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I'M BAAACKK!! Took a little break but I'm back with a lil funny video testing out some super cheap wigs from Wish! Buy my top from Boohoo - http://www.boohoo.com/petite-faye-rib-v-neck-tee/PZZ94936.html?color=105 Check out wish (if you dare lol) - https://www.wish.com/ Follow me on SOCIAL MEDIA: ➤Twitter- https://twitter.com/abbyrartistry?lan... ➤Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/abbyrobertsartistry/ ➤Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/AbbyRobertsArtistry/ Songs - ♫Music By♫ ●Pryces - 9th Wonder ●Song - https://youtu.be/-ON4KtW-wEs ●Pryces - http://smarturl.it/Pryces ●Pryces - Well Do Ya ●Song - https://youtu.be/UqrOjUGHutk ●Pryces - http://smarturl.it/Pryces
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Text Comments (63)
babe brown (12 days ago)
These ladies need to put the links
Moana MSP (17 days ago)
I dare you to go out in public and pretend to be Billie elish
Caity P (28 days ago)
Ok but that pink one!!!
miriam castellanos (2 months ago)
I buy it wigs from wish they are trash.
Maricella Cook (2 months ago)
Its Jay baby how to fix hump and make synthetic wig look real
Maricella Cook (2 months ago)
Theres a video where you can fix that hair line I think her name is jaybee or jaybaby and she has a method to make those kind of fronts that sit on top of your head into a lacefront or look like one
LucOnline (4 months ago)
lol the grey wig gave me Jenny vibes from Gossip Girl 😂
Mermaid Maryssa (5 months ago)
Just terrible!😂😂😂😂😂
153street home (6 months ago)
Please review full wig with bangs 😍
Diamond Dia (6 months ago)
That lip color 😣😣😣 brr
Shayne Hooper (6 months ago)
That is so strange!! I previously ordered the exact same wig from wish (the first pink one) but it was COMPLETELY different to yours! Mine was wavy like the pic but didn't have te same bangs, I had to cut mine myself because they were sooooo long and out of shape!! Also a bit darker pink too
Donna D (7 months ago)
Just didn't want to hurt your feelings.
Donna D (7 months ago)
Not trying to be mean, but thought you might want to know your teeth really look dark grey, with that dark, dark lipstick. You're a very cute girl & I bet another color would look nice on you. Good luck with your YouTube channel.
Abby Roberts (7 months ago)
Donna D I know I think it’s my camera - the colours always look very off? Anyway I’m buying a new one in the next few weeks!
Irene Hernandez (7 months ago)
First you gotta learn how to wear a wig,its not a freaking hat!!😒😒😒
Irene Hernandez (7 months ago)
That JOKER lipstick its awful!!!😬😬😬😬
Irene Hernandez (7 months ago)
Waaaaaay too much highlighter!!!😬😬😬😬
Trash Can •-• (7 months ago)
“I can not see.” *laughs* You’ve got a new sub!! 😭😗😂💜💜💜
Ava Savage (7 months ago)
Who else got a wish ad?😂😆
Molly Nuttall (8 months ago)
Molly Nuttall (8 months ago)
OMG IM SHOOK your accent sounds near to mine and you know about drag race
Emilie Bruun (9 months ago)
The pink looks really nice!!
D'ivouri Rosas (9 months ago)
Alaysha Roberts (10 months ago)
you can fix the hairlines lol
Artemya_Lunara (10 months ago)
Wish and other cheap websites use Videos and Pictures from youtubers, that try really high qualitative wigs where you pay at least a few hundred of dollars. Only by this you can tell that you won't get what they sell. The black long wig in the beginning showed Peakmill. She is a youtuber and an artist and she is known for slaying wigs.
Meg c: (10 months ago)
Please tell me the link of the first link, thank you so much c:
Euphie (10 months ago)
You are so beautiful! <3 btw pink hair suits you a lot :D
Brianna Metreger (10 months ago)
when wigs aren't lace front wear of Beanie or a snapback over it
Macartney Wood (10 months ago)
I found you from miz crackers twitter! i thought you were beautiful and I wanted to check out your youtube, I think you are really cool! I subscribed 💓
Abby Roberts (10 months ago)
Macartney Wood omg thank you! Miz Cracker is everythinggg😭💖
Vicki Senar (10 months ago)
I bought a cheap lace front wig from amazon, it was £37.99 and looks very realistic. I love I but the colour doesn’t really suit me. I’ll leave the link to it, they also have other coloured ones and they have loads of reviews and YouTube clips. Defo my fave synthetic wig. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B01M61RAIF/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1527459448&sr=8-1-spons&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=pink+wig&psc=1
Shelby Faith (9 months ago)
bc of the way you had your hair in the wig cap, you have a cone head and that’s not cute
Sarah B (10 months ago)
I have a tip for the wigs with the dodgy hairlines. You can position them slightly back from your natural hairline (if your colour is close enough) and then blend them in. I've watched vids that show you how to do this and it really works well. Check it out.
Dian Celestine (11 months ago)
dσn't вuч wígѕ frσm wíѕh. í вσught σnє wαѕ nícє α lαcє frσnt. σrdєrєd αnσthєr σnє wíth thє ѕαmє hαírlínє αѕ thє σnєѕ íѕ thє vídєσ. wαѕ ѕσ upѕєt cuz í rєαllч wαntєd α nícє wíg. nєvєr вuчíng σnє frσm thєrє єvєr.
Axel Fuentes (11 months ago)
2:30 what the fuck is miss cracker doing there
sarah jenkins (11 months ago)
I have like 15 wigs from wish
April Rye (11 months ago)
Love the video. One thing, your lipstick is making your teeth look gray. Not sure if it’s just the lighting or something. But you are so lovely.
Indica Jane (10 months ago)
Yea she has several grey metal squares on her teefs lol
yxjiboo (10 months ago)
April Rye in pretty sure that's just the braces lol
Introverted Misanthrope (11 months ago)
What lip colour is that? 😍
Irene Hernandez (7 months ago)
Caca color!!
Abby Roberts (11 months ago)
Introverted Misanthrope the dark red from the abh lip palette!
Sydney marie (11 months ago)
Love the pink fits u so cute 😍💖
Shelia Paige (11 months ago)
Wish isA joke they still ur $$$$$An send shitass stuff fake stuff don't use ur dibet card or any other card with ur $$$$on there ur going wish u never heard of wish when get don
Loven Gym (11 months ago)
It would be nice if you could buy wigs that other you tubers haven’t reviewed from wish cos I keep seeing the same ones x
Abby Roberts (11 months ago)
Loven Gym which are those?
Maya Jade (11 months ago)
Slap a cap on or head band on those wigs and you can happily make a trip to the store without worrying about looking a complete hot mess.
Abby Roberts (11 months ago)
Maya Jade exactly what I was thinking, after I filmed this video I gave some of them a good styling and the results were incredible! I might film a few of them!
Jade west (11 months ago)
i love how everyone orders a so called lace front wig for less the £10 and actually believe thats what they are going to get no hate i have done it in my life but come on have you seen how much plastic lace fronts go for even ones on ebay from china you still looking at £30
Jade west (11 months ago)
you can get plastic hair lace fronts for £30 to 50 just to try them out but real hair you are more then a couple hundred
Maximus Thomas (11 months ago)
a real, good quality lace front is normally around a couple of hundred pounds so if you're finding one online for under a tenner, don't expect to get a lace front haha
Jade west (11 months ago)
+Abby Roberts eBay's pretty bad for that I payed over £40 and it was not lace and had a chemical smell but got money back and was told to keep the wig not like I wanted it
Abby Roberts (11 months ago)
Jade west I know girl haha! They’re never what they say in the photo, just thought it would be funny to see the difference 😂
Francisco Gutierrez (11 months ago)
Cherra Yebron (1 year ago)
Im excited for this new setup! And yes make this a series that would be cool! 💖
Abby Roberts (11 months ago)
Cherra Yebron eek glad you like it sis!
Douglas Ward (1 year ago)
Nice :)
Dahlia Bruyere (1 year ago)
Your makeup is gorgeous
Abby Roberts (11 months ago)
Dahlia Bruyere thank you Dahlia! You have such a pretty name!
Anna Perry (1 year ago)
GIRL I'VE BEEN MISSING YOUR VIDS!!! I've been waiting for you to do another tutorial of your more avant-garde looks. I also love this new editing style and how you're showing more of your personality in this video
Abby Roberts (11 months ago)
Anna Banana thank you so much Anna! So sorry I’ve been off for a while I just wasn’t in a very good headspace. I feel much better now though and will continue to show my personality more (I was scared to in the past but I figured I’d just go for it!) will also try to do my more exciting looks on YouTube more often they just take a while lol!❤️❤️
Linzi Dobson (1 year ago)
snatch my wig sis
Katie Elizabeth (1 year ago)
Please try more things from wish💗

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