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Why I've spent over 260 hours in Crusader Kings 2

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Contributing Editor T.J. Hafer shows us the power of player-guided storytelling in games. Follow T.J: https://twitter.com/asatj | Follow PC Gamer: https://twitter.com/pcgamer Our Crusader Kings II review: http://www.pcgamer.com/review/crusader-kings-2-review/
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dclark142002 (3 days ago)
That moment when your character dies of plague...and is succeeded by a 1 year old...whose mother helps him survive the regency by having all the uncles murdered...who then becomes the greatest soldier France has ever seen...who rules his duchy for over 50 years before turning it (and most of northern France) over to his heirs. His grandson goes on the Third Crusade to free Anatolia from the Turks...he names his nephew as his designated beneficiary, because mere dukes don't become Kings of Jerusalem. The grandson gets hit on the head in the first battle and incapacitated, the ducal armies destroyed in a glorious last stand by the Turks...and when the Crusade succeeds, the rest of Christendom gives the nephew the title of King because of <reasons - perhaps they lionized the last stand? Perhaps they just hated the Kings of the HRE and France and Leon (which includes all of Spain and Britain)>... So now I have a comatose Duke of Flanders...barely 1000 men to hold my lands...and I'm rolling in gold (100x my monthly income) from the Crusade.... I just realized I could buy up every Mercenary and free Paris from the grip of the King of Aragon...(because the Capet's are terrible as Kings).
Joseph Paul (6 days ago)
260 hours? You are just learning the game!
Badfish2 (28 days ago)
You gotta pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers.
PanasonicBluRay (1 month ago)
you aint a tru fan until you get 1453 hours
Maxime Fortin (2 months ago)
I have a friend who has about 2000+ hours on this game, I never played it but I see him playing it every fuckin' week-ends
s a m s a r a (2 months ago)
Lol I’ve clocked over 7000 hours on Dota and I’m only 2k mmr
Starwarsguy19 (2 months ago)
I have 1,700 hours in Civ 5. This is nothing.
Portogas d Hassan (2 months ago)
267 hour pff casual
Daughson Perkins (2 months ago)
Ha only 260?? You are like a baby
hyperbeam (2 months ago)
Complex? You haven't played victoria 2 yet
Yougonasorry's channel (2 months ago)
260 hours... what a peasant.
Jack Wegner (2 months ago)
That’s pretty casual my lad
ObadiahRay (3 months ago)
those are rookie numbers on this racket
Philipp Hroch (3 months ago)
Cities Skyliners:569
Jacob Barrett (4 months ago)
I've now surpassed 800 hours.
just another account (4 months ago)
157 hours in skyrim?!?!?! fucking attrocious, need atleast 400
UMADBRO ImaTroll (4 months ago)
Lol noob
David O. (5 months ago)
I've been checking this game out for a while, I'm definitely going to buy it now. Thanks!
A Boy (5 months ago)
Failure can be Fun? Lol not in Ck2 you get mad really mad real fast.
Scott Randall (5 months ago)
I own the game and am one of those who loaded it up for a couple of hours then shut it down. It looks sooooo cool. I plan on trying it again soon. Does anyone have suggestions as to what DLCs I should buy? I see everyone playing a modded game it seems.
PhazzeeButWors3 (5 months ago)
Rookie numbers
SoNemesis (5 months ago)
CK2 is the only game that lets me kill people by sleeping with their mother.
Sullivan Ramsel (6 months ago)
260 hours? Weak bro, weak.
Tusty Patches (6 months ago)
Those are some rookie numbers son
Multorum Unum (7 months ago)
EU4 is better to my opinion.
Craig Rainbow (7 months ago)
Those are rookie numbers!
Sacha Daenens (7 months ago)
Any game that allows you to have William the Conqueror become a High Priest of Satan and making Satanism the official state religion of England, leading to a series of very bloody holy wars with the rest of Europe while pious vassals try to murder you at every turn but your dark powers are simply too much for them to handle and you're slowly but steadily inducting more and more kings into your cult in order to make Satanism the dominant religion in all of Europe and... where was I going with this? Oh yeah, buy CK2, it's fucking great.
GHS CWRT (7 months ago)
So true, I remember looking at this game and being like "What? I'm not playing this, I'll stick to Medieval 2 Total War." But HOLY SHIT this game is so much more complex than what I thought it was. This game is amazing and one of the best games I've ever played easily.
Jazz Man (8 months ago)
If you think thats lot you should see my civ 4 hours....2987
Orvin SA (8 months ago)
I'm new to this game and i just wanna know how the fuck you can turn almost all of the entire world into your empire? Damn dude
A muffin (8 months ago)
Fucking noob
Trey Oconnor (8 months ago)
Super Late Clearly But Is it Bad When Your Married To Your Mother Inbred Slow Ugly A Dwarf Craven Weak And A Insane Celibate For Whatever Reason? In Ck2 Of Course!
Er Br (8 months ago)
Voraciousgnu (9 months ago)
Once I forged the might Pomeranian empire that stretched from the Rus to the end of lothringia and is all 100% reformed Slavic and also I controlled Bulgaria, Hungary and Croatia and was led by the Barnim “the atilla” who was immortal and genius but at the ripe old age of 502 he had died and the empire split into its respective kingdoms ruled by members of my dynasty and tried to claim the Pomeranian throne
martin austin (10 months ago)
I gave up after about 25 hours. My mistake was not role playing my character. I'm about 35 hours in giving it another shot going strong unifying Ireland, murdering and conquering those disgusting Germanic peagns while trying to kill my way to make my hier king of Scotland.
Midnight (10 months ago)
That moment when you have 2043 hours....
Samuel Ross (10 months ago)
Ha I played 294 hours!
Postulates (10 months ago)
i have maybe over 3k on minecraft
Jim Walker (10 months ago)
1657 hours Stellaris
MCDMars (10 months ago)
Damn, I love that ironic twist on Irish history The Brits claim us, we take revenge by using their name to conquer the world, become the monarchy they hold dear, and replace their language with ours The Republican in me is fucking trembling with excitement at the thought In other words, you've sold me
Braydyn de Blois (10 months ago)
goddamn casual i could top 500 hours in a month
Deep state Agent (10 months ago)
Me and my friend envisioned a game that was CK2 mashed with total war.
Gatelord (10 months ago)
Lol making out 200 plus hours is some feat.
schultz1213 (10 months ago)
Im at 770 hours and still have fun with the game!
Blob Dragon (11 months ago)
7k hrs eu4
Deep state Agent (11 months ago)
3:35 Thats a lie in my case. Rendering engines create more vivid experiences than my stupid ass mind.
Dovaclin (11 months ago)
Crusader kings is cool but I find it easier than HOI4 and my mates think I’m crazy
Profile (11 months ago)
what i love about this game is that losing a war doesnt mean losing the game
Lukas Selby (11 months ago)
2:34 role Game of Thrones intro
Oliver Evans (1 year ago)
Similar story with EU4 in my case
ryan gudka (1 year ago)
Justus Becker (1 year ago)
I'm quiet addiccted to CK2, I have already over a thousand hours of pkaytime
Gabon (1 year ago)
I find it sad that he sounds impressed with himself for playing a game 260 hours. I have 700 hours on PAYDAY 2, what's the deal with 260 hours ?
Andy D (4 days ago)
Weird flex.
Rodger Lewis (1 year ago)
260 hours is nothing.
CactusRoc (1 year ago)
I have 537hours on it and I still think I don't completely understand the game
Crosby (1 year ago)
only 157 on skyrim?
Alex Chisholm (1 year ago)
That’s cute I’ve got 1556 hours on ck2
The Trusty Sidekick (1 year ago)
This was 5 years ago so if assuming he still plays one in a while it should be high up there by now.
dideg.santos (1 year ago)
Those are rookie numbers
ziondragon (1 year ago)
2200 hours since 2015
GameAHolic (1 year ago)
I finally learned how to go to war after 3 hours and when I did the enemy army teleported across the map and then all my people died instantly and then they teleported into my county and took it over, this game is a lot of fun
THE ARMADA (1 year ago)
I have 776 hours since I have no life
Paok Games (1 year ago)
Ive tried ck2 3 times each time i closed the game i still didnt know how it works, i have 250 hours in vic2 and alot of hours in eu4 and hoi4
Bane (1 year ago)
According to this video and every single review about the game, this game is just a chore. Just get Total War, preferably the newer releases. It still has political intrigue, family politics, etc. plus grand scale warfare (optional, because you can skip manual battles). And you don't have to constantly research how to play the game.
Luke Jongman (1 year ago)
You've got to pump those numbers up
Vyrex420 (1 year ago)
4800hours in gta5 lol
Joel Hicks (1 year ago)
This guy does gaming for a living but doesn't have a single game over 1000 hours? I've got 3 games well past that, and 4 of my 6 top games are Paradox games.
tung nguyen (1 year ago)
You gotta crank those number up. Those are Rookies number
Dario (1 year ago)
tung nguyen well, this video has been out since 2013, I bet he has way more now 🙄
KrypticBlue (1 year ago)
1:32 "Tremendous sense of accomplishment" oh hey EA ;)
beageler (1 year ago)
Hang in there. It can be a bit confusing in the beginning but after the first 1000 hours it's one of the best games ever.
VelvetCake (1 year ago)
150 hours in skyrim? pfft try 400
iAMhonka (1 year ago)
>260 hours in most played game on Steam >Professional video game editor/journalist Bitch please
RushyG (1 year ago)
260 hours xD thats how long it took me just to get a good hold on the basics of that game...
PS2Damon (1 year ago)
its free now on steam
The Polish Communist (1 year ago)
lol 260 hours, what a noob, I have 1500h and plan to have a lot more.
I had just dominate the entire map in CK2 in just 120 year. I use cheats mods.
Andrej (1 year ago)
That's actually really low. I have 2000 hours in tf2 and I'm still pure shit.
Trippy Fox (1 year ago)
987 hours.. I really hope I don't reach 1000 hours in this,it'll be too sad.
peter alaman (1 year ago)
Fucking religions
ArtemisShanks (1 year ago)
oh sweet summer child. eu4 - 2.2k hours - ck2 1.6k hours.
Talios Hammerfist (1 year ago)
Starting as a county in Lombardy (Sicily de jure kingdom) is a challenging and fun experience.
Talios Hammerfist (1 year ago)
The game keeps getting better and better too!
Dawson Graham (1 year ago)
Pfffffff, 267 hours??
NorthernBloke (1 year ago)
The benefit of working from home with a lot of downtime... Factorio 572 hrs Hearts of Iron IV 515 hrs Europa Universalis IV 429 hrs 7 Days to Die 414 hrs The Division 248 hrs Space Engineers 237 hrs (BF3 and BF4 600+ hours each)
Dan Benavidez (1 year ago)
Thanks, key points that will give me incentive to carry on ... I resonated with some of the comments related to why one may not play the game.
TheZombietyk (1 year ago)
Poland became Irish ... 100 yr latar everyone's dead, cause - alcohol overdose. And no I am not stereotyping - I am Polish and I lived in Dublin for over 2 years
MelonHead1848 (1 year ago)
After I realized I put close to 5,000 hours in league of legends I decided to quit. I also have 1,000 hours or so on FM16
Edmond Christopher (1 year ago)
Please, I bought this game yesterday and I already have 3 days spent on it.
Laurence Dixon (1 year ago)
Emergent Story.... For me... The History of Lunatic Kings... Every single one either died a lunatic, evil or was a very short lived leader
christian caio (1 year ago)
only 267? Noob.
Spanish Roleplayer (1 year ago)
haHAA what a casual
IAlightenI (1 year ago)
260 hours? What an amateur. I've got 3500+ in CKII alone.
Joe Webb (1 year ago)
God this is an ancient version of the game lmao
Der Imperialist (1 year ago)
I have played EU4 more than 900 hours.
Inferno 727 (1 year ago)
260? *takes a sip of mountain dew* I Had that many the day I bought the game
saloe.j (1 year ago)
Thoose are rookie numbers.. You need to pump thoose numbers up..
Isn't that considered almost nothing in the community?
sorin calub (1 year ago)
More like "why I'm still new at ck2"
Ya'akov (1 year ago)
Until you hit 1000 hours you’re just a fucking casual
Paul Fu (1 year ago)
The only problem I have with these kind of strategy games is economics and finance management. I have given up EU4 becuz I don't understand how finance works. Why dafaq can't I raise tax?? Although I much prefer Victoria 2
GoatyourThroat (1 year ago)
Big woop i have 500 hours on hoi4...im sad

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