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Dangerous Waters Review Trailer

134 ratings | 147618 views
Reviews trailer of the best modern naval simulator "Dangerous Waters"
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Hemry Zhang (1 year ago)
Is there a support windows 10 ?
John Kennedy (11 months ago)
Yes there is, just look up for the fixes...
rollie (1 year ago)
no. Windows 7 and earlier only
ADEM CAN ŞANCI (1 year ago)
i love this sumilator
Michael Coffey (3 years ago)
This is good,but how do I get it?
Rense Bakker (2 years ago)
From steam
Garron Cassidy (3 years ago)
I wish this game would be remade, it is awesome and all, but today's technology could really improve graphics and make it run better.  Not to mention that a new release would draw in attention and get the multiplayer back up.
Hattila (4 years ago)
Silent hunter?
CMDR Sweeper (3 years ago)
+Just Me Part of the series that spawned from the US Navy contract, just less capable than Dangerous Waters.
Just Me (3 years ago)
+CMDR Sweeper What about sub command 2001?
CMDR Sweeper (4 years ago)
+predattak Well we got this series from Sonalysts just because they didn't have much additional development costs in making it as advanced as it is. And the reason for that is that the software or the core of the game is an actual sonar training simulator that the US Navy ordered late 90s, so they paid most of the development costs.
predattak (4 years ago)
+CMDR Sweeper It makes me cry ... i hope someone will make a better sim for modern subs someday... 
CMDR Sweeper (4 years ago)
Nope, "Dangerous Waters" and even today this is the latest submarine simulator for modern subs, there are no newer ones available.
Zardas11 (5 years ago)
ah I see, my mistake then.
racdenis (5 years ago)
I meant sims of modern navy.
Zardas11 (5 years ago)
war thunder is supposed to have a naval add-on coming out, but I wouldn't expect that for a while
racdenis (5 years ago)
Fleet Command is a strategy.
antred11 (5 years ago)
And DW doesn't work anymore on Windows 8. :-(
Knightmare9871 (5 years ago)
that's the ship
Knightmare9871 (5 years ago)
yeah, you can only control 1 surface ship and that the ship! :)
Knightmare9871 (5 years ago)
no you read the manual and tutorial vids only if you wanna learn ;)
Knightmare9871 (5 years ago)
Pyry (5 years ago)
can you play with typhoon or alfa class in this game
Jeff Cockmann (5 years ago)
this has some kind of tutorial?
Knightmare9871 (5 years ago)
I played this game for months now and i still like it :)
MegaTimebomb098 (5 years ago)
Fuck off.
Mazuka Channel (5 years ago)
она у меня кушать-I have it
Kanash7 (6 years ago)
Hostile waters better!!!!!!!!!
Tamburello_1994 (6 years ago)
Hit me back. I will dive with you ( or anyone for that matter)
Tamburello_1994 (6 years ago)
Where r there games? I need humans to dive with!! holla back
Tamburello_1994 (6 years ago)
Make sure you have the reinforce alert mod.
racdenis (6 years ago)
Try russian redrodgers com forum (some English treads, try to use Google translate). There are games over Hamachi.
dedeyun (6 years ago)
Do you have any idea where can I find MP servers?
dedeyun (6 years ago)
It's pretty hard. Steep learning curve. But when you destroy the target its darn good!
Bruman (6 years ago)
Oh wow I haven't played this in nearly 5 years hahaha, whenever there was a torp after me I just launched countermeasures then did an emergency blow, seemed to work.
edwardzimmerman (6 years ago)
Yeah but the game is Fucked! Silent hunter 3 was the last good version.
racdenis (6 years ago)
Thumb up if you still play Sub Command or Dangerowus Waters! We have no other modern naval simulators... Sad, but true...
MustNotRead (6 years ago)
@RCMP793 it's a complex simulator. i doubt if the console-kiddie gamers of today found it "cool", so it probably didnt sell well.
Is their a sequal to this or did it not sell well?
omglollmao123 (7 years ago)
Nice of them to re-hire the voice actors from C&C: Red Alert after all this time.
ayyy lmao (7 years ago)
@stalkingalizee Only ONE at a time!? That must suck lol. And what is NWP? I never knew there were mods for JFC.
ayyy lmao (7 years ago)
@life4addict wrong, google Fleet Command.
ayyy lmao (7 years ago)
@stalkingalizee Really? Damn, why is that?
ayyy lmao (7 years ago)
@Kingofdetroit2004 Bullshit, Janes Fleet Command is a great modern naval simulator.
nathan smiddy (7 years ago)
was that a torpedo that the halo just dropt in the water? if it is that was one good shote on that sub i wode ser this is a 10/10 for pc games 10/10 for best selling naval simulation ever. and very well done to all of the peopel who made this game
sok8888 (7 years ago)
The game is fixed for US Navy to win only. Why would a hostile enemy kill a merchant ship first, knowing that the escort ship will definitely hunt it later?
Brett __ (7 years ago)
kill moose and squirrel
Capt777harris (7 years ago)
@Kingofdetroit2004 You're forgetting Sub Command.
H4RDB0DY (7 years ago)
anyone up for an online match? Reply to this, add me as a friend whatever i just wana play
loamsold (8 years ago)
Very nice game.
nttb6403 (8 years ago)
I got real good in this game or maybe I read a lot of naval info (ship type, weapons, instruments and how those thing really work). I love it when my LA sub got chase by the shitty russian torpedos. lol. Just pop CM (passive and active) then turn tail, run and dive like hell untill the one torpe really close, pop CMs again and do the emergency blow. hehe. Work for me 99% and those torpe just self destruct or turn tail and chase their own ship. lol
RedDawnJensen (8 years ago)
The best part about this game is the part where you wish you knew how to do anything.
Tamburello_1994 (8 years ago)
@adamlslda Good on you! must get the REINFORCE ALERT MOD..... Lot's more subs to drive!!
Tamburello_1994 (8 years ago)
@TheRiyad1 can you fly aircraft in SH? everyones entitled to an opinion i guess, not their own facts.
walmartian (8 years ago)
Guilherme H. (8 years ago)
the grafics is a shit
KFJ (8 years ago)
@legionofyuri Yep, the only controllable ship in the game, I think, is the Oliver Hazard Perry.
adamlslda (8 years ago)
Damn, i've played many sims, but the complexity and level of realism of this one is overwhelming, im afraid that's too hard even for such a sim-lover like me :(. But i will rather eat my pc than let such a great sim to pass me by. :)
afishcalledjohn (8 years ago)
this game is ace....but soooooo hard! I've developed a real hatred for TMA
afishcalledjohn (8 years ago)
@legionofyuri Yeh is it was, its the only playable surface ship.
TheRiyad1 (8 years ago)
@Kingofdetroit2004 silent hunter is better.
Metallicaftwable (8 years ago)
doesnt the akula have a missle that will fly up into the air and then when it decends it drops a torpedo at about 100 feet up
JDL (8 years ago)
the gamne is just too hard for me>? like too many hotkeys to remember and sometimes i dont even know what the name of the thing and what its gonna do, like you kindo f need to have some naval schooling on intruments and stuff.
racdenis (8 years ago)
Zed, точно сказано! Щука-Б по русски! (у НАТО - Акула 1 либо 2)
set972 (8 years ago)
spot on
set972 (8 years ago)
same thing with me .....at the barents sea
Zed8690 (9 years ago)
Идея с современными подлодками весьма отменная! однако графика... надеюсь что эти ребята создадут что то вроде Silent Hunter однако с современной техникой. Уж весьма охото очутиться на борту Акулы
antred11 (9 years ago)
Hmmm, I find that the game has some serious AI issues. In one of the missions I was tasked with attacking a Russian SAG off the coast of Norway. Upon detecting me, the Russian escorts proceeded to launch a whole bunch of torpedoes at me ... most of which ended up hitting their own ships.
Roger Tzeng (9 years ago)
legionofyuri (10 years ago)
Was that frigate an oliver hazard perry?
hetsar (10 years ago)
haaa just like silent hunter but modern
Shoehanger (10 years ago)
Stupid sim. Did they fix the flying sub bug? :)
SprecheDeutsch (10 years ago)
Yeah I realize that. I love playing it, but I'm saying I can see why some people might not enjoy it.
toonsis (10 years ago)
True, but its not a scenery sim its a stations sim and those are drawn quite well
toonsis (10 years ago)
The torp was dropped too close for any effective counter. Great bouy work by the helo crew. The mission goal is to save that merchant so the frigate was too late
Orek Dane (10 years ago)
silent hunter 4 had kickass sea graphics, but was poorly designed and extremely buggy. ubisoft completely dropped the ball on that one.
SprecheDeutsch (10 years ago)
It's a nice and realistic game to play, but the graphics do suck. And the music gets annoying.
Idaeus1 (11 years ago)
This game seems cool... Not nice graphics but who needs that when you have fun? :D
Mike (11 years ago)
I like Silent Hunter for the graphics, but they dunn have modern vessels. I wish they made one giant multipurpose naval simulator from the early war ships to the tecnological ships we have today.
Fekete Balazs (11 years ago)
i still prefer silent hunter. not bad video
DocterJones (11 years ago)
The captain of the sub launched too late...the torpedo was already there when the counter measures were activated...
SEVA26 (11 years ago)
Russian sub would win by the way...

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