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Stars With The Worst Personal Hygiene In Hollywood

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Nicki-Swift They say you shouldn't meet your heroes. And when it comes to these A-listers, that couldn't be more true. But it's not their Tinseltown personalities that are too harsh to handle — it's their star-powered reputation for neglecting basic hygiene. Whether it's not regularly brushing their teeth, skipping the shower, or ahem forgetting to flush the toilet, these are the stars who could use a little "soap on a rope." Jessica Simpson | 0:22 Cameron Diaz | 1:08 Megan Fox | 1:31 Kristen Stewart | 1:51 Brad Pitt | 2:22 Miley Cyrus | 2:46 Bradley Cooper | 3:22 Shailene Woodley | 3:44 Harry Styles | 4:23 Vanessa Paradis | 5:05 Read more here → https://www.nickiswift.com/15885/stars-awful-personal-hygiene/ Celebrity Secrets https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLEDYWRQhQ53Bl7e0o71_l0I 5 Celebs Who Are Nothing Like They Seem https://youtu.be/X5raGLnXlwE?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLEDYWRQhQ53Bl7e0o71_l0I Sports Stars Who Ruined Their Careers In Seconds https://youtu.be/WsZtOSSyEwA?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLEDYWRQhQ53Bl7e0o71_l0I 10 Celebrities Who Treat Their Fans Like Trash https://youtu.be/mGVWN106UBE?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLEDYWRQhQ53Bl7e0o71_l0I 10 Celebs You Can Barely Even Recognize Now https://youtu.be/syQcYs-_IRA?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLEDYWRQhQ53Bl7e0o71_l0I Famous People Who Destroyed Their Careers In A Matter Of Seconds https://youtu.be/kpqMmPLZIQ4?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLEDYWRQhQ53Bl7e0o71_l0I Celebrities Who Are Surprisingly Poor https://youtu.be/mz_e2-xuJKk?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLEDYWRQhQ53Bl7e0o71_l0I Website → https://www.nickiswift.com/ Like us → https://www.facebook.com/NickiSwiftCeleb/ Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/NickiSwiftCeleb/ Pinterest → https://www.pinterest.com/NickiSwiftCeleb/ Plenty of entertainment brands tackle Hollywood, but Nicki Swift stands apart in style and smarts. Spending time with us is like hanging out with friends who keeps the conversation clever, quick, and classy. We dish out the good stuff on all your favorite celebs, add expert analysis, then move on to the next hot topic, all without breaking a sweat.
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Text Comments (2258)
Nicki Swift (1 month ago)
What other celebs should've made this list?
Mihaela Tudorica (3 days ago)
Julia Roberts!
Fat Tony (8 days ago)
Kristi Clark (8 days ago)
goldie hawn
Andrew Patrick (13 days ago)
Adelle and body odor.
Napoleon wilson (13 days ago)
+Kedra Hall Russell Hall is brand smells of SEX
OnlineMayn (2 days ago)
Post Malone #0
PoSh Smurf (3 days ago)
Well, not all looks good smells good😂
Emily Weirdnez (3 days ago)
So what's the purpose of this video? 😕
David Heller (3 days ago)
I love to have sex with sweaty girls 😂!
Laylla Willow (4 days ago)
Maybe you could do some research on deodorants and flossing teeth. This just makes u look dumb.
D W (4 days ago)
So they’re like the test of us.
Nik (4 days ago)
Who is the celebrity trisha paytas had sex with who had swamp ass?
alisha Dawn (5 days ago)
they nasty
Gubba Bump (6 days ago)
All you dirtbags out there, here's a tip. Shower once or twice a day, put on deodorant and brush your teeth. It all takes about 15 minutes, and then I don't have to smell you. Thanks.
Unicornglitter (6 days ago)
Tbh I rarely shower, bcs I kinda hate showering bcs I prefer bathing, but I haven't much time for bathing like everyday or smth like that. So when I wash myself I take a bath and yes nothing more. My best friend showers EVERY day and honestly I couldn't do that. It's kinda a thing with my skin too, because everytime when I take a shower or when I was bathing my skin rubs off and it is so itchy. Why? Because I have neurodermatitis which makes my skin absolutely dry and sensitive. It is really bad in my case. So my skin then just freaks out when I come out of the bath/shower and it's so awful. But honestly people always tell me I smell good. So it isn't not really everytime the case that someone smells bad because of not showering. You can not shower and smell good.
Miss Grinch (7 days ago)
Wypipo are nasty.
Dead giveaway bad hygiene
WellHelloDali (8 days ago)
Gee, person tips on oral hygiene from a used-to-be. GARSH!
Happy Life (9 days ago)
benny finnigin (10 days ago)
I love the slippery feeling on my teeth after i brush them.
Chris Redig (10 days ago)
Just be sure your ass hole is clean it's a respect for you and humanity
shookna (10 days ago)
Brad *PITS*
Greg Rohs (10 days ago)
I wouldnt date any of these women.
Jeff Allinson (10 days ago)
What a ridiculous subject for a YouTube video
1sonnio (11 days ago)
Jessica S is lucky af. I didnt brush my teeth a lot until recently (thanks executive dysfunction) and I'm gonna lost at least 8 of them before I hit 25... (all front ones too...)
Nico Belic (11 days ago)
I saw most of the comments and somehow no one mentioned that Megan Fox doesn't wipe...
Mr. Mimikyu (11 days ago)
I hate one direction the band and fans are annoying af
Marc Guima (12 days ago)
These people are disgusting, and they think they are role models to someone. Maybe someone with half of a brain.
JJ Squirdle Supastar (12 days ago)
Good personal hygiene begins at home. Simply put. Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is older he will not depart from it. These people have mal acostumbres, and it definitely has to do with their upbringing or lack of it
Luís Cardoso (12 days ago)
So, not using deodorant means lack of hygiene? Lol.
Fernicus Maximus (13 days ago)
Forgetting to flush the toilet isn't bad hygiene.
levitan71 (13 days ago)
i just bathe in diesel :3
hellhound551 (13 days ago)
Wake up people. Every human being sheds skin cells daily. You need to shower every day at least once to clean off the dead cells. The smell comes from bacteria that lives on the dead cells. Deodorants are fine and should be used between showers. If you don't shower daily...you will smell...that is a fact of being human. Combine that with the air pollution and that is a recipe for stench. Hygiene should be part of everyone's daily routine...if it isn't you need to go live in the woods ...alone
azn5594 (14 days ago)
You forgot Courtney Kardashian, she has poor genital hygiene. Her sisters called her out on set...
azn5594 (14 days ago)
Jessica Simpson......typical white trash....
Vegan With Love (14 days ago)
Come on.. why would you make a video like this one?☹️
Tristan Murphy (14 days ago)
Lmfao! They're all white people! No asians or blacks or spanish or mexian or islander or middle eastern or central european etc people have this problem. LMFAO!
Deacon Davis (14 days ago)
Stinky Stsrs
Marilyn Ruiz (14 days ago)
Stars won't be shining so BRIGHT after all. They can find plenty of people to get down and dirty with. Harry styles....whoop!
Alexander Eduardo (14 days ago)
No wonder they are all whites. Whites have very little personal hygiene and they stink because of that.
Daniel Grundfest (14 days ago)
Miley Cyrus is a transgendered man.
Ester Jacob (15 days ago)
ROSETTA WILLIAMS (15 days ago)
Before making s film. Production company should make all actors sign a contract for personal hygiene. Being everyone works so close together. Have respect for others. And develop some respect for yourself.
John Constantine (15 days ago)
Not wearing a perfume is not bad hygiene. It has nothing to do with hygiene. It only just covers up the smell.. If you are clean you dont need perfumes.. Perfumes and deodorants are a sign of bad hygiene not good
Suite James II (15 days ago)
Nasty mfs... They all have 1 thing in common
Shanice Turner (15 days ago)
they fogot post melone
the tea though (15 days ago)
This video is disgusting. Don't talk about someone's personal hygiene.
Adriana Noelle (16 days ago)
Harry Styles is NOT handsome. 🤢
jakethemuss3 (17 days ago)
Miley Cyrus sounds like a man.
B B (17 days ago)
Antiperspirant is toxic. Avoid it and you’ll smell better
Mattias Rosberg (17 days ago)
Lady news. Sad
john brockman (17 days ago)
I’m sure this wasn’t the intent of the video but This makes me respect these people so much more.
DingleBungus (17 days ago)
Sweat itself doesn't stink. Sweat will dry on your skin, leaving bacteria to grow on it overtime, which is what causes the stink. That's one of the purpose of having hair, is for that sweat to dry on the hair instead of the skin. It will still stink, but the bacteria will not be directly on your skin, which reduces the chances of having skin infections. So if you're not going to use antiperspirant, having some hair is a good idea. Just make you shower everyday that's all and rinse that bacteria off.
David Schosser (18 days ago)
Is it me but why does miley sound like she has a pecker🤔
Ana Garcia (18 days ago)
My sixteen year old heart would turn on for harry's booze, cigarretes and coffee breath lmao
jaea montealegre (19 days ago)
gago din tong si jessica simpson. how possibly her breath is still fresh without brushing it? haha
Angelique Rey (19 days ago)
Bradley is just like me lol
Janelle Gorospe (19 days ago)
Wow! I didn't know i was utterly disgusting because i don't wear perfume and deodorant.! (I have an allergy. Lol just smelling a little will make me sneeze so much and makes my eyes swollen.) Some countries don't really use deodorants and antiperspirant but the people doesn't smell; of course there are also those who uses it because they needed it. Just because it's the norm in your country don't expect others to do it too. (some people get smelly after they use some deodorant. Lol) P. S. Some people don't really smell even if they don't use deodorant, it's in the type of body; bacterias, lifestyle and sometimes in the environment. I don't actually sweat a lot so and don't really smell(proven by those around me, thanks gosh. )but the heat just piles up and i get a headache or feel dizzy.
Raccoon In Disguise (19 days ago)
post maloneee
Mike Custer (19 days ago)
Meanwhile the person behind this channel is an obese nobody x'D
Alexandra Ashborn (19 days ago)
Wierdo, cile = prostitute.
Says Days (20 days ago)
Half of these are fine or inconclusive
Says Days (20 days ago)
Ok almost all
Lisa maihi (20 days ago)
I wash my hair once a week and when I do its a 2 hour process 🤣🤣
400 Block (20 days ago)
Brad pitt..damn u ripe😂😂😂😂
Elena PSU (21 days ago)
Lots of confusion over the difference between anti perspirant and deodorant here.
Sham Adams (21 days ago)
toothbrushing is a scam. all these fancy brushes and pastes just bs and a big scam. to have nice healthy teeth is down to your own diet.
Marcus Brahma (22 days ago)
All these ppl r white...do I smell racism ???
E Re (22 days ago)
Miley Cyrus = #DISGUSTING in so many ways!
Chris Earnhart (22 days ago)
Nasty mofos, I swear.
akari (22 days ago)
Wearing antiperspirant actually is bad for you. I haven’t used it in over two years, but it’s fine for me because my I don’t have body odour
Analytical Alien (22 days ago)
you can use limes/lemons for deodorant; it's healthier. *Baking Soda is another good alternative.
And they’re allllllll...
Megan Fox is nasty as hell. She probably didn’t wipe her butt either.
Dania (22 days ago)
Gross .
Dillyn (23 days ago)
A lot of these revelations are like 10 years old. But hey, always gotta release a new video no matter how outdated for some new views and a paycheck, right?
tommy basham (23 days ago)
Gross! nasty motherfuckers
vanessa mtakula (23 days ago)
I can smell this video
shamique bowes (24 days ago)
They're all white .....#notsuprised
Maria Gutierrez (24 days ago)
This is worst than the BURN BOOK!
Lily Shah (24 days ago)
This whole washing your hair often is bad for you is a load of crud that is for the lazy or thicker hair or damaged hair. Shampoo has come along way, where washing it is not harsh on hair or scalp. It is gross I can smell the oily hair and dry shampoo combo, plus the sun tan lotion, perfume or body mist. Many people walk with the aforementioned offensive smell. Literally gagging in elevators plenty of times. . Barf!
Momchil Mestchiev (24 days ago)
Post Malone
Sunny bacon (24 days ago)
Lol "soap on a rope?" 0:19
natasha mcdonald (24 days ago)
We are only human 😂 I don’t see any problem with this 🤷🏻‍♀️ everyday people do this. Only cause they are celebrities this apparently is a crime
bergrud (24 days ago)
Shower Every day is really really bad. And a Big cause for early natural death. Its like living in a bubble
bergrud (24 days ago)
Forgot Madonna. Noone want to be in the same country if even continent.
KittyxDoll92 (25 days ago)
Carlos Xantana (25 days ago)
*i have left the chat before it started
Nikki Gallegos (25 days ago)
It’s not good to wash your hair every day...
Nightingale99 (25 days ago)
I wash my hair every three days. i brush my teeth once a day.., and guess what ..i dont floss either.. but dam my teeth look clean and good to me and thats all that matters, so come at me bro, i dont give a fuck ..nobody is perfect we all have our gross things ..
Nightingale99 (25 days ago)
this video is cancer .
Ryooken (26 days ago)
Nasty people
Simona Ivancic (26 days ago)
but they all make sense, WE ARE ALL OVERY STERELIZED AND what not.....and in most cases too clean...not using all those things doesnt mean you are unclean........really common sense is long gone......
bandele su cinamonu (26 days ago)
Honestly I feel like most of these celebs make this shit up just to seem more human. I mean, Megan Fox not flushing? I bet she doesn’t even poop
Zoe Tandy (26 days ago)
Debunking harry styles ive met him and had a conversation with him. He smelt of cologne, shampoo and mint. Youre welcome
Jordan Kidd (26 days ago)
Perfume gives me a headache
Angela Ramirez (26 days ago)
Jessica Simpson's teeth are probably so healthy and strong BECAUSE she doesn't brush her teeth....fluoride
Simz tan (26 days ago)
But their human right? But that's gross
Fluffy Dango (27 days ago)
I have great teeth too. I don't brush them, but I still have them. I barelly have any holes whenever I go to the dentist. I should have big holes right. I only have small ones, if I do have some. But I do have a killer breath :P
Natavan Quliyeva (27 days ago)
The oiler, the better 👍
J Trujillo (27 days ago)
Miley Cyrus sounds like she eats gravel
psicofukapus (27 days ago)
Megan Fux doesn't flush? Tell me it aint so.
i am not Shane Dawson (27 days ago)
Miley sounds like a trans girl 3 months on T
hku505 (27 days ago)
I can never stand a man who doesn’t use deodorant, if he doesn’t there will always be that mild men smell, i hate that smell so much
Dici Baby (27 days ago)
I'm a guy who shaves my armpits and privates. I shower normally and don't have an issue with BO...just sayin. P.S. I'd lick Miley clean after a 12 hour shift in a coal mine...

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