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typhoon sendong survivors floating at ILIGAN BAY,seeking help..and rescued ALIVE..

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flash flood survivors rescued by M/V YANG A, chartered by HOLCIM CEMENT.there are 8 of them (3 adults and 5 children including 2 yrs.old daughter. it was 12 km.away from the nearest land of ILIGAN. Thanks GOD...from Master,officers and crew...uploaded by bertcal
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Lamberdoodle (28 days ago)
People living near the shore are verg dangerous, they could be swept to the middle of the sea
Christopher Ybañez (2 months ago)
Engon Ani ka worst Ang nahitabo sa sendong dri sa iligan city,kasakit palandungon sa ilang gidangatan UnyA mamalik npod og papili sa politika Ang mga kawatan say donation para sa biktima sa sendong.mga yelohan og blue super man.be aware mga iliganon dili ta pailad sa mga kawatan nga politician!
mira carpila (2 months ago)
dios ko po dagat naman to oi
Proudly Promdi (2 months ago)
Dapat pinasusuot ng like a life vest ang mga bata in case madisgrasya sila
Francis Madrigal (2 months ago)
Salute with this brave crew
Ana Mae (3 months ago)
Sabaa pod ning tawhana..
lovely girl (3 months ago)
telemetryz (3 months ago)
The LORD had fuck all to do with it... credit to the men with a boat though.
Elebana Sweet November (3 months ago)
Ginoo q..nanindog aq mga balahibo sa lawas...second life na gyud ni nila...mga bata dili nko ma emagine nga naglutaw2x sila sa kagabi un.....ang ginoo naga uban ug nagluwas nila ana nga panahona.
Mayo Marivic (3 months ago)
Maau kay galotaw cla thank u lord wala nimo cla gpasagdan
Skirm Vlog (3 months ago)
Grabe daming nasalanta kawawa nman.
Purple Rain Vlogs (3 months ago)
Thank u lord kay narescue sila. Hay kawawa nagutumam
Farridah Namejomhur (3 months ago)
YaAllah lindungi mereka
Ringo mariano deguzman (3 months ago)
saludo po ako sa inyo mga tunay na superhero
Yaku mlago (3 months ago)
Kwawa mga tao
Happy Sabachi (4 months ago)
Bless them
Jovencio Collarin (4 months ago)
grabi oi khilakon man sad ta sa ani.sa pag tan aw oi.ha ilaha ilallah.
Jovencio Collarin (4 months ago)
dpat marami ung rescue pra dli mag huot sa bangka.
Maria Fe Clavite (4 months ago)
Iyak ako dto
Jelmarie Dela Cruz (4 months ago)
Abdullah Amran (4 months ago)
ad urpina (4 months ago)
this man is herous great helping hands
velm cajeras (5 months ago)
Nancy Nancy (5 months ago)
Hala oy! Kalooy slamat god di neo sila pinabayaan
Aries Ph (5 months ago)
lahat ng nakaligtas sa mga sakuna na ito, siguradong may mabuting balak ang Dios sa kanila balang araw.
Mary Ann (5 months ago)
Gasakit jud akong dughan galantaw
Sseremba Daniel (5 months ago)
Does God really exist
Jose Elmo Dialing (4 months ago)
ask those them that were rescued after whole night of floating, they will tell you God really exist :)
Health Beauty (6 months ago)
5000 times salute for this guys..... keep up the good work.
Barb McCafferty (7 months ago)
I feel very fortunate after watching this video.
Elizalde mojica (9 months ago)
kawawa naman ung mga bata putang inamong desaster ka maraming namatay sayo kahit hindi ka tayo tidnahana kaparin ng may kapal kaya lang pamatay ka
Regan Dinlay (10 months ago)
Salute mga sir
yuki takahashi (11 months ago)
Nkakaiyak tenkyu god nailigtas tawon looy kaayo Mga bata
vhon paulo (11 months ago)
Nkakaiyak pro nkakabilib any rescuer khit n mhirap Ang sitwasyon cnusubukan nya philomin Ang sugat s puso nla
Mario Bald0mar (11 months ago)
maraming salamat sa inyo mga Sir...rescuer..
Joseph Tupil (11 months ago)
Wala pa sila?
Joseph Tupil (11 months ago)
Hapon na
Joseph Tupil (11 months ago)
San kau mga nsa gobyerno bkit khit isang barko sa gobyerno wala noon dito
quiros_ mp3 (11 months ago)
I salute u mga sir... kung nagtagal pa sila sa laot siguro di sila naka survive. GOD bless u po...
God bless to all those rescuer
Sherwel Libertad (11 months ago)
OMG buti nalang nakaligtas pa sila
Elvin Echevarria (11 months ago)
Esta brutal que dificil.
Mauli Ako (1 year ago)
Unbelievable, my heart goes out to my fellow kababayan. I'm wondering why only one boat is rescuing these people? There's a big ship and where's the damn military?
Mauli Ako (1 year ago)
I hope Filipinos learn a lesson from this. Our country is in the Pacific oceans and within the Pacific of fire. Yearly we encounter these typhoons, volcano eruption and other calamities. Police, health workers and gov't officials are first responders. Nobody even taught us any damn first aid when I was there. No CPR classes, No emergency rescue and other life saving measures. That damn chief of police in my town I always see sitting in front of the plaza with his big belly instead of patrolling and securing the whole community. They will only respond if they hear somebody got shot. It's about time!!! I'm here in these good darn USA serving their people and not even serving my own elderly parents and these victims of calamity. I was a volunteer in the mountains giving shots and delivering babies before but as I recall none of these emergency measures and nobody even prepare our brains that things like these happens every in the Philippines.
Ligaya Brgenia (1 year ago)
thank u Lord na rescue sila...S mga rescuer daghang salamat..Mga hero kamu
Park Shin (1 year ago)
wow bisay XD
Albert Tacuyo (4 months ago)
Ablterwdte wowbisay xD
vi da (1 year ago)
i cant stop crying watching esp the kids! I salute the rescuers. Stay safe...all of you.salamat sa Ginoo you're safe now.
Lucy Cassidy (1 year ago)
Hi there did you film this yourself? We are interested in using it as part of a TV series about weather. Could you please email me at [email protected] – thanks! Lucy
Markalvin Aranas (1 year ago)
wlay hero, trabaho lang...
Mykee Ebanos (2 years ago)
wala nay part II?
Basavaraj chikkamath (2 years ago)
Zachary Borromeo (7 months ago)
go away and dig for more bob vagene
1957evinrude (2 years ago)
Thank God those were saved >
Jestoni Gabonada (5 months ago)
1957evinrude but the girl in a pink shirt loss her 2 child😢😢
Drenz08 Cernales (2 years ago)
Ang GuLo mo Sick ...Sick ka ng sick ...
GEE Touring (2 years ago)
real heroes
M Velasco (2 years ago)
true heroes at work, daghang salamat!
jolly ant (3 years ago)
Woaah T^T Kakaiyak to ah
Bulaw Chico (3 years ago)
mag riskio gane ka ekaw lng ayaw nah apil la ang tiguwang
ShasrohgK Namsas (3 years ago)
maraming salamat po sainyong lahat na tumulong mag Rescue sa mga victims ng Typon,,pagpalain kayo ng ating Panginoong Jesus,,
Nathan Cachola (4 years ago)
Ivan Rosas (4 years ago)
Éstas personas sí son héroes.
stedmans4christ (5 years ago)
These men are so wonderful to go saving all of these babies and children...heros
Muddi Khan (9 months ago)
ा लोफर
Muddi Khan (9 months ago)
Rhea Delrosario (5 years ago)
Nasan pala ung governo?bkit wlang rescue?
Ako (4 years ago)
they came many days later
bobby fletcher (5 years ago)
respect is due there guys. without people like that (a dying breed) the world would be fucke d
billy smith (5 years ago)
wow the bravery of those girls and kids in the water blew my mind. so calm god bless you all. total respect to you.
vonfistenberg (5 years ago)
Sa mga nagpuputol ng puno at walang pahindungang pag gahasa sa kagubatan at pagkawala ng kagubatan alang alang sa pera...tignan nyo ang kinalalabasan ng karumal dumal nyong gawain.
talia (5 years ago)
kalooy nila. oi! dako nga barko isa lang naka boat dapat helecopter para nakita sila agad. gabiii pa hangtud adlaw. layo ilang giabutan. ang genoo nag hatag pa og higayon nga mabuhi pa mo?.
chris nemco (5 years ago)
saludo ko sa inyo gaw..
sweetlhyn41 (5 years ago)
thumbs up to the rescuer .. it made me cry while watching... u guys risk urlives for the sake of others... thanks to u all spcially to the offcer in charge of this task leaving no one insight. kay kuya who show sense of humor amidst this tragedy labi n s last rescue. u made me cry sumhow made laugh when u encourage the lady to cry no more instead smile kay imo xa e video... bravo kuya.. God bless u all in many fild for ur good deeds.....
sweetlhyn41 (5 years ago)
thumbs up s mga rescuer...made me cry while watching... u risk urlives for the sake of others... specially to offcer in charge of this task who shows sense of humor amidst of this tragedy...kuya u made me cry in some ways u made me laugh labi n s last ninyo ge rescue encouraging her not to cry but smile kay e vedio
elmer paglinawan (5 years ago)
salamat sa inyong pag tolong sa mga kababayan ko na taga iligan
Janette Pestanas (5 years ago)
I Salute to all the rescuers for all your hard working.Im crying while Im watching this video. GOD bless u all para marami pa kayong matulongan.For all the survivor I pray for ur recovery.Sana maraming tao na katulad ninyo..........................
Jim Hofman (6 years ago)
whoa!---man oh man mother nature......thank you rescuers for your patience and persistense to keep looking and looking like you did....and sure enough another kid was found!
BrickToyTrains (6 years ago)
The first girl they pull out of water - Are those Leeches all over her body?
Mauli Ako (1 year ago)
BrickToyTrains There's no leeches in the oceans those are probably woods and splinters.
Daleen Fisher (6 years ago)
My hearts go out to these people. I hope they are able to rebuild lives for themselves.
unstertube (6 years ago)
My families were safe at the hillside in CDO, but my heart aches for the victims all the way here in the US. Thank God for rescuers like these group for their help.
unstertube (6 years ago)
Kudos to these rescuers from the HOLCIM Cement. Great job!
kabron kayati (6 years ago)
ganyan talaga ang buhay swerte swerte lang
leon tiro (6 years ago)
salamat jud inyong pag rescue mga bai..nalooy jud ko ana nila
Kerry Evans (6 years ago)
Salamat dios....... We were in Cdo from Ireland..... Incredible how the people helped each other.... Alway in our hearts and prayers
ernie ong (6 years ago)
Job well done...
Lloyd Bartolaba (6 years ago)
job well done
Agustin Mendoza (6 years ago)
Walang kasalanan ang bagyong Sendong dito., Ung mga hayup na nag putol ng mga puno ang dapat managot!!!
campman rollan (6 years ago)
These guys are real heroes. Thanks God...
eddie domminguez (7 years ago)
it's good that they were able to save these people, thanks God.
Alecia Calibat (7 years ago)
god bless nga natulongan ninyo saludo ko sa inyo very touching tulo ko luha ko pagpalaan ko kayo
Ned Yoon Pi (7 years ago)
Luke David (7 years ago)
Mga tol, Saludo ako sa ginawa nyo sana ipagpatuloy nyo ang inyong kabutihan sa kapwa tao...isa kayo sa may mga dakilang puso. at Suwertehin kayo sa mga daring na panahon, GOD BLESS YOU.......
lum bayao (7 years ago)
good job rescuer
thwirlie Bernales (7 years ago)
kalooy kay nila uiy. :( thank you jud kayo sa nag save! may the Lord God bless you! :)
Rey Bars (7 years ago)
Karon na gyud na restore and Internet connection sa amo. SALAMAT FOR SAVING THEM!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!
sonny rubio (7 years ago)
well done to the team...
cryptoniterockz (7 years ago)
kanang nag dislike mga wala moy puangod!
Vin Custodio (7 years ago)
Bugsay! Bugsay!
flipo25rid (7 years ago)
i wish i could of done something this heroic.Salamat kaayo bai sa pag tabang nila.
don nod (7 years ago)
God bless you all..i salute and proud sa inyong lahat
Joeseph Templeton (7 years ago)
@chonatjon Why?
armanikka Tenchavez (7 years ago)
thank god kay nsave sila salamat kaayo sa ng upload
chojon mirasol (7 years ago)
Proud to be Pinoy.....
enelrad75 (7 years ago)
God bless you all for your heroic deed! Thank you for saving them M/V YANG A. Mabuhay kayo!
Bubbi (7 years ago)
jayr romarate (7 years ago)
i salute you!!!!
Ronald muñoz (7 years ago)

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