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Chamillionaire - Ridin' ft. Krayzie Bone

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Music video by Chamillionaire performing Ridin'. (C) 2005 Universal Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc.
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Text Comments (118047)
Maritza Piccarillo (8 minutes ago)
Riding while black! They racial profiling ....lol:-)
Jacob Lau (1 hour ago)
viswadev Krishna (1 hour ago)
Favourite thug life song.. 2018 anyone?
Aiden Sammie (2 hours ago)
2018? November
Aiden Sammie (2 hours ago)
kristian ph (2 hours ago)
Ugly gangster he have a big mouth ehhhh
Luigi Death State Brought Me Here
FaizanTV (5 hours ago)
Lyrics ??
Nicolas Morgan (7 hours ago)
Here in 2018
I was rapping to this song
diamond hernandez (7 hours ago)
Used to listen to this on Yahoo Music 🤣😭
Raphael Rodrigues (7 hours ago)
Esse som é foda pqp
Coach from left for Dead 2 was a cop 😎👍
Karen Dube (9 hours ago)
Awesome cover of White and Nerdy lol
Darac Cro-Pro (11 hours ago)
Hm when he says playstation i always think about dualshock 2 but now when i see xbox controller i be like 😵🔫
Cosmina Popescu (11 hours ago)
The best song! I love it😍
Yakhoub Traore (11 hours ago)
2018 !!!!! real rap, not like thse bullshits
Alemao ZO (12 hours ago)
Som de responsa.
Jonathan Garland (12 hours ago)
Let's see how many people will like this comment.
Urijah Micah (12 hours ago)
This is my most favorite songs
Restrição De Idade (12 hours ago)
Meu squad free fire 😎🤙👌🤘❤
egglot12 (12 hours ago)
Hell yeah! Thug life.
Maxim retro (13 hours ago)
T H U G L I F E 2019 💯
ROMARINHO MIL GRAU (13 hours ago)
Munbte Munesx (13 hours ago)
{ anonymous } (14 hours ago)
Why is this not the most viewed video yet
Marielynn Chamhi (14 hours ago)
2018 boiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Vito Marelica (14 hours ago)
Marielynn Chamhi yeaboiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~iii
Oi amigo
johnny blazed (15 hours ago)
robert vdechlý (15 hours ago)
Czech ? 😀
Kody gamer (16 hours ago)
Junior Gomes (17 hours ago)
Ta sendo muito usada em memes kkkkkkk
Szymon 100 000 (18 hours ago)
London Rebelde (18 hours ago)
Muitooo top sério
Nikita Unknown (19 hours ago)
November 2018?
Sidali sidou (20 hours ago)
A.C.A.B 😎
Sidali sidou (20 hours ago)
2019 ? Anyone 😎💕
Victor Martins (21 hours ago)
vojoo4 (21 hours ago)
Nostalgia :/
Mustafa ÖZEL (21 hours ago)
Yıllardır anlamıyorum ama güzel song.
Eathan Long (21 hours ago)
Blood Gang
Eathan Long (21 hours ago)
Thug life
Borneo Kwang (22 hours ago)
This song 2010 and 2018 i like 10000%... We love this song
Miscellaneous Mind (23 hours ago)
When I was a kid I thought this was 50
blin pista (1 day ago)
like boss
that guy (1 day ago)
Damn debo you trippin my grandmama gay me dat chain lol never knew krayzie bone was in this sick krayzie bone - smokin buddah
äpplePaj677 (1 day ago)
2:47 when you get all the girls in school for rapping
The Hiyuandi (1 day ago)
"Playstation controller" That's an Xbox controller
Eduardo Fernandes (1 day ago)
Deniz Gunes (1 day ago)
*playstation controller*
game clash (1 day ago)
Who do you think is cool about one I liked?
Kblogg 777 (1 day ago)
Makes me think of Marlo from The Wire lol.
Ben Davies (1 day ago)
I also play my PlayStation with an Xbox controller.
mendyc158 (1 day ago)
IM TRIGGERED! That’s an Xbox OG controller
Szandii (1 day ago)
Tn Sniper (1 day ago)
Knock knock Who's that Thayze Thayze what Thayze me rollinnnnn
John 200733 (1 day ago)
I hope she playing gta5
Just Tomi (1 day ago)
DarkDragon Asd (1 day ago)
#2018november 19
Its JesseGames! (1 day ago)
Make a new version in 2018
Thug life song!
gEnIus in EvEryOne (1 day ago)
I kinda want to get his phone case, but I don’t know 🤔 https://www.teechip.com/ridindirty
David Sosolič (1 day ago)
That is xbox controler
MO D U P E (1 day ago)
No one cares which year you watching just have a fun
Abigail Asiedu (1 day ago)
2019 👍👊👊
Aashish Ranjan (1 day ago)
Only losers can dislike the song Still enjoying the song😎😎
Taulua Moala-szeles (1 day ago)
Nice music YEAH
Daawn (1 day ago)
Maybe the police stopped you because you had the wrong controller. As far as i know, you go to jail if you play ps in the car with xbox controller.
Миша С (1 day ago)
Skycrew 27 (1 day ago)
Moobot789 (1 day ago)
Anyone else from soda's stream?
Kablosuz Oyuncu (1 day ago)
Rania Benzayed (1 day ago)
You spin me rolling !! Das singen wir immrr wenn wir runter fallen oder so in meiner klasse Hahahaha geiles lied
DrakeNate Playz (1 day ago)
Blitz (2 days ago)
I remember when people in my school maded one of the teachers(her name was Mrs Rollin) name as a meme. They would say "they see me rollin"
Jula&Gabi :OP (2 days ago)
Saint Mark (2 days ago)
Donna Barber (2 days ago)
They see me rolling because i am the zeke and i got this for my bros and me and we are bros for bros and they see me rolling
DJBez13 (2 days ago)
Stop in the name of the law
Nutella Butter (2 days ago)
Omg we don’t care about in which year you’re watching this please stoooop
ruffian (2 days ago)
Joice Luciane (2 days ago)
Loveee ❤️
Crooked60 (2 days ago)
WaHt YEar IS It???
Sankhanil Das (2 days ago)
Really a thug life song
Flambo McFly (2 days ago)
Thats an xbox controller lmao
Henry Sawyer (2 days ago)
-adds to Spotify playlist
Kieran Williams (2 days ago)
Who listening and jamming out with this is 2018??❤️
xXFuria_96Xx YT (2 days ago)
I’ve only write music for rolling
StickCriteur (2 days ago)
Doble G (2 days ago)
2018? 2019? 2020? 2021?
Instinctz (2 days ago)
When I play MARIO kart
Lil Kim (2 days ago)
So gangsta
Dejavierre Logan (2 days ago)
PlayStation controller but its a xbox controller
kaletsu pvp (2 days ago)
Whata meme
*They see me rolling they hating*------------Meme of the year
Mr.Or00Killer (2 days ago)
Ovelha Nigga (2 days ago)
cade os br caraio
Z- BLACK (2 days ago)
270 jt VIWER🤩 600 SUBSCRIBE😏
Ông Kẹ (2 days ago)
childhood music: ((
Aatu mambo Lol (2 days ago)

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