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⚓SHIPS and how to sink them / War Thunder

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On the 19th of June War Thunder Naval Battles entered closed beta. Right now there are two nations available, each with four ranks of vessels – and 42 ships of all shapes and sizes in total. One day we will speak about different classes of ships and particular models at length, but today we just want to give you some information on a very specific subject: how to sink enemy ships! Download: http://warthunder.ru/download Site: http://warthunder.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/warthunder Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WarThunder Forum: http://forum.warthunder.com/ G+ https://plus.google.com/+Warthunder/posts #WarThunder #TheShootingRange #WWII #WorldWar2
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Text Comments (351)
dav id jones (4 days ago)
i have a question why are man pt boats more expensive then fletchers, clemsons and farrgots well cruisers and destroyers in general
Bartosz Pikusa (6 days ago)
cześć mam proźbe możecie tłumaczyć filmy
Altrunchen (12 days ago)
Looks like they're going for something way more in-depth than World of Warships. Here they seem to be trying to implement crew, ammo count, and more. Whereas WoWs is more simplified.
FM Tube (19 days ago)
I am updating the game but I can not play the ship mode
Shisaka Kurosora (25 days ago)
I find a better way:shot a hell with 20mm,40mm & kill all the crew it's faster.
the fuhrer epicness (26 days ago)
Japan: BANZAI!! *ships sinks*
SovietRusher (28 days ago)
0:56 An alternate history when the M1 helmets are replaced with the SSh-40's?
Jaden Guillen (1 month ago)
why cant there be a naval tech tree?
ZillTanic8423 (1 month ago)
Will ships ever be free
Kill3rCat (1 month ago)
So when will War Thunder Naval go live for everyone to use?
Zisis Konstantinidis (1 month ago)
Hellenic navy please
Citron 20012001 (1 month ago)
Yes not release content. Bat Its content ? Right? Right? Nope thats my last lifebuoy
David Hawk (1 month ago)
Will turn out to be as biased and bugridden as ground forces
Curlyfry52 (1 month ago)
Will war thunder ever offer ships as a free game mode?
Nagy Bálint (2 months ago)
Make free to ships
Thesupercuban (2 months ago)
how accurate are the ai gunners ?
Noobkiller1705 (2 months ago)
Will we be able to play things like Yamato, Bismarck, Iowa?
GamingMint (2 months ago)
Add japanese ships!
Agora eu entendi (2 months ago)
Waiting by the guns 460 mm😂
ndjkamdkja Alparslan (2 months ago)
How about if i press alt + 4? *ndjkamdkja has left the game*
fot ppd (2 months ago)
at last. i always waited for the moment when we can all fight in ground air AND sea. i will most certainly enjoy fighting in sea battles using the red navy boats to battleships and who knows,maybe the aurora will also be part of it too. for now 2 things are for sure beside the obvious fact of ensured fun. 1)if the red navy is not ready from the start then at least the japanese navy will witch will most setrenly be a good expirience. 2)a ship also coming with the japanese at some point is most certainly going to be the legendary yamato.
Theitalianaviator98 RBLX (2 months ago)
There is rangefinder for ships?
Join Wang (2 months ago)
Is anybody slightly annoyed that they used the same torpedo mechanics as WoWS?
Battlegroup (2 months ago)
Looks almost identical to World of Warships with just less details.
Taternader (3 months ago)
Where's the U-boats
alan _ (3 months ago)
will we have a mod like a group of people control one vehicle?
Lets go Trump 2020 (3 months ago)
Please add naval mines
I hope that there Will be first person wiew
zomborg (3 months ago)
sooo torpedos are golden snitches
Aiden Ballingall (3 months ago)
3:12 no he actully goes into a torpedo bomber and adds another kill to ur list!
James Smith (3 months ago)
when you are hoping to hit an enemy plane with AA... You realise you have hit a bird instead...
im ded (3 months ago)
hardened knackwurst
Could you guys add the Panzerlied as a Garage theme for the Germans?
Brett Whitney (3 months ago)
Hello, I am trying to login on War Thunder. The game loads in but at the hangar it just keeps loading and saying “Processing operation...” I’ve restarted my console, PS4, and still having the problem. I had no issues earlier today when I was playing until I left my game and when my friend tried to join me that’s when it started.
cool CYFR (3 months ago)
A 2v1 situacion
Serhat Yüksel (3 months ago)
Woooooouuhouuuuuu I love it!!!
Jeister (3 months ago)
Look at the game that YouTube marked in the description... This is... unrespectfull...
Bike Bike (3 months ago)
Where is Russian ships
Bike Bike (3 months ago)
What about people on Consuls?
Tim Köhler (3 months ago)
why is world of warships in the video discription ? Oo
Marcos Snchez (3 months ago)
I got a question: can i link my ps4 account with the pc? I cant see the option on my ps4 idk why
Instead of Kriegsmarine they should add IJN.
Louis Shelley (3 months ago)
when are you gonna solve spawn camping in air arcade?
Gavinbeats (3 months ago)
You need to redo your damage models
ImALI 365 (3 months ago)
Hello war thunder I would like to extend the Katyusha competition
RossTheBoss 101 (3 months ago)
3:26. *Really big holes*
RAID0NKU (3 months ago)
This was pretty good. Very informational
Drone Danny (3 months ago)
I'm the 1k person to like this video can I get a premium plane lol
Nicholas Bolton (3 months ago)
Please please tell us the story of the b-29 and the tu 4 love your videos keep up the good work War Thunder as always love from me my gaming name Lee's bees 71 can I have some good luck because lately I'm having no luck in my battles please and my curse
Ha_ur_dead (3 months ago)
Is it possible to do a custom battle with the naval units and if it's not possible yet when will it be? Thanks.
Christian Rashotte (3 months ago)
Nobody likes Kursk.
Neurofied Yamato (3 months ago)
2:12 *laughs in my Japanese destroyer*
vejas butkus (3 months ago)
"Taa daa"
Test_dude (3 months ago)
this released on my bday, the CBT, how funny!
AxDhan (3 months ago)
can you destroy torpedoes with guns?
TheDesertFox (3 months ago)
War thunder naval is just a messy, convoluted, and unbalanced game mode and I really do not enjoy it. I like war thunder tanks and planes, but I am sticking to World of Warships which has been out and played for 3 years.
ivan fisker (3 months ago)
were is the battleship?
WOTundPANZER (3 months ago)
bring the yamato
VBDragons (3 months ago)
Can you make it so WW2 vehicles go against WW2 Vehicles (Germany vs Allies)
零風壹悶之心 (3 months ago)
戰爭雷霆會使如提爾皮茨這些AI控制的船隻模型更精細嗎? Will the war thunder make the AI-controlled ship model like Tirpitz more elaborate?
Nícolas S (3 months ago)
A-5 you sank my destroyer!! my favorite tabletop game comming in warthunder.
CKR (3 months ago)
Why do I need to know this? Ships will be released in like 5 years
Billy Lauwda (3 months ago)
Joaquim Gancia (3 months ago)
How would Carriers work here?
Martin (3 months ago)
world of warships has a neat feature where you can set a route for your ship and it travels the route automatically, could be cool if warthunder had something similar.
Baleur (3 months ago)
Seems very well thought out
worstplayer91 (3 months ago)
lord farquad wishes u all E
Peter Lo Yuan Lai (3 months ago)
I just hope there gonna be battleship like the Bismarck and the Yamato or aircraft carrier .... Hmm
Jeffrey Stammen (3 months ago)
Can the devs add an official Blue Angels skin for the hellcat to the Sabre
RushBlyat blyatmovil (3 months ago)
Dis game is looking better every day
Fam Craenen (3 months ago)
Where can i play this gamemode?
Klaudia Pilc (2 months ago)
Fam Craenen tujjrjdhf
Billy Lauwda (3 months ago)
Fam Craenen still in close beta
ActuallyDuce (3 months ago)
Or or *USE QUAD FLAK 88*
Hrvoje Mršić (3 months ago)
Ok that is good fot ps hau can y play it on PS 4 or Xbox
iC FR0ST (3 months ago)
Closed beta is basically invite only, right?
When will this be released? I don't want to pay 49.99 for beta.
William Sims (3 months ago)
When will ships be free?
Ari Rama Gunanda (3 months ago)
Can we destroy a torpedo by shoting on it.?
Danky Dearest (3 months ago)
When are naval battles fully releasing?
HiIm TheBoy (3 months ago)
Any timeline on when the 2nd wave of CBT players will be chosen?
NLsoldaten (3 months ago)
Tips for ballance. When will then SF40 be removed/uptiered?? So reserve boats can accualy do something..
Andres Vialpando (3 months ago)
OMG no wonder I was being put off by the ships gunnery. I didn't understand the mechanics involved at all! Now I'm excited to have at it again!
Bryce Cruz (3 months ago)
good thing i play war thunder with a mouse now
Christopher Brent (3 months ago)
I had no clue how complex torpedoes are, but it looks AMAZING
DARK King (3 months ago)
Is there any difference between arcade and realistik narval battles ? NO there isn't, why ?!
DARK King (3 months ago)
Shillelagh yaeh bit thats all the dammage model ,tha aiming ... Everything is the same just a little bit faster
Shillelagh (3 months ago)
RB there are no markers....
Latvian_ potato (3 months ago)
Im sorry ... but are ships free to play now ?
Night 70 ITA (3 months ago)
But...how about on Ps4 ? the commands????
Jaime Reyes (3 months ago)
When will the Naval Battle are Available for PS4?
snipermakedonski (3 months ago)
This is such an insanely good video! Thank you so much!
Apost0 (3 months ago)
You sound sad today, Bruce. Im worried.
Ezkandalo LaFiesta (3 months ago)
Are ships free?
Ezkandalo LaFiesta (3 months ago)
Shillelagh (3 months ago)
Not yet
Shealton_ (3 months ago)
When Will you add busches on planes i need THE stelth
_PandaBoy _ (3 months ago)
I Dont even play ship so can u do a tutorial How a biplane can take out an Jet??
Shillelagh (3 months ago)
Why would they do that... you just shoot the jet and hope it gets ded
Victor Grevin (3 months ago)
5:14 E
Admiral Farmuhan (3 months ago)
Hooo it seems to complicated and many key to make the warship always survive But that's fun, really nice. I hope i can get CBT without buying some naval pack 😅😅😅
Panservogn (3 months ago)
Pfff world of warship players wont have problems geting used to the torpedoes
Joris Slavickas (3 months ago)
After 1 years why??? :"""(
Miloušův Kanál (3 months ago)
I have a question, did You (Gaijin) have some TV adverbs in future ? Beacuse World of Tanks have got adverbs evrerywhere. When I turn my TV on, there is a WoT adverb where are those weird tank prototypes driving like Porshe or something. Can you please buy some adverbs ?
Glen Cychosz (3 months ago)
I use a Kensington trackball. I don't have a center mouse button.
Ace McGinley (3 months ago)
When is it free coming out
NuDoFaCe (3 months ago)
will searchlights be added to naval ships? when playing battle at night, It's so hard to see the enemies and it would have been very cool! Or maybe flares!

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