ray Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/films_at_home/ Donate to my channel: https://www.paypal.me/filmsathome Remember to subscribe, turn on those notifications, and share this video with your friends!!
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Flashback Friday: The Best Kept Secret in Medicine
Lifestyle changes are often more effective in reducing the rates of heart disease, hypertension, heart failure, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and premature death than almost any other medical intervention. This is part of our new #FlashbackFriday series. Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition newsletter and get the Evidence-Based Eating Guide: A Healthy Living Resource from Dr. Greger and NutritionFacts.org. Sign up at https://www.nutritionfacts.org/healthkit. Have a question about this video? Leave it in the comment section at http://nutritionfacts.org/video/flashback-friday-the-best-kept-secret-in-medicine and someone on the NutritionFacts.org team will try to answer it. Want to get a list of links to all the scientific sources used in this video? Click on Sources Cited at http://nutritionfacts.org/video/flashback-friday-the-best-kept-secret-in-medicine. You’ll also find a transcript and acknowledgments for the video, my blog and speaking tour schedule, and an easy way to search (by translated language even) through our videos spanning more than 2,000 health topics. If you’d rather watch these videos on YouTube, subscribe to my YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=nutritionfactsorg Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution! -Michael Greger, MD FACLM Captions for this video are available in several languages. To find yours, click on the settings wheel on the lower-right of the video and then "Subtitles/CC." http://www.NutritionFacts.org • Subscribe: http://www.NutritionFacts.org/subscribe • Donate: http://www.NutritionFacts.org/donate • HOW NOT TO DIE: http://nutritionfacts.org/book • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NutritionFacts.org • Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nutrition_facts • Instagram: http://instagram.com/nutrition_facts_org/ • Podcast : http://nutritionfacts.org/audio/
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JOHAN - live at Best Kept Secret 2018
Setlist: Tumble and Fall Dream (On My Mind) Anyone Got A Clue? Pergola Making Sense Oceans What A Scene Why Don't We Walking Away December Everybody Knows Quicksand BKS18: Johan doet geen ereronde, maar is echt terug Nieuwe liedjes op sleutelplekken in de set https://3voor12.vpro.nl/update~38b1ece3-bdbc-4542-997b-404fa21bef44~bks18-johan-doet-geen-ereronde-maar-is-echt-terug~.html Lees meer over Best Kept Secret: https://3voor12.vpro.nl/tags/BestKeptSecret18.html ••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​••​​​•​••​••​••​••​••​​​•​••​••​​​•​​​ Je hoort in 3voor12 Radio de allernieuwste muzikale trends, alternative tracks en de actualiteit van vandaag én morgen. Regelmatig zijn er artiesten te gast om te praten over hun nieuwe releases (en om ze te spelen, natuurlijk). Ook hoor je hier concertrecensies en de Je Weet Nooit Wat Je Krijgt-Request! Tune in: iedere maandag t/m donderdag van 21.00u - 00.00u.​ ❯ Meer 3voor12? http://vpro.nl/3voor12 http://facebook.com/3voor12 http://twitter.com/3voor12 http://instagram.com/3voor12​
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Surprise Second Set of Twins - Best Kept Secret - MirusFamilyMultiples
When we found out we were expecting out second set of twins, we decided we'd keep it a secret that we were going to be doubly blessed. This is a collection of some of our favorite reactions from family and friends as we share the news.
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Mexico's Best Kept Secret: Chiapas - Things to do & Tips (Taco Trip Ep.03)
In this video I show you the best things to do in Chiapas, Mexico including popular sights as well as true hidden gems off the tourist trails. ➸ My travel guides: https://www.back-packer.org Check out my friends: Mike - https://www.youtube.com/user/friskyb Brendan - https://www.youtube.com/user/bvans890 Jodie - https://www.youtube.com/user/alajode Drone Footage courtesy of Brendan Van Son & Mike Corey, all rights reserved. MY CAMERA EQUIPMENT ▸ Cam1:Sony RX 100 V http://amzn.to/2qGeZSK ▸ Cam2:Sony A7 II http://amzn.to/1Gfj8MU ▸ Cam3: GoPro http://amzn.to/1GZdh1q ▸ Drone1: Mavic Pro http://amzn.to/2lCujh3 ▸ Drone2: Phantom 3 Pro http://amzn.to/28Q2MQV ▸ Joby Gorillapod http://amzn.to/1CMyE0b ▸ Audio Recorder: Zoom H2n http://amzn.to/1FFVSt4 ▸ SDHC Memory Card http://amzn.to/1ygZzWD ▸ Waterproof Memory Card Case http://amzn.to/1FFWLCb ▸ Backpack Osprey Farpoint 40 http://amzn.to/1ceMOlo ▸ 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer http://amzn.to/2yDV24r For my last week in Mexico we went on a big road trip in Chiapas for more than a week. Starting in Tuxtla we explored a number of beautiful sights and things to do in Chiapas which can hardly be found in guides. Of course we also wanted to visit popular sights such as Palenque but we managed to make our way down along the border to Guatemala to see the beautiful jungle and the maya sights of Bonampak & Yaxchilan which are harder to access. You can take this video as a guide but please be aware to take some precaution and do your own research about road conditions / road blocks etc. before you go. Please make sure to avoid driving at night and plan your travel schedule accordingly! All Things to do in Chiapas, Mexico as shown in this episode: - Cenote Chucumaltik, near Comitan - El Chiflon waterfalls - Lagunas de Montebello - Causas Verdes Las Nubes - Bonampak ruins - Yaxchilan ruins - Misol Ha waterfall - Palenque ruins - Agua Azul - Ocosingo - Tonina Maya ruins - San Cristobal de las Casas - Sumidero Canyon - Tuxtla — About the Taco Trip — Together with my friends & fellow YouTubers Mike, Brendan & Jodie I travelled 3 weeks through Mexico in order to show you the best of Mexico City & Chiapas in this new series! I'm excited to share all our experiences in Mexico over the course of the next 4 weeks with you. Beside our "local" Mike also Brendan and Jodie are joining for this "Taco Trip" (due to the fact we ate so many delicious tacos during this trip). Beside beautiful landscape you can expect loads of information and our personal experiences and struggles along the way. — MY TRAVEL EQUIPMENT ▸ insurance http://www.back-packer.org/worldnomads_versicherung ▸ packing list http://www.back-packer.org/patagonia-packing-list-trekking/ ▸ Online Language Course http://www.back-packer.org/babbel_eng MY HOTEL & HOSTEL RECOMMENDATIONS ➸ http://www.back-packer.org/best-hostels-and-hotels/ DISCLAIMER: All Links provided marked with „▸“ are Affiliate Links for products, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission (but the price for you stays the same). This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! === Music: „Grains of Sand“ by Hallman (EpidemicSound.com) „All of us“ by Daxten (EpidemicSound.com) Follow me: http://www.back-packer.org http://www.twitter.com/BackPackerSteve http://www.facebook.com/BackPackerBlog
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