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The Conjuring Universe Timeline in Chronological Order

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Corin Hardy's upcoming film The Nun is the 5th entry in producer James Wan's connected horror world, so we thought it was time to sort out the spooky series' complicated chronology. The Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline in Chronological Order (Infinity War Update): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPwXxbpT2N0 The Transformers Movie Timeline in Chronological Order: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZnCDcMccFg Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN #ign #entertainment
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Text Comments (3285)
Chimchim Kookie (5 hours ago)
Does anybody else see the real annabelle doll
George Fellaini (14 hours ago)
can someone explain to me the nun is conjuring3 which is which
Kevin Burrell (23 hours ago)
The nun was horrible!
Jack Knight (1 day ago)
what about Insidious ?
Jimbo Wumbo (2 days ago)
Wait is the amityville horror connected to the conjuring? Do I need to watch that movie too?
Jimbo Wumbo (2 days ago)
The next conjuring movie should be about their first artifact collected then continued from their in order with spin offs in the between, like the crooked man and stuff
blue raspberry (3 days ago)
Will the crooked man have his own movie?
WarMachine Igneel (3 days ago)
More than 10 hours of horror story explained in 10 minutes
mya carter (5 days ago)
what about the insidious movies?
Hell Bitch (6 days ago)
Let me tell ya something: demons cannot possess items, only people
Siddhart Gopaul (6 days ago)
can someone brief me up
Zoey Is Jungshook (6 days ago)
And this, my friends, is why you look both ways before you walk into a road
Blayke Hindman (6 days ago)
Wait I’m confused Valak is a man (I think) but he is also a nun. Men can’t be nuns tho...What?!😂
lisa koola (6 days ago)
Patrick Wilson and Vera Faramiga suits perfectly as an exorcism
ES (6 days ago)
Turkish subtitles pleasee support for another subtitles
Dhany (6 days ago)
I would say " thank you ! "
Thegreatkingdom (6 days ago)
Also the movie nun the white girls and the guy were married then he got possessed from the nun
Enchanted (7 days ago)
So if demons hate their names, Rumpelstiltskin was a demon?
T Fal (8 days ago)
You forgot to mention the guy they exorcise is Frenchy from the Nun film and lorron is a decedent of the Nun and the vision she saw was Valek who escaped disruction by putting snake in Frenchys mouth.
*i play fOrtNiTe* (8 days ago)
Bich im home alone rn pls gimme a glass of milk or gimme a huggie coz im hearing tingz rn
Baby Girl (8 days ago)
Angeline Torres (9 days ago)
is that joey king? the conjuring 1
Elena Cecilia (10 days ago)
how did valak escape from frenchies body and then make her way to England to haunt the hodgsons tho?I don't understand that its so random
Minzie (11 days ago)
7:40 How he pronounced it . vaLAkE How filipinos pronounce it . BALAK any filipinos? me only? okay then. 7:57 me when my friends see some private stuff at my room.
Jake Playz (11 days ago)
The Conjuring 2 was probably the best
Pinki Singh (11 days ago)
Gacha Allison (11 days ago)
Who else wants to rewatch the nun?
John Ausbert Garcia (12 days ago)
One thing that confuses me. is Lorraine Warren related to Sister Irene? given the fact that they have similarities despite that Sister Irene has already taken her vows? 🤔
Eyrique Sophillea (12 days ago)
Hail Debby
Kenny Pines (12 days ago)
one thing is that there's an Easter egg. Janice is seen with a Raggedy Anne doll, which is what the actual Annabelle is like, not some porcelain demon that pukes in your mouth to possess, but a harmless looking raggedy Anne, just like Janice or Annabelle as she calls herself. Harmless on the outside, but demonic on the out. Edit: in the scene at 4:57, we see another Raggedy Anne, all like small easter eggs sprinkled through most of the movies
Hudson The Beast (12 days ago)
That's dark
Dárius Ducký (13 days ago)
1971 they asist during the exorcism of Frenchie from the Nun because he is possesd by a Valak and thats why she saw that vision.
Maria Hernandez (13 days ago)
It was Frenchy who gave her that vision.....
vortex asian (13 days ago)
Want to make it less scary? Annabelle + loli
Emre Yavuzoğlu (13 days ago)
Romanians are Orthodox.... The Nun had Catholic clothing :/ Lol wut
Movie Nite (14 days ago)
Wrong first The nun connects it all Annabelle creation Annabelle The conjuring The conjuring 2
Midnight wolf Abby (14 days ago)
I cant believe that people can still create a meme about these
fabian andrade (14 days ago)
Just say Annabella
siddika begum (14 days ago)
Now I finallly know how the conjuring and the conjuring 2 is lnked to anabelle
Al-Moroccan Gutierrez (14 days ago)
Best explanation of this story line
Fer With 3 hearts (14 days ago)
Ok so....who wants to watch ma movie, BatNunbeLLe? It’s sounds bad because it is. And if it’s just that bad then BTS it is
Berserk___ _ (14 days ago)
Too bad all the movies are trash except for the main conjuring movies
Naberius (15 days ago)
I would like to hear in this movies a nother demon names
I’ve seen all of these xx
h0edecii (16 days ago)
The crooked man?
Lili (16 days ago)
I love this horror universe. I think it's done really well.
Raymund Jay Pabalat (16 days ago)
Before watching, I just want to ask if this is jumpscare-free.
Jay_O 41FeeVa (17 days ago)
Like: Who want to see Annabelle 👹 vs. The Leprechaun 🍀 fight
django (17 days ago)
Jumpscare 8:00
Goku Ultra Instinct (17 days ago)
Thank u
Truman Burbank (18 days ago)
I thought The Conjuring was just a stand alone film I had no idea it was apart of a universe until Annabelle Creation🤣
drippingpeaches (19 days ago)
deadass this is so weird i watched the conjuring last night with a friend of mine & i was wondering a lot about the whole story with all of the movies combined, and i'm just now getting this in my recommended lol
Jakksto (19 days ago)
Do mikey myers
AlsoRIL (20 days ago)
You know, none of this would have happened if that witch didn’t possess that land..
Gab the cockatoo (20 days ago)
That's why I'm afraid of dolls....
Nicole .A (20 days ago)
I need this video
Marianne T (20 days ago)
Awesome video. I love ❤️😂
Julia Libardo (21 days ago)
Nice Audio XD
BossBaby 101 (21 days ago)
what part did y’all like about the video 🧐❓❓
Anis Alamov (21 days ago)
I couldn’t watch this in full screen
miguel cardenas (21 days ago)
THIS is why I DONT like and DONT watch HORROR MOVIES!!!!😰😰😰😰😰😱😱😱😱😬😬
Yanto tan (22 days ago)
3:05 .....
Molly Barton (22 days ago)
Why am I watching this before I go to bed
Anis Alamov (21 days ago)
Molly Barton omg me too
Michael Hajdu (23 days ago)
Phew. Cool. Now I only gotta see The Nun. :D
Valeoneup 1 (23 days ago)
La llorona is next.
Nash Productions (23 days ago)
Who else didn’t see nun but HAD to see how it ended
Yes No (23 days ago)
When I seen The conjuring I “nunned” to this movie
Underwatch (24 days ago)
Why not update the video when the Nun is released and this video was uploaded 2 months ago
Underwatch (24 days ago)
Tf? isnt the Nun first than Annabelle
Underwatch (24 days ago)
Im hiding just because of Annabelle, cuz since I was a kid, I was scared.
Super Stupid Mario (24 days ago)
2:15 😂
Rman Nayr (24 days ago)
Mehir Rai (24 days ago)
I honestly really wanna watch some conjuring now
Doodle Noodle (24 days ago)
"But Debby is smart. Debby knows what's up! *So Debby calls in the big guns..."*
Hex (24 days ago)
"Presumable to do battle with Samara from the Ring." Literally heard the mortal kombat theme
Michael huertas (24 days ago)
Demons and spirits hate their names because it defines them. In these universes they want to be seen as unimaginable intangible entities that make you afraid of what they could do rather than what they can do. Knowing their names defines them and shows lack of fear that if a person will is strong enough can challenge the spirit. Other than that they should bridge this uncovered with other ones like Constantine’s universe or the dark universe they tried to create. Mummy movie would have made more sense as a supernatural mystery thriller than a action pack mission impossible spinoff.
Alexander Anding (25 days ago)
this is where John Constantine comes in
Tristan Duggan (25 days ago)
And the possessed farmer in the original film is a main character in the nun
Angela Nebedum (25 days ago)
The doll the Forms got CAN'T be the same one that possessed Janice/Annabelle as a kid. Did we ever see the number that was on the Forms doll? The one that the Mullins had was doll #1, that Mr. Mullins put on the doll himself when he made it along with about a HUNDRED or so others, like Mrs. Ford already had in her collection before her husband bought the Annabelle doll to complete the set of three semi-matching dolls she already had. Unless Mr. Mullens made doll #1 specifically for his daughter, couldn't there have been OTHER dolls that looked just like doll #1?
Aljur Shadrock (25 days ago)
2:58 is the ring part of the conjuring universe?!
otthe (26 days ago)
i want spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FerdDaGamer (27 days ago)
*Nun vs Jake paul*
Stitch (27 days ago)
Silent hill timeline please
Susana _paris01 (27 days ago)
sanghvi sanghvi (27 days ago)
Conjuring ending showed annebelle
abridgedfan100 (27 days ago)
Anyone knows the music/soundtrack in this video? Particularly the one that plays in 0:48 and 9:14.
The Bright Axels (28 days ago)
“But Debbie knows what’s up Debbie calls in the big guns”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
SkReeZ (28 days ago)
Oh come on! Romania is not that spooky....
Rose Batislaong (28 days ago)
You know it's a great movie if you see Janes Wan as the director or the producer, or even both HAHA! Seriously I love every James wan movie
Lorie Flores (28 days ago)
Now I need an updated version of this video that includes The Nun lure please 🙏🏻
Sarina Castaneda (28 days ago)
So scary
Gerald Adam (28 days ago)
It makes sense now 😂😎
Nevaeh Olson (30 days ago)
Foxiepaws ACAnderson (30 days ago)
So when do the two little bints in Enfield make an appearance?... I actually remember that and I remember thinking that they were pulling a fast one to get out of school or just for attention. I don't know all the facts but from what I saw on the news at the time I really didn't think it was real. However, it is the case that really set the bar for how poltergeist phenomenon were dealt with.
yugobepu (1 month ago)
Super Mario brought me here ?!!!!!!!
SPONGE BOB (1 month ago)
The Air Bud Universe!
Ice Bear (1 month ago)
Anyone seen the real Annabelle doll in 4:57
Ice Bear (1 month ago)
On the left side of the woman on the top shelf in the pawn shop
Brenda Mayorga (1 month ago)
Andrew Hoareau (1 month ago)
Conjuring 1 was the scariest
becca vejjie (1 month ago)
BUT Debby is smart, Debby knows what's up, DEBBY calls in the big guns

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