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Paris Jackson CLEANS Michael Jackson’s DEFACED Hollywood Star!

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For more Paris Jackson news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yehAdFpGFk For all the MJ fans out there.. this story might break your heart but luckily his children will always have his back, no matter what. Paris will forever be a loving daughter. She heard the news that the star with her dads name on it had been vandalized with graffiti and lets just say she took action immediately! Subscribe ►► http://bit.ly/SubToHS Get the scoop - Check out our site: http://www.obsev.com/entertainment Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/hollyscooptv Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/hollyscoop Find us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/hollyscoop Hollyscoop brings you the latest entertainment news and breaks down what's happening with the celebrities everyone is obsessing over! Ship Jelena? We have the coverage! Want to know more about the Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony feud? We've got the inside scoop! We will give you all the deets on Millie Bobby Brown, Gigi Hadid, and more! We keep you up to date with the latest buzz out of Hollywood.
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Text Comments (5317)
dragonfire2000ful (6 hours ago)
Paris is beautiful 🤩
I dont really life michael jackson but this is very disrespectful 😒😒
Living with Matilda (4 days ago)
2:14 Plot twist: Paris is secretly Michael Jackson in secret. 😮 Love you Michael..
stringer 2295 (5 days ago)
It was the wrong one. 😀😀😀I wonder who she gets her brains off.???? 😀😀😀😀
BFF Gerda &Irish (7 days ago)
stop doing that michael is innocent
I used to like him but now he’s better of dead than alive she should’ve just fucking left it
Grand memaw (7 days ago)
My heart goes out to Michael Jackson’s children What a wonderful daughter Paris is defending her Dad. Ooh I love that green dress sooooo classy Let Michael Rest In Peace
leon noel (7 days ago)
yourpalross (7 days ago)
iam miachel jackson junior not real like her lol
• dxed h0pe • (7 days ago)
I’m not a fan of Michael Jackson but that’s fucked up. Messing up someone’s star even though they’re dead is just wrong and uncalled for.
TTV_Johnson 12303 (7 days ago)
Does she have different colored eyes
Rosendal Jr. (7 days ago)
And now bc of two lying broke fuckers someone ruined his star smh he deserved/deserves better
Mama SC (7 days ago)
No one should disrespect the king of pop
sprite !!! (7 days ago)
Erianna Genao (7 days ago)
Paris-Jackson Born:—— Died:—— Daughter of Michael Jackson Quote “A name is a name”
Amy Thompson x (7 days ago)
I couldn’t really give a fuck if his star was all smashed up and shit cos that nigga a pedo
Gacha Life (8 days ago)
She is nice
Eironnyl Baldovino (8 days ago)
Thuglife Angel (8 days ago)
I'm not a fan of Michael Jackson , but this is sooo wrong. Any loving daughter would feel hurt when someone shows disrespect to her dad. Paris did the right thing
Rosy Cheeks (8 days ago)
MIcheAL iS KInG!!!!!!!!!!!!
nikkinoivern (8 days ago)
I hate how people do this, Micheal was and still is a great music artist/singer
Fortnite girl 159 (8 days ago)
Not to be rude but I don’t like Micheal Jackson but that’s just wrong
Cotton Candy Chu (8 days ago)
yep a name is a name
Gachalifegacha123 4 (8 days ago)
I share my birthday with Paris
molly parnaby (8 days ago)
He’s innocent
Mridula Lall (8 days ago)
Paris is a lovely daughter 💓
Emeline Archer (8 days ago)
Ummmmm......not to be rude or racist....but shouldn’t she be Afriacan American
DeZiRae (8 days ago)
I hate how they took advantage of his death as they knew he couldn't defend himself again and made this documentary. Honestly fucked up.
Kim Navarro (8 days ago)
I hate all of this hate for Michael Jackson nowadays because of that damn fake lying documentary after all and i feel sorry for paris she is the one who is affected all the time. 2019
Sai Alberter (8 days ago)
he’s not a child molester he’s alleged child molester BIG BIG BIG difference
Super Sloth Gaming (8 days ago)
I would have left it if you found out what he did
Anna Galexy space (8 days ago)
Laura Lannister (8 days ago)
Why is she famous? I honestly don't know. I am going to assume she is a model. Does she sing?
Czar Zar (8 days ago)
Whatever it is. It's nothing to be sad about. Lol. It's just vanity.
Emily Friis (8 days ago)
Paris is really pretty and kind.. but her voice isn’t that good when she thinks it is
AlterEgo Art (9 days ago)
So in conclusion no one defaces a deceased legends star.
ashley tait (9 days ago)
I don't care what you thought of him. I don't care about the rumours. and that recent documentary can go fuck itself. The fact is, don't disrespect a dead man. Don't bring up old controversies about someone who can no longer defend himself.
Kacey May (9 days ago)
bless her
Lilz (9 days ago)
His kids are adopted
Johan Samba (9 days ago)
Who ever did that does not know how it feels to loose someone u love dearly
Ellie! At the disco (9 days ago)
He deserves this he was a disgusting pedo and raped kids he deserves NO respect.
Ryan Mcewan (9 days ago)
I think the graffiti was a monster you can see the teeth and one eye
Illuminati Confirmed (9 days ago)
I don’t support child predators, sorry not sorry
Mer ci (6 days ago)
Really original stupid girl
Checho 7u7 (9 days ago)
Michael is a rapist
Bshhys Yshushushus (9 days ago)
Michael Jackson is a pedophile
Just.ya.girl.Jenna (9 days ago)
hee hee
Samantha Padilla (9 days ago)
Like if this appeared on home
Silviu Panagache (9 days ago)
Mackel jackson was a child abuser he durservs it
Jasmine Knight (9 days ago)
shistershook (9 days ago)
Bitch he was a fucking pedo
Lola Dwyer (9 days ago)
ok I get that it's wrong what the haters did...... but he did molest a child, like, multiple times
Noor Alkaabi (9 days ago)
I’m so annoyed
Dr Swatter Finger Kid (9 days ago)
But low key this is kinda the right thing since he was a rapist
Blanca Cantu (9 days ago)
No its not
Dandelion Daisy (9 days ago)
Yet it’s totally fine to destroy Trump’s
Maja Ahrensberg (9 days ago)
Who Else is watching this after he was exposed?
fluffy cat (9 days ago)
I hope Michael comes in to this evil persons nightmare and says hee,hee
I don't know if he did molest a child or not (which I'm pretty sure someone got proof he didn't) all I know is he's not here to defend Himself
Skeet (9 days ago)
Should pawis leave it diwty?
Kirsten Connolly (9 days ago)
I was 4 when Michael Jackson died R.I.P Michael Jackson
iiarasienna (9 days ago)
he raped children in secret rooms of his, you know that right?
fatimah anwaar (9 days ago)
I Know! that's why i regret being a moonwalker
XXwinter woldXX (9 days ago)
Michael Jackson liked 9yr old girls naked i hate him
Embla Lindquist (9 days ago)
I love MJ❤️
Deku Fan (9 days ago)
6ix9ine : tete Drake : keke Mj : hehe
Marie Rolls (9 days ago)
All I can think is ‘she looks like Jessie paege’
Melaine Roblox (10 days ago)
She looks like penny from the big bank theory🤔
風間烈 (10 days ago)
Kaitlyn Deleon (10 days ago)
I was not even born when he died but I was about to be born soon when it happened
Ava Maria (10 days ago)
I dont see how ppl actually standing up for this man, he molested MULTIPLE children. he may have seemed like a g man, I thought that too and I wish it was true but omg he scarred these children, took advantage of them, its disgusting.
Artist 2807 (9 days ago)
Do you research first. Where are the proves?. What did the police said about it ?
Ayeshah Salah (10 days ago)
She did the right thing and her words were so true a name is a name showing that she respects and cares about everyone for doing something good and she thinks they deserve there name on a special place and she does resemble her father not only by his looks but also his personality #respect everyone #treat others the way you want to be treated #help make a difference
The Simran Fever (10 days ago)
I don't know why but she kinda looks like Miley Cyrus,is it just me or no ?
Wardibonlang Pakma (8 days ago)
It's just you.
mia vinson (8 days ago)
She really does but she prettier than miley cryus
Love Puppy (9 days ago)
Definitely just you
purple guy the killer (10 days ago)
Let michael jackson kill you at heaven
Itzgacha Gurl (10 days ago)
I love MJ ! And it’s so nice how Paris respects her dad so much 💜
RT Balmix (10 days ago)
Who the heck would do that?
Tanisha Guerrero (10 days ago)
Leave him alone let him rest in peace
Josh Taylor (10 days ago)
Sorry I don’t like him
FE2 Lixia (10 days ago)
*Well let me spray paint your face*
Kakejjeks Ukwkw (10 days ago)
He was so pedophile
Eve H (10 days ago)
So was your dad
Jenna Lynn (10 days ago)
Tbh with you I blame the the kids parents IFF Micheal Jackson like done that cause what frame a mind would you let any grown man sleep with your child but that’s if he was like a pedo or anything but I don’t believe it tbh
Alyssa Greaver (10 days ago)
Michael Jackson did some pretty messed up things in his life. However it's unforgivable to wreck something with his name on it just because you want to, it doesn't matter what the person did, you have to respect the dead, no matter what.
A cup of Tae (10 days ago)
Anybody here from Cape Town?
The Whale // GachaLife (10 days ago)
She's like: fuck nah. YoU aiN'T DiSreSPecTiNG mA dAD. ;-;
Candycane Girl (10 days ago)
Wait but didn’t he like sexually abuse children?? Im not saying he deserved the graffiti but did he?
sebbe boi (9 days ago)
+Candycane Girl Watch the documentary "Leaving Neverland". He has been accused again. So you're right. But I'm not saying anything about him being guilty or not
Candycane Girl (10 days ago)
+Eve H ohhh i must of been thinking of someone else then
Eve H (10 days ago)
Nope, he is innocent
Sky Kawaiî (10 days ago)
I don’t hate or dislike him I’m just scared he will take me to neverland
Katie Potter (11 days ago)
Why would they do this to such an *INNOCENT* man? Michael only wanted to good in this world and instead got treated like crap. I respect the Jackson family so much. Wade and James are clearly lying about all the allegations just for a little money.
Kawaii Potato (11 days ago)
I don't really like Michael jackson
Emsikle 519 (11 days ago)
At least they didn’t do it the the queen one
Liana Abraham (11 days ago)
Why do people do these things when the person is dead like let the man rest in peace 😡😡😡
Zuki Wishes (11 days ago)
Why are people attacking a dead man? Like damn if he did it he already got what he deserved. Just let him Rest In Peace.
Cheyanne Douglas (11 days ago)
Who would do such a thing
exprxsso ` (11 days ago)
Paris is beautiful.
I'm watching this after the documentary he deverd this
Eve H (10 days ago)
This Just shows how ignorant the people who believe it are
lilli Taehyung (11 days ago)
I love Michael jackson he's the king of pop music ♡♡♡
Sweet & Sour (8 days ago)
+lilli Taehyung Yasss! I watched the teaser two for Boy With Love 'bout an hour ago and it's soooo good..♡♡♡
lilli Taehyung (8 days ago)
+Sweet & Sour Are u excited to the comeback ♡♡♡♡
Sweet & Sour (8 days ago)
Agreed! You love Taehyung?? Me too 💜💜
Marco Garcia (11 days ago)
I wish Michael Jackson was still here right now to this day
Lauren P (11 days ago)
Tbh I think Michel is really fucking ugly
Lauren P (9 days ago)
+Eve H your welcome Eve
Eve H (10 days ago)
Thanks for your input Lauren, appreciated very much
Camilla Kiær (11 days ago)
I don’t get why people would accuse Michael for child pedophile. I think people tell it to get attention and money
Chanelle Scoular (11 days ago)
My name is Chanelle it’s pronounced like Chanel
Jessica Arroyo (11 days ago)
I mean he did have sleepovers with children soo......
Michael Jackson is proud of his loving daughter
Miraculous Ladybug (11 days ago)

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