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The Secret World - Combat & Abilities Gameplay

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This GameSpot exclusive video for The Secret World focuses on developing characters that are completely unique to your style. Follow The Secret World at GameSpot.com! http://www.gamespot.com/the-secret-world/ Official Site - http://www.thesecretworld.com/ Like - http://www.facebook.com/GameSpot Follow - http://www.twitter.com/GameSpot http://www.gamespot.com/
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Text Comments (669)
MJJD33 (5 months ago)
was this decently popular?
scott anbert (2 years ago)
old school gane are awsome
The Crowman (2 years ago)
Single pistol ?
Sam Brickey (2 years ago)
awesome concept, somewhat disappointing animation
Joyfulkilla (2 years ago)
I don't think he said synergy enough times.
Golden Fantasy (2 years ago)
BMS (2 years ago)
The idea seems cool, but the realtime combat looks kind of shaky.
waser ransom (2 years ago)
Seems very slow
Ransonikuo (2 years ago)
bro you should be a narrator for the animal planet
DoomyMaru (3 years ago)
Wait...there is actually thor hammer magic in these game... I think i've gone to far in MMORPG type of game like these
Becoming Godsize (3 years ago)
lmao sup with your voice bro sounds like a fucked up commercial
Dan Slash (3 years ago)
Are there any stealth/assassination skills?
Ryan Rockwell (3 years ago)
+Dan Slash no there isnt, from what im told. However i play a Claws/Blood Magci character and just started - feels very good.
Anvilarm07 (3 years ago)
Interesting. How is team play? I am part of a group of five friends who are looking for a replacement for City of Heros.
Sophisticated Diglett (3 years ago)
The animations look absolute cack.
Nostalgic memories (3 years ago)
modern weapons and magic, no this dont get along.... maybe only modern guns but still i love sword and shield better
stuckIN801 (3 years ago)
This game is polluted with Elitists. It is a very fun game from the beginning, but when you reach the endgame, you are blackballed by the entire "Elite" community who will not tolerate anyone below max level gear. The game is only alive still, thanks to Steam sales and will be laid to rest very soon i'm sure.
NYCAustinNYC (2 years ago)
+Ryan Rockwell Oh.. you mean like the harder nightmare dungeons like Slaughterhouse and facility? The dungeons where if everyone is not top geared then the dungeon is pretty much impossible to do?  The dungeons that were designed to be only for top geared players that are filled with dps checks that if not met then it is a wipe?  :/ You must crawl before you can run, young grasshopper. 
Ryan Rockwell (2 years ago)
" but when you reach the endgame, you are blackballed by the entire "Elite" community who will not tolerate anyone below max level gear." - I am aware of the fun you will have doing low level dungeons and getting to end game. its once you get there prepare for elite scumbags. <3 have fun!
Ryan Rockwell (2 years ago)
"It is a very fun game from the beginning"
Alec Damondred (2 years ago)
+Ryan Rockwell Definitely not my experience, from day one there were lots of helpful people in the beginners area doing the low level dungeons with us and helping us figure out builds and decks.
Ryan Rockwell (3 years ago)
+stuckIN801 Try the RP server which is very high in players as well helpers.
Richard Bright (3 years ago)
My type of game where options are nearly limitless
jacksos101 (3 years ago)
This sounds like a satirical video cos of the narrator
TheBig binson (3 years ago)
If you are okay with finding lore, and exploring. This game is for you!  It's one of my favorite games. 
Potemkin (3 years ago)
Synergy Simulator 2012.
xxxm0ris (3 years ago)
the narator makes everything sound over dramatic
nemesisnick66 (3 years ago)
but... if you use an ability that knocks down an opponent then use an ability that does increased damage on knocked down opponents then those abilities have good synergy together
TheOtherGuy27 (4 years ago)
The voice over is awfully patronizing...
Just Defender (4 years ago)
That sounds almost like too much variety.  How can you find your preferred style with over 500 options to sift through?
Jamie dyer (3 years ago)
+Mike T it looks sick just for the combat depth and crazy story, wish it had a trail cause im not buying it without trying lol
SAIKO Operation: (3 years ago)
+Mike T Yea it does make sense, I think I'd play as duel pistols mainly and fist weapons for when they get close. or assault rifle. im not a big fan of magic in a modern game.
Yung SteveHarvey (3 years ago)
+Mike T DPS, CC, The amount of energy used on a spell, cool-off reduction time, that's a lot of stats to put into when you compare items. Even just 4 items alone can take a lot of thinking to do to just get the best choice, multiply this by 500, maybe even more... things can get hectic
SAIKO Operation: (3 years ago)
+Mike T Is it possible to stick to having pistols...the entire game...not changing...at all. Only using pistols? Cool, variety. But...I'd rather stick to playing how i want, and not getting my ass handed to me because i don't switch to a build that was designed to kill the mob/thing. I could grasp Starforge. which is a little more appealing than this, you can change your class anywhere, but you dont have to, and still do great.
Yung SteveHarvey (3 years ago)
+Mike V There _is_ such thing as overdoing your work. Don't get us wrong, we all love new and exciting ways to play, but as long as it isn't overwhelming, feeling like Pre-Calculus all over again.
Bright Soundz (4 years ago)
this game looks dumb
Raymond Diaz (5 months ago)
Anthony scarano shut up captain save em
Bright Soundz (3 years ago)
+Snickers557 Is there a problem with csgo?
Snickers557 (3 years ago)
+Bright Soundz yeah then go play cod or cs go
Metal4ever \33/ (3 years ago)
+Mac What is dumb? You are, I think...
Anthony scarano (3 years ago)
He spelled right
Jason Castillo (4 years ago)
lol i don't like the acrobatic flip LOL ask those who learned combat martial art, they won't do that shit.
MFZFR (2 years ago)
Ask Flappeh
Chaos Isaac (3 years ago)
+Dante Leinguard Logic and facts do count, but not all of them. The deciding factor is the game, really. Games have to keep their own logic running, or it can easily ruin a game, or at least it's atmosphere, story, lore and continuity.
Snickers557 (3 years ago)
+Jason Castillo fail
Jason Castillo (3 years ago)
it's about human having acrobatic dodging movement... that's kind of bullshit. Keep it real, not acrobatic shit.. it isn't a combat movement at all.
Raymond Joannette (4 years ago)
This sounds kinda suck. idk but I don't like the gameplay. Its sounds pretty cheap.
Snickers557 (3 years ago)
+Gaiden Tears lol go back to cod then or cs go
blaedmon (4 years ago)
I'd never even heard of this game until I saw it on sale in Steam; grabbed it - awesome. They have really made an interesting niche in the done-to-death mmo genre. Lots to do, very cool puzzles, encounters - and the skill system is pretty kickass as it doesnt limit u in any way. Very well done and dare I say it.. its fun, thats the bottom line. It drips lore and atmosphere, I'd recommend it easily.
Ray Kean (4 years ago)
is this game still around? played it for about 2 hrs when if first came out. it sucked balls. I'm sure there's no one playing it by now.....MONEY GRAB TRASH
Viktor Aitmatov (3 years ago)
I just love the unvisere, I was getting sick of heroic fantasy
Samuitsuki (4 years ago)
I still play and enjoy this game and a lot of people do as well.
supplanter law (4 years ago)
this is actually a very good game passed the combat its not a Cash Grab that much I know. I agree the combat itself is stale but it just had a huge update and the community is alive and kicking! If you are one who is soly in it for the combat thn this may not be the game for you but pass that there is so much unique features in this game that separate it from the usual generic MMORPG. 
Viktor Aitmatov (4 years ago)
10 bucks for this awesome game, worth it nowaday
silence i kill you (4 years ago)
best skill system ever... you can play a Tank in one mission and in the next you are a DamageDealer if you got the Eqipment! And its Buy2Play!! NO PAY2WIN!!! it costs nothing more. only one time to buy the Game. The Storyline is the best i have ever seen!! best mmorpg ever... Trust me!
Snickers557 (3 years ago)
+RichyRacoon jaja sure
Bryan Z. Z. (4 years ago)
This is a good game. It's worth the 30 bucks. Trust me, I've played every MMO out there.
Snickers557 (3 years ago)
+Bryan Z. Z. jaja sure
Shaquille James (4 years ago)
this game is lame
Bryan Z. Z. (4 years ago)
100% sure you haven't played it.
Cruisin Blue (4 years ago)
The abilities are pretty sick, how they go somewhat in-depth makes me want to play it but the animations look poor.
Bryan Z. Z. (4 years ago)
The animations in this vid are outdated. Started playing the game like 3 months ago and animations are quite good actually.
MrWhiterabbitz (4 years ago)
I'm in love with this game. A Must have if you enjoy games at all.
DJDeezy ThaTruth (4 years ago)
There's always NeoCron if you want your dose of Immersive/Sandbox MMO with a side of(a ton) Feature Tech. :}
Ayhan ATASAY (4 years ago)
I had just bought this game only to fill time until TESO comes out and also to try something different but it turned out to be really a good game that I plan to play it not only until TESO now. Also after playing TESO Beta, I know now that I will be playing this even MUCH longer :) Its a pity that it is unknown to many hardcore gamers. I bought it only for €12, and I now have the feeling that it worths at least 4 times that price. I used to be a fan of Anarchy Online and I get the same good old feelings and memories in this game. I just LOVE the Skills and Abilities, and love to combine them according to my liking. I strongly recommend it to you people, you won't go wrong with this one, believe me.
Taber Vandenbosch (4 years ago)
I'm personally wanting to play it for the uniqueness of it.  I mean the mystery solving and the same old rpg styled gaming thats literally never ever ever been done by any game or if it has it wasn't done well.  I haven't played this yet but I anticipate it to be out of this world.  I'll play it when I get my intel 6800 desktop pc.
supplanter law (4 years ago)
I remember when I first played this game on a free trial event. I could not stop playing it! To this day even though that I rarely jump on and that my cabal is disbanded I cannot find another game as unique as this! There are two downsides though. Some people who are in it for the combat may not like what they play and the end game is as usual dungeon running. But I only stopped playing because I had the most powerful weapons in the game but now that they updated it I got to kick it in to gear and enjoy me some more secret world!
Taber Vandenbosch (4 years ago)
that explains why I didn't pick up on it.  I just got The Secret world but unfortunately I'll have to wait till I get my desktop computer to play it.  I am using an intel duo core laptop right now and it's so slow I can hardly play it.
chaz (4 years ago)
+Taber Vandenbosch most people actually just say eso not teso lol 
Taber Vandenbosch (4 years ago)
I see makes sense.
reikoxan (4 years ago)
Poo Poo stains!!!
Edgaras Dobrovolskis (4 years ago)
animation sux
Moku (4 years ago)
Wow, way to make an interesting concept sound like an excel spreadsheet.
Anton Haraldsson (4 years ago)
The synergy guys, the synergy
Shaquille No'neal (4 years ago)
Freggin Synergy man.
puiderambo (5 years ago)
how can u make such a game.......
Ozziy (5 years ago)
animations are horrible
Ruggy Steele (1 year ago)
I found the combat/fighting animation too dull. it's like throwing potatoes and bananas. but overall, the concept of the game/build i think is cool.
Ozziy (4 years ago)
+The Morrow Project hahaha I can play this game on max without problems I like the game but I just got annoyed by the animations just like wow don't take it too serious its just an opinion.
GamerGate Deutsch (4 years ago)
Coming from an era where 16x16 2D sprites used pixelated actions for means of combat, i cant follow that argument.
Nah, not anymore.
awais anwar (5 years ago)
Tried this game, its disgusting bad lol .. whats the point of having rifles when u cant even shoot farther then a boy who can throw a freaking ball.
Karma The Goat (5 years ago)
After you buy it, it's yours to play free online. They removed monthly subscription needed for that. You can however still have a sub for random benefits. Faster leveling, claiming free pets and costume items.
Microphunktv (5 years ago)
well it's not free.. is it...
Jack Uri (5 years ago)
worth playing for free
Microphunktv (5 years ago)
worth buying.. how's the playerbase? is there anything to do in endgame even?
alexfire20bfh (5 years ago)
ok... thx i guess
Sem Noção (5 years ago)
Normally that's what you do in MMO, but what do I know
alexfire20bfh (5 years ago)
so u cna play this game with other online ppl ? and add them and play together ?
vasil dobrev (5 years ago)
the trailer was batter xD
Illbegoodinthefuture (5 years ago)
welcome to MMORPG land XDXD
Dino Gnar (5 years ago)
kkkkkkkk BR de merda falando merda, lixo deve se um favelado de merda pagando de gringo.
FabulousKnightSolair (5 years ago)
Keaton Bonner (5 years ago)
This look so fucking gay.
Hank (5 years ago)
Game was ok, pvp was broken when I played.
As50Swag (5 years ago)
Check out my channel if you like arma 2 , i just made a new vid called COP KILLER it will make you laugh! :)
Martin Stanek (5 years ago)
Deep man Deep!
coffeeexmachina (5 years ago)
Finally! A secret world gameplay vid, in english, that wasn't narrated by the world's most boring man.
Diogo Augusto Duarte (5 years ago)
Cool ... One more game to BR Players ruin ;(
MrPipboy2000 (5 years ago)
"Ignorance and lies, the two most useless human traits to ever exist."
Evil Mastermind (5 years ago)
Dungeons & Dragons Online is proof that animation doesn't matter in game quality. I think you should give this a try.
NeviNoob (5 years ago)
30 euro's for this crap? hellllllllllllllllllll naw..
L3M0NPLEDGE (5 years ago)
you get over the animations almost instantly. some weapons have unreal animations. but no point telling you this, not like it matters.
DILLIGER90 (5 years ago)
The animations make me wanna throw up!
Bjorn Andurson (5 years ago)
Backpeddling: the game.
synergy559 (5 years ago)
You called?
The25Sister (5 years ago)
This game is not easy as it looks and you won’t get into a nightmare party easily. You have to upgrade your gear and your wheel for a proper build. I love this game since the beginning, they are some technical things but the game is improving. There is a unique mystique sphere in this game which I haven’t seen in other MMO’s before.
Jayce Michael (5 years ago)
So many people complain and bitch about graphics and movement and such, it's like people can't enjoy a game now a days unless it's in super 4D graphics and you're getting your face eaten by a dino. I take any game with an awesome story with open arms, because gaming isn't just about the game, it's about the stories and the awesome time you can have with friends.
kingofdogs2012 (5 years ago)
Melee sucks
bustoo (5 years ago)
Sadly a lot of people can't get past bad graphics or animations. I have always had a lower tier computer so I've either played retro games or games with bad graphics and have never cared much for graphics. I look at them like frosting on a cake, yes the frosting might taste amazing, but if the cake tastes like crap I'm still not going to it, while if the cake has no frosting or very plain tasting frosting but the cake itself tastes amazing I could care less.
Dominic Marcotte (5 years ago)
man... those animations are terrible
swindlemagic (5 years ago)
10 seconds flicking through annnnnnnnnnd, super gay. I'm out.
FatalX7 (5 years ago)
But this isn't Mario or 8bit, now is it?
Colby Paradiso (5 years ago)
If that makes it not fun, then there's something else keeping it from being fun. Super Mario's animations are like 2 pixels changing colors and that game is legend.
Keen (5 years ago)
I have to admit that dungeons were awesome too!
Keen (5 years ago)
They lied to us. Explore; Egypt, NY, London!... Seriously I was expecting huge Cities, not empty two streets called city :) And being any member of these societes don't effect your game at all, so it is pointless and usless... Only questing was awesome. When you are done with questing, then you are done with game aswell.. shame this could be a better game!!!
MikeEsex (5 years ago)
You're obviously not an idiot, as you actually can conjugate a sentence unlike 90% of most on here, yet you resort to school yard smack talk in some of your previous comments. I don't understand what it is about what I said that's grinding your gears so much. It's just a fact of entertainment industries to have things compared to each other. Music does it with the then and now comparisons, same for films, and games with the biggest names in the industry (WoW, CoD, Halo, TES, FF, etc).
MikeEsex (5 years ago)
MikeEsex (5 years ago)
I never stood up for anyone, did I write that anywhere in that statement I made? No, again you are assuming instead of understanding what I'm saying. That's not true, I did play WoW for a good 2 months a year ago, but quickly tired of it, but yes I did fid many enjoyable stories hidden in quest lines. However, I'm talking about the books, which are some of my favorite reads. How does liking the lore, but hating the gameplay make me a big fan of the game itself?
MikeEsex (5 years ago)
It's not the same thing, within the gaming world people always compare shooters to CoD or Halo, RPG's to Final Fantasy or TES, and MMO's to WoW. Again, you take what I'm saying out of context and almost personally. As I said before, I do not like WoW the game, I love the stories that it contains, but detest the game itself. Although, with music it can be applied to how everyone compares music today to the music of the past several decades, many not giving new music a chance.
お化け (5 years ago)
You look like Seth Rogen, which is a more popular, better looking version of you, which leads me to believe (based on the similarities) you smoke pot and do acting for a living. Stop me if I'm wrong.
お化け (5 years ago)
Second, you stood up for someone who said "a world of warcraft :)" if you don't remember what you were even arguing about, it was about how this game is a wow clone. Click "show comment" to further your understanding, and quit trying to shift your argument to better suit the situation. And by the way, if you're a fan of the lore, you're a fan of the game, since lore is acquired through gameplay; Several hours of it.
お化け (5 years ago)
It was a statement that I made out of disappointment that I spent almost 10 minutes typing 4 paragraphs. Sociology is the study of the behaviors of people belonging to different societies. Unless your metacognitive skills are well beyond normal, the concept of sociology is not knowledge that will be obtained by anyone without proper study. Your perception of society is restricted to your own life experiences. Outside of your own society, you very well may know little to nothing.
お化け (5 years ago)
So we should compare Justin Beiber to every other musical group out there because of its current popularity. I understand.
MikeEsex (5 years ago)
Even though you tried arguing my point without even reading it. Still, mature way to handle being wrong. Good day sir.
MikeEsex (5 years ago)
I love how you made four comments to what I said, without me responding at all, and then making a statement like that. The amount of Sociology classes doesn't matter, as Sociology is all about things you should know from being alive and not brain dead, just like Psychology. Generally with an argument there needs to be an exchange of ideas before it's deemed so, not after you state your case without any retort from the opposite party. Just saying.
MikeEsex (5 years ago)
Where did I say I love WoW? I love the lore, but as for the game I'm not a big fan of grinding and all that jazz. All I was saying was why MMO's are always compared to WoW. Nowhere did I say WoW was the best, nor did I say it was the shining example. It's like how all shooters are compared to CoD, it's not the best, but it's the most well known and has the most publicity of other FPS's, aside from BF which is pretty close. Re-read what I said before you start putting words in my mouth.
お化け (5 years ago)
I don't know why I'm even arguing lmao. I've taken enough sociology classes to understand that this is going absolutely nowhere. XD
お化け (5 years ago)
...As an example, the majority of people in the world stick true to a brand of liquor called Jagermeister due to it's success and popularity, but I, personally, prefer the taste of Schwartzhog, which is cheaper, higher in alcoholic content, and goes great with orange soda. But many people would argue that Jager is superior. Why? Snobbery, maybe. Popularity? Most definitely. Opinion?... maybe? :) When you open your mind to new and different possibilities, and whole other world presents itself.
お化け (5 years ago)
We understand you love WoW, which is great, we all have a game we love. For me it was GW1, but they killed that game with GW2... which was pretty horrible imo. And L2 which was killed by the GOD update. BUT the constant degradation and mmo snobbery + insane superiority complex inherit by WoW fans has to stop. Just because you like one game doesn't make it better than another. And the fact that there are more players in WoW doesn't prove anything. It simply means that more people play that game.
お化け (5 years ago)
You WoW fans and your constant WoW comparisons has forced many MMO companies to create WoW clones to satisfy the average Joe MMO user. Why?... Because every MMO that has been released, even if it is not even slightly comparable to WoW, is compared to WoW by some WoW fanboy eventually (and by eventually, I mean on the day of the first alpha test). This makes game creators believe that the WoW way of gaming is the only way to be successful in the MMO world.
お化け (5 years ago)
The reason why WoW is so successful is because of its fanbase. Believe it or not, without its fanbase, WoW would be nothing (obviously). Personally, I played WoW and I disliked it. I tried to like it because all of my friends played it, but I really dreaded playing the game. I don't know why, I just simply did not enjoy it. And if everyone in the world was like me, that game wouldn't even exist. But they're not, and everyone has their own opinion.
MikeEsex (5 years ago)
Yes there is, because when Guild Wars 2 was coming out, it was being hyped as the "WoW killer", which it obviously wasn't. I never said people say other MMO's are just like WoW, but that they are always compared to it because it is still the biggest MMO on the market today. That's just the facts. You say these MMO's are better, yet it doesn't show, WoW is like CoD. It's popularity is known to even people who don't game, because it's so well recognized. That's what I'm talking about.
MikeEsex (5 years ago)
League of Legends is a MOBA, not an MMO.
Nyankana (5 years ago)
Why didn't you mention LOL as well huh?
Lol REplayZ (5 years ago)
Still there are only kids that plays WoW that compares it to it, there are no general or public comparsion when an MMO comes out where they say "This is just like wow" they rather say This is another FANTASY MMORPG, where WoW has nothing to do with it, even Ever Quest is was better than WoW which ismother of MMO
Eh, they don't look THAT BAD.
MikeEsex (5 years ago)
I wouldn't say that, they still have a strong core base of players, not to mention the number of people joining each day. Then there's the fact that many people buy mounts/pets (never understood that, takes the fun out of it) which is another source of revenue. If WoW started plummeting, I'm sure Blizzard would do something along the lines of the F2P/B2P market, since after all it's their biggest money maker.
Fleetingdreams (5 years ago)
Its dying soon =D I think their subs have been cut to half? if im not wrong lol

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