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Carolina Herrera Fur Show 1987
Carolina Herra Fur Show 1987 Some awesome lynx!
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What's More Sustainable? Faux Fur or Real Fur: Vlog by CaRolina #5
Today I really need your help! I want to decide if either faux fur or real fur is more sustainable, because I can't choose. Please leave your comments on what you think would be the most sustainable option, and don't forget to like, and subscribe... let's make the fashion industry a little greener! 💚 This is the link to my previous post: goo.gl/enfS7P And the link to shop the Reformation coat: https://www.thereformation.com/products/freddie-coat
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Lady Fur... Just a little bit more. #SHOTBYUGO | Luxury Brand: Elan Furs Elan Furs | Art Director: Ugo Osmund Art | Model: Emily Poole / LModelz Model Management Model: Kaymah Kamara | Sponsor: Midwest Fashion Week | Music: Provided by DJ Uzo Udu & Orion Magnus
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Gorgeous fur show for high fashion.wmv
Enjoy this top model fur fashion show! Learn all about fur. Be sure to watch all of it-it doesn't t
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Carolina Herrera - Fall 2011 Collection - New York Fashion Week
Carolina Herrera's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall 2011 Collection featured tailored menswear inspired designs with rich fabrics in neutral hues. Delightful fur accents on sleeves, collars, and shawls and slim fitting ready-to-wear ensembles with a punch of color completed the collection.
KN Furs Fashion Show
Once again, KN Furs models hit the runway for the annual International Fur Fair of Kastoria, offerign an incredible spectacle. Mink, sable and fox coats and jackets in different designs and styles filled the show, making all spectators happy.
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Europa Furs 2018 (Kastoria, Greece)
Международная выставка меховых изделий привлекает массу покупателей и посетителей из разных уголков мира. Мероприятие доказывает: мех надёжно занимает первое место в сердцах покупателей и особенно покупательниц. Инновационные и современные концепции дизайна, технологичные методы обработки меха соответствуют высоким ожиданиям гостей выставки.👑👑👑 _____________________________ Подписывайся на наш YouTube канал: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpiJ_o3xrLI 🔱Рассрочка до 12 месяцев 🔱Кредитование до 24 месяцев. 🔱Переплата -0% 🔱Доставка по РК,РФ и др.странам🚘. _________________________________________ #скидки#sale#fashion#europafurs#europakaraganda#europaastana#лучшиемеха#меховаямода#шубыгреция#шубыиталия#соболь#норка#свакара#зима2018#аукционныймех#шубыастана#шубыкараганда#нурсая1#абзал#адамо#ситимол#шубыказахстан#соболиныешубывастане#шиншилла#minkfur #sable#nafa#nafafurs#меховаявыставка#internationalfurfair
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FEA 2018  Highlights
Fur Excellence in Athens 2018- Highlights!
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Amazing Blue fox coat
An absolute beauty of a norwegian blue fox fur coat from webfurs
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Imperia Furs & Leather - Fashion Trends from 12 Years Ago
With emphasis on Greek fur manufacturing tradition dating back to the 14th century and the importance of continuous innovation, Imperia Furs & Leather is an international award winning fashion brand that stirs emotions due to the uniqueness of its quality, variety, versatility, craftsmanship, and design. Customers looking for classic beauty, extreme luxury and very modern styles must choose Imperia Furs & Leather. The brand offers revised classic, innovative shapes, trimmings and material mixes in a wide colour palette. In addition, the brand provides a ‘double guarantee’ to its customers by supplying pelts of top quality labels such as Blackglama (USA), NAFA (Canada), Saga (Finland), and Kopenhagen Fur (Denmark). Moreover, a number of carefully selected fur retailers have been classified as “Imperia Furs & Leather Certified Retailers”. The classification basically means that these retailers are involved in a partnership with the brand and hence offer genuine Imperia Furs & Leather garments made in Greece.
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fur fashion show
french fur fashion show from the 90ies
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Alana Zimmer + Carolina Thaler: Top Models at Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week | FashionTV
Alana Zimmer + Carolina Thaler: Top Models at Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week http://www.FashionTV.com/videos WORLD - FashionTV highlights models Alana Zimmer and Carolina Thaler in this video from the Spring/Summer 2013 season. Alana Zimmer is a Canadian fashion model born on June 9, 1987 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. In Spring 2013, she walked in shows like Giorgio Armani, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana. Carolina Thaler is from Lages, Brazil. She was born in July. In Spring 2013, she appeared in shows like Dolce & Gabbana. CHANNEL http://youtube.com/FashionTV FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/FTV TWITTER http://twitter.com/FashionTV FashionTV's YouTube network features coverage of fashion shows, fashion week, runway highlights, front row celebs, backstage, hair and makeup, models, designers, photo shoots, red carpets at the biggest events in Hollywood, and much more. The total source for worldwide fashion coverage, FashionTV has new uploads EVERY DAY - See it on YouTube first. http://FashionTV.com FashionTV "Fashion TV" FTV "Alana Zimmer" "Carolina Thaler" Top Models at Spring Summer 2013 "Fashion Week" Fashion TV FashionTV.com FTV.com
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Fashion show fur Lissa
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Fur 2000
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Revellion 1987 Fur show
Revellion 1987 Fur show
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www.avantifurs.com AVANTI FURS considers every fur creation to be unique and believes that success lies in every fur detail. Its unswerving dedication to quality is only the beginning. The original fur design, excellent know-how, the play with technique and the creative use of the right accessories all make their mark on the end result. AVANTI does not follow rules, it sets them. Through its imaginative and innovative experimentation with fur style and technique, it sets new fur trends and enjoys the benefits of a style-setter in the fur sector.
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Stop the cruel fur fashion
2016 and 2017 #Cruel #fur #fashion #trend must be stopped!! Be cool never cruel!!
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2019 Hong Kong Fur Gala
Hong Kong Fur Gala which is held on the opening night of the Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair has been its focal event since inception. Hong Kong has long been regarded as the global hub of fur trading and luxury fur apparel exporter. The Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair has never failed to amaze international buyers since 1982 with timeless chic and trendy innovation while Hong Kong furriers are today shipping their stylish fur accessories and apparel to over 30 countries around the world. The trendy style and unlimited design show the endless possibilities and glamour of fur in the new generation. The natural fur is a sustainable fashion chic and responsible choice. 2019香港國際毛皮時裝展覽開幕日當晚舉行的「皮草之夜」時裝表演,是每年備受矚目的環節,為此時裝盛事揭開序幕。香港作為世界首屈一指的毛皮貿易中心及高級皮草時裝出口地,「香港國際毛皮時裝展覽會」自1982年創辦以來,成功吸引環球業界前來採購毛皮產品,令香港毛皮時裝遍佈全球逾30個國家。新一代皮草採用創意無限的天然原料,前瞻型格的時尚設計,配合嶄新細緻剪裁,盡情演繹皮草的高貴多變。天然毛皮是可持續的時尚,是責任之選,是創意無限的天然原料,融入生活,開創皮草的無限可能性。 1. Regal Fur & Fashion 富豪皮草時裝 - www.regalfur.com / [email protected] 2. Chiu’s Fur 超時皮草 – [email protected] / [email protected] 3. East Link Fur 東進毛皮 – [email protected] 4. Ace Fur 藝獅皮草 – www.acefur.com / [email protected] 5. Precious Fur 栢斯皮草 – [email protected] 6. S.F. Fashion 豐盛時裝 – www.shuifungfashion.com / [email protected] 7. Dai-Ichi Madam Fur 第一夫人皮草 – www.daiichimadam.com / [email protected] 8. Season Trading 時信貿易 – [email protected] 9. O’merinos 奧瑪斯 – [email protected] 10. Hong Kong Fur 香港皮草 – www.hongkongfur.com / [email protected]
KN Furs Show 2011
furs show in International Fur Fair of Kastoria
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Kosta S Furs at Couture Fashion Week New York
Kosta S showcases their beautiful and elegeant fur coat collection.
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JUNGERKES FURS, Shreveport, Louisiana Jungerkes Furs, serving the Ark-La-Tex for over 72 years. Located at 333 Southfield, Shreveport, LA. Choose from hundreds of coats in mink, fox, beaver, lynx, and many more. Leathers, fur trim leathers, and fur trim cashmeres. Open Mon.-Fri. 10 - 5 and Sat. 10 - 2
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Greek Furs Fashion Show | www.activemice.ru
Наш сайт:http://www.activemice.ru/ Канал:https://www.youtube.com/user/activemiceru Подписка:https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=activemiceru Мы в социальных сетях: fb | https://www.facebook.com/ActiveMICE.Mouzenidis vk | http://vk.com/activemice.mouzenidis Instagram | http://instagram.com/active_mice
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Лисичка ( полностью вязаная ) Смотреть до конца! ___________________ Размеры : 40,42,44 Модель: @___lilly_lilly___ ____________________ MARIA-BELLA FUR FASHION ____________________ Меховые изделия Фабричное производство ТЦ ГРАНД-СИТИ 🏢🔹 Ст Метро Площадь Ильича MOSCOW🔹 1-ГАРАНТИЯ 24 месяца🔹 2-РАССРОЧКА по паспорту🔹 3-КУРЬЕР🔹 4-ОТПРАВКА В РЕГИОНЫ🔹 5-ИЗДЕЛИЯ МАРКИРОВАНЫ🔹 Графи работы: Понедельник- Воскресенье: 11:00 до 20:30 VISA : MASTERCARD 💳💳 ____________________ 📱+7(495)294-05-98 Рабочий_____ 📱+7(926)228-29-69 WhatsApp_____ Перед визитом, просьба заранее сообщить📲 #мода2018 #erwinрекамореокеан #sohorooms #сохорумс #секси #сексишмекси #сексуальныедевушки #сексуальноебелье #сексуально #суперкачество #шикарно #шикарныеплатья #супервечер #леди #простокрасиво #красотка #няшка #милашка #фитоняшка #инстамода #инстамама #сексуальнаядевушка #сексуальная #суббота #вечерсубботы #ресторанчайка #гламурная #Бузова #Бородина
Anti-fur activists confront New York fashion week
SHOTLIST APTN New York. 10th February 2004 1. Various demonstrations at entrance to the tents at Bryant Park February 9, 2004 2. Mid shot model wearing fur coat at Badgley Mischka NY show 3. Mid shot model wearing fur coat Carolina Herrera NY show 4. Oscar models wearing fur at Oscar De La Renta show February 10, 2004 4. Close up demonstration campaign sign 5. SOUNDBITE (English) Lisa Franzetta, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: "We're hoping that fur wearers will have a change of heart about wearing fur. If they put themselves in the shoes of the foxes and minks, kyotes and rabbits who suffer a violent death just because of their coat. " 6.Close up demonstrator laying on the floor 7. SOUNDBITE (English) Fern Mallis, Executive Director Seventh on Sixth: "I believe there are some designers who have been impressed by their message and who have stopped designing with furs. But I think the fur market has been having a better years, the winters are colder and colder and as long ads the furs, nobody is wearing endangered species and I think that the fur trade is killing the animals in a more sympathetic manner if there is such a thing. but nobody is forcing anybody to wear fur, nobody is forcing people to make their decision. I think that everybody is entitled to to what they believe and wear what they want." 8. Various police 9. Pan down from sky line FUR FLIES AS PETA PROTESTERS RETURN TO FASHION WEEK Protestors, from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), told fur wearers to "drop dead" on Tuesday in a hard-hitting demonstration to coincide with New York fashion week. The steps to Bryant Park, where many of the top catwalks take place, were littered with bloodied PETA "fashion victims" -- women wearing blood-stained fur coats." Following two years of a self imposed restraint, during which PETA sponsored fur and leather free fashion shows inside the tents, Tuesday's protest is part of the group's "Gloves Are Off" Campaign, which has seen a return to more pointed protests across the city this season. At the 2004 Fall-Winter shows at New York fashion week pelts were adorning the catwalk creations were very much in evidence again. Designer Carolina Herrera pronounced that "fur is a must-have", while big names 'ike Badgley and Mischka and Oscar de la Renta also used it liberally in their designs. Now, PETA members vowed to continue to confront fur-wearers on New York streets and subways with skinned fox carcasses until the end of March. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/fefa8b32100ffd6137bd8b8ccc1cb1f3 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Christmas Fur Show
Christmas Fur Show
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Carolina Herrera Fall 2013 RTW | Runway Fashion
http://www.FurInsider.com | Carolina Herrera Fall 2013 delivered a chic and sophisticated collection with plenty of lady-like elegance and beautiful fur treatments.
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From cozy cashmere to fuzzy faux furs, fall fashion has arrived!
From cozy cashmere to fuzzy faux furs, fall fashion has arrived! The Rhode Show is WPRI 12's daily lifestyle show for having fun, eating well, and living life.
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Runway highlights from Honor SPRING 2012 Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. The official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week YouTube channel provides extensive coverage of runway shows including BCBGMAXAZRIA, Richard Chai, Rebecca Taylor, Nicole Miller, Cynthia Rowley, Monique Lhuillier, Lacoste, Jill Stuart, Vivienne Tam, Charlotte Ronson, Tracy Reese, Diane von Fursteberg, Custo Barcelona, Carolina Herrera, Jenny Packham, Betsey Johnson, J. Mendel, Tibi, Anna Sui, Elie Tahari, Naeem Khan, Chado Ralph Rucci, Elene Cassis.
Sonya In Fur Goes To Hollywood
WATCH MY VIDEO WHY MEN SHOULD PAY FOR DATE: https://youtu.be/i1_YsCrokfQ LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW TO BE GOOD SPY: INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/SonyaInFur FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/SonyaInFur SNAPCHAT: @SonyaInFur TWITTER: @SonyaInFur WATCH ME ON THE BUZZFEED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aprQz... If Carrie Bradshaw and Borat had a daughter, Sonya in Fur would be the result.👨🏻+👱🏻‍♀️=🙋🏻 Sonya in Fur provides weekly dating & sex tip videos for millennials. Business Inquires: [email protected]
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Izeta Couture ss 2018 Catwalk
Коллекция Izeta Couture весна-лето 2018. Дефиле. Spring-summer 2018, catwalk. Izeta Couture.
Samaras Furs | Backstage Shooting
www.samarasfurs.com (No copyrights of the song owned)
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Fur Excellence Athens 23-25 March 2018 International Fur Fair FEA 2018 Music used: Solo - Sarah Ashcroft
Model Trends: Fur for Fall/Winter 2013-2014 | FashionTV
Model Trends: Fur for Fall/Winter 2013-2014 http://www.FashionTV.com/videos WORLD - Models like Lais Ribeiro talk about chic and sexy styles like fur are a part of their personal style as they do a runway rehearsal for Fall 2013 shows that includes lots of furs for shows like Leonard and BCBG Max Azria. Appearances: Agne Konciute, Zuzanna Bijoch, Daiane Conterato, Lais Ribeiro, Catherine McNeil, Vika Falileeva, Kamila Hansen, Carolina Thaler, Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Mackenzie Drazan, Magda Laguinge, CHANNEL http://youtube.com/FashionTV FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/FTV TWITTER http://twitter.com/FashionTV FashionTV's YouTube network features coverage of fashion shows, fashion week, runway highlights, front row celebs, backstage, hair and makeup, models, designers, photo shoots, red carpets at the biggest events in Hollywood, and much more. The total source for worldwide fashion coverage, FashionTV has new uploads EVERY DAY - See it on YouTube first. http://FashionTV.com FashionTV "Fashion TV" FTV "Model Trends" Fur for Fall Winter 2013-2014 "Zuzanna Bijoch" "Daiane Conterato" "Lais Ribeiro" Fashion TV FashionTV.com FTV.com
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Madrid Fashion Week Fall/WItner 2017-18 - Jesus Lorenzo | FashionTV
Download the FashionTV+ app, and stay tuned: Itunes: http://apple.co/2oxd0Bo Google Play: http://bit.ly/2n6KruT Join F-Club : https://f-club.com/ Chat, meet and find models, celebrities and fashion icons now! Get discovered and become famous. MADRID - Jesus Lorenzo combines comfort with fur to make a very impressive Fall/Winter 2017-18 Collection at Madrid Fashion Week. Brought to you exclusively by FashionTV. Stay in touch with the FashionTV online network: FASHIONTV+: http://ftvvod.com Watch FashionTV New Live Stream : https://youtu.be/A8A1NVZHFtc http://www.fashiontv.com FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/FTV INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/FashionTV CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/c/FTVmain GOOGLE PLUS http://plus.google.com/+FashionTV/posts TWITTER: http://twitter.com/FashionTV FashionTV’s network brings you fashion in new and imaginative ways every day online! From the front row of fashion’s biggest shows and runways, to highlights of all the best fashion stories from around the world, to the gorgeous models that make the industry tick, FashionTV is there to bring them to you first! The total source for worldwide fashion coverage, FashionTV has new uploads every day with 24/7 access to content for all your fashi
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Smartest Woman on EARTH! Please let her educate us on how fur coats are made. Brains and Beauty...what a rare thing.
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After-Christmas Commercials (Meadowlands Furs, The Wiz), 1985
Ho-ho-hold everything! The Meadowlands Fur & Coat Co. and The Wiz are still moving merch after Christmas. No rights held or implied. (If you'd like this video removed for copyright reasons, please contact me rather than notifying YouTube, I will gladly take it down from this channel.) This is on compilation 59 at oldtvads.blogspot.com...
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Beautifully Canadian Furs (RUNWAY, Naffem 2010)
The Beautifully Canadian collection as seen at NAFFEM. The label identifies furs made in Canada by Canadian artisans. An authentic sign of luxury! www.beautifullycanadian.com www.furisgreen.com
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