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Village People - In Hollywood (Everybody Is A Star) • TopPop

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Village People is an American disco group well known for their on-stage costumes depicting American masculine cultural stereotypes such as native Indians, cowboys, policemen, and Navy soldiers, as well as their catchy tunes and suggestive lyrics. Originally created by Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo to target disco's gay audience by featuring popular gay fantasy personae, the band quickly became popular and moved into the mainstream. Watch our great music videos ❯ https://goo.gl/feVLNN More TopPop? Subscribe here ❯ https://goo.gl/X9FOAU More info on Wikipedia ❯ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TopPop Broadcast date: 1977 This is to let you know that the video recording of the video clip was originally recorded by AVROTROS Broadcasting. AVROTROS Broadcasting hereby warrants and represents that it is the sole and exclusive owner of the physical film and/or videotape footage in this video clip. The performance of the artist(s) in the clip was filmed and recorded with the written consent of the artist(s) and their representatives. AVROTROS is a Dutch radio and television broadcaster, founded in 2014 from a merger of AVRO and TROS. From January 1st, 2014 the name of the merged broadcaster was used in joint programmes. AVRO was founded in 1923 as the Netherlands first public broadcaster. TROS started broadcasting in 1964. Toppop was a weekly AVRO pop program that was aired between 1970 and 1988. AVROTROS Broadcasting PO Box 2 1200 JA Hilversum The Netherlands TopPop was the first regular dedicated pop music TV show in the Dutch language area. Dutch broadcaster AVRO aired the programme weekly, from 1970 to 1988. Presenter Ad Visser hosted the show for its first fifteen years. World famous music artists performed on TopPop: ABBA, 10CC, Bee Gees, The Jacksons with Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Earth & Fire, Queen, Golden Earring, Boney M, KC & The Sunshine Band, Chic, Donna Summer and many many more.
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Juan Reyes (1 month ago)
A great disco song!
Jesus Enrique Rivas (2 months ago)
Take a bus, a train or a plane to Hollywood Go there and then change your name You dye your hair out there, it's part of the game You're gonna be a star, a big star Tell the bank that you need a loan Go sell your house and every little thing that you own You'll make your dream, forget what you've ever known You're gonna be a star, a big star Now you're set, so follow the rules Don't need a house unless it comes with the pool Buy some new clothes and then you've got to be cool You're gonna be a star, big star, listen here Find a beach if you need a tan You got to act as though you're in great demand Be first class, don't ever think second hand You're gonna be a star, a big star (In sty-y-y-yle) get in style (L.A. sty-y-y-yle) (Say hi-i-i-i) saying hi-i-i (as you cruise by-y-y-y) Listen here ('cause everybody is a star in Hollywood) well (Everybody is a star in Hollywood) alright Let's go to (Holly-Hollywood) Hollywood (Holly-Hollywood) so good (Holly-Hollywood, Holly-Hollywood) come on Now it's time to get a new car You know the kind that has a phone and a bar You'll soon forget the per-son you really are You're gonna be a star, a big star Party where the stars have their fun The Candy Store or Pips or Studio One Act like a king and soon New-Yorkers look up You're gonna be a star, a big star Never run to answer the phone Just let it ring, pretend you're just getting home Play a good game, you see you'll never go wrong You're gonna be a star, a big star Tell your friends you walked off the stage Then slip outside and call and have yourself paged Get on the phone and scream as though in a rage You're gonna be a star, a big star (In sty-y-y-yle) be in style (L.A. sty-y-y-yle) L.A. sty-y-y-yle (Say hi-i-i-i) say hi (as you cruise by-y-y-y) as you cruise by Listen here ('cause everybody is a star in Hollywood) well (Everybody is a star in Hollywood) alright Let's go to (Holly-Hollywood) Hollywood (Holly-Hollywood) so good (Holly-Hollywood) well (Holly-Hollywood) alright
Kevin Clepps (2 months ago)
a great band!
Jorge Coba Cohuo (2 months ago)
Que gran recuerdo !!!!!!! Bellas canciones... Para el recuerdo.Saludos desde Cancún México.
J B (2 months ago)
To all Studio One devoted clubbers :)
Ruben Hernandez (2 months ago)
Cocaine. is a helluva drug!
sean ahmed (3 months ago)
Tomas Ceniceros (3 months ago)
Yo considero a esta canción como el inicio de la gran era de la música DISCO.
Alan Lopez (4 months ago)
Yeah!!! The Village People, Los Aldeanos,Si. Exelentes!!!! Soy su Fan nomber 1 Los Reyes del Disco, Disco,Disco
Timothy Swan (5 months ago)
this is another great music clip
dagemagu (6 months ago)
El cantante que cuerpazo tenía, sus piernas atléticas, pero parece que no.abría los ojos jeje
Stephanie Taylor (8 months ago)
The backup vocals --the robust rich bass or baritones sound awesome I love Victors fierce confidence.
Excelente tema.
Ruben Martinez (1 year ago)
RIP songwriter Jacques Morali!
Ruben Delgadillo (1 year ago)
Too bad they are lip synching because the group sounded great live!
Marvin Wilson (24 days ago)
The way the are singing this song... it couldn't be that they're lip synching. I meant they on que and everything.. ijs
J B (1 month ago)
ATalkingBadger Well, I was told he passed away from drug od. Thanks for sharing the good news with such elegance!
ATalkingBadger (1 month ago)
Ruben Delgadillo of course they're lip syncing, it's a music video. Ever seen one before?
ATalkingBadger (1 month ago)
+J B "late Victor Willis" umm... you might want to check your facts considering Victor Willis is alive and well and touring with the Village People right now...
J B (2 months ago)
Ironically, this original studio track sang by original Village People's lead singer late Victor Willis, is recorded with back vocals other than the cast shown here! This record, which truly launched the Village People project was not meant to serve live performances at all!
M0Jo (1 year ago)
Nothing compares to the original line-up and especially the original lead singer, Victor Willis. In my opinion Ray Simpson was always a poor replacement.
tarik15380 debarge (6 months ago)
M0Jo One was cute with a Great voice and his replacement wasn't....The End!
Walter James (6 months ago)
M0Jo Trash replacement.
dirtydiscosecrets (1 year ago)
excellent. one of my favs from them
super super temazo obligado... poca M.
Arthur Workman (1 year ago)
This group had quite a few lead singers. One rumor if it really was a rumor was one of the lead singers quit the group on account of something to do with someone saying the whole group was gay and this particular lead singer refused to take part in the gay scene or something like that and so he quit. I'm not exactly sure if I told it right but it had something to do with why wasn't this particular lead singer straight and everyone else is gay.
dirtydiscosecrets (1 year ago)
Arthur Workman Victor was straight. he got into drugs got arrested a bunch of times. then a couple of years ago won the copyright for writing 10 of their songs and said jacques only wrote the music. not that jacques can defend himself now of course. victor won't ever have to work again...
Arthur Workman (1 year ago)
James Johnson - I know a James Johnson from an old job program from way back in the day. Brooklyn, Bushwick section the job training program was located on Menahan street. Are you the same James Johnson??? If not then please forgive me. I think I heard something similar as well but what ever it was he was often upset and sometimes during interviews when that question was brought up - which I don't know why but whenever it was he'd always laugh it off but completely confess how straight he was. But that group had more than one motorcyclist who was rumored. There was the one that had that thick mustache - and then when he mysteriously got booted out he was replaced by another. This guy had side burns and I think he may have had a mustache as well. But not as thickly pronounced as the very first motorcyclist. If I'm not mistaken didn't they had a total of 3 well he was a police officer to be exact. A highway patrol police officer if I'm not mistaken.
bigpoppa 1967 (1 year ago)
Arthur Workman I heard the motorcycle dude was straight. The rest were either gay or suspect.
DAVID WOLF (1 year ago)
Studio One was great fun, and this song is still fresh in 2017 - Cheers, DAVEDJ
Arcadio Saberon (1 year ago)
Anyone still listening to this in 2017!
FARRIN ASSANCE (2 months ago)
I'm  60  I  AM
Thorsten Meißner (1 year ago)
Great Song .....
Chris Pell (1 year ago)
Great music ....
P D (2 years ago)
another great tune that was never included on the "Thank God It's Friday" soundtrack
Felipe RIVERA PEREA (2 years ago)
me encantan sus canciones hace mas de 40 anos
goyomex66 (2 years ago)
la creme e la creme..

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