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Panzer Strategy | Review

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Panzer Strategy is a World War II wargame that combines classic turn-based strategy gameplay with modern looks. Command your armies and adapt your units to any objective using a huge selection of real-life military equipment and battle skills.
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FjordFish (2 months ago)
This is not a review. This is a run-through of the game. Also, you are biased as you got the game for free from the developers. This game is shit. Utter and total shit. Panzer Corps/Panzer General clone that want's to re-invent the wheel, and falls flatter than a piece of shit-soaked toilet paper missing the toilet-bowl.
StrategyJoe (1 month ago)
I'm sorry I did not see your comment earlier as it had been caught in the spam filter. To answer your question I did mention I was provided the game free of charge but that doesn't make me biased on the review. I also mentioned the game is barely scratching the surface of the genre and is riddled with bugs but I made the review while the game was still early access and frankly it should not have been released in it's current state.
Skye Walker (2 months ago)
cool chanel, just discovered it. subbed
R3GARnator (3 months ago)
It's neat having a WWII strategy game where you fight minor nations, I wonder if they have their own unique units? I believe you were fighting Romania and Poland in this.
StrategyJoe (3 months ago)
In the video it was Republican Spain and Poland, the first two missions. Third mission goes in Norway and fourth in France. It follows the normal campaign route but for now we can only play as the Germans.

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