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War Thunder - 'Victory is ours!'

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Victory is Ours - War Thunder Live Action Trailer. Play for free: http://warthunder.com/play4free?r=YouTube_0-J5Vg0SxLc In the fields near Moscow, the first major defeat of the German army in World War II occurred after six months of intense fighting. On May 9th,1945, after the Battle of Berlin, Germany signed the capitulation. To commemorate the heroism of all the participants of the Great Patriotic War, we dedicate our new video to them. The soundtrack to this short movie with live actors, is a cover of the song "Do not hurry," with the world-famous singer Anna German and the words of the poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko. The contemporary cover was made by the band "Murakami", which performed the premiere of the video at the Russian Comic Con Exhibition on the 4th of October. Lyrics: Hurry up, hurry up towards me, If I am far, if I've got trouble, If I am – in a real nightmare, If the shadow of misfortune is at my window. Hurry up, when they upset me one day. Hurry up, when I need a friend. Hurry up, when I'm sad in silence, Hurry up, hurry up! Don't hurry up, don't hurry up, when When we are together and trouble is far. The leaves and water will say ''yes'', The stars and fires, and the trains with them. Don't hurry up, when my eyes are in yours, Don't hurry up, when you mustn't hurry up. Don't hurry up, when the whole world is in silence. Don't hurry up, don't hurry up! Don't hurry up! Site: http://warthunder.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/WarThunder Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WarThunder Forum: http://forum.warthunder.com/ G+: https://plus.google.com/+Warthunder/posts
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Text Comments (19161)
Еен Енр (11 hours ago)
Наши убивали Немцов кулаками либо подручными средствами
Еен Енр (11 hours ago)
У наших салдатов у неких не было орудия они неприятеля убивали
Еен Енр (11 hours ago)
Доспех пор они помнят их деды Немцов будто ани отступали голодовали а ани не задумывались што наши бойцы тоже голодовали и весьма желали тянуть и кушать !!!
Еен Енр (11 hours ago)
Ёбаные вашысты никакой пащяды !!;
КОПАNYTЫЕ ЛЮДИ (13 hours ago)
до сих пор мурашки по коже от видео.
hassan king (16 hours ago)
Valera Yung (17 hours ago)
Песня супер, кто исполнил где качнуть
Furkan Bademci (1 day ago)
2018 ?
tbone3366 (4 days ago)
"Ivan push the big red retaliation button against those capitalist flying pigs then activate the bias reactor"
Zoyx (5 days ago)
*Read more*
NatO games (5 days ago)
And this scene of destroy bf109 Beautyful
Ben :3 (3 days ago)
You mean *BLYATIFUL* !?
thiccboi lol (6 days ago)
hey is this the new war thunder battle royale leaked footage? I heard ali a found it in fortnite
Kaiszer Pokoina (6 days ago)
i like it how that man brought a photo for him to remember his family
tactical turkey (6 days ago)
RUSSIAN BAIS 100 (Stalin will be proud)
MultiMusik4 (6 days ago)
Алекс Котов (7 days ago)
Октябрь 2018.
Ухожу предназначаться чрез 2 недели танковые войска. П 18
Удачи, брат!
Angela Disco (7 days ago)
any day this is better than the wot trailers
Angela Disco (6 days ago)
well thats explains some stuff!
CIA (6 days ago)
Wot is an arcade game they don't focus on reality that's y there trailer is not that great
Cathal Swanton (8 days ago)
Can an la-5 really out climb a 109 which has just come out of a dive?
Слава героям русского союза УРААААААА ЗА РОДИНУ
Cheesecake HD (9 days ago)
Better made than many movies!
J C (9 days ago)
but the rest looks pretty accurate
J C (9 days ago)
But in real ww2 it whas never THAT intence dont get me wrong ww2 whas more intence then ever but never this much
J C (9 days ago)
idaho Redneck (10 days ago)
Do y'all notice the wilhelm scream at 2:43?
Nikolya Riga (11 days ago)
Thanks a lot for this video. I'm crying...
HerdyMerdy (12 days ago)
Love the war they mix ww1 and ww2 XD
Narax (13 days ago)
Just had to put the scream in there now did you? Every time I watch it I hear it. Every time.
comrade Kapkan (15 days ago)
Blyat this is so good, i decided to play russian tanks instead of Germans
Xander Paralaz (16 days ago)
i just nutted..........for the motherland
Karlitos Pescador (16 days ago)
MFW a game about tanks and planes has better trailers than all other WW2 games ever
ImadCOOKIE (17 days ago)
this is nice and all but, can you please give parts and FPE free?
bicoi6535 bicoi6535 (19 days ago)
3:19 enemy kill assit :))
Иван Мухин (19 days ago)
TheSanchopanso (20 days ago)
Эй минкульт блять. Дайте средств гайдзинам. Они снимут кино лучше вашего шлака
2:30 -прекрасно завис! Диляра жгет!!!
BuNNy Ki11er (20 days ago)
That awesome and beautiful scenes.Music is amazing in this video.
Corey Day (20 days ago)
warthunder should make an actual movie
They did :D It is called Panfilov’s 28 Men and it is based on Battle of Moscow. I liked it.
Jessy Guajardo (22 days ago)
I do like ww2
Kim The Pikachu (22 days ago)
Ah Russian bias that stuff is fun and I right?
Fred Bee (23 days ago)
Who's chopping onions well I'm watching this
Infinite Flight Delta (25 days ago)
I came for the planes really
Ленинградская песня Игорь Растеряев Ленинградская песня
Thomas Kim (26 days ago)
this video is too good that makes game bad...
Gregory Cordell (26 days ago)
They need to add ground soldiers.
James BrionesTV (26 days ago)
Russian bias for the win
Batza The beast (27 days ago)
The solider is angry because the tank stole its kill
То эмоция, когда клип на игру лучше, чем полный русский синематограф.
Heron Aquino WR (28 days ago)
cl tsai (28 days ago)
cried everytime watch tis
Grant Miller (29 days ago)
yes yes it is
BOGO NANAZ (29 days ago)
Someone please tell me the guitar chords in the background
TEAM TRICKS (29 days ago)
Why tho so many dislikes i just dont get it
collin W (1 month ago)
Grinding is OURS!!!!!!
Sean Lincoln (1 month ago)
BIGNASTY JOSH (1 month ago)
Russian bias
MadRussianBoy (1 month ago)
До слёз....
Аниме_ Fan (1 month ago)
эм российский кто в каментах шпидохает
Gulag ticket (1 month ago)
2:42 Wilhelm scream
Музыка шлак...
Lena Oxton (1 month ago)
2:52 twelve IS-2s... RIP other team
до чего же круто снято
Diruu (1 month ago)
when a trailer from 3 years ago beat a trailer from a few months ago (BFV)
Alexei MIK (1 month ago)
You're nothing!!! remove your pathetic voice.
Х Х (1 month ago)
Пересматриваю нескончаемо
Alexei MIK (1 month ago)
Смотрю тоже нередко этот клип изумляюсь и поражаюсь отваге наших дедушек, которые лиш отводили взор от просьб поведать о войне. Что они пережили к счастью нам и не снилось. Это их награда.
This is a beutiful video... ❤
Jake Heinrichs (1 month ago)
Strelki was lucky he wasn't hit by shrapnel.
Poet (1 month ago)
4 years later and this still is amazes me
I'm watching this in 2018... WHO'S CUTTING ONIONS!!???
Grant Kim (1 month ago)
Bias is ours is still better
Спасибо деду за победу ! Василий Александрович Платонов 19 января 1914 - 25 апреля 1992. Командир взвода войсковой разведки РККА - Белгород, Курск, Прохоровка ...
hoa bien (1 month ago)
That soviet Pilot guy look like Yuri Gagarin
Jose Alvarez Dureaux (1 month ago)
dabai sucka bliat
Thomas Giblin (1 month ago)
oh my god... after all this time i just only heard the Wilhelm scream! 2:42
Erich Hartmann (1 month ago)
I smell some russian bias
Erich Hartmann (1 month ago)
awdawd adwawd (1 month ago)
поставте скорость 2
Alexei MIK (1 month ago)
переключись тормоз)))
Hoang Hai Duc (1 month ago)
BT-5 nuke rocket
Alexei MIK (1 month ago)
Grave your house.
DKMR PARODY (1 month ago)
nice rendering, nice graphics, thats is a ton of work. I think that is worth.
Alexei MIK (1 month ago)
Is worth) and more than you seems.
MR. HOP (1 month ago)
Listen if anyone tries to take out Russia, it won't work at all
Alexei MIK (1 month ago)
YOU are right!!! We will destroy this nasty and pitiful planet)))...
Alexei MIK (1 month ago)
Nuclear weapons are waiting for anyone who dares to encroach on our HOMELAND. DEATH TO THE ENEMIES!!!
DJ Dank Memes (1 month ago)
Russian bias confirmed
Adolfo Cordeiro (1 month ago)
I only disliked because I dident see were the other bf109 went in the air battle (Russian bias) aka planes dissappering
Galimir AxeBreaber (1 month ago)
I think we can all agree war thunder Tank RB needs AI infantry that will fight as the round goes on, maybe they could have some basic trucks or APCs and like 2 out of 8 guys would have an AT weapon, and say give 5 RP per kill, that or silver lions.
Вечен Ваш подвиг в сердцах поколений будущих... Кричать... Чтобы держать в голове Мать И сестру И младшего брата Грудью Защити... Вопреки, и н/азло противнику, Защити... Против силы злобный Встань стенкой!!! Чтобы супостат Землю не топтал - Встань стенкой... Чтобы существовать Воду попросту тянуть Сено ли косить Защити... Чтобы пасть После опять подняться И шагать... Защити!!!
War Hammer (1 month ago)
It does feel like this when Russains and Germans are going up against each other
Snake Xenzia (1 month ago)
According to the Great Patriotic War, the results were as follows: the irrevocable military losses of the USSR - 11,444,100, of which servicemen died - 8,668,400 people (6,818,300 soldiers died in battles, hospitals and other incidents, and 1,880,100 people did not return from captivity), who thinks that America made the biggest contribution and won the war?
Onboard Basil (1 month ago)
Yeah literally ever Russian thinks the same. America lost less than a million soldiers yet they get the credit.
Maloda (1 month ago)
this game doesn't even let you play as infantry and it looks more fun than bf5
Deils Bishof (1 month ago)
Вечная Слава обычному окопному бойцу пехотинцу! Мой прадед рядовой пехоты умер за Украинское село в августе 43.
Sharyn Kamemoto (1 month ago)
Sorry I meant to say Phly
Sharyn Kamemoto (1 month ago)
Nicole Iechad (1 month ago)
AAAAAAAAA!! 😲😠 GO!! U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A! 🇺🇸🇺🇸💣📢U.S.A!!😠😡😬
Alexei MIK (1 month ago)
Onboard Basil (1 month ago)
Typical American patriot. Of course! Your country is the best. It's not like they supported ANY fascist groups during the 20th century. Also I noticed the Arduino logo. Nice
Lucas Bourgeois (1 month ago)
The USA isn't even in this video. This is Russia vs Germany....
Adrian (1 month ago)
who knows the song name??????
Alexei MIK (1 month ago)
Мураками - не торопись. Murakami - do not rush
Ребят, вовек не запамятовывайте об этом страшном событии! Ведь у каждого из нас на войне погибли близкие нам люд, однако они погибли не зря! Они сражались не на существование а насмерть, что бы наше поколение жило в мире и здравии. Этот трейлер хоть и про игру, однако в этом трейлере показаны реальные подвиги! С Великой Победой вас всех!😣🙄☺😉
John Doe (1 month ago)
Is this the music from the show Prófugos?
Infinity Galaxy501 (1 month ago)
Very well put together Wow...
Crumbeater (1 month ago)
AIRO KREBS (1 month ago)
Улитки. Вам кинофильм сбросить необходимо!!!
AIRO KREBS (1 month ago)
Сын шлюхи ты!
Alexei MIK (1 month ago)
олень ты тупоумный либо дудки???? имбицил, катрат,дегенерат,жалкаялюдишка.
aga adigis (1 month ago)
не нужно строчить эти слова на зарубежных языках. эта победа наша. остальное - пошлая реклама
GameMaster300014 (1 month ago)
i am the tiger 1h driver :)
Kot Pavluha (1 month ago)
Anathema (1 month ago)
Просто до кошмара впечатляющий клип к игре .Молодцы . Буду резаться в вашу игру . Стараетесь .

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