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My Jesus, I Love Thee

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MY JESUS, I LOVE YOU My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mine; For Thee all the follies of sin I resign; My gracious Redeemer, My Savior art Thou; If ever I loved Thee, My Jesus, 'tis now. I love Thee because Thou hast first loved me, And purchased my pardon on Calvary's tree; I love Thee for wearing the thorns on Thy brow; If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, 'tis now! In mansions of glory and endless delight, I'll ever adore Thee in heaven so bright; I'll sing with the glittering crown on my brow, If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, 'tis now! my Jesus, 'tis now!
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deen49 (13 hours ago)
Elijah Ettah (1 month ago)
this hym is so touching I love you my Jesus you are yesterday, today and forever,
sheander grillis (1 month ago)
'if ye love me ; keep my commandments'!
cnera (3 months ago)
Who was the choir group that performed this hymn piece, thanks
Bethany Reynoso (3 months ago)
I love you Jesús you' are my everything
Harry Kim (4 months ago)
“Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice.” Psalms 55:17 (KJV)
megwa08 (5 months ago)
"...if ever I loved thee, my Jesus 'tis now". When I hear this part of the song, all I can think about are the thorns on his head and how he suffered for us and I can't help but cry because we are so unworthy of such love! Thank you Jesus.🙏
Rosario Polanek (6 months ago)
My jesus my lord and my savior I love you please protect me in the name of the holy spirit amen
Sharon Chisholm (7 months ago)
I love you Jesus for the Cross where you shed your Blood for my sins !
Donald D. (8 months ago)
Why is the sound separated in headphones?
beatrice kosgei (8 months ago)
my Jesus I love thee
noah rouch (9 months ago)
Love you Jesus
noah rouch (9 months ago)
Love you Jesus because you are the best
sierra owens (9 months ago)
I love this song
Mark William (10 months ago)
Debora Dube (11 months ago)
ann moses (1 year ago)
it's perfect! praise God 😁
jamesjosut (1 year ago)
What a lovely choir..I love you Lord 🙏🙏
Marge Dirchi (1 year ago)
One of my favorite hymn... 💕💞💞💞💞💕💕💕💕💕💝💝💔💔
복덩이 (1 year ago)
영 어 찬송가 은혜가 풍성하고 행복합니다
jack c (1 year ago)
conanyoon (1 year ago)
The base line variation from 2:20 is so touching my heart.. Praise the Lord !!
Felix Otuoma (1 year ago)
tis now
Joyce Angela (1 year ago)
Favourite hymn!!
Kalme Rechil (1 year ago)
my favorite song of all the time
Kayla A (1 year ago)
I love thee my Jesus tis now and forever more because you loved me 💖💕
djfg1938 (2 years ago)
I love Jesus more every day
Beryl James (2 years ago)
Beautiful Beautiful Hymn...
Aaron Siltala (2 years ago)
love this hymn..
Joseph Mwangi (4 days ago)
owesome.The old hymns remain inspiring and fresh
A beautiful rendition of one of my favourite songs! And thanks for the high quality true stereo recording!
João (2 years ago)
What's the name of the choir?
Olatunji Samuel (2 years ago)
Waoh! This is one of my favourite hymns
Aruthra R (5 months ago)
Renalyn Serafin (2 years ago)
i loVe u God
Brennie Julian (2 years ago)
I love God. He has loved me and has never abandoned me. I praise the Almighty God with all my heart. I love Jesus Christ
A very lovely tribute for our LORD. People are falling away and not standing with our LORD who gave every last drop of HIS blood for us. As for me, I absolutely stand with JESUS. HOLLY ROSE LAWRENCE- you tube.
Clarita Manuel (4 months ago)
Sonny layugan song
Clarita Manuel (4 months ago)
0 sonny layugan somg
우석 (2 years ago)
김진경 (2 years ago)
Solomon Ken (2 years ago)
The greatest love is to love sweet Jesus Christ!!!
Semone Simmons (2 years ago)
And even greater is to be loved by Him! <3
Solomon Ken (2 years ago)
The greatest love is to love sweet Jesus Christ!!!
陳世英 (2 years ago)
My jesus,I love you.for you wear thorn crown for me,may I meditate all day long.and have peace at night.
Rudi Spermon (2 years ago)
I love this arrangement of the song and would love to sing it with our four men choir. Does anyone know where I can find / buy it?
Marianne Pazde (2 years ago)
Marianne Pazde (2 years ago)
Zephaniah3verse17 (2 years ago)
"She loved Him, and she knew that He loved her. She knew He was her friend – as she once said, not just a pretend friend, but a real friend that I don’t see but I know he’s always there." (From: The Return of the Innocence)
rosita baana (2 years ago)
amen love u my lord love u all guys big kisses
Siphumlile Mcinga (3 years ago)
i love thee LORD
Mary Wangui (3 years ago)
My song I loved so much
Caribbean Blue (3 years ago)
My anthem
Aaron Siltala (3 years ago)
My Favorite Hymn!
Euna Clement (3 years ago)
The fact that he loved us some much that he sacrificed himself so we can have life brings me to tears. This song has really touched my heart.
Glenda Langley (3 years ago)
I love Jesus because he first loved me. That he had given his live for me. Praise you my beloved Jesus. Amen.
Semone Simmons (2 years ago)
Praise you my beloved Jesus. Amen! God bless you sister, Glenda.
Graham Lewiis (3 years ago)
Golden songs that are evergreen
Edmund Neblett (3 years ago)
I love you Jesus because you are the greatest lover. I worship you Lord
Dylan Lee (3 years ago)
I love you Jesus my precious Lord and saviour. Please protect me whatever I do! I will love you forever and beyond my Heavenly Father.
Marco Rodriguez (2 years ago)
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Monty Jones (3 years ago)
We can but say: "My Jesus, I love thee"! Thanks for a very usable presentation! I look for songs I can use in my sermons at senior centers, and this is one I will certainly use!
Sonia Calvi (3 years ago)
Oh Jesus, my gracious redeemer, my savior and Lord
Os hinos são lindos. Como poderei baixar todos os hinos completos em ingles no formato mp3?
ALMA DIXON (4 years ago)
I Love Thee because Thou art worthy to be loved.
jkb1904 (4 years ago)
Thank you for sharing.
Fr Louie Goad (4 years ago)
My Jesus!
Roman Reigns (4 years ago)
everyones imaginary friend...how sad
Aruthra R (5 months ago)
Roman resigns blindness.. How sad he has no true friend
jane ntoiti (1 year ago)
You need to give your life to Jesus
Rafael Enriquez (1 year ago)
Cathy L. Ward (2 years ago)
Yes He is......that's where faith comes in......Faith is believing my friend! Just think He loves you! No matter what!
Zephaniah3verse17 (4 years ago)
Thomas said: "My Lord and my God". Jesus said: "Because you have seen me you have found faith. Happy are those who never saw me and yet have found faith." John 20:28-29
Mae Bird (4 years ago)
Sad song love it ****
tall32guy (4 years ago)
Who was the group/singers on this recording?
MOSES WAFULA (5 years ago)
yes my Lord..Thank you for the sacrifice
Choraldiscourse (5 years ago)
In all our situations: Thank you Lord Jesus. You took me from unbelieving sinner and made me your son to enjoy you forever. Keep going saints!
Crncy Winn (5 years ago)
I LOVE J-E-S-U-S! HE'S MY SAVIOUR, MY BEST FRIEND, MY MASTER.... I OWN EVERYTHING TO HIM. HE DIED FOR ME ON THE CROSS, TO WASH MY SINS, AND FOR THIS, I WILL FOLLOW HIM FOREVER. He was there for me when I thought my life was over, He cured me when I prayed for Him, He gave me a reason to live my life and strive for the best. He saved my life at least 4 times (with guns pointed at me, when I lived in Brazil, a very violent country, when I prayed for Him),.
Pete (5 years ago)
We love you Lord! Please help us to show you our love.by obeying you and trusting you. Thank you for your mercy on us every day!
Ashay Mathieu (5 years ago)
If ever I loved thee, My Jesus 'tis now! How satisfying is the Love of God, To feel His love for me, in me and through me. Beautiful music to remind me to Love God!
Joseph Atta-Fynn (5 years ago)
Well, what is this love compelling me to do if I really love Jesus. There is a reason someone wrote and sang this hymn. What is your reason for loving Jesus? If you love someone you will keep their memory and do what was close to their heart when they were alive. Giving feet to the Gospel was so dear to Jesus; He specifically gave orders to His disciples to carry on with the Gospel. The Gospel of the Kingdom still needs to be preached, this time by those who say they love Jesus. DO YOU LOVE HIM?
kilojoule11 (5 years ago)
May God continue to be with you. i was about 16 and i developed a problem i kept from my family. i was gay. i prayed about it and started behaving like a girl. Funny though, but i felt like i loved the ''imaginary'' girl deeply. i started to feel like this to anyone i like and i am free now.
Beth Mosior (5 years ago)
Judi Harbin (6 years ago)
“And He died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for Him who died for them and was raised again.” ( II Corinthians 5:15)
Mirriam Bennett (6 years ago)
My Jesus I love thee, how true. When I turn 6 I gave my life to the Lord,did not understand fully but now I am over 60 and say Thank you LORD for keeping me all these years. Music just melts me ....Thank you Lord you alone are worthy
Victoria Elisha (6 years ago)
I just rededicated my life to Jesus, and I can now confidently say, "if ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, tis now!"
Melton Industries (6 years ago)
a to the men!!!!
Michael (6 years ago)
Who ever does not believe in GOD or Jesus this is a message saying they are real so always praise the lord
Pat Melton (6 years ago)
Thank you, Moongold, I will check out Pastor Bohr and the website. I love Bible study. I am so excited about Jesus returning soon. What joy it will be to be with him forever.
Pat Melton (6 years ago)
Thank you for that great testimony. I too have found Jesus as my rock, my redeemer, my hope and joy.
Tony Fink (6 years ago)
I love my God, my Lord and Saviour: Jesus Christ, I got saved over 8 years ago, I know he is real, and I keep seeing proof of him and the bible and everything in it being proved - day-by-day; Before then, I believed in God the Father, but never knew much of anything about Jesus Christ, I was just blinded to all of that. Then, when I came of age, when I was almost 13, a day after hearing John 3:14-16 - I got saved immediately before they baptized me in the waters of baptism; my Jesus I love thee.
RainhadoCanto11 (6 years ago)
Oh! My! How beautiful a testimony! Praise Jesus, our Lord and God!
PT007able (6 years ago)
Oh my, the anointing - so powerful... thank you for sharing..... If ever I thee my Jesus tis now.
LadyofCleves65 (6 years ago)
That is so wonderful and you will never be alone again. God Bless
juzavezul (6 years ago)
The same verse is omitted in all the arrangements of it I've heard on here. I know that when I was growing up that when a hymn had many verses, even just 4, it was customary to sing the first two and then the last one. Shame though, because we often look over the "meat" of the song that way. At any rate, the Lord is so good. What a privilege to be Loved and to be empowered to Love Him. Beautiful.
berly sii (6 years ago)
lol..i wanna sleep la..hear this song..=='
Thanks...doing this for worship tomorrow.
Sarah Ruff (6 years ago)
One of my most favorite songs! I have been looking for the exact arrangement of this instrumental for a long time! Can you tell me where I can get it?? Thanks in advance :)
TheSanlon (7 years ago)
@ShotzMaster117 maybe you too busy taking SHOTs Shotzmaster117
The333Alina333 (7 years ago)
@jmkriz that´s my favourite verse :-(
IdaSputum (7 years ago)
@somdie666 YES
IdaSputum (7 years ago)
I called out for God to help me, (if there even was a God, as wasnt sure), and lo and behold there Jesus stood before me and helped me. That was 25yrs ago, and ever since His amazing visit I've known it was ALL 100% TRUE that Jesus was and is REAL. PRAISE JESUS LORD ABOVE ALL
TaintedFaith88 (7 years ago)
Can jesus make a stone so heavy he can't lift it?
CoDRagna (7 years ago)
@cindyandnoah me
None of your business (7 years ago)
They left out the best verse: I’ll love Thee in life, And I’ll love Thee in death, I’ll praise Thee as long As Thou lendest me breath; And say when the death dew Lies cold on my brow, If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus ’tis now.
Ricnaldo Serrant (7 years ago)
@hbl4678 He doesn't hate them dude...he is commenting on we say I love thee with our mouths but in our hearts is a different vibe!
onecindymatters (7 years ago)
who sings this song????
Dejan2116 (7 years ago)
@RemulakArisen and that will never change unless God pities you.
hbl4678 (7 years ago)
Do you know what I hate when everyone decides that they will search these good songs and make bad comments thumbs up if you agree
hbl4678 (7 years ago)
why do you even lookup these good songs if you hate him this is good and you make it bad you need Jesus.
David Pulling (7 years ago)
The last stanza is rich!
orgelnam08 (7 years ago)
NarnianLady (7 years ago)
if ever I loved you my Jesus, it's now!

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