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Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Destroyed With Pickaxe

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Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star has been smashed to bits, seemingly with a pickaxe left at the scene. "I just seen a guy going to town on I guess the ground or whatever," a witness told KCBS. "I didn't know what was going on. So I turned and here we are with police everywhere." Cleanup crews swept up the rubble with brooms, as police investigated. It's not the first time the star has been defaced since Trump announced he was running for president.
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Text Comments (7099)
RawRistic (15 hours ago)
Thanks guy with a pick :)
econ (23 hours ago)
How to get easy karma irl
Dennisha Bonilla (1 day ago)
You deserve it
futa (1 day ago)
Harry Allsop (2 days ago)
0:28 that's all Donald trump says
Luna Selen (2 days ago)
My mom loves trup so she’ll be so angry lol
Teena Meadows (2 days ago)
Trump is a total bicth
No body likes Donald trump
chris becks (3 days ago)
Smashes up star, tax payers money builds it again. Lol what a retard
some guy (3 days ago)
Anyone ever told Steve not to dig straight down
Jr C (3 days ago)
Hahaha, its a shame he's the president
K_Official 13 (3 days ago)
Eclipse GamingYT (4 days ago)
No one cares
What kind of fortnite pickaxe
*Hope he keeps away from New Zealand.*
Cleetus (5 days ago)
The police and other worker for donald trump regret it
King Zayuhh (5 days ago)
"I Donald Trump, solemnly swear that I am up to no good."
Alison Alva (5 days ago)
Donald Trump is what his deserved I hate Donald Trump
纽约新华人传媒 (5 days ago)
Trump hates people so who cares? Nobody carezzz
zachery pritchett (5 days ago)
Trump is the worse. People who think he's great and still like him needs to be educated. How can people vote for a racist. Someone please kill him already.
Potato light (5 days ago)
i mean like if they wreck it the pay it
Cameron Latourelle (5 days ago)
Someone was just trying to mine brick for a wall
Bart Simpson (5 days ago)
Why am i not surprise ?
Panda Playz (6 days ago)
I wonder who did it🤔🤔????
Josephine Vargas (6 days ago)
Kill it stop building it let it die forever🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪
New York tea times (6 days ago)
I don’t give a mother Pickle about trump but who did thank you
Drago (6 days ago)
I don’t see how that’s a Bad thing
godzilla legendary (7 days ago)
And Mexicans cleaned the star what do you have to say about that
Princess Gacha (7 days ago)
Princess Gacha (7 days ago)
Ezgi Avcil (8 days ago)
Anyone had a glitch at 0:40??
Yes ystylguy
Anja N (8 days ago)
That star looks better SMASHED....
Yazenobu AbsolueSolo (9 days ago)
What’s the purpose of that star ? Lol
gzomby (9 days ago)
Minecraft IRL
Zahar Mordiffi (10 days ago)
How to get 999 materials on fortnite
Juan Garcia (10 days ago)
No we hate Hi m
Juan Garcia (10 days ago)
That good he is mean guy
I hate trump so much he is so racist
jamm playz (11 days ago)
did the guy who broked it pay for it
unkown_player ID (12 days ago)
Should have used a rocket launcher it does the job
unkown_player ID (12 days ago)
Camryn Laurel (12 days ago)
I don’t get why people think that that’s going to do anything to stop his presidency 😑
Dayanna Castro (12 days ago)
Yesss congrats trump u see people don’t like u
Samuri sam (12 days ago)
No likes donald duck destroy it
Exotiiicc (12 days ago)
#1 U.S.A. has NEVER been great!! At this rate it will never be great!! #2 #trumpsucks
ADMIRAL ALADEEN (12 days ago)
Some one give him an Oscar
What's up (12 days ago)
Trumps star should be covered with bulletproof and hammerproof glass so they can't do it again
Kathy Games! (13 days ago)
Kute Kayla (13 days ago)
they really should’ve not even made one for him if they would have to repair it everytime it gets destroyed
Aleisha Rosas (13 days ago)
why did he get a star he's not even that important brack odama should of a least gotten one like if you agree
British Cayman Films (13 days ago)
Tfue gone wild...
Jason Voorhees (13 days ago)
Aw man I like the broken one better :(
marysa cute (13 days ago)
Good so good thank you
Mary Gomez (13 days ago)
Kevin Morales Gomez (14 days ago)
Someone was just getting materials
Virus Gurteraz (14 days ago)
*Use some logic people the more you damage it the more shinny it gets*
Brian Lorenzo (14 days ago)
Good job who ever smash it
o Spaceyy (15 days ago)
Wow Steves mad
Alex Marsh (15 days ago)
Now for the wall
isabel gonzales (15 days ago)
We need somebody that will make America great again
Tracrep - Games (15 days ago)
Needed mats
Sister Dancer (16 days ago)
Yay good job guy I would do the same thing I hate trump
penguin boi (16 days ago)
The dude that broke it deserves a trophy
Greyvilleian86 , (16 days ago)
Trump deserves it
Marjorie Zumbado (17 days ago)
THAT'S what he gets I'm so happy 😁😁
VMandujnao 5 (18 days ago)
Dilana Cardona (18 days ago)
Omg yassss I am really happy as sooo I heard that they destroyed the star
Monica VCT (19 days ago)
Hell yeah!! He Deserves it😂😂😀
Levi Bailey (19 days ago)
These jealous destructive retards just don't seem to realize that they can no longer walk all over his name now.
celeste Mccoy (19 days ago)
Im happy he destroyed his star thing cuz he has no respect he deserves to be KILLED
Ferdi Fresh (19 days ago)
anyone got mats ?
Caramel Undead (19 days ago)
WAIT were in minecraft cool
Courtney Mitchell (20 days ago)
iPhone 2G (20 days ago)
Island Gaming (22 days ago)
Fortnite fortnite lets go
eViL_Muus (22 days ago)
Waiting for a fortnite joke
BRistian (23 days ago)
He needed that stone for the Victory Royale
aren bucio (25 days ago)
Really who’s want Donald Trump
Rene Torres (25 days ago)
I agreed with all
thatguy (25 days ago)
Trumps so racist.
thatguy (25 days ago)
Boooooooo trump.
Fadilj (26 days ago)
It was just a poor default trying to get mats
Yay babby! Kill that star!I hate Trump! I live in Canada and I am native🇨🇦🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Kimberly Carle (30 days ago)
I personally don’t think that he deserves a star and am hoping it’s not rebuilt
R3D_FOX353 YT (1 month ago)
Chris SHAW (1 month ago)
I know who did it there's a video on it and I watched it
Matthew Zeeman (1 month ago)
Oh dam the Popo run!!
bluee beats (1 month ago)
Tommy Van Dame (1 month ago)
The god dam defaults
MookieLookis (1 month ago)
Damn fortnite has been taken to far
Aiman S (1 month ago)
Trump is garbage and rubbish
Sundown 36 (1 month ago)
It also brings the fifth graders in my class who have no idea what politics is but still hate trump
Linsey Harpine (1 month ago)
Hey this isn't fortnite yet.. :/
Mr Dog Gaming (1 month ago)
Yo how much brick did he get?
Najeeb Sharifi (1 month ago)
That dude that brocke that star think bruh hes a savage
When the guy thinks that he playing fortnite In real life.(I love fortnite) (not hate)
The Cool Reaper (1 month ago)
The world was already great until Trump came
Laurisa Reyes (1 month ago)
you think that but I think diferently
Beatriz Sandoval (1 month ago)
Well, at least they'll win a build battle since they got their materials.
Brandyn Roseman (1 month ago)
Laurisa Reyes (1 month ago)
Laurisa Reyes (1 month ago)

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