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Innersound Oracle 10 note handpan
This is the Innersound "oracle", aka, the Pangea 9 noter. This is the fourth innersound handpan I have played and by far the best. With 9 notes around the side, it has a full scale of G major. The notes are E/ B, C, D, E, F#, G, A, B, D. With the 2 B's and the E ding, it has a rather mysterious quality to be a full scale of G major. The way the notes are set up, there are a number of notes that build chords with the adjoining notes, including a C major, G major, D major, B minor, and E minor. Additionally, it's quite easy to hit an A minor, and I'm sure far more that I haven't explored. One of the most interesting qualities of this pan however is how 4 of the notes activate harmonics in 4 other notes. The E ding makes the E note harmonic SCREAM, much like many of the Hanghang, Bells, and Halos. Relative to this interaction, the other 3 relationships are a bit more subtle, but quite obvious none the less. The C activates the G note, while the low B activates the High B and low D activates the A. While this pan is still made from the same thin and tinny sounding shell as the Soft pan and other innersound pans, creating a tone that not all ears enjoy, the quality of this pan is superb. It still has a certain need for a bit more tender touch than say a halo, but less so than the other innersounds. The low notes don't make the steel drum blarry sound like some other innersounds. There aren't any dimples on this pan, only spin marks. They have a bit of texture with a rounded but subtle point in the center. While I can't say that the other 3 I have played would definitively put this builder in the upper class of hand pan builders, I have a very strong opinion that they have indeed achieved something VERY SPECIAL with this particular pan. I'm playing with Silk glove liners made by Thermosilk. The best gloves I've found yet.
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Oracle Tech Day with Oradist in Tunisia 1 - Welcome note & Database presentation (french)
Salut, cette présentation couvre les dernières technologies de Oracle Database et Options. Cet événement était en Tunisie avec notre associé Oradist le 5 octobre 2011. Présentateur : Mohamed Belkorchia (Oracle) Si vous avez des questions contactez-nous s'il vous plaît [email protected]
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Kick start your Oracle R-12 upgrades on the right note
Kick start your Oracle R-12 upgrades on the right note
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Часть I. Установка Oracle Linux 6.8 для SAP (SAP Note 1635808)
Установка Oracle Linux 6.8 0:01 - Создание виртуального сервера в VMware 2:20 - Начало установки Oracle Linux 6.8 4:34 - Настройка mount points 10:14 - Выбор необходимых компонентов для OL6.8
Communiqué 2018 || Key Note Speaker || Edwin Moses || Oracle || Chief Guest
“A champion is defined not by their wins but by how they can recover when they fall” It was our privilege to have Mr. Edwin Moses, Vice President Oracle,as the inaugural speaker to give insights on the upcoming technologies and Power of Networking. We thank Mr. Edwin Moses for such an interactive and informative session at Communique18. #Communique18 #Keynotespeaker #Telecommunication #SITM #Symbiosis
CARDSLINGER || 14 Awesome Oracle Decks
Hey there Badass Witches, Cardslingers, Mystics, and Creative Souls, I said 13 and there are actually 14 beautiful Oracle decks to share with you. Moving on, I've put together this video of 14 great oracle deck to sink your teeth into. 1. Eathly Souls and Spirits Oracle by Terri Foss https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/271606856/terri-foss-oracle-earthly-souls-and?ref=shop_home_feat_1 2. Winged Enchantment Oracle by Lisa Hunt this deck is mass produced and available through Amazone, Bookdepository and quite a few other places. 3. The Earthbound Oracle by Skull Garden https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/239882361/the-earthbound-oracle-deck 4.Oracle of Echoes by Ana Tourian PRE-ORDER 2nd Edition https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/496966099/pre-order-oracle-of-echoes-divination 5. Animal Spirit Oracle by The Wild Unknown NOTE! this deck has now been mass produced and is available on Amazon, Book Depository, and other distribution outlets and it now comes with a LWB 6. The Wyrd of Sarah Howard by Gabby Angus-West OOP so keep an eye out on card trading groups. She may print a future batch if there is enough interest. So if you are interested, message her to let her know. 7. The Messenger Oracle by Sandra Kuntz https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/273466712/the-messenger-cards?ref=shop_home_active_7 8. The Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild, this is a mass-produced deck available on Amazon, Bookdepository etc 9. The Wisdom Keepers Oracle by Rosy Aronson available on her website http://www.wisdomkeepers.net/ and on Amazon 10. Heal Yourself Reading cards by Inna Segal published by Rockpool Publishing 11. The Vintage Wisdom Oracle by Victoria Mosley this is a mass-produced deck available on Amazon, Book Depository, and other major outlets. 12. The Awakened Soul Oracle by Ethony Dawn https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/279774120/awakened-soul-oracle-deck-guidebook 13. The Sacred Creator Oracle by Chris-Ann https://chris-anne.com/product/sacred-creator-oracle-deck-order/ 14. The Connected and Free Alchemist oracle My Top 10 Oracle Deck Recommendations for Beginners video from a while back https://youtu.be/Ty4gaWCPte4 LET ME ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!!!!! ******WORK WITH ME: Avalon Cameron: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/AvalonCameron ******Find me on Facebook - Avalon's Apothecary: https://www.facebook.com/avalonsapothecary The Elemental Witch: https://www.facebook.com/TheElementalWitch *******Contact me Email: [email protected] My Address: PO Box 335, Trinity Beach, QLD 4879 Australia Find me on Insta, Twitter, and Snapchat... I'm on periscope too! BE as BOLD as you are BLESSED! xoxoxo
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Larry Ellison Oracle OpenWorld 2017 Keynote 10-1-2017
Oracle Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer Larry Ellison delivers his keynote on “Oracle Cloud: The Industry’s Broadest and Most Integrated Cloud” at Oracle OpenWorld 2017.
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Sincerity Note #5 | On Reconnecting With The Body
Hey beautiful souls! In today's video I share two tools I frequently use to help me sink into my body and ground into the physical world around me. If you're finding it difficult to forge a connection with your physical self or to pay attention to what's happening on the outside, this is for you! Decks featured: Eternal Crystals Oracle Cards, Jade Sky Steampunk Tarot, Barbara Moore Book a private written/video reading: www.soulsinceritytarot.etsy.com Find me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/soulsinceritytarot With love and gratitude, Imogen
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Oracle Linux DB11G Installation
Note: Video Teacher Vorn Rothdara
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Cairo - Oracle Technology Summit - Welcome note & technology session by Tamer Gamal, Ahmed Shams
Oracle Technology Summit held in Cairo, Egypt on the 22nd of November, 2011. questions? please feel free to contact us at [email protected]
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Machine Learning with Oracle
Introduction - 0:00 Overview Machine Learning in Oracle - 1:31 Machine Learning theory - 6:04 Demonstration: preparation and building the model - 11:52 Demonstration: run the prediction and adapt the application - 26:24 How to get started - 33:33 Without a doubt Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence is an incredibly powerful technology with a huge potential. It brings benefits across many industries and business functions: From better targeting in the marketing/sales domain to predictive maintenance in manufacturing. This video-webinar is a kickstart to Machine Learning. You will learn the required theoretical knowledge and then we'll go through a real-life example: intelligent sales with ML. We'll create our very first ML model, and use it to make an existing application intelligent with sales recommendations. After this webinar you will have the basic ingredients to apply ML to your own business cases! Note that you don't require any previous knowledge of ML to be able to understand this session. Powerpoint and background material can be found here: https://ptdrv.linkedin.com/cmaj4xt
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Sincerity Note #11 Social media sabbatical, comfort zones + tuning into tree wisdom
Hey friend, I'm so happy to have you here. Last week I planned a little social media and internet-free retreat for myself and oh, how my body, mind and soul appreciated it! In today's video I share some of the things I pondered and explored during my break, including: thoughts on comfort zones working within our limitations enjoying the process rather than fixating on an end result anchoring into a place of inner safety and security with the help of our trusty tree friends (yep, I'm talking to trees and loving every second of it!) Decks featured: Money Magic Manifestation Cards http://ethony.com/money-magic-manifestation-cards/ Magic of Flowers Oracle https://www.amazon.co.uk/Magic-Flowers-Oracle-Tess-Whitehurst/dp/0738741140/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1463056786&sr=8-1&keywords=magic+of+flowers+oracle Energy Oracle Cards https://www.amazon.co.uk/Energy-Oracle-Cards-Sandra-Taylor/dp/1401940447/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1463056820&sr=8-1&keywords=energy+oracle I'm always interested in hearing from you, so do feel free to leave a comment if you feel called to do so. With love, Imogen ------------ Book a private video/written tarot reading with me: http://soulsinceritytarot.patternbyetsy.com/about Find me on Instagram for daily tarot goodness: https://www.instagram.com/soulsinceritytarot/ Get in touch via email: [email protected]
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Normalization - 1NF, 2NF, 3NF and 4NF
Database Normal Forms
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Note Attachment of PR in ERP Oracle
Note Attachment of PR in ERP Oracle https://youtu.be/cyCvFbzTweg. This is very important video how to attach a approval copy or note of PR into ERP. Very useful...
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Oracle HD-TVI Motorised Camera - £10 Note Zoom In
Oracle CCTV Motorised Camera (Zoom in - Zoom out) www.cctvdirectonline.co.uk
Ghost note - Oracle (DQG0035)
Ghost note - Oracle (DQG0035) (Dubstep) Turn on your sub for this one! Like Ghost note here - http://soundcloud.com/ghostnotenz Subscribe/like/fave! ######
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Note To Self: Dont Upload || OBEY, Ft. The Oracle
Hey, this is a "decent" first video, Brace for awkwardness and cringe. Hope You Enjoy!
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#vlogtober Crazy Sexy Love Notes Oracle Deck Unboxing
I was guided to this deck by +Kelly-Ann Maddox and loved it immediately. Here's a very quick look at it. EXPAND this box for more info & links! You can follow Kelly-Ann and her eclectic branch of tarot and witchery here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheFourQueens Tell her I said 'hi' and don't forget to sign up for her newsletter because she does send out special subscriber only videos when she feels called to. FIND ME HERE: Support my work on Patreon: - https://www.patreon.com/rhomanysrealm Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest: @Rhomany Facebook: rhomanysrealm Blog: http://rhomanysrealm.org.uk Enquiries: rhomany at gmail dot com CAMERAS & EQUIPMENT Filming & vlogging: Elephone P8 Mini http://amzn.eu/8rzp3li - Editing: iMac with FCPX MUSIC & MEDIA LICENSES Licensed Royalty Free Music from Storyblocks.com (formerly audioblocks.com) https://www.audioblocks.com/license Extras from Apple FCPX Licensed Jingles My icon by Bitmoji Free icon pack by Alexis Doreau https://dribbble.com/alexisdoreau DISCLAIMER This channel does not receive paid sponsorship from anyone, but companies do sometimes send me trials or free samples for review. All reviews are based on my own opinions and experiences of products and services. I only promote products that I use myself and genuinely believe are value for money, however, these views may change over time. Where possible, I try to obtain a free copy to give away to a subscriber as well :) AFFILIATE LINKS Have you shopped at Jackson's Art Supplies yet? If you use the link below, you'll get 10% off your first order. Check it out: http://bit.ly/JacksonArtRho10
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Shorty Marc's Longest Note
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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (7/27-28/2018) ** EXTRA NOTE **
Welcome to Opal Oracle. So happy we found one another! For a private reading or common communication, please email: [email protected] You are safe. You are loved. You are protected. Oh, and don't forget to ................ LOVE YOURSELF. Peace, Raaji
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MaxDaily 18/04: Rò rỉ thông số Galaxy Note 6; Google - Oracle thỏa thuận tiền bản quyền Java
Max Daily 18/04 -Google và Oracle thất bạn trong thỏa thuận tiền bản quyền Java -Samsung Note 6 sẽ có màn hình 5.8inch Quad HD, RAM 6GB -Phablet Xiaomi Max lộ diện mặt kính trước ----------------------------------------------- • Thông tin chi tiết "Samsung galaxy note 7" các bạn có thể tìm thấy tại: http://maxmobile.vn/dien-thoai/samsung-galaxy-note-7-cu.html • Mua "Galaxy note 5 mỹ - hàn" NGAY hôm nay để nhận khuyến mại khủng tại: http://goo.gl/PxpBtD ------------------------------------------------ Like Facebook, Youtube, Google + để cập nhật tin tức về điện thoại mới nhất cùng MaxMobile: • Fanpage Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maxmobile.vn • Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MaxMobilevn • Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/113025737472654539334/+MaxMobileChannel/posts • Xem thêm video “Maxdaily” trên Channel: https://goo.gl/hxtsSN ------------------------------------------------ ĐỊA CHỈ CỬA HÀNG (1) 63A, Phố Vọng, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội, Việt Nam 0969.655.655 - 0466.565.565 (2) 31 Đường Lê Hồng Phong, Phường.4, Quận.5, TPHCM 0939.922.922 - 0931.922.922
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Viewing Analyses Using Smart View in Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud
In this video you learn how to view analyses using Smart View. The example in this video is from HCM but applies to all applications that use OTBi and OTBI Enterprise including Oracle Financials Cloud, Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud, and Oracle Procurement Cloud. Please note that all of the techniques and concepts in this tutorial also apply to OTBI Enterprise although the available subject areas will be different.
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Blue Note All-Stars - Cycling Through Reality
Music video by Blue Note All-Stars performing Cycling Through Reality. (C) 2017 UMG Recordings, Inc. http://vevo.ly/3Eutma
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Milky Way Rising Over Oracle SP
Mike Weasner, Chair of the Oracle Dark Skies Committee, has created a time lapse video of the Milky Way rising over Oracle SP. The video was created on June 24, 2014. Note: There is no audio track. Sky glow of Tucson is at frame's right edge, a wildfire is the orange glow due east of the park. Learn more about efforts to preserve dark skies at: http://azstateparks.com/Parks/ORAC/darksky.html
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Oracle Diwali 2009 -HQ Part 6 ( Jyotsna - Note of Thanks)
Organizer - Jyotsna Bendapudi www.jbfashionstore.com
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Trabajando en Oracle Virtual Box  Death Note Soundtrack XD
gente hay esta este video tutorial bien hecho XD
To support you can donate via PAYTM by following this link http://p-y.tm/PdIMBe8d7 OR via upi at [email protected] Link of website article: https://thecommercetutor.com/debit-note-credit-note-meaning-uses/ IN THIS VIDEO I HAVE TRIED TO EXPLAIN THE CONCEPT OF DEBIT NOTE AND CREDIT NOTE Thanks for watching my videos. Support, Share and Subscribe! Gear I use: For writing on screen: http://amzn.to/2wSA955 Microphone : http://amzn.to/2w8ktKk Laptop: http://amzn.to/2wJo8jd Link for my facebook page: https://facebook.com/thecommercetutor Website: http://www.thecommercetutor.com
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Pick-a-Card Tarot/Oracle Reading: Your Affirmations (Using Affirminator Deck)
Needing a little validation? A bit of a spiritual pep talk? This pick-a-card reading will do just that! If you want to sit through the intro, I'm doing a quick review of the Affirmators! oracle deck. Otherwise, skip to the timestamps: #1 Blessing for Your Intuition 4:05 #2 Blessing for Your Health 10:38 #3 Blessing for Your Clarity 19:27 PERSONAL READINGS (4 Options Available) 1.) PHONE READING: https://www.keen.com/psychic-readings/tarot-readers/gabbyturner/9250267 2.) LOVE CONNECTION ENERGY REPORT for $12.12 This reading answers the following questions: –What are their feelings for me? –What do they want with me? (i.e., relationship, marriage, friendship, etc.) –What is the likely outcome for the two of us? Please include the following information when you send your PayPal payment: –Your name/gender and their name/gender –Are you currently in a relationship with this person or just hoping to be? To Order LOVE CONNECTION ENERGY REPORT send $12.12 to PayPal.Me/EmpressTarotGabbyT 3.) COMPREHENSIVE READING BY E-MAIL (TWO CONCERNS) for $33.33 This reading will cover any two areas of your life of your choosing (for example, love and career). You can ask up to 4 questions per area of concern. Please include your questions when you send your PayPal payment. To Order COMPREHENSIVE READING BY E-MAIL (TWO CONCERNS) send $33.33 to PayPal.Me/EmpressTarotGabbyT 4.) AKASHIC (PAST LIFE) READING for $36.36 For this reading I will go into meditation and retrieve an image (or sometimes a moving visual, sort of like a short movie) of one of your past lives. The reading will include a description of what you looked like and something about your personality and life purpose in the past life. I will also conduct a 9-card tarot spread, the number 9 symbolic of the releasing of any negative karma from the past lifetime in question. I will utilize the tarot to answer these questions about your past and current lives: –What did the individual experience in the past lifetime that is relevant to the current lifetime? –What skills/abilities from the past lifetime is the individual being asked to utilize now? –What karma needs to be released from the past lifetime, and how can it be released now? To Order AKASHIC (PAST LIFE) READING send $36.36 to PayPal.Me/EmpressTarotGabbyT Thanks! Empress Tarot by Gabby Turner I've been reading tarot professionally since 2009. View my website at http://gabbyturner.synthasite.com/
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N'to - Trauma (Worakls Remix)
N'To - Trauma (Worakls Remix), one of the best Melodic Techno track! EMH Music | Electro - Minimal - House » Subscribe: http://bit.ly/EMHmusic » Facebook : http://on.fb.me/1hdWdLt Free Download: https://soundcloud.com/worakls/nto-trauma-worakls-remix We promote Electro House / Dark Electro / Complextro / Minimal Techno / Melodic Techno / Deep House and more Electronic Music... N' To: https://www.facebook.com/nto.wmgm https://soundcloud.com/ntonto Worakls: https://soundcloud.com/worakls https://www.facebook.com/worakls1 Hungry Music: http://www.hungrymusic.fr/ https://soundcloud.com/hungry-music https://www.facebook.com/hungrymusic.fr https://www.youtube.com/user/HungryMusicTV ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EMH Music: ● Facebook: http://facebook.com/EMHmusicPromo ● Youtube: http://youtube.com/user/EMHmusicPromo ● Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/EMHmusic ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/EMH_Music ● Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emhmusic/
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NOTE: The [email protected] is no more. But you can still track me..... Follow Oracle World for some of the BEST free therapy on the planet. New videos every Thursday - Sunday. Subscribe and share. As well, become a Patreon supporter of Val Jones Edutainment at: www.patreon.com/valjonesdaoracle. For more info on broadcaster, edutainer, Oracle Val Jones: www.iamvaljones.com
SCJP note Part I
My study note of Sun Certificate of Java Programmer
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VIRGO, They regret it! | NOVEMBER 2018 LOVE READING
WELCOME TO Atlantean Star Fairy Oracle! On this channel you will find monthly true love #tarot readings for every star placement! If you resonate with these readings then you are apart of my soul group and I invite you to subscribe today! Please note that readings are only general and will not apply to all. This is for entertainment purposes only! If you would like a personalized reading visit: https://squareup.com/appointments/book/A9CPH8C99F08H/atlantean-star-fairy-readings To donate visit: https://paypal.me/ramonalovejoy Join the group on facebook for free bonus semi weekly card readings! https://www.facebook.com/groups/ASFOFREEREADINGS/
What message does the Oracle want you to Hear?? New Mystical Shaman Deck
time stamps 6:36 10:24 13:46 Check out my Etsy Jewelry Store. Hand made, real stone Treats! https://www.etsy.com/shop/SparKrist https://www.patreon.com/sparkrist Now answering specific questions by Text on Instantgo https://www.instantgo.com/sparkrist Private reads available: US$40 for 20 minutes US$60 for 30 minutes US$75 for 40 minutes US$110 for 60 minutes Check Channel About Tab for current pricing https://www.paypal.me/SPARKRIST Include questions and info and EMAIL!! on PayPal receipt or Email me at [email protected] Please note: all videos are Recorded and private links Emailed to you within 7 days. Typically much sooner Thank you for supporting the channel by watching, liking, share and subscribing! Check out my Etsy Jewelry Store. Hand made, real stone Treats! https://www.etsy.com/shop/SparKrist Indigo Tarot Odyssey AMAZON Wish List http://a.co/0Q96m3V
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a special note for Sagittarius & Capricorn May 2018 forecasts... to book a PRIVTAE or SOUL MATE reading, please either email: [email protected] or go to the website: www.theoracletimes.strikingly.com
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7~11 The Flames of Your Wisdom ~Aquarian Fire Oracle & Light Language Message & Chakra Activation
7~11 A Cup of Inspiration The Flames of Your Inner Wisdom ~Aquarian Fire Oracle & Light Language Message ~ Oracle Reading & Light Language Message of Self Awareness... Join me, Wendy, once again on my Ascension JOrneY as we experience the multidimensional Healing effects as we collect Light codes, the Keys to Universe, connect with our Galactic & Celestial Guides & families through the Infinite faces of the nature and the light coded languages of these Multi-Dimensional Spirits Guides... ...Every Being of Creation speaks a Language of Light... We Are All singing a Language of Light...a Perfect chord in the Infinite Symphony Channeling The Emissaries of The Light Collective by Wendy Wolfe ▪¤▪Offering Private & Group Sessions via Phone, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype & Facebook Messenger ▪¤▪ Contact me: [email protected] •Scribed Galactic Light Code Activation Sacred Circuitry Frequency Attunements/ Illuminations •Intuitive Oracle & Energy Readings •MultiDimensional Channeled Guidance •Galactic Light Language Channeling & Activations •Aquarian Fire Energy Master Teacher •Galactic Reiki Practitioner ▪Donations & Private Session Energy Exchanges gratefully accepted through PayPal: [email protected] USPS Mail to: Wendy P.O.Box 110 Stewart TN 37175 USA In Grace and Gratitude I Remain in the Joy of my Highest Expession of MultiDimensional Harmony & Excitement Wendy ~ The Languages of Timeless Living Lights💎🙏🙌🤲💞💜🎵🎼💫 Keep in touch with me on the Web... ▪》GOOGLE https://plus.google7.com/+LanguagesofLights FACEBOOK: ▪》 https://www.facebook.com/languageoflights/ ▪》 https://www.facebook.com/ALightLanguageCommunity/ ▪》TWITTER: Check out Languages of Lights (@LightLanguages): https://twitter.com/LightLanguages?s=09 Languages of Lights @languagesoflights ▪》PINTEREST: Languages of Lights ~ https://pin.it/7pGtnLf ▪》LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/languages-of-the-lights-164350104 Our Spirit Guides, Galactic Families, The Emissaries of The Light Collective, The ELementals & The Angels...channeled by Wendy Wolfe (W.L.Wolfe) It is from my Highest Hearts that I share these Light Language Illumination Codes & Healing Multi-Dimensional Channeled Intuitive Messages with you♡ ...if these messages have illuminated you in any way I send my gratitude and appreciation...thank you for sending your energy by watching, Commenting, Liking, Subscribing, Sharing & referring these videos to your friends, as well as your Private Sessions & any Energy exchange donations to help support this content... ♡Every $1 makes a difference ~ "Gift A GB" to assist in the financial support of the technical aspects of this channel and get a Galactic Gratitude Shout out and chance to enter the drawing for a free session! ♡ Note LightCode #GiftAGB on your Donation to Enter drawing. #ET #ExtraTerrestrial #HumanColony #WhiteMagic #ChannelingAngels #Channeling #lightlanguage #languagesoflights #lightcodes #starfamilies #galacticdance #galacticmusic #languageoflight #starlanguage #wayshower #lightlanguageactivation #GalacticAmbassador #FirstContact #Bashar #Shakani #Pleiadian #RainbowCrystal #RainBowChildren #Shaman #AgeofAquarius #MedicineWoman #fullmoon #NewMoonSolarEclipse #BridgesOfTime #starlanguage #Pyramids #Scribe #StarScribe #linguist #HybridChildren #Fendorian #Yahyel #AlienRaces #Arcturian #ArchAngels #PlauYel #Andromedan #Sirius #Sirian # #galacticcouncil #GalacticAmbassador #GalacticFederationOfLight #Shakani #Sagittarius #Sassani #E'Sassani #Epsilon #Epiphany #Eclipse #Echo #LightLanguage #Oracle #StarLanguage #StarFamilies   #SoundHealing #GalacticReiki #Reiki #AquarianFire #Sirius #Portal #Lyran #GalacticGlyphs #languagesoflights #Asemic Writing #StarSymbols #GalacticArt #Scripts #Symbols #Timelines #Time #TimeTravel #TARDIS #dimensions #languagesoflights
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Part 1   How to find nth highest salary in sql
Link for all dot net and sql server video tutorial playlists http://www.youtube.com/user/kudvenkat/playlists Link for slides, code samples and text version of the video http://csharp-video-tutorials.blogspot.com/2014/05/part-1-how-to-find-nth-highest-salary_17.html This is a very common SQL Server Interview Question. There are several ways of finding the nth highest salary. By the end of this video, we will be able to answer all the following questions as well. How to find nth highest salary in SQL Server using a Sub-Query How to find nth highest salary in SQL Server using a CTE How to find the 2nd, 3rd or 15th highest salary Let's use the following Employees table for this demo Use the following script to create Employees table Create table Employees ( ID int primary key identity, FirstName nvarchar(50), LastName nvarchar(50), Gender nvarchar(50), Salary int ) GO Insert into Employees values ('Ben', 'Hoskins', 'Male', 70000) Insert into Employees values ('Mark', 'Hastings', 'Male', 60000) Insert into Employees values ('Steve', 'Pound', 'Male', 45000) Insert into Employees values ('Ben', 'Hoskins', 'Male', 70000) Insert into Employees values ('Philip', 'Hastings', 'Male', 45000) Insert into Employees values ('Mary', 'Lambeth', 'Female', 30000) Insert into Employees values ('Valarie', 'Vikings', 'Female', 35000) Insert into Employees values ('John', 'Stanmore', 'Male', 80000) GO To find the highest salary it is straight forward. We can simply use the Max() function as shown below. Select Max(Salary) from Employees To get the second highest salary use a sub query along with Max() function as shown below. Select Max(Salary) from Employees where Salary [ (Select Max(Salary) from Employees) To find nth highest salary using Sub-Query SELECT TOP 1 SALARY FROM ( SELECT DISTINCT TOP N SALARY FROM EMPLOYEES ORDER BY SALARY DESC ) RESULT ORDER BY SALARY To find nth highest salary using CTE WITH RESULT AS ( SELECT SALARY, DENSE_RANK() OVER (ORDER BY SALARY DESC) AS DENSERANK FROM EMPLOYEES ) SELECT TOP 1 SALARY FROM RESULT WHERE DENSERANK = N To find 2nd highest salary we can use any of the above queries. Simple replace N with 2. Similarly, to find 3rd highest salary, simple replace N with 3. Please Note: On many of the websites, you may have seen that, the following query can be used to get the nth highest salary. The below query will only work if there are no duplicates. WITH RESULT AS ( SELECT SALARY, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY SALARY DESC) AS ROWNUMBER FROM EMPLOYEES ) SELECT SALARY FROM RESULT WHERE ROWNUMBER = 3
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Note: I welcome skeptics and therefore someone will not be kicked out for this unless it becomes vulger or threatening or rude towards other participants. The readings are always free but if you feel compelled and are able you can donate to my PAYPAL wich is in the links below: My PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=8WS7C4RVEEK76 My Website: www.ravensreflections.website My Email: [email protected] MY PATREON Page: https://www.patreon.com/ravensreflections NUf said...I hope you all enjoy yerself's tonight :) As always, Dream & Divine Deeply * Raven Lee Luna
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Oracle Database - Lecture 21
This lecture covers the concept of database normalization and how to convert databases from 1st to 2nd and then to 3rd normal forms (NF). There is also an explanation of the BCNF form and how to tell the different between databases that are in 3rd NF and also in BCNF from those that are in 3rd NF but not in BCNF.
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J-rum - Oracle Loops Overview (SoundOracle.net)
Thumbs up and subscribe! This kit is dope I give it 9 outta 10!! The Oracle Loops Vol. 1 is a collection of 50 loops created by producer and sound designer Anomaly a.k.a. Sound Oracle. Anomaly is the chief sound designer for Timbaland and Polow DA Don. His production/sound design credits include Jay Z, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent, and more. The Oracle Loops Vol. 1 will definitely be a palette of inspiration for any producer, regardless of musical genre. These loops can be flipped, chopped, and arranged to be the foundation for your next sonic masterpiece. Each 16 bit WAV file was processed using various tape machines, field recordings, synths, toys, and unique coding algorithms. As a sound designer for various Grammy award-winning albums, Sound Oracle has created this loop collection to give producers industry standard sonics with unique characteristics that will make your beats stand out.
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PISCES! HAPPINESS NOW!! Mid-March 2017 LOVE & ROMANCE Preditions & Oracle Guidance Reading!
Want to know when & where you will meet your future partner? Want detailed predictions and guidance in essential areas of your life? Need help finding your lost items? E-mail me today! [email protected] For your detailed predictions, oracle guidance, and to find lost items! *Personal Readings * Item retrieval - $15 10-mins (1 question) - $20 20-mins (1-2 questions) - $40 30-mins (2+ questions) - $60 *Note: FUTURE PARTNER predictions are best suited for 10 minute readings. These readings include when and where you will meet your partner, as well as oracle guidance regarding aligning yourself with him/her. Please thumbs up, comment, share, & subscribe! This reading is for entertainment purposes only. Please do not make any major life decisions based on the messages provided. Use your best judgment to make the decisions right for you! I do not own the images on my personal Lenormand cards (except for cards #6, 13, 18, & 21). Much love and light to you in the remaining portion of March 2017!
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New Moon "Oracle Speak" Forecast, April /May 2018
NOTE! For MISSING AUDIO (at about 15:30) go to https://youtu.be/RzFi12NnleM for NEW REPAIRED version of this video. Thank you! Cards and Book used in video at: https://store.anacortez.com Connect with Playing Card Oracle Community on Instagram and Facebook @anacortezoracles
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DevLive: Making A Great Chatbot: Interview with Srikant Subramaniam
Srikant Subramaniam, Director of Product Management at Oracle discusses his keynote and shows a a great Chatbot Demo using the example of how to purchase Golden State Warriors tickets at Oracle Code Israel. Please NOTE: MCS customers can have access to Chatbot now, for others please stay tuned. Big Data and Oracle
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Tarot Sagittarius woman week 22 October: see what the universe has in store for you!!!
Win a private reading! Make a donation (whatever the amount is) via paypal: paypal.me/GoddessDragon fill in in the section add a note: 1. DONATION 2. ZODIAC SIGN 3. EMAIL ADRESS 4. MALE OR FEMALE. Selection procedure: Every week i select out of all donations and all zodiac signs: one male and one female zodiac sign. The selection is based on weekly donations. In other words: if you make a donation this week and not the next week(s), you only get a chance to be selected based on the week that you made the donation. You get my normal reading including 5 questions that you can ask. Conditions: TIME IS FLUID AND ALL SOULS HAVE FREE WILL, ALL RESULTS OF THE READING MIGHT HAPPEN, THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT THE END RESULTS WILL HAPPEN, ONLY RESULTS THAT MIGHT HAPPEN. I am not accountable for any decisions that you make or the end results based on a private reading. When you made the donation you have already read these conditions and accept these conditions. Big thank you for the loving reactions, likes and subscribing. Please share my channel on social media eg facebook for those who might be supported with my readings. Please note i am not a psychic. I believe in God, God knows your future and you have free will to decide whatever you wish to move forward with. I don't do private readings yet. For now i just do weekly generates to support all for whom it does resonates. Decks that i am using: - Rumi - Rider Waite - Earth warriors Oracle- Alana Fairchild - Healing your self reading cards- Inna Segal - Oracle mermaids - Lucy Cavendish - The Romance angels- Doreen Virtue The other decks i got from somebody. I have no idea who the creator is. Furthermore the " book" that im talking about is my OWN CREATED notes book that i made. I made copies of books, when i was spending my life in my younger years in the library and made my notes in that note book that i made. I have no other books then the books i will show you on my channel during the readings.
http://www.bluenote.co.jp/jp/artists/kendrick-scott/ トップ・ドラマーがブルーノート・レコード 移籍第一作を携え、ユニット“オラクル”名義で来日 KENDRICK SCOTT ORACLE ケンドリック・スコット・オラクル DATE & SHOWTIMES 2015 11.10 tue. - 11.11 wed. [1st]Open5:30pm Start7:00pm [2nd]Open8:45pm Start9:30pm MEMBER Kendrick Scott(ds) ケンドリック・スコット(ドラムス) Joe Sanders(b) ジョー・サンダース(ベース) Taylor Eigsti(p, Fender Rhodes) テイラー・アイグスティ(ピアノ、フェンダーローズ) Mike Moreno(g) マイク・モレノ(ギター) Walter Smith III(sax) ウォルター・スミス3世(サックス) MUSIC CHARGE ¥7,800(税込)
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Timmy Trumpet & Krunk! - Al Pacino (Official Music Video)
Timmy Trumpet & Krunk! - Al Pacino is OUT NOW! Like this track? Download on Beatport or add it to your favourite Spotify/Apple Music playlist by clicking HERE: https://spinninrecords.lnk.to/AlPacino Join our Spinnin' Records Top 100 Playlist ► https://spinninrecords.lnk.to/top100!YT Timmy Trumpet & Krunk! are inviting you to join Al Pacino for some electric fire! Of course, no Timmy without his trumpets, its infectious and works perfect for the bigger parties and festivals out there. Combine the sounds from these two heavy hitters and you’ll get a tune that is out of this world. This is exactly what you need to keep the party going! Follow Timmy Trumpet http://www.timmytrumpet.com https://www.facebook.com/timmytrumpet https://twitter.com/timmytrumpet Follow Krunk! http://twitter.com/dj_krunk http://soundcloud.com/djkrunkmusic http://facebook.com/djkrunkofficial Video by CW creative productions / EEM-Media https://www.youtube.com/c/eliasmainas Additional footage Cooper ReesJones - https://m.facebook.com/coopsvisions/ Joseph Larkin -http://facebook.com/jlarkvid --- The Spinnin’ Records YouTube channel is the home for all music videos of the world’s leading dance record label! We feature the latest music videos by Spinnin’ artists like Oliver Heldens, Sam Feldt, KSHMR, Ummet Ozcan, Blasterjaxx, Merk & Kremont, Timmy Trumpet, Tujamo, Alok, Curbi, Mike Williams, Lucas & Steve and many, many more! Expect daily uploads of official music videos, lyric videos and artwork videos across genres like dance, house, electro house, future house, deep house, big room and trap. Make sure to subscribe to Spinnin' Records: http://bit.do/spinnintv ..and turn on notifications to stay updated with all new uploads!🔔 Follow Spinnin’ Records: https://open.spotify.com/user/spinninrecordsofficial https://soundcloud.com/spinninrecords https://facebook.com/SpinninRecords https://instagram.com/spinninrecords https://twitter.com/SpinninRecords https://spinninrecords.com #TimmyTrumpet #Krunk! #SpinninRecords #Spinnin
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