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Imperialism: The Dark Continent | Review

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MightyGooga Plays 4 U (3 months ago)
Alexander said it all. Imp 2 is a great game.
Alexander Blanton (8 months ago)
Well, that's sad. I like it when companies let the rights to a game out there after they abandon it, but this kind of makes me rethink that. I see you reviewed Imperialism, but have you played the second one? It's the same concept as the first, but with the colonization of the Americas thrown in. With that very thorough template already available, it's remarkable this game looks so far off base.
Alexander Blanton (8 months ago)
I figured you did but thought you might not have since you didn't mention it in the review. If anything, I'd think they would have pretty well copied that game and changed the setting to Africa. Maybe they ran out of money. My understanding, which is just taking the word of a forum post, is the rights did lapse, which I think means they'd have free reign to just copy the second game and make something that didn't suck. Seems like that'd be a profitable venture. Oh, well. Thanks for the review though, even if it's sad to hear this isn't going anywhere. I'm going to try to tackle EU4 for the first time this weekend, so I'll probably be watching a few more of your videos. Cheers.
StrategyJoe (8 months ago)
Of course I know about the second installment. It's a great game. As for the IP I don't know who holds it but this game most likely surfs on a generic name in hopes people get confused.
ares106 (9 months ago)
“Dark continent” XD
StrategyJoe (8 months ago)
Dark as in permanent dark ages
Uncle Timo (9 months ago)
Because "dark" i.e. black people live there? Shock!!!!
ares106 (9 months ago)
StrategyJoe, yes but it could have another more controversial meaning...
StrategyJoe (9 months ago)
Yes dark as in unexplored fog of war!!
R3GARnator (9 months ago)
StrategyJoe (9 months ago)
True but there are mobile games that are actually decent even on computer. Eg: Pre-civilization Egypt

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