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SAW Story in 5 Minutes (Sort Of)

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Join us as we try to piece together Saw's timeline and story. Jigsaw Braves the Saw Halloween Horror Maze https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zccqyz4zVoE Jigsaw Trailer (2017) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aZTszw63m8 Watch more movie and game trailers here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvui99_awPw&list=PLraFbwCoisJAvwhU-EjfZNFqj5jlAk8hk&index=1 Check out the best of IGN here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnKb_nAVF20&list=PLE196726F02565118&index=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN #ign
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Text Comments (1953)
Reaganation # (1 hour ago)
Actually it is two survived during the test in saw V
Lizzurdthe Wizzard (8 hours ago)
Am i the only One WHO hade a HUGEee crush on daniel
Anmol Chandratre (2 days ago)
This is more complicated than Interstellar.
Reder Khalifa (2 days ago)
Honestly it’s not as complicated as you may think. Just watch the films and you’ll understand everything trust me
Jayden Fleming (2 days ago)
Usually saw traps are not that bad, but the ones that made my stomach turn was the reverse bear traps (especially in saw 6), and the twist trap.
small kaing (3 days ago)
Who are the two persons With Dr . Gordon At 6:33 ?
Reder Khalifa (2 days ago)
small kaing brad and Ryan’s the characters from the public opening trap from saw 7
bpm1305 (4 days ago)
So the point is, u must bombing that fuckin building !!!!!! It's a trap
Zhaire Anderson (6 days ago)
this makes me wanna laugh out loud or lol
Nj Nishok (6 days ago)
So the winner is lawrence rgt?
kummer45 (6 days ago)
It's a set of pig slaughter house awful tales playing the same script of Pedro Paramo novel over and over. Sadly the horror tales forgotten in Hollywood, the low income scaring business of gore, lacks of real coherent stories. It's made to continue endlessly leaving loose ends on purpose. The scheme is old, boring and repetitive. Someone who got a bad experience in life wants to ruin the day of other people choosing who lives or die. How infantile.
EarthQUAKING (7 days ago)
Jake paul is secretly jigsaw
S H (7 days ago)
Finally a video that tells u the story the wrote way round as the movies u can work it out but u get easily confused cos u get bits before and after completely muddle up in the films but man wish the guy who made this vid made it a little slower had to keep skipping toward as it was going so fast. But still thank for the vid 👍🏻
Christopher Carey (7 days ago)
I remember enjoying the first film back in 2004. Now this is just ridiculous. Obviously, movies studios can't produce original content anymore--or are afraid to take chances--and now pump out sequels as a money-grabbing scheme. Sadly, it seems to work.
Bridget Kehoe (7 days ago)
0:10 BOI!!!!
David Jones (8 days ago)
Assuming a voluntary approach to the tests and, somehow the government approves, you have to admit...this grotesque take on early Christian Stoicism would prove interesting as an atheist religion.
Omar Bry (9 days ago)
Brit and Mallick both survived
ChrisDutch (9 days ago)
You really need five minutes to explain these shitty,repulsive movies?
Mrbrowntown112 (11 days ago)
Wait wait wait In number 5 two survive not one
Audrey TM (12 days ago)
Coolll Guy (13 days ago)
In saw five 3 survive counting Hoffman
Lily U. (14 days ago)
Was this supposed to make it less difficult?
60cm Hengst (15 days ago)
kills people for not valuing life; this means that he doesnt value life itself; the only logical conclusion is that he needs to kill himself.
Rionna Shalin (15 days ago)
I’m still confused as to how John survived after ya boi sliced his throat??
Rionna Shalin (12 days ago)
Stawarski then how’s he alive in the new movie? Hm
Stawarski (12 days ago)
He didn't. Or at least we think so..
Jack Cerveny (16 days ago)
Where they get money for that traps?
CHU- -BEI (16 days ago)
Should have put the Saw's theme at the end of the video. :D
Brandon Afton (16 days ago)
What is the background theme during 00:00-02:47?
Eri Airlangga (17 days ago)
I wish someone makes a parody of this with Rowan Atkinson in it
Flaky (18 days ago)
Saw 5 in the Buzz hand saw both survive look at saw 7 when they had the that meeting you can see him
S Tolin (19 days ago)
Am I the only one, waiting to see a completed puzzle made from all the pieces of flesh?
Don Serrano (19 days ago)
Saw is basically a movie of killing evil bad people by a person who is angered by things and them. So kinda like a hero killing them? But in a horrible glorified way.
Sultan Mehmood (19 days ago)
according to jhon, He never killed anyone...all of them were given a chance, they had a choice. But why Joyce (wife of bobby diggens) was not given a chance?and what was her fault either?
Kat Grabon (20 days ago)
Actually you got something wrong. 2 people survived out of the ones who covered up the fire. Both the guy and girl ended up surviving but just barely
Philipuso (20 days ago)
Art Blanc didn’t shoot rigg it was Eric matthews
22244crash (20 days ago)
Wordsmith 430 (22 days ago)
John most likely received brain damage to his frontal lobe when his car went off the cliff,effectively turning him into a sociopath.
DON (22 days ago)
Maybe it's like puzzle pieces.. oof
Liu Chan (22 days ago)
Jason Voorhees (25 days ago)
Now that’s a lot of damage
Jason Voorhees (25 days ago)
7:18 = 5 mins MATH
Andie Efthyvoulou (28 days ago)
Also Bobby should have died not his wife (In Saw3D: The Final Chapter). She was an innocent. Only guilty of loving a fraudster. He should have been tested/judged appropriately not her.
Andie Efthyvoulou (28 days ago)
Also how messed up is it that Jigsaw tested Amanda twice? Once with the Nerve Gas House aka Eric Mathews's Trap (Needle pit was no joke) and second time with Lynn Denlon.
Andie Efthyvoulou (28 days ago)
Unless you go by Jigsaw in which case John said we don't use the traps for revenge or anger. Something Logan did with Detective Halloran. But then again Halloran was a pretty awful person/detective. Therefore Logan's actions may have been justified to John, or he may have viewed them as Revenge since Halloran did kill Logan's wife by letting Edgar Munsen go who did eventually end up killing Logan's wife which would make it sort of revenge for killing Edgar Munsen and Halloran. The two people he blames for his wife's death.
Andie Efthyvoulou (28 days ago)
Saw 3 is where the series really starts to fall apart. The main reason is because at the end of Saw 2 they should have just made John die due to the beating Detective Eric Mathews gave him. And Saw 3 should have been Amanda and Hoffman arguing about the way the traps should have been done. And eventually (If they wanted to continue the series) they could have put Hoffman or Amanda in a trap that either they escape (Therefore a possible villain in the next movies or a possible protagonist *depending upon Amanda or Hoffman*) or they don't escape and the 3rd film shows the way in which the two accomplices full fill John's work. Since above all John valued treating life sacred which both Amanda and Hoffman did not demonstrate as much as John. Amanda sort of did, but Hoffman treated human beings like they were cattle or less than human.
Abubakar Saddique (28 days ago)
4:57 didn't both of them survived
Andie Efthyvoulou (28 days ago)
What about Paul (Razor Wire Trap) and Mark (Flammable Jelly Trap)? Where do they fit in in this Saw Story in 5 minutes? Are they the sort of?
CrossRoads (28 days ago)
Amanda probably got the easiest test, I mean she didn’t have to even hurt herself
assibey steven (28 days ago)
Two people survived the trap plot in Saw V.The drug addict and the real estate lady. The lady is shown to survive in Saw V and the man makes a cameo in the scene with all the survivors in Saw 3D. Petty, but details man, details.
Tomatoman (29 days ago)
2 Survived
michael white (29 days ago)
Dorkalicious Queen (29 days ago)
Dude I am sooo confused and I’m over here like where is the saw we all know and love uk with the doll thingy
prateek jevoor (1 month ago)
Saw movies i saw in 5 minutes No really😊
Mitchell Mammel (1 month ago)
There is an alternate ending of the final chapter where Jill lives
Skelclip (1 month ago)
This is what I’ve learned Old man hates his life and dies, but he survives, then he killed people for revenge and entertainment, then he dies
Batman Who Laughs (1 month ago)
4:11 no,Eric shot Rigg
Domic (1 month ago)
That was 6 minutes
Coco Bear (1 month ago)
I'm scared
IT'S Moxine (1 month ago)
I watched 4 and i am just 5 year old but now i am 15 and i watched JIGSAW 2
XxD4RK AL13NxX (1 month ago)
4:58 The man survived too because in saw 3D during the meeting of the survivors we see the woman And the man who was in "Fatal five"
Havox (1 month ago)
I actualy don like Jigsaw because its full of gore.I ussualy like gore films but i dont like jigsaw.
MinaKushi (1 month ago)
From a man who only wanted to give people salvation(only to do it using the wrong actions) to a murderous show. just, wow.
MrPooPooJohn (1 month ago)
The newest killer is Plankton! The Chum Buckets gave it away.
VariousPond (1 month ago)
Random person: steps on Kramer’s foot. Kramer: You should’ve enjoined your life.
The Legion (1 month ago)
This is 7 minutes and 18 seconds.
Murder Motion Pictures (1 month ago)
Bottom line: Jigsaw got petty towards the end.
5 minutes you say it's 7 minutes
7 minuets?
Vega.Gaming (1 month ago)
Elijah McElroy (1 month ago)
HÝPÈR ÅNŪBÎŞ (1 month ago)
So this is why jigsaws are hard. 😅
S v (1 month ago)
Now I know why I could never figure the story line out
KingofTerror (1 month ago)
4:55 not true. The drug addict with the messed up hand is in SAW 7 at the circle of victoms.
Jake Oconnor (1 month ago)
Still following...? No I'm so lost!!!
d3gnerate315 (1 month ago)
Jigsaw made the beginning of this video even more convoluted.
Twenty Juan Pilots (1 month ago)
goldfish productions (1 month ago)
Doesn't say high back John puts him in a game
Alessandro R (1 month ago)
I’m so confused
Diana Voorhes (1 month ago)
Gonna Go Watch Some YouTube ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ **Sees This**. AHHHH *Well Might As Well Watch It Even Though I’m Eating Popcorn 🍿**
literallyawerewolf (1 month ago)
I've watched this series multiple times and still get confused because Strahm and Hoffman look identical to me. Maybe I have touch of face blindness.
Neuman asare (1 month ago)
+literallyawerewolf me too
Master Hand (1 month ago)
Please make a movie about the pig
Ari Collado (1 month ago)
Got it!
Welshy (1 month ago)
"Just kidding, they still have to milk the series"
Gene Gamer (1 month ago)
Acompless/ survivor of the very first jigsaw game
Hack Zses (1 month ago)
Not gonna lie, I’m still confused
Connor Hudson (1 month ago)
2 survive in saw V. Not 1.
LD100 (1 month ago)
I watched the whole series and understood it but u just made it more confusing
kard kard (1 month ago)
SAW this coming...
Shane Stan (1 month ago)
Yo join the squad
Jason douglas (1 month ago)
Didn’t follow that at all
sithanc (1 month ago)
Seriously...?! Rocket Science is more easier than this....
J_Khaliah (1 month ago)
What happened to Kevin McCalister as Jigsaw? Lol
Nicolas (1 month ago)
The guy survives in saw 5 we see him during the main characters Jigsaw survivor meeting in Saw 7
Buzzin Boi (1 month ago)
I got lost after 30 seconds I couldn't remember all the names
PrincessLoveBug (1 month ago)
*oh no I’ve gone cross eyed*
cambuurrinse (1 month ago)
Yup saw 8 doesnt make sense no
moonlightdriver800 (8 days ago)
In a bottom line, Saw is the violent Citizen Kane of XXIth cinema. Nah! Saw time line makes Citizen Kane's look like a child draft.
Paul_ 1254 (1 month ago)
I still don’t understand what the spooky dude on the tricycle had to do with anything and what it even was
Zachary Flores (1 month ago)
In Saw V, two people lived
Lock Williams (1 month ago)
2 people survive the trap where they all have something to do with a fire
Brian Lanigan (1 month ago)
You forgot Strahm shooting and killing Jeff
Sarah Hughes (1 month ago)
If I remember right, there's two survivors in Saw 5 as they worked together to beat the game rather than just the one you mentioned 😊 interesting video though, really puts the timeline in order

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