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NO PHOTOSHOP! TOP 15 Halloween Makeup Tutorials 2018

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NO PHOTOSHOP! TOP 15 Halloween Makeup Tutorials 2018
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m e (14 days ago)
二つ目めっちゃ綺麗な骸骨(๑° ꒳ °๑)
Keelin Keene (14 days ago)
Shadow Fox (19 days ago)
1:42 Who else likes how she outlined her bones?
Hikari Hanazono (24 days ago)
No. 2 is like a goddess of skeletons 👋😂
Qs Qs (25 days ago)
واووووووووووووووووووووووو هل يوجد عربي😐😟🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐
Marta Lucia Batista (26 days ago)
Muiito top ameiii
Boy George fan No1 (1 month ago)
I don’t care about the thumbnail I think these are amazing
And there's me who pokes herself in the eye with her mascara brush...😢😢
Lili Komalasari (1 month ago)
Munn Munna (1 month ago)
Rondinele Silva (1 month ago)
makeup awesome
Clangeddin Silverbeard (1 month ago)
fun fact i love make up
Clangeddin Silverbeard (1 month ago)
i love when people do this
Clangeddin Silverbeard (1 month ago)
i wish i could do this
Evelin Prachovnik (1 month ago)
2:44 was so cringe
Marius van Niekerk (1 month ago)
This is the stuff that makes me late for work! Just want to kill a few minutes, and whala, I'm late😏
Kim K. (1 month ago)
Click bait 🖕🏼
Hello Today (2 months ago)
awesome makeup art ! ❤💋🌺 Thumbs up !!!!!
Soul of Beauty (2 months ago)
Most like world
AlyThePastelGeek go away (2 months ago)
Beverley Newman (2 months ago)
Wow lovely well done
Такие таланты
S Lynn (2 months ago)
Cris Phaesant (2 months ago)
10:00 is her version of an Alex Faction look. Love the added gold to make it her look at the end.
Dinos Value (2 months ago)
Dinos Value (2 months ago)
6:42, isn't that for chrismas?
Freddy Abraham (2 months ago)
Nice ad for NYX. Nothing about the thumbnail sadly
Secret of Beauty (2 months ago)
Why my ex here ?
Radha Sharma (2 months ago)
how can you do this
mu g (2 months ago)
KNilla R (2 months ago)
In short, NYX is the best halloween makeup
nirmaali abeysekera (2 months ago)
Soundtrack please ..?
MIKA MIKA (2 months ago)
Holldoll8765 (2 months ago)
5:24 imagine wearing this to pride
Jason Harris (2 months ago)
And not a one like in the thumbnail. Glad adblockers keep scuzzy cheats like this from getting paid.
Nur Hidayah (2 months ago)
Chocolatier (2 months ago)
Cool video but thumbs down cuz of click bait. Sorry 😐
talia841951 (2 months ago)
I miss game of thrones.
Faery Gardens (2 months ago)
The thumbnail look missing.. Blocking this channel from my results, as I don't like click-bait fraud.
Sarah Wilson (2 months ago)
This song is following me everywhere I go
#3 O - O ok...
ShirleyRed8 (2 months ago)
OK I wanted to see the face (looking cut up) that was in the thumbnail which brought me here!! This is so F' N ANNOYING. CLICK BAIT BITCH!!
Vanessa Leimbach (2 months ago)
the girl in the thumbnail is mimi choi. i don't think that she has done a tutorial for that look yet, since i couldn't find one on youtube. but anyways, she's a great makeup artist. 🌸 btw y'all, have a nice day and never forget that you are beautiful ♥
manisha jayada (2 months ago)
Second one is the best
Jax (2 months ago)
Some of these suck 😑
LaVaun Johns (2 months ago)
false advertising
Nicolle Beatriz (2 months ago)
Q merda mano na moral😂😂
櫻木萌子 (2 months ago)
Jaye Ankh (2 months ago)
wow that diamond skeleton
Justlene Sanchez (2 months ago)
What was that last song that played? I liked it
Creamy- Mint (2 months ago)
Where is the thumbnail
Emma Tran (2 months ago)
2:25 is terrifying in my opinion.
Unitedetruself Life (2 months ago)
Random Lady (2 months ago)
Me: I gotta stop clicking on these obvious thumbnail clickbaits.... Also me: but what if it's real? You never know I mean people do all sorts of crazy shit with makeup.... I'ma watch it just in case 🤗😓😓😓
Anya Palos (2 months ago)
No photoshop? 8:02 there's just fire coming from her hand.
Tuff Dreamer (2 months ago)
#2 She is the White Walker Queen #gameofthrone
shit, all is shit
rjrnj1 (3 months ago)
Angelique Hayes (3 months ago)
Click-bait af.
Javier Solís (3 months ago)
#2 had way to many gems!!! No offense
2K Ideas (3 months ago)
So fast for me!
Dimitro Tyo (3 months ago)
Kok apik emen
Crash64100 (3 months ago)
How about, maybe 2 really good ones and some others that aren’t so great? Guess that wouldn’t be click baity enough
GradKat (3 months ago)
Weird. But then, I’m British, so I don’t really get Halloween.
JANET ELLIOTT (3 months ago)
What was the purpose of the spoon in her mouth?  LOL
atzo naftaniel (3 months ago)
6:47 Also bad. what a waste of time!!
atzo naftaniel (3 months ago)
13:42 bad bad bad, really bad.
atzo naftaniel (3 months ago)
3:33 really? make-out artists
XTOXICx xROSESX (3 months ago)
Song 3:43?
ViralBeauty (3 months ago)
Kirisa (3 months ago)
Aka how to be a basic bish on halloween. I see this stupid skull thing year after year and it's not the most creative thing to just pour glitter and sparkles on it lmao
Cami Mc (3 months ago)
Over seeing skulls... great art work though.
DRAGON one (3 months ago)
The music is HORRIBLE!!
Cale Lambert (3 months ago)
KrazyVideoChick (3 months ago)
#2.. would have been really great with a wig on... just something different than her own hair
Louis Crowley (3 months ago)
please don't be click bait....please don't be click bait....dammit! Still a few cool ones in there.
Paula Farley (3 months ago)
Miss claws is that you
Paula Farley (3 months ago)
The first guy is sexy
Jaqen H'ghar (3 months ago)
Uniqueen (3 months ago)
Are you kidding me... I came here for the thumbnail 😂😡 click bate REEE
Uniqueen (3 months ago)
Omg the thumbnail I LOVE the way of water it’s the best movie ever 😂
Shopitybop (3 months ago)
Where do they all get those contacts from?
Aicha Cantu (3 months ago)
Bro I like there eyes they are so beauitiful
#TomatoMafia MONBABE (3 months ago)
I came for the girl in the thumbnail, and didn't get it :(
JOSEP LEWIS MAckin Cool (3 months ago)
Que engaño no pusieron los maquillajes que anuncian al principio
Aldo Bee1989 (3 months ago)
These are for Halloween guys, it dos’nt look like it, but it is, I’m not trying to get mean, just saying. Or it’s for like idk 😐, maybe...birthday parties? Dress up parties? Any kind, that’s why this video exists! Lol 😂 love it 😍:)
Aldo Bee1989 (3 months ago)
1# I love the music 🎶 2# I love Halloween 👻 3# and I love make up, anybody agree? Halloween is the best and same for Christmas, I love the 2 Halloween makeup, it looks BEAUTIFUL!!! 😂 😍
Cowboys 4 Life (3 months ago)
The second one was pretty awesome. The first one was stupid and not very creative.banyone could do that shit. Also the third one kinda sucked as well. Overall kinda lame video.
Angela M. (3 months ago)
Everyone is pretty much glam skeletons
Twister Studios (3 months ago)
These are all really cool! To me the guy at 12:37 looks like he’s from telltale games
Linsy Gomez (3 months ago)
La segunda muchacha se ve súper cool😍
Meinung 3000 (3 months ago)
echte Kunstwerke ... WOW !
Simply Czome (3 months ago)
This is f clickbait. And bitch didnt even link MUA that were in this vid. Fuck person who did this
whataboutism (3 months ago)
Clickbait confirmed!
Kristin Brock (3 months ago)
it's 9/25/2018 right now WOW it's so close to Halloween already like just WOW
Retail Therapy (3 months ago)
SOOOOO cool! Love all of these <3
Billee Burkhart (3 months ago)
Amazing, each and everyone
Kitten Lyric (4 months ago)
vote down ... it is clickbait
Lily Demeter (4 months ago)
5:54 gay
aydenmadsella (4 months ago)
Roses are red, Violets are blue. I got clickbaited And so did you

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