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TOP 10 New STRATEGY Games 2017 / 2018 RTS War, Civilization Management, City Building

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Thesse are 10 new strategy games for 2017 upcoming 2018. GamesList: 00:05 Ancestors 01:29 Jurassic World Evolution 02:53 Surviving Mars 04:22 The Guild 3 05:08 Ancient Cities 07:08 Anno 1800 08:07 SpellForce 3 10:15 Iron Harvest 11:14 Age of Empire Definitive Edition 13:22 Age of Empire 4
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Text Comments (1410)
Bullettube (12 hours ago)
Top Ten advertisements for games the developers hope you'll buy.
Mauro Ivan Brundo (11 days ago)
Age of empires IV fake
AKMemez (12 days ago)
These are my favorite type of games. I’m trying to find one to buy... any suggestions? I prefer medieval.
Vladimirovich (15 days ago)
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Nature Lover :3 (15 days ago)
where do i download Ancient cities
Johan Boshoff (18 days ago)
Ubisoft lost my support I own several of their products all bought thru Steam. No more money from me then Ubisoft I will recommend this to my entire friends list and any platform I belong too will hear this message. Gaming is a multibillion $ industry let your voice be heard and say NO. :steamsad:
Junaid Ahmed (24 days ago)
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mauzayat (1 month ago)
betina mentirosa
Erica Gonzales (1 month ago)
Badass game
Drafer (1 month ago)
it is not a games, it is a intro of games
James Henderson (1 month ago)
Yeah but do any of them work on windows 10??
Secret Sounds (2 months ago)
8:40 i always wonder how the hell can these ppl put out their long sword and from the behind like that lol
Jiří Kareš (2 months ago)
* Remembrance of "Alley Cat" *
Srm Mojahed (2 months ago)
I uninstalled AOE from my PCs because limited population!but Generals were awesome specially ZH and RED alert and Tiberium war.
Savic Luka (2 months ago)
War planet online must be on the list
CasualBlitz (2 months ago)
Jurassic World Evolution is tempting when I see the T-Rex just eat a human and after all temperate moment we see the large park and say "wow what a beautiful game I want it !" x)
Abc123 Xyz8910 (2 months ago)
I really like the Ancestors music but i dont know its name
Ark Dunyasi (2 months ago)
noob microsoft
sabir doulatzai (2 months ago)
Commandos 4
P0WeR0fRA (2 months ago)
Warcraft 4 anyone ?!?!
Aurinkohirvi (2 months ago)
Ancient cities looked really interesting. Spellforce is an awesome strategy + RPG game combo! So I'm excited of Spellforce 3.
Rommel (2 months ago)
solo se me carga la intro y despues se cierra, algun consejo?
train fan 4014 (3 months ago)
I feel like surviving Mars ain’t giving us all the facts
hahaha far (3 months ago)
GamePlay PvH (3 months ago)
CitiesAncient esperando por esse game.
Yiğit Çelik (3 months ago)
good thanks DT gaming
Denis Triton (3 months ago)
Do not play Forge of Empires. Robbery is part of the game mechanics. And you will be robbed by players from higher eras and advanced features. Agree that a horse can not resist a tank, and sword to machine gun. The administration is not going to change this extremely unpleasant feature of the game.
NOT Tfue khalaq (3 months ago)
and I turend notic and subscribed and liked
NOT Tfue khalaq (3 months ago)
im ali kasim friend he sAid you got gierway scooter zain said to me to tell you to send it to me plz
AlexGTV (3 months ago)
RTS games seem to be getting so popular now
MegaSuckitdry (3 months ago)
spellforce has geralt of rivia as narator? blasphemy lol
Salman Khan (3 months ago)
Loved It!!!🙌😃 Guys, do check this AOE3 HD Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj2HfuJef-0&t=70s
David Jeba (3 months ago)
I wish Age of Empire 4 Starts as AOE2 gameplay, advances to Red Alert 2 like gameplay and advances till Halo Wars 2 like gameplay
How about age of mythology
Lo weees (4 months ago)
The revival of classic RTS genre !!!!! Yay!!!!!
moh tl (4 months ago)
هذا العاب كله العاب كمبيوتر
Daryush Parsa (4 months ago)
just iron Harvest
Ralph Torres (4 months ago)
Ive been playing RTS Games until I met banished anyone is looking forward to it ?
Stacy Webb (4 months ago)
No red alert? Go to gulag
Arnie Kando (4 months ago)
Generals Zero Hour was the one I played more than anything else ever. Why oh why did the can generals 2.
Dymas6 (4 months ago)
Los pagos mínimos son desde 20€. Logueate con este enlace de invitación http://www.marketglory.com/strategygame/FERRET3
Permaculture Ecuador (4 months ago)
eMRizKy (4 months ago)
I love medieval game 😍😍😍😍
N Đ C Gaming Tv (4 months ago)
con chó lừa đảo giả danh ng khác ko biết nhục ak
Mathias Voorhees (4 months ago)
Which ones have a unlimited money mode?
Bartolomeo Vanzetti (4 months ago)
We are at the end of 2018 and half of these games didn't go on sale or have still early access. You were wrong
andy kingdom (4 months ago)
age of empire remaster are we still can use cobra car lol " how do you turn this on " thats still stick in my head
david abe (4 months ago)
They all look... like chit.
Prabha Prabha (4 months ago)
This is an Android games an are you sure
chrom bits (5 months ago)
Put the fvcking Game play not the trailer
GIORGI GAMER (5 months ago)
The best city builder game is Banished modded...
marios green (5 months ago)
5:08 nice game
Seigfreid Caluya (5 months ago)
is Ancestors release and can you choose where is the country your in ?
Ernest Tucker (5 months ago)
hehehe aoe mobile
dean jago (5 months ago)
Can anyone reccomend a game like age of empires for ps4 ...used to love playing command and conquer but All these games seem to be pc any help appreciated guys :)
Imteaz Sakib (5 months ago)
I loved playing the Rise Of Nations 💙
Izma Sahaja (5 months ago)
Jurassic world when out ??
De Sousa (5 months ago)
Nr. 4 Geralt of Rivia voice
Chờ mà mất clip với bị cấm làm 🚫🚫 youtube ik nhé thằng suc vật
Tao sẽ tố cáo những clip của m
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Cro Ultras (5 months ago)
I love game:Call Of War
Stratoss Atmospheros (6 months ago)
Fuck me ...childhood is coming back. ....I will buy this game...even for 100 bugs...😈😈😈😈
Husam A.aziz (6 months ago)
R.U.S.E .. the best game strategy 💪
redrobiin (6 months ago)
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mister retsim (6 months ago)
I want a new rise of nation game
Valdemar (6 months ago)
Where are Cossacks 3?
Cristiano Jardel (6 months ago)
Download frostpunk 3gb https://youtu.be/FQHHBAL10Ww
Graf Jenja Standart (7 months ago)
it's really sad that spellforce did not deliver :(
ITACHI UCHIHA (7 months ago)
Dian Coetzer (7 months ago)
Sick video man
jack max (7 months ago)
beautiful games but rise of nation game
Ali Alhindi (7 months ago)
Mr. Green (7 months ago)
How about Age of Civilizations?
mysterios being (7 months ago)
Age of mythology :)
John Ekström (7 months ago)
I still want advance wars.
Rub Rub (7 months ago)
age 2 trailer starts with a wololo , im ded
Acido Argentino (7 months ago)
Ancestors, Jurassic World Evolution, Surviving Mars, Ancient Cities and Iron Harvest \../
Ganteng Anjrit (7 months ago)
Like Europa universalis
Dikakun (7 months ago)
nice bro, Visit kokgame15.blogspot.com for review about game android
CrazySmash Vlad (7 months ago)
8:20 OMG GERALT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gona play that game only cuz of Geralt's voice O_O
Guille PreDe! (7 months ago)
Con age of empire 3 la cagaron.. me obligaron a jugar un modo que yo no queria :'( que no...que no queria :(
lightninggt10 (7 months ago)
Sean Fleming (8 months ago)
please dont fuck age 4 upppppp
Sacrilege83 (8 months ago)
I want to buy them all!
Simone Orlandi (8 months ago)
Still waiting for Supreme commander 3...
Ghost Gaming (8 months ago)
well for those guys who says that age of empires IV is still old and medieval age which SUCKS! No, you are wrong there are other modern games like csgo, cod, battlefield which is still of no match for AoE the only reason behind it is AoE is perfect and the only people who know about this is the true fans of AoE...I hope Microsoft never ever include tanks, rocket and planes etc to the game it will ruin it!
jadhal9280 (8 months ago)
Aoe 2 aoe kings is best
KathKook JK,KCMB (8 months ago)
Age of Empire 4, im soo excited😂😍
Marin Manuel (8 months ago)
nizidibi (8 months ago)
1:51 Somebody give this guy's family a medal... he is a hero. Dumb fuck!
Liam 277 (8 months ago)
Weird to hear Geralt`s Voice in another Game.
Lazarus (8 months ago)
i NEED a new Stronghold
OneofInfinity (8 months ago)
AoE: Definitive Edition (before the next version gets released).
Izaldeen Iraq (8 months ago)
I dont think there is game come after general and red alert
qiusef (8 months ago)
Ancient city, anno 1800 and AoE 4!! I really hope someone makes ceasar 5!!!!
Muchammad Ichwan (8 months ago)
good game
Diesel 993 (8 months ago)
I wanted Age of Mythology 2 - it would be something!
** (8 months ago)
You missed Ultimate General: Civil War? It was released Jan 2018.
Dmytro Korolkov (8 months ago)
Age of Empire Definitive Edition – is necromancy legal nowadays? :)

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