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Walking on Hollywood Boulevard 4K

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The Hollywood Walk of Fame comprises more than 2,600 five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars embedded in the sidewalks along 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine Street in Hollywood, California.
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Another YouTube User (2 days ago)
Link at the wax musem
kim eddy (2 days ago)
I love Hollywood!
kim eddy (2 days ago)
how  can you say  Hollywood blvd tour when your not going past highland?
Alex Williams (10 days ago)
15:01 (the ninja turtle) “oh don’t mind me just waiting”
April Morales (22 days ago)
The thing in front of the thing the person comes out the gold thing at the beginning that is the el captain theater by Walt Disney and is very cool I went there for project x and the place is very beautiful
Kong Boi (22 days ago)
Top15 should get a star
Jane Irisa (27 days ago)
Forewarned is forearmed, thanks for sharing!
OlymPigs2010 (1 month ago)
.Hollywood BLVD is simply a 100% Greedy, Money Grubbing Whore, of a Terminally Tinsel-Tacky Fucked Over & Out Delusion !
Zahraa Alshammari (1 month ago)
I went there this summer
Paul (1 month ago)
Does anyone remember in the 90s there was a guy who stood in his underwear on Hollywood Blvd and had ladies only written on his leg?
AMERIKA AVRUPA (1 month ago)
JC Image Inc (1 month ago)
Kris Jenner. 14:21
Idk Idc - (1 month ago)
JC Image Inc (1 month ago)
Channing Tatum's stunt double. 9:01
Lmao chunky hunky is not even close and that's coming from a straight male.
Paris Paris (2 months ago)
Good video! Make me wanna visit now !
EvilMaster 62 (3 months ago)
Kenny Luang (3 months ago)
I wish i can travel to LA,but i dont have much money..
Rohaan Waraich (15 days ago)
I am going tomorrow
jennifer miller (3 months ago)
Lol every body there from another country every time I hear some body talk it's another language
Because Hollywood is a tourist attraction and the west coast is where all your Asian and Mexicans go. Europeans usually stay the east.
LoRd VeNOM (3 months ago)
Hare rama hare krishna 1:40
high life (3 months ago)
Feel high
michaelJackson fans (4 months ago)
Some one tell me.....where is michael jackson famous ...
Ready Set Play Arcade! (4 months ago)
nice walk, more plz.
Emilia Lepola (27 days ago)
Ready Set Play Arcade! Yes more L.A.
Random Kawii Life (4 months ago)
We’re is Walt Disney at
Frozen like a pop sickle
Bernd Klüver (5 months ago)
At 32:20 : Harry Krishna or what drugs can make out of normal folks. 😂😂😂
Schmitt Djeson (5 months ago)
*1:23** look a that smallest guy!*
Dean (5 months ago)
wow. Life goal...make sure i never go to Hollywood. Its a fucking joke/cesspool
7ab mout (6 months ago)
lot of beggars, i can't believe they allow all that garbage there .
Rod Deming (6 months ago)
where is the star of Kent Delperdang
Annette Aranky (6 months ago)
Destynee Paradise (6 months ago)
This is a great recording, very steady and showed every parts of Hollywood. Thank you. When I was there, there wasn’t that many people but a lot of scammers trying to sell you stuff saying it’s for free but then ended up asking for tips! It was annoying because I encountered a lot of rude and unfriendly people. A lot of crazy and strange people. Thanks for capturing the craziness of Hollywood.
Kundan Dhayade (7 months ago)
why so mature people We're standing captain America cloths.
Legarian Steele (6 months ago)
because its LA my city
brain sample (7 months ago)
the stench of urine fills the air and the sight of vomit on the sidewalk is testament to the idiots who visit this shithole
Gerry songs (7 months ago)
Walk of shame
Kimmi C (7 months ago)
Does Charlie Puth have a star yet?
Aquaa (25 days ago)
Richie Bustamante (5 months ago)
LOL.. why would he? he is new and hasn't made a true impact in music.
Frogman Smith (7 months ago)
Oliver Stone has a star @ 9:54 and @ 10:12. I guess they just ran out of real stars to put here with some of the name I saw! I always wanted to see this but looking at the freaks there I got my fill...and save a ton of money!
Tyson Scott (7 months ago)
LAPD street sign upside down: 9:15 . My favorite so far: 5:25
Elif (7 months ago)
10:28 Bugs Bunny is famous
Theres 17 cartoon characters with a star in the Hollywood walk of Fame
fitty6pickemup (7 months ago)
It's like a really bad flea market and everyone that didn't make the cut for the circus
Miki Mochi (8 months ago)
Quite a lively place! But I just imagine it must be a nightmare when it rains.... that ground looks so slippery....!
Rodolfo Garavagno (8 months ago)
Diedragon 36o (8 months ago)
Nice to see america cultur
Stephen Kostiak (8 months ago)
The Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California is where Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins and The Jungle Book premiered in 1964 and 1967 respectfully.
mike smith (8 months ago)
Okay. Folks, her is what I don't understand. You see women in the US doing 1 of 2 things (eating and shopping). My question, if US women are constantly shopping, then how come they seem to be always dressed down to their lowest common point of class? I mean, really. It's always torn holes in blue jean shorts with a throw over T-shirt and flip flops. The same trashy uniform of southern white trash is everywhere now. US women cannot dress up and go out without looking like a 3rd world unbathed tramp. I mean add the tattoo's and piercings and globs of fat hanging off and now we are really looking like a steerage. Fat, lump, trashy, tattoo'd, pierced, scraggly unwashed hair and a load of eye makeup. OMG. How did US women become this intolerable to look at? Go to Russia or Eastern Europe and the women there dressed in classy skirts, dresses, and modern outfits. Come to America and you get pig swaller. Uggggghhhhhhh.
As an American the answer ...Because Freedom ig there's a very relaxed standard here in the states.
LxLx ZsZsZs (2 months ago)
lets see you then
Joseph Mateo (9 months ago)
Why is rent so cheap around there? I live in New York and this is like our Times Square. I live in the Bronx and pay about 2,300 in rent alone. So when I saw decent apartments for only $2,200 dollars I was freakin amazed! I work from home so I might just move here.
Brooklynn Marquez (2 months ago)
Joseph Mateo Cheap?! LMAOOO LA is NOT cheap! Especially not this area.
E I N S (9 months ago)
Lol gypsy country.
Yup Hollywood is the tourists and lost Asian immigrants go and set up shop on the names of fame
Honey Rolling (10 months ago)
Thanks for This upload.... I'm an Artist. Hollywood!!!! Once you taste it....you can't live without IT. I'm going back HOME to HOLLYWOOD.
Lydia Temzi (10 months ago)
jay couger (11 months ago)
Iskon people hary rama
armen tmr (1 year ago)
Good job!
Al-Moroccan Gutierrez (1 year ago)
Good now go look for those celeb mansion parties and expose MFs
Traveling Tyler (1 year ago)
hi Armen how do you walk around and have smooth videos with no shaking, Big fan BTW
Destynee Paradise (6 months ago)
Traveling Tyler I agree. The video is so smooth and not shaky, and a lot of good stuff have been captured.
Traveling Tyler (1 year ago)
do you just hold it your hands and walk Around? how do you get it so smooth and no shaking ?
Armen Hunanyan (1 year ago)
Traveling Tyler hi I'm using my cell phone Samsung galaxy s7 edge on dji osmo mobile devices
Young South336 (1 year ago)
grace’s unicorns (1 year ago)
I didn’t know John Stamos had a star lmao
Of course he does
Eric Ellison (1 year ago)
do moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pls
Luiset (1 year ago)
DEREKinNYC (1 year ago)
Nice tour of Hollywood Boulevard.
John Cashin (1 year ago)
The film quality is amazing, it's almost like being there :)
nadoshka beautyaddict (9 days ago)
Lavdosh Gjuzaj (1 year ago)
I thought only in NYC but there are hoes and crack heads everywhere. Damn, I changed my mind moving there.
Manuel chava (1 year ago)
Lavdosh Gjuzaj every major cities has crackheads down town LA at night turns ugly real quick LA weather is amzing compare to ny
grifisson (1 year ago)
Great video footage but again with the mall over and over. Why not further up Hollywood like up to Vine street to where Capital records, Panteges theater and such?
Carey Leroux (1 year ago)
Great video. Thank you kindly.
sergey dmitriev (1 year ago)
i like these 2 bitches in the second minute. sweet holes
C & Y (1 year ago)
Le Loup Production (1 year ago)
Hello, can we use your images as part of a program made by children in the french association? You will be quoted. Thank you. Erwan Louarn
Le Loup Production (1 year ago)
Thanks you so much ! :)
Armen Hunanyan (1 year ago)
Le Loup Production Yes you can use it.
Le Loup Production (1 year ago)
I want to use this video : Walking on Hollywood Boulevard. 1 or 2 minutes max. It's just to illustrate the kids when they're live from Los Angeles
Armen Hunanyan (1 year ago)
Le Loup Production Hi what images you want to use? I have only videos in my YouTube channel.
Alice Ahola (1 year ago)
haaare krishnaaaa haaare krishnaaaa krishnaaaa krishnaaaaa haaree haareeee :))
Plotnikoff01 (1 year ago)
Отличный ролик!!!
Jeneen Hand (1 year ago)
You Are good video people very good
U58TUBER (1 year ago)
I like this walking around tour !! Core of the US.
Not even close to the core of the US.
Zeelow (1 year ago)
love this going there this week :D
Adi Golo (1 year ago)
You have great videos!

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