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Children interrupt BBC News interview - BBC News

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Please subscribe To our Channel HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog There was an unexpected distraction for Professor Robert Kelly when he was being interviewed live on BBC News about South Korea. But he managed to keep his composure and complete the interview successfully. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog World In Pictures https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBX37n4R0UGJN-TLiQOm7ZTP Big Hitters https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBUME-LUrFkDwFmiEc3jwMXP Just Good News https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBUsYo_P26cjihXLN-k3w246
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Text Comments (31056)
daracula vampire (1 hour ago)
Don't Know (10 hours ago)
The forbidden kingdom
TheOsmanly (22 hours ago)
This is why i am so in love with the adorable Anglo-saxons and scots and welsh and irish of Great Britain : they are humble and civilized and kind and real humans .
Alfred samir (23 hours ago)
It's so funny 😂😂😂
Bukinator18 (1 day ago)
niemsn (1 day ago)
She knows how to fly
0:11 Sans
sanjed drigar (1 day ago)
Anyone from 2019 February
dil oreo (2 days ago)
Lmao he's trying so hard to keep a straight face.
Krishna Murthy.D (2 days ago)
Gustavo C. (2 days ago)
The nanny screwed up big time haha.
Gustavo C. (2 days ago)
+metafis I know, I just trying to trigger folks who would get triggered by that. Tbh when I first saw that I always thought it was in fact his kid & that the woman was the mother/wife. Then the whole nanny thing blew up in social media haha.
metafis (2 days ago)
Wife,not nanny
Denise Thomas (2 days ago)
Look how she walks in tho
Swali iii (2 days ago)
who still watching thz in feb 2019🤩🤩😁😁
JakulaithWolff (2 days ago)
The second one following in barging with that big thing around kills me, because her straight curios expression makes it better xD
Technical Usman Ji (2 days ago)
Kamruzzaman Dipon (3 days ago)
Haha... This is really funny...
DyersEve (3 days ago)
How much you want bet he's not wearing pants? lol
N. Arka (3 days ago)
falsettobeans (3 days ago)
super mom
Dave Dangleberry (4 days ago)
Fuck bbc, FAKE NEWS
jaihind NatrajN (4 days ago)
It's Feb 2019 and I'm still laughing...😆😆😆
MIRCHI MIRCHI (4 days ago)
I knew this after I saw a fail video compilation ☺️, they were a happy family☺️👍
Peter Schlarpe (4 days ago)
Task of men: explain the world, task of women: take care for the children
Fossel _ (4 days ago)
Just like Mr bean episode
João Gonçalves (4 days ago)
Se algum dia eu der entrevista pra TV estando em casa, parceiro, VAI SER SEGURANDO MINHAS BEBÊS SIM!
Gooby (4 days ago)
Honestly, I would have punished the wife and the kids, especially the latters, for disturbing.
Gorz_117 (5 days ago)
This seems like a comedy skit, lol
YU Chin (5 days ago)
That first one made quite an entrance. Lol.
Get Rekt, M8 (5 days ago)
The two then gets the beating
Daniel Jacobsen (5 days ago)
Anyone still laughing at this in 2025?
Dan Debauchery USA (5 days ago)
43 seconds and all 4 are famous until they die.
AppleToaster (5 days ago)
She took the kids.
That woman is surely overrating that piece of crap broadcast
Pierre Andlauer (6 days ago)
The best part is if the kids didn't came this would have been a regular interview quickly forgotten... this guy can be thankful to his kids because this video made the family famous with a funny yet heart warming moment that will always brighten the day when people are feeling down and watching this video
Soul hunter (6 days ago)
But what wrong? That's funny and so much beautiful
Callie Johnson (6 days ago)
M.R. RODRIGUEZ (6 days ago)
Eric Taglioni (6 days ago)
Ohhhh so cute! Kids been kids
E M (6 days ago)
Lol when the baby can scooting in!
Ohlordy 456 (6 days ago)
0:04 Every day when you’re walking down the street...
Dan Root (7 days ago)
Why hasn't anyone given a slowmo break down of what's happening in this video? It'd be hilaaaaaaarious
Hadrien Enlart (7 days ago)
Mustafa Arman (7 days ago)
I am 18.My dream is to marry a korean girl.Hopefully I will get.
박종근 (7 days ago)
metafis (7 days ago)
its like a scene from a sit-com....it probably take a week to do a scene like this. Everything is timed perfect,the little girl,,the baby..the moms slide..the books falling on the floor etc.
Maxime Thouy (7 days ago)
North Korea sent those kid's!
Daood Zafar (7 days ago)
And you know some racists thought that the woman taking the kids was His maid instead of the Wife
Baron D (7 days ago)
荻野千尋 (7 days ago)
しんどいwwwwwwwwwwwwwww クソワロタʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬ
Talari Manoj (7 days ago)
Comments are so funnier
Manoj Bagari (7 days ago)
I wonder what was happened after that interview , is the lady still alive ???
KK R (8 days ago)
The baby rolling in 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ahlam Mohamed (8 days ago)
ههههههههههه والله ضحكني
RAXY (8 days ago)
When karen uses her powers for good
MOÑK (8 days ago)
This Brit is a real prick
Young Lice (8 days ago)
I was dead when the one with the Walker came in
LavenderLushLuxury (8 days ago)
LavenderLushLuxury (8 days ago)
LavenderLushLuxury (8 days ago)
이치 (8 days ago)
외국은 애도 빨리 크네ㅋㅋㅋ
Umidjon Askarov (8 days ago)
February 2019 DAMN
Fresh Rawtten (8 days ago)
Big oof
Raiat Gupta (8 days ago)
0:14 Wiggly walk.
Mikasa Ackerman (8 days ago)
😂😂😂 omg my stomach aches!!
狙击手Ricky (8 days ago)
better then interrupt parent having sex
Kameron V (9 days ago)
I think is adorable ..🥰 is not necessary push the baby girl 😒😒😒 is just a girl see daddy do something funny...
2019 anyone No....
dorothygracec (9 days ago)
Awwww 🤗🤗🤗
nickvj030 (9 days ago)
Adorable babies
Peter Bentley (9 days ago)
lofie minmin. (10 days ago)
When RM goes live jk and v Comes in and Jin has to pick up The kids
Wtf? Lol
Elon Musk (10 days ago)
0:17 counter terrorist win...😎
oguz yabgu (10 days ago)
Kesin donla oturuyor aq
Lmao the nanny got good reflexes
+Everything's Embarassing watch this https://youtu.be/PLMSoD1riE0
+I'm not BLACKPINK fan I'm their air conditioner how do you know?
That's his wife
NIKO (10 days ago)
Simplified One (10 days ago)
May b most viewed one in bbc youtube channel.lol
Boni Ormon (11 days ago)
Adriana Eskils (11 days ago)
This shows that working father.
Emmanuel Peyre (11 days ago)
Yellow Vest Effect !
aricelis arroyo (11 days ago)
She dragged those kids out of there.😂😂😂😂😂😂👍
Gus JaKa (11 days ago)
0:19 ninja entrance
Suman Tiwari (11 days ago)
She drags them all
Andy Reddson (12 days ago)
Kids are QUICK bro... My Ayden used to break through his babygate faster than we could get up to stop him.
eliarevalo (12 days ago)
Nanny fired. Or they could have angry makeup sex. Hot.
She's his wife
K!TT (12 days ago)
Very kawai UwU
thomas coolguy (12 days ago)
I wonder what happend to the children?
marina garcia (12 days ago)
Omg! So funny 😂 😂🤣🤣
KarMilo Ponderosa (12 days ago)
And that's when the kids go on drugs at an early age because daddy wouldn't give two shits and a fuck about them !
Hebert Felipe (12 days ago)
Good concentration! Kkk
I M FROM PAKISTAN (12 days ago)
Kids wanted to say to BBC that daddy is telling a lie
Sky La (13 days ago)
He probably beat her ass when the interview was over. He seems like a real dick
Ayavuz Kocaman (13 days ago)
Maam has skills! holy cow
flukeman022 (13 days ago)
Not wearing trousers isn't so bad but wearing your wife's knickers!? 😱
Swapnil Bhartiya (13 days ago)
So cute!
it's My time (13 days ago)
I don't know why am I watching this again and again Am I the only one like this???
Charles Alves (11 days ago)
Me too, but cracking up laughing 😀😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😂😂
pulakification (13 days ago)
The Korean mom just didn’t wanted their kids to hear shit about North Korea at that age. It’s taboo.
huwang tung huwerr (14 days ago)
Moral: Cross between asian and white is noughty.
ERODE OFFICIAL (14 days ago)
That girl is very pretty 😁😁

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