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131220 VIXX(빅스) + Girl's Day(걸스데이) - Trouble Maker(트러블메이커) - Now(내일은 없어)
131220 Music Bank - Special Stage♡Secret Xmas VIXX(빅스) - N(엔), Leo(레오), Ken(켄), Hong Bin(홍빈) Girl's Day(걸스데이) - So Jin(소진), Yura(유라), Min Ah(민아), Hye Ri(혜리) -N with Min Ah -Leo with So Jin -Ken with Hye Ri -Hong Bin with Yura
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131220 Girl's Day + VIXX - Now (Trouble Maker) (mirror) ตัด
ให้เครดิต by. KBS Media
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【TVPP】Yura(Girl's Day) - Trouble Maker, 유라(걸스데이) - 남편 앞에서 트러블 메이커 댄스를! @ We Got Married
【TVPP】Yura(Girl's Day) - Trouble Maker, 유라(걸스데이) - 남편 앞에서 트러블 메이커 댄스를! @ We Got Married Girl's Day # 124 : Yura will dance to the ‘Trouble Maker’ at Girl’s Day’s concert. So Girl’s Day members tried to make Yura and Jonghyun dance it. But, both of them were so shy. Eventually, Yura showed ‘Trouble Maker’ with pro-dancer in front of Jonghyun. We Got Married 20140809 Girl's Day : Sojin, Yura, Minah, Hyeri Watch More Clips : http://goo.gl/i0NUCt Homepage : http://cafe.daum.net/Girlsday5 FaceBook : https://www.facebook.com/dai5y.gsd Twitter : https://twitter.com/girls_day
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Trouble Maker - Now (Dance Practice)
Trouble Maker (내일은 없어) - Now (Dance Practice)
GENTLEMAN - Teen Top & Girl's Day (2013.05.11) [Music Bank w/ Eng Lyrics]
GENTLEMAN - Teen Top & Girl's Day (2013.05.11) [Music Bank w/ Eng Lyrics] I don't know if you know Why it needs to be hot I don't know if you know Why it needs to be clean I don't know if you know It'll be a problem if you're confused I don't know if you know We like, we, we, we like to party Hey there If I'm going to introduce myself I'm a cool guy with courage, spirit, and craziness What you want to hear, what you want to do is me Damn, girl, you so freakin' sexy Mother, father, gentleman Mother, father, gentleman Mother, father, gentleman I don't know if you know Why it needs to be smooth I don't know if you know Why it needs to be sexy I don't know if you know Darling, hurry over and get crazy I don't know if you know It's crazy, crazy, hurry up Hey there Your head, waist, legs, calves Good, feeling, feeling good, it's soft I'll make you gasp and shout Damn, girl, I'm a party mafia Mother, father, gentleman Mother, father, gentleman Mother, father, gentleman Gonna make you sweat Gonna make you wet You know who I am Wet PSY Gonna make you sweat Gonna make you wet You know who I am Wet PSY Mother, father, gentleman Mother, father, gentleman Mother, father, gentleman Mother, father, gentleman Mother, father, gentleman ----------------------------------------­--------- Subscribe and watch more videos of Music Bank! KBS World Official YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/kbsworld ----------------------------------------­--------- KBS World is a TV channel for international audiences provided by KBS, the flagship public service broadcaster in Korea. Enjoy Korea's latest and most popular K-Drama, K-Pop, K-Entertainment & K-Documentary with multilingual subtitles, by subscribing KBS World official YouTube. ----------------------------------------­-------- 대한민국 대표 해외채널 KBS World를 유튜브에서 만나세요. KBS World는 전세계 시청자에게 재미있고 유익한 한류 콘텐츠를 영어 자막과 함께 제공하는 No.1 한류 채널입니다. KBS World 유튜브 채널을 구독하고 최신 드라마, K-Pop, 예능, 다큐멘터리 정보를 받아보세요. ----------------------------------------­-------- [Visit KBS World Official Pages] Homepage: http://www.kbsworld.co.kr Twitter: http://twitter.com/kbsworldtv Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kbsworld
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VIXX & Girl's Day - Now (Trouble Maker) Live
My reaction to VIXX and Girls Day performing Trouble Maker's Now! all da feels all of them TAKE THEM ffs sojin and leo just so sexy SO MUCH SEXY and they all looked so hot i need more vixx/girls day i know we've had a bit here and there BUT I CRAVE MORE [sorry i didnt react to the interview, didnt realise it existed before uploading, the best bit is where sojin called her partner sexy then leo smirked you greasy mofo] Thanks for watching! Please like, comment and subscribe :) Tumblr - http://kpopsteve.tumblr.com/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/kpopsteve Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kpopsteveuk Background Music: B.O.D.Y - VIXX Female President - Girls' Day Stop Resisting - VIXX ft. Minah DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the music used in this video. All rights go to VIXX, Girl's Day. Music Bank and their respective companies.
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트러블메이커(TroubleMaker) - 내일은 없어(Now) at 2013 MAMA
트러블메이커(TroubleMaker) - 내일은 없어(Now) at 2013 MAMA [2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards] 2013.11.22 at AsiaWorld-Expo, Arena Wanna know more about your favorite K-pop artist? - Follow us on Twitter.com/MnetMAMA - Like us on fb.com/MnetMAMA - Visit global.mnet.com
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Trouble Maker - Now and cover song VIXX +Girls Day
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Special Collaboration -  HANI X JIHUN / SOYOU X SHOWNU [Music Bank / 2016.06.24]
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140713 Yurablemaker
in concert
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T-ara Hyomin & Jiyeon - Trouble Maker (2017 Taipai concert)
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Minhyun(Nu'Est) Vs Yura(Girl's Day)_Dance Something
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[KPOP COVER DANCE] Trouble Maker - '내일은 없어 (Now)'  (Girls Version) cover by MTBD Dance Team
#Troublemaker #NOW #내일은없어 #kpop #kpopcover #girls #Hyuna 🔥 [KPOP COVER DANCE] Trouble Maker - '내일은 없어 (Now)' (Girls Version) cover by MTBD Dance Team 🔥 If you enjoyed it and want to see more, make sure to subscribe, like and share this video! All rights reserved to Cube Entertainment and Trouble Maker. You could also follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mtbdua/ Hyunseung - Malaya https://www.instagram.com/alison_loll Hyuna - Sana https://www.instagram.com/sn_f_e
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[SHOW] Girl's Day - Something & Troublemaker - NOW (feat. LokLak) - by Re.A.L from France
♦ Please, Read the description below ! ♦ • Name: RE.A.L stands for REborn As Ladies ♥ • Nationality : Mixed • Status: Debuting • Members: Dany Angie Harmony Inès Kimi Lux ◘ Our personal channels : Kimi : https://www.youtube.com/user/PandaKimi0214 Lux : https://www.youtube.com/user/HallyuLux Harmony : https://www.youtube.com/user/PichuCosplay ◘ Credits : https://www.facebook.com/omaru.photo.video ◘ Follow Us on Facebook ! https://www.facebook.com/RE.A.Lofficialcrew?fref=ts
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2015 MAMA Girls Day X Ailee (2014 MAMA) 151202 EP.6
[Mnet 2014 MAMA]중에서
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hi guys! my STARLIGHT HEART ALMOST DIDN'T MAKE IT! ......... Twitter:https://twitter.com/mitchie_music17 Instagram:http://instagram.com/mitchie_music17 SUBSCRIBE! n.n Annyeong ~
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Girl's Day(걸스데이) 'Expectation(기대해)' Official MV (Dance.ver)
Artist : Girl's Day(걸스데이) k-pop Title : Expectation(기대해 댄스,안무버젼) DANCE VER [MV] 걸스데이 공식 뮤직비디오 (Official Video) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▶ Girl's Day Twitter : https://goo.gl/s7yUyg ▶ Girl's Day Facebook : https://goo.gl/vhXTD0 ▶ Girl's Day Instagram : https://goo.gl/vmMGW3 ▶ Girl's Day Fan Site : https://goo.gl/hzNpFq ▶ Girl's Day v live : https://goo.gl/0QnT4H DREAMTEntertainment (드림티엔터테인먼트)
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[걸스데이 Girl's Day] - Something @인기가요 Inkigayo 140112
SBS 인기가요 Inkigayo 753회(Ep.753) 2014-01-12 공식홈페이지 : http://gayo.sbs.co.kr 최신 영상 더보기 : http://vod.sbs.co.kr
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[M/V FANMADE] Trouble Maker - Now (There is no tomorrow) (Idol groups ver.)
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Girl's Day & VIXX - Now Line Distribution [Color-Coded]
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[Comeback Stage] Trouble Maker - Now, 트러블메이커 - 내일은 없어, Show Music core 20131102
Music core 20131102 Comeback Stage, Trouble Maker - Now, 트러블메이커 - 내일은 없어, [Chemistry] Title ▶Show Music Core Official Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/mbcmusiccore
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131220 Girl's Day + VIXX - Now (Trouble Maker)
131220 Girl's Day + VIXX - Now (Trouble Maker) @ MB. [Mnet 2014 MAMA]중에서. Spreading the Korean culture and love to the world! Enjoy fresh, sexy mega mixes and mashups featuring your favourite kpop artists and groups! Songs used: .
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【韓中字】Vixx GirlsDay now (Trouble Maker)
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[MV] GIRL'S DAY(걸스데이) _ Something (Dance ver.)
[MV] GIRL'S DAY(걸스데이) _ Something (Dance ver.) LOEN MUSIC changes the name to '1theK[wʌnðəkeɪ]' to be a global K-POP hub! 로엔뮤직이 새 이름 '1theK(원더케이)'과 함께 글로벌 K-POP 허브채널로 도약합니다. *English subtitles are now available. :D (Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function) :: iTunes DL : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/geolseudei-miniaelbeom-3jib/id791401935 Girl's Day, who had a hot year with the song 'Expect' and 'Female president' in 2013, are coming back this 2014 with the new song 'Something' made with Double Sidekick. This year they are expected to be as hot as the Park Ji Yoon in 1998. The title song 'Something' talks about a girl who cheats on his girlfriend with other girls, and the girl who is in love with the bad boy. It talks about the feelings in between. This song got rid of the electric sound most dance songs have, and it has a more Hip-hop groove and acoustic instrument sounds that allows us to listen to Girl's Day's voices even more. ▶ 1theK FB : https://www.facebook.com/1theK ▶ 1theK TW : https://twitter.com/1theK ▶ 1theK G+ : http://goo.gl/mJCt9c 2013年「期待して」、「女性大統領」で最もホットな一年を送ったガールズデイが2014年イダンヨプチャギと手を組んだ新曲「Something」で3連打成功に挑戦する。この曲は、1998年オム•ジョンファの「招待」、2000年パク•ジユンの「成人式」の後を継ぐ2014年版の「招待」と「成人式」になると期待を集めている。 タイトル曲「Something」は、他の女性に会いながら嘘をつく男と、その男を愛する女性との間の微妙な感情や出来事を扱った曲だ。「Something」は、一般的なダンス曲の電子音を排除して、ヒップホップ・グルーヴにアコースティックな楽器構成でガールズデイの声により集中できるようにした。 2013년 '기대해' '여자대통령'으로 가장 뜨거운 한해를 보낸 걸스데이가 2014년 이단옆차기와 손잡은 신곡 'Something'으로 3연타 성공에 도전한다. 이곡은 1998년 엄정화 '초대' 2000년 박지윤 '성인식'의 뒤를 이은 2014년 판 '초대'와 '성인식'이 될 것으로 기대를 모은다. 이번 타이틀곡 'Something'은 다른 여자에게 한 눈 팔며 거짓말하는 남자와 그 남자를 사랑하는 여자 사이에 생기는 미묘한 감정과 사건을 다룬 노래다. 이곡은 일반적인 댄스곡의 전자음을 배재하고 Hip-hop Groove에 Acoustic한 악기구성으로 걸스데이의 목소리에 더욱더 집중할 수 있게 만들었다.
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Girl's Day (걸스데이) - Something (썸씽) @ SBS Inkigayo YouTube
140105 Girl's Day (걸스데이) - Something @ Comeback Stage YouTube 140106 Girls Day - Something @ Comeback Stage 140107 Girls Day - Something (썸씽) 140108 EXO 140109 HYUNA 140110 Troublemaker 140111 Girl's Day (걸스데이) - 'Show U' Live GIRL'S DAY - SOMETHING(썸씽) M/V : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akPDKYwIoVk GIRL'S DAY(걸스데이)_Expect(기대해) M/V : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8YXut6_56c GIRL'S DAY - FEMALE PRESIDENT(여자대통령) M/V : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xF3MC8PWgJE Apink 3rd mini Album [Secret Garden] 'NoNoNo' MV : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3XJQtJWKJM B.A.P - ONE SHOT M/V : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zRzl1d5vNU Apink 노노노 NoNoNo 140111 EXO Miracle of December 140112 EXO Miracles in December MV (뮤비) - Music Video (뮤직비디오) 720p 에이핑크 & B.A.P - 미니 / Apink & B.A.P - Mini 140104 EXO_Miracles in December_12월의 기적 @ Music Core YouTube 140105 EXO- 12월의 기적 (Miracles in December) Korean ver. Live 140107 EXO Miracles in December 140106 EXO 엑소 - 12월의 기적 Miracle of December Comeback Stage EXO_12월의 기적 (Miracles in December) _Music Video (Korean ver.) Wacth Official MV : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVLxRXoLaas EXO_12월의 기적 (Miracles in December)_Music Video (Chinese ver.) Wacth Official MV : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZjoebuUM_w 140113 EXO 140118 140114 EXO 140119 140115 EXO 140120 140116 EXO 140117 EXO EXO SHOW TIME ENG SUB Download Link MP3 : You can search in mp3sfinder.com ♬ Download on iTunes : Coming Soon ♪ For more information ☞ smtown hompage : http://www.smtown.com ☞ smtown EXO-K : http://exo-k.smtown.com ☞ smtown EXO-M : http://exo-m.smtown.com ☞ facebook SMTOWN : http://www.facebook.com/smtown ☞ facebook EXO-K : http://www.facebook.com/exok ☞ facebook EXO-M : http://www.facebook.com/exom ☞ weibo EXO-K : http://weibo.com/exok ☞ weibo EXO-M : http://weibo.com/exom ☞ SMTOWN Official YouTube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/smtown ☞ EXO-K Official YouTube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/exok ☞ EXO-M Official YouTube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/exom ♬ EXO_12월의 기적 (Miracles in December) Lyrics : EXO WOLF 늑대와 미녀 EXO GROWL 으르렁 엑소 - 12월의 기적 MAMA 2013 Miracle of December EXO Miracles in December Trouble Maker 4minute G Dragon 2NE1 HYOLYN 너 밖에 몰라 (ONE WAY LOVE) SISTAR 씨스타 T-ARA SNSD HYUNA SBS Inkigayo MP3 download Crayon Pop Apink Yong Junhyung Flower Secret Miss A Vixx
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[140216] Girls Day (G-Days) ft Eyoung-Expect+Something+Trouble Maker+Now
G-Days at Final Dance Cover Competition (Michigo).. Please leave comments ^^ ( @OfficialGDays @DwiOctt_04 @putribonee @Yst_Nana @Indah_Hwang @princekisseop ) Thank You ^^
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[REACTION] VIXX & GIRLS DAY's Special Christmas Stage - Trouble Maker's 'Now' LIVE
And where shy Leo gone? Haha, my oppa on stage is changing into a real lion :P Real beast :) ======================================= Sorry for video quality, especially voice, microphone in my computer sucks :/ I'll be working hard to make my videos better in future. If u want me to make an reaction video, write it on comments. If u like my video, and want to know about another, subscribe :) I DO NOT OWN SONGS & PHOTOS, THEY BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTFULL OWNERS. Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/user/miyu_z Facebook: http://facebook.com/SakuraiLover Ask.fm: http://ask.fm/ElfKissMePL Tumblr: http://sakurailady.tumblr.com Photobucket: http://s1176.photobucket.com/user/Sakurai_Lady/profile/ My Blog: http://eastasiaaddict.blogspot.com
131220 VIXX & Girl's Day - Now Cover by Trouble Maker (sub español)
hola aqui esta vixx & girl's day haciendo un cover de now video completo https://www.facebook.com/arlet.gutierrezmansilla/videos/1802464209781457/ no lo pude subir a youtube porque me bloquearon bueno lo subi a facebook esta presentacion realmente me encanta ver otros lados de vixx es increible en serio si aun no lo han visto veanlo les gustara ;)
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Love Street Stellar, Miss A, Girls Day, Troublemaker, HyunA Dance Cover
Stellar-Mask, Bad Girls Good Girls-Miss A, Girl's day-Something, Troublemaker-Now, Hyuna-Red.. 11-10-14
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Trouble Maker 'Trouble Maker' M/V
비스트 장현승(JS), 포미닛 현아의 특급 프로젝트 'Trouble Maker' 2011. 12. 01. 발매! Special Mega Project of HYUNSEUNG(JS) of BEAST & HYUNA of 4MINUTE 'Trouble Maker' Dec. 01. 2011. RELEASE! 많이 사랑해 주세요~
[ENG]131220 Music Bank - VIXX & Girl's Day Interview
the subs are not 100% accurate as i'm not a native korean speaker. anyways, enjoy :) please do not reupload!
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Trouble Maker 내일은 없어 Now MV Reaction
DONT WATCH ON FULL VOLUME! OMG! Speechless! We love Trouble Maker and this MV so much! Hyunseung and Hyuna are perfect together! What do you guys think? Key Bonnie & Clyde Kissing Compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTf-N9qbseA&feature=p%C2%ADlayer_embedded#t=0 Follow Us On Twitter: https://twitter.com/2MinJinkJongKey Our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/2MinJinkJongKey/395341577160082?ref=tn_tnmn Our AMAZING Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/Love2MinJinkJongKey Check Us Out On 24-7 under 24-7 KPop Stars: http://24-7kpop.com Subscribe To Deabak Domination: http://www.youtube.com/user/DaebakDomination Background Music: Wonder Girls R.E.A.L & SHINee Runaway Out Song: Trouble Maker ***DISCLAIMER WE DONT OWN ANYTHING. This is strictly for entertainment purposes. All rights belong to Cube Entertainment.
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How Would I.O.I & SEVENTEEN Sing Now by Troublemaker
Inspired by Girls' Day & VIXX's performance.
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[ENG SUB] 130529 VIXX With Girl's Day Minah
Girl's Day Wide Star Camera
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بنت جزائرية  تغني كوري | Trouble maker Now cover By Girls day Hyeri
لاول مرة اتعلم الدمج صوتي بمل اني وحيدة فيةفرقتي لي بحب هاي اغنية اضفت للكوفر اصوات اخرى في مقاطع الجماعية مشان ماتبقي منفردة انشاء الله يعجبكم دمجي وادعمونا لنصل للافضل #فابتنغ_هايري
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130627 VIXX + Dal★shabet + Girl's day (Comeback) - LoveStoned + Killout + Girl's Day World
130627 VIXX + Dalshabet + Girl's day - LoveStoned + Killout + Girl's Day World (Special Stage) M!Countdown My Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thanhnamteuk
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THRILLER - VIXX & Girls Day -  Now [cover dance]
#GoCRAZY K-pop party
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Trouble Maker 내일은 없어 Now) MV Reaction
Become a Sexy Beautiful Person ► http://full.sc/1dgYPSm Facebook ► http://full.sc/14TS4pI JRE Twitter ► https://twitter.com/ItsJRE KML Twitter ► https://twitter.com/AddAMolecule JREKML2 ► http://full.sc/1dgZbIW YOWASUPJRE ► http://full.sc/14TSts2 Want to send mail to JREKML? P.O. Box 610116 N. Miami, FL 33261 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kpop Merchandise: Munkypop: http://www.munkypop.com ---------------------------- Background music By: FantastikBeats: http://www.youtube.com/user/Fantastikbeats KayKayONTHEBEATZ: http://www.youtube.com/user/KayKayONTHEBEATZ -------------------------------------- Thanks for all your support, rating the video and leaving a comment is always appreciated! LOVE ALL YOU SEXY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/Zo13/
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MV Dance Cover [Now - Trouble Maker] // STG
Hello kpop fans over there ^^ This is our second cover (this time a duet one, we decided to incorporate duet covers to make it more interesting, the members who performed in this video were Evie and Hani) we have never ever danced before but we have decided to start this project and you will see how we grow up ad learn about our mistakes (More over we don't dance in a mirroed room so it's more difficult for us to coordinate and see our mistakes). Also don't forget to visit our website and our social media: Website: http://www.sixtimegirlsofficial.wixsite.com/stgofficial Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_stgofficial_/ Twitter: https://twitter.com Troublemaker - Now We don't own this music, it belongs to its propietary. This is only for entertainment. Six Time Girls
VIXX & Girl's Day 'Sexy Dance'
The original song is "Now" from Trouble Maker I love this couples *₩*
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GIRL'S DAY - SOMETHING (썸씽) Piano Tutorial
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[Comeback Stage] Girl's Day - Something, 걸스데이 - 썸씽, Music core 20140104
Music core 20140104 Comeback Stage, Girl's Day - Something, 걸스데이 - 썸씽 ▶Show Music Core Official Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/mbcmusiccore
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