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Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Destroyed With Pickaxe

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Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star has been smashed to bits, seemingly with a pickaxe left at the scene. "I just seen a guy going to town on I guess the ground or whatever," a witness told KCBS. "I didn't know what was going on. So I turned and here we are with police everywhere." Cleanup crews swept up the rubble with brooms, as police investigated. It's not the first time the star has been defaced since Trump announced he was running for president.
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Text Comments (7293)
Musicrecords10 (3 hours ago)
It's okay to hate on Trump because of his skin color, if he was black, we know all you SJW's would crawl back into your caves in fear of racism
MeryLand (10 hours ago)
i want to hug the guy that did this
Desire Shashore (14 hours ago)
The person that smashed his star Thank You very much😔😂
Sassy Sally 07 (1 day ago)
Satisfying Stuff (1 day ago)
Donald trump is making our country super bad and I feel super bad for the kids who got taken away by there parents
Blood Sal (1 day ago)
Let my man Johnny live he’s a legend get him out of jail if he is in jail
Leave a like on this comment if you hate Donald trump
MeryLand (10 hours ago)
Samuel Oti Manu (2 days ago)
Yay trump everyone clap for trup 👏😁
Fernando (2 days ago)
Lixos Donald trump melhor presidente da história do eua lixos ingratos tem q prender todos aqueles q desacatam trump
Big Guy Little Girl (2 days ago)
👏 good job whoever did it
Mansour Sabah (2 days ago)
Why didn’t they break Donald trump instead of the star
Maxine Mireles (2 days ago)
thank satan he did it for us all
Morgan Davis (2 days ago)
Rude much
Genesis Granados (3 days ago)
Ducklit234 Ducklit234 (3 days ago)
Ok yea they talk about the movies he was in but they never included The Little Rascals
Beverly Neal (3 days ago)
I want a trump card pine Apple in a calm head
Sooo basically he is saying our country wasn't good before ? If he "loves" our country so much why say things like that and be racist and rude to people of different race an ethics
Pro wolf Adventures (3 days ago)
Lol if Xbox achievements were actually achieved in real life it would say achievement unlocked: good civilian
Commander redfox (3 days ago)
Make the world great again pretty much means another war
Dayna’s Channel (3 days ago)
Good that is broken
Smita MangerZ. (3 days ago)
I don’t like Donald Trump
CBJ 2000 (4 days ago)
I’m not a big fan of him but you shouldn’t vandalize it.
lpspuppygirl 974 (4 days ago)
Ok I know some people don’t like Donald Trump but you don’t have to destroy his most precious possession I mean dang
ㅓㅕㅣㅑㄷㅅ (4 days ago)
THE 💩😁
Ashley R (4 days ago)
Awwww. It seems we got some snowflakes that need to cuddle some puppies and kitties and need to do some macaroni art. ❄️❄️❄️❄️
mariana norwood (5 days ago)
They bet not put that damn star back on there either
Giselle Garrett (5 days ago)
I am just happy it was Donald trumps star
Kyle Bell (5 days ago)
Now if only someone would do that to his face.
Superblue gameing 89 (5 days ago)
That's good that they restored that ugly star cause donuld dump deserves that
Zoe Quinde (5 days ago)
Good jod🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
Jocelyn Gilpatrick (5 days ago)
I hate Donald Trump🤬
Larvitar1358 hi (6 days ago)
He tried to get blocks for fortnite
kiwi Eevee (6 days ago)
Family us (6 days ago)
since it is there..it is a walk of shame
Klout.kid.1k (7 days ago)
Keke I like this one
Elizabeth griffin (7 days ago)
He deserved it
twitch amoha13777 (8 days ago)
twitch amoha13777 (8 days ago)
Karen Vargas (8 days ago)
I am glad that the person who destroyed Donald Trumps walk of LAME did that becuz I hate Donald Trump.Donald Trump says he will make America great agian.....well...it was a great big lie.
Pancho Via (8 days ago)
I dont care abaut that stupid looking trump asquera
Erayve (8 days ago)
Isnt this old news?
David Hill (8 days ago)
Most recently, Trump’s Star was marked with swastikas.
Morgan Douglas (9 days ago)
He had it coming.
Audey Wood (9 days ago)
Why does he have one again?
Holy Roman Empire (9 days ago)
All these triggered liberals smh
TravisGTAGamer (9 days ago)
A diamond pickaxe would entirely sabotage the walk of fame
xLILxDEMONx738 (10 days ago)
Steve died that why there a pick axe
Lorelei Hess (10 days ago)
He doesn’t deserve a star
Lyn Torres (10 days ago)
Yes final
xSnow (11 days ago)
That’s not what we meant by “Pixaxe challenge”
Queen B (12 days ago)
Even tho hes a bad president just FOR GOD SAKE JUST LEAVE HES STAR ALONE (not a trump fan)
The Hater (12 days ago)
Damn someone must really love fortnite...
Great job on destorying the star
Oofish (13 days ago)
Can’t we just remove the star altogether
TheProGamer Andrej (13 days ago)
Samantha Swartz (13 days ago)
Literally stop saying trumps a bad president because if he wasn’t the president Hillary say she was going to bring war or something.
Sadaf Razzak (13 days ago)
Whoever destroyed it should win a medal
Angelo Echeverria (14 days ago)
Fortnite in real life
Reecebakervlogs ss (14 days ago)
I guess we can use ‘again’ again
Cielo Ramirez (15 days ago)
zippy vibes (15 days ago)
Fortnite people need mats
Nguyen VlogMe (15 days ago)
You just love a crowd of whites people watching the star of Donald be place
Martina PT (15 days ago)
Flex tape could fix that damage.
Star Knight (16 days ago)
Gladly I don't mind about the people try to ruin Donald Trump's star because I dissaprove with Trump.
H0LDEN5 (16 days ago)
Liovely Castillo (16 days ago)
Who ever did that needs a golden medal 🌟🌟
ShinyDraws YT (16 days ago)
satisfyingslime1454 (17 days ago)
Stupid democrats not getting what they want.
Memetopia (18 days ago)
Go Trump!! He da best 😄😄
Bath_tubbaMemez (18 days ago)
I’ll clap with that dude who destroyed it
Unicorn Lover (19 days ago)
Dang....who else feels bad for the other stars next to Donald Trump’s star? No? Ok only me
n a t u r e . (19 days ago)
*fornite joined the server* Yes.
rj williams (20 days ago)
Ooooo what a big boy who did this it’s not like it’s making a difference to him as a president keep doing what your doing your making a fool of yourself
Sid the Science kid (20 days ago)
Mining away
honest person ditto (20 days ago)
You guys do know that Trump got his star for his ACTING career not because he's the president.
Humairah Patel (20 days ago)
I thank the person who destroyed it I AM SO HAPPY
He deserved it
Nickis Liv (21 days ago)
*Steve has left the chat* *
Angel Dude (22 days ago)
To funny noice 👌
KDev28YT (22 days ago)
"I dont know what to mine i'll mine this any way"
Familia Gaming (23 days ago)
Donald duck
Edwin Calderon (23 days ago)
Police: Why would u ruin this?! Defaulty boi: I just wanted brick 😭 Police: Tell it to the judge Defaulty boi: Nooooo! 😭
RaulGaming XD (23 days ago)
Fortnite default player confirmed
Silly da oof king (24 days ago)
Donald dump deserves it
Kathy Bonakdar (24 days ago)
Donald Trump is the worst president but a great meem
George Ewings (24 days ago)
I new it somewen in USA 🇺🇸 does wont to kill donlned trump
Jan Maverick (24 days ago)
How to get the best materials on fortnite *MINES ON TRUMPS SIDEWALK*
SILVERSPOT YT (25 days ago)
fortnite has joined the chat
Dove Flight (25 days ago)
Ah, democrats. When they don't get what they want, they get violent.
satisfyingslime1454 (17 days ago)
Cakes Gaming (25 days ago)
Trump doesn’t even deserve that star......
American Fuel TV (25 days ago)
Hollywood is run by a bunch of decrepit old boy f****ers.
Blake Siegle (Student) (26 days ago)
Why do dumbasses do this
Liovely Castillo (28 days ago)
Who ever did that amazing 👌👌
N e oぁ陰セ (30 days ago)
Good job who did that
Alyssa Barrera (30 days ago)
All my faith in humanity has be restored
Aileen Bonills (1 month ago)
Nobody likes Donald Trump
Anastasija LOL (1 month ago)
Shirley Williams (1 month ago)
Who ever did it i thank you so so much
tanya castro (1 month ago)
0:29 donal poop this country was already great but instead of u doing it great agin your destroying it like if u agree
Golden Minecraft Gold (1 month ago)

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