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MOST WOMEN HAVE NEVER HEARD A MAN TALK by TD Jakes - Powerful Inspirational video 2018

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MOST WOMEN HAVE NEVER HEARD A MAN TALK by TD Jakes - Powerful Inspirational video 2018 -TD Jakes Inspirational and Motivational Video ► Subscribe to Multimedia Tv :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_jQ... Follow and Connect with us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MultimediaTv... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/multimedia_... Twitter:https://twitter.com/Multimediapage TD Jakes is the author of Understanding your Potential Speaker: TD Jakes In this video Bishop Jake's talks about Please share, subscribe, and like video content by T.D. JAKES CHANNEL Thomas "T. D." Jakes, Sr. is an African-American pastor, author and filmmaker. He is the bishop of The Potter's House, a Nondenominational American megachurch. T. D. Jakes' church services and evangelistic sermons are broadcast on The Potter's Touch, which airs on Lightsource.com, the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Black Entertainment Television,[1] the Daystar Television Network, The Word Network, VHS home video, and The Miracle Channel in Canada. Other aspects of Jakes' ministry include an annual revival called "MegaFest" that draws more than 300,000 people, an annual women's conference called "Woman Thou Art Loosed", and gospel music recordings. Playlists: - David Oyedepo inspiring teachings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKmio... - Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa inspiring words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QCDY... - Myles Munroe inspiring words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzQYQ... - Motivational Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dz8sw... - Rev Sam Adeyemi inspiring Words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guN2t... - TD Jakes Inspiring Words https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUbLd... -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "3 Types of People you will meet in your Lifetime Be careful who you tell your dreams to by TD Jake https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhkFa... -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (346)
Mandy Solley (14 days ago)
Yes momma said a man is a man is a man.
Bexy Evans (1 month ago)
If a man can't open up to a woman, then she has the right to not open up to him as well. It's either a two-way thing or a NO-way thing. Their choice.
Nobru Oakley (3 months ago)
They just want some money!! Lol
superemzone (3 months ago)
I like to open up to women. Well to anyone who listens really. I like to hear what they say too. Just wanted to say that, since everyone here is talking about how they don't open up and shouldn't.
Merwyn Mathew (3 months ago)
The truest thing I have heard in a while .
Darkraft (3 months ago)
Women want a man to talk and open up, but only if it is re-affirming what she wants him to say. She doesn't actually want to just listen to him. And when men do speak, they never listen to the words, they search for implied meaning. Everything has to have a double meaning to them. Or they change the meaning to suit their narrative. When a man talks all she wants to hear is that he is planning his future with her, or he is admiring her in someway. This is because women don't love men. Women love how men make them feel. Women love to have somebody that loves them and they love attention and validation. Never the man.
Vishal Kumar (3 months ago)
Man who speaks more more than an ear can hear needs to weigh it on a scale.
Reginald Dove (3 months ago)
If you don't want my honest answer...don't ask me...I will tell you...
Anon E. Mus (3 months ago)
I have heard of a saying "men test themselves, and women test men". I think TD Jakes was getting at that point when he mentioned how a woman thought she is winning am man but is pushing him away instead. The key to solve the differences between the sexes is _using_ these confrontations to the betterment of oneself and their partner, and that comes from _recognizing_ and _understanding_ them.
Elhubro (3 months ago)
i wish i would have sometimes never heard a woman talk
Th3 Hypebeast (3 months ago)
The prevailing trend in these comments is men speaking in ignorance out of their own hurts. Women desire the truth and men want control, in the end both people are left unsatisfied and manipulated by the other. Open communication and honest discussion, with an understanding that nothing said by the other person will be taken and turned into an offense...these are the secrets to a long and happy union. Men need to talk, and women need to listen...women need to communicate and men need to understand. The ignorance of making blanket statements based on your hurts and insecurities needs to stop. You will NEVER have any health in ANY relationship unless the aforementioned things are adhered to vigilantly.
Ahmed's Ultimate Gaming (3 months ago)
Men have a harder time opening up weve been taught that showing emotion is showing signs of weakness and we always hold the emotions in till taht one day we cry we’re not going to cry about one thing we cry about everything that’s ever happen to us we let out everything in one moment bc were always holding it in and some of us still try to be there for the woman when she doesn’t understand that we feel like there is no one there for us
Matthew Peterson (3 months ago)
Ah, but send a long text and they won't text back.
Chris Bacus (3 months ago)
Women want to learn about men only enough to eviscerate him financially and emotionally. Otherwise, if women want to know what men are thinking,... she would be TELLING HIM.
Brady B (3 months ago)
Women get mad at a man for not talking, then mad at a man for talking.  Then, women wonder why they can't talk to men?  lol
TROLL WARLORD (3 months ago)
Girls talk bullshit all the time
Robert Ireland (3 months ago)
I tried it several times Wi said was either used against me at a later time or totally dismissed.
Paul0n0n (3 months ago)
Yea bs. When my ex would ask 'whacha thinking about', I would respond with, 'about the universe as a whole and our utter pointlessness in it'. She would respond with an attitude, 'Why don't you think about college for your kid?'. i'd think, 'cause he's 2', I remain silent knowing what that answer would bring, then solemnly say 'I don't know'. Repeat various conversations following that formula untill 'nothing' is a common response.
ShadowCatGambit (3 months ago)
I'm a man whom struggles to speak normally, because I'm so afraid of being hurt by women and sometimes afraid of being hurt by other men. I can speak normally, but towards an attractive girl I don't have enough confidence to speak well. I succumb to Satan's attacks and I end up losing control of all the positive things I should hold onto.
Joelsefur (3 months ago)
The paino track and clapping make this really compelling. Outside from that the content is garbage, this man doesn’t understand women.
davidsirmons (3 months ago)
The answers from men in the comments below.......ladies, read them! Read them fully, and HEAR what men are saying from their OWN EXPERIENCE when they've tried to open up to a woman. If a woman is ASKING A MAN his THOUGHTS.......she better be ready and willing to accept WHATEVER he says in return. And it might be something she likes. It might not. But don't ask him if you can't take what he might say.
Heinz Kohut (3 months ago)
My god this is the TRUTH!
Dustin Toland (4 months ago)
Just more man bashing its okay he is brain washed. He may wake up one day.
Kevin John (4 months ago)
Especially when listening to YOU
Joachim Winckler (4 months ago)
So womenhood is to blame for failed relationships? Says a man. If men are nit able to speak their minds, they need help for their obviously crippled egos - but do not blame the women for trying to have a relationship with a human being and having conversations with one. Maybe blame them for facing reality to late.
Arthirias (4 months ago)
Yeah, because women also refuse to listen. Have you tried talking rationally to women? They insist to interrupt, change the subject, skirt blame, and a host of shit that makes the endeavor pointless. Dump her and move on.
Dale Martin (4 months ago)
He's not wrong.
Xavier Soto (4 months ago)
An interesting perspective. Good food for thought.
Tom (4 months ago)
Er... What? He doesn't say "nothing". That's what women do. The play games and hide thoughts. If one of my girls asks "what you thinking?" I say what im thinking... "that we should use the bread before it gets stale"
LordIrisofNecropolis (4 months ago)
I can tell you what most men are thinking about. Were thinking about our finances, the next few steps we need to take to further our goals. Were planning how best to tackle our responsibilities and looking at ways to mitigate life's curve balls. We think of our cars, games, projects and other hobbies. We are constantly evaluating every aspect of our lives to determine the best course of action so that we can act with confidence when it's time to put the work in. All of that is boring to a female. It's also nothing they particularly need to know or should care about. If they want to help, they'll need to put work in and do some critical, realistic thinking that, honestly, they are statistically unwilling or incapable of doing. Those that do have their shit together and are making it big on their own and don't need a man. Women won't hear a man talk about these things until she does something to disrupt or hinder a plan or process that was well thought out. They don't need to know the plan, because our cost/benefit analysis should be rather clear. No you can't spend £140 on a new bag just because your old one is 6 months old, we need that money for the holiday I've planned for, but you'll go ahead and get it anyway because it's what you want. Then you'll get complaints and problems. We tell you when you're in danger of messing up, and when you do it anyway in rebellion, we complain. If you have no interest in games, cars, sports, finances or vulgar things then there's no point telling you about them unless what you're doing is directly fucking with them. Talking about them is a very good way to bore your girl and turn her off, which is why I will never date a girl who can't game with me or work with me in my designs.
Mason Farrell (4 months ago)
As a young man who is very confused, I never even realized this truth about myself. What a great guy he is.
Teemies (4 months ago)
Often when I have face like I'm thinking about something my head is just blank. I'm not consciously thinking about anything so I can't give definite answer about what I'm thinking about.
Hoang Minh Nguyen (4 months ago)
I talked a lot, and yet they have listened
Jamal Timmerman (4 months ago)
that's so true
Joker J (4 months ago)
99% of the comments are about one side calling another side feminist and the other side calling the other sexist Don’t they see, men and women are made to complete each other not to fight about such simple terms Try to be moderate rather than extremist or you’ll harm each other till the very bitter end
nottheonlysinner (4 months ago)
Men do not talk to women because women talk to everybody. I dont want to hurt feelings, but from personal experience there is no one in the world you could trust LESS with your “emotional thoughts” than a woman. Even your own mother. I know some men are like that but its few and far between. Sorry ladies.
Vladimír (4 months ago)
Wtf is this shit
Bob Walsh (4 months ago)
Most of the problems in a relationship can stem from a woman's fear of the truth.
Meade Morgan (4 months ago)
Most women, my ex wife included. 98% of the time ,don't speak "to" men. They talk "at"men.
TD Jakes gets it. Women who want happy, successful, joy-filled marriages and romantic relationships should heed his words carefully.
Serbian Crusader (4 months ago)
Men speak with logic and reasoning. Women speak with emotion. That's why they don't understand.
YongJii (4 months ago)
This has to be one of the most sad, inspirational, and true things that I have ever heard. Bravo.
ChitlinJr (4 months ago)
what does she want to know ? that I'm not good enough to get the actual women I wan't , so I'm with her ? sure that would go down a real treat .
The Paranoid Android (4 months ago)
I'm just wondering why it's a man that's saying this.
jordan cosby (4 months ago)
Cool video, what’s the solution?
Namsi (4 months ago)
Yebo Screbo (4 months ago)
If a man opens up to a women, next thing you know all her friends know about it too.
Adedamola Obanijesu (2 months ago)
Not true Sir. A union is between a man and a woman during the courtship stage the man should be able to figure out what kind of lady his dating. At least they won't have had couples fight and have ways of resolving their differences. Communication is everything, how would a man feel if the lady is also not talking to him. That means that they are both wasting their time. Yes men would not open you all the time but at least they should open up sometimes. It talks two to say I do.
Boom Boom (3 months ago)
Yebo Screbo learned this in high school man
Ivana Pleše (4 months ago)
I'm here for my man! Always was and always will be. I am happy when he tells me what is bothering him,I have seen him crying out of frustration, being loud,angry.... I am here for him,he is mine and I don't want him in pain and to ease the pain I'm here to listen,try to give him ideas for solutions of the problems he's facing.He is my everything and I make sure he knows it. There are woman that will treat you like kings but you have to find them.
vince pie (4 months ago)
White knighting. Woman do no wrong hahaha. Fuck right off. Men are like this as a reaction to fifty years of feminism, and government replacement of men at home.
Emanuel Valentin (4 months ago)
Cord Cantrell (4 months ago)
Your screwed if you don't open up because you don't communicate and your screwed if you do talk because they don't like what you say for many reasons. This is true woman logic, "I want a man to be a dozen things but at the same time I want a man to be the opposite of those dozen things". Then women will laugh and giggle over it and say "that's what women do" and then wonder why we get irritated then at the end of the day if you try to talk to them about your feelings about the situation they will accuse you of holding them back and the are women that don't need to be controlled by men and your a piece of shit.
Karl Marx (4 months ago)
Women are fake stop helping them.
Poot Toot (4 months ago)
I got a lipstick commercial to this vid 😁
[email protected] (4 months ago)
Thats deep...
Joel Gawne (4 months ago)
Because men dont waste their breathe on inferior beings.
Union (4 months ago)
Joel Gawne you must be so popular with the ladies, I'm sure any wife of yours would love to be described like that by her husband
Cliché Name (4 months ago)
Who is this? He's a fucking God.. Personally I found it hard to talk to talk to past girlfriends, that's my downfall.. Pardon my language, I've been raised by sailors lol
Sol Ascending (4 months ago)
It's opposite for me and I'm a straight guy
Ryan Jonas (4 months ago)
You should cut out all the bitches cheering and talking in the background. We don't need them to show approval. We know what we do and say is right.
Hot Ice (4 months ago)
So many times, "What are you thinking?" DESTROYS whatever he was thinking! How can women understand that it's wrong for somebody to invade their body, but believe that they have the right to invade somebody's mind, Soul, and Spirit, at any moment, based on nothing more than their selfish whim? SMH Every last woman in the world has heard some man speak, at some time, especially living in the technology age. You have just dismissed, belittled, condemned, deflected, and dodged it--especially when you figured out that you could not _control it._
dviktorq (4 months ago)
I keep my inner thoughts and the deepest parts of me close, because anything I tell a women will be used to manipulate me, exploit me, and use me. Trust me when I say men and women are not the same.
james barber (4 months ago)
Varimagh Virgus (4 months ago)
What a load of crap
Rain Shadow Band (4 months ago)
Good stuff. The music makes this epic!
P Smith (4 months ago)
From women: 1. "I deserve a REAL man" 2. "A REAL man should....would...." 3. "Why dont you act like a REAL man and.......? (Usually followed by some demand for something that the man at the other end of the conversation has to fill in order to make her happy) 4. "Grow some balls" 5. "What happened to all the REAL men?" (This one is irksome, because the woman in question is leveraging manhood against her cherrypicked list of pre-approved criteria) Women should refrain from using the damaging term "real man" when applying THEIR personal standards of what that actually IS to men who have been forced to try to fit every quality and trait all onto one package. What if men applied the term "real woman"? What qualities do you think he would pick...and would they be fair and achievable for you? Probably not.
Travis Vinning (4 months ago)
there is truth in this..so many possible counters..but this that shit designed to highjack a womans pocketbook..sell her ass a book on some inception shit this preacher ass nigga aint fooling nobody..ol sympathy pimp..we see you
HumbleWolf (5 months ago)
How To Be A Man - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6Z_546kn8U&t=169s&frags=pl%2Cwn
Ste B (5 months ago)
Just told a woman 2 things that bothered me about her. 1. She can't keep her word (and she would be the one to initiate plans) and 2. She came off as fake when talking to people because her body language proved otherwise. Lol.... Didn't like what I had to say, so she stopped talking to me. Some people just can't handle the truth.
KBiradar (5 months ago)
1:07 the women be like fuck yeah I dont have sex with you because I love you I want answers dammit It's a joke
Noahkra (5 months ago)
a man finds out early that no one can help you with most things and that women aren't help for anything.
Exodus fivesixfivesix (5 months ago)
My daughters hear me talk all the time.
FO cast (5 months ago)
Everything a man says a woman uses as fuel to her crazed insecurities
ThornOfHearts (5 months ago)
If a man talks too much he's considered boring. I've been told this more than once by women.
Foym Foym (5 months ago)
Lane Smith (5 months ago)
We say noting because we usually aren't thinking of anything at the moment.
Tom (5 months ago)
Lol he just pandering to women for money. Ive talked to females lots of times n they dumb asf just like majority of the world, they will just regurgitate what they hear on tv,etc about topics
Ernest Byjos (5 months ago)
We don't speak because we are in pain.
63 Impala rag Dude (5 months ago)
TBR, LLC (5 months ago)
Blue pill
Dominant Seth (5 months ago)
Self-absorption doesn’t allow for women to relate and empathize.
Tandem (5 months ago)
Why are they cheering? Why is this inspirational? Most of what he is saying can equally be said of women. If most women have never heard a man talk, it's probably because they don't listen.
Hot Ice (4 months ago)
Tandem --For real, man. Btw, up above, I meant to write "and _they_ I think that this is a way to get a man to approach, open up, etc."
Tandem (4 months ago)
I didn't actually watch the video to the end the first time but the last thing he said did kind of seem to balance the argument a little bit, but notice something? No cheering. No one gives a flying fuck about men, not even men themselves. That's why we remain silent. The world fucking hates us. But of course, as you would have it, it's men that aren't doing enough. You're right, that IS unbelievable. Mouthpiece is an accurate denomination, because he's being worked like a puppet. He thinks he's doing what's right, but he's just fueling the fire. Can't you see we've been turned against each other? Men and women are supposed to be each other's best natural allies, but now you have to either be part of the sisterhood or the brotherhood. It's sick and infantile. Instead of telling men how to work for you, try working with us. HELP US HELP YOU. Like I said, most of the bullshit he's preaching (yes, preaching) could be applied equally to women, and then a lot of what he is saying is just plain wrong: "She lost her man and she is your private counselor"... seriously? Wouldn't it be better to seek advice from people with healthy relationships instead of broken ones? "He thinks that the greatest tool he has is between his legs" Are you fucking kidding me? Last I checked dick ain't worth shit, vagina on the other hand is like gold.
Hot Ice (4 months ago)
Tandem -- they are cheering because they have found a man who was willing to be a mouthpiece, a spokesman for them, to level criticism and ridicule and condemnation at men, on their behalf. All in the name of expression, and communication--under the guise of "wanting to help." And they think that this is the way to get men to pay more attention to them, to approach them more often, to commit to them, too open up and express their innermost thoughts, desires, dreams, and goals. Unbelievable. SMH
Front Kick (5 months ago)
If you have enough money you can have any woman you want.
V IE (5 months ago)
How come she never asks a good question? Like: “Want me to make you a sandwich?”
Hot Ice (4 months ago)
Thomas Sands (5 months ago)
When you listen to woman after woman talk shit about her man or recent ex for crying to her, asking her to hold him, expressing any emotions beyond anger or happiness, or for being hurt by something she had done you learn not to say those things. I have been the other man enough times to know that they want all the sweetness and the tenderness but they also want to laugh about it with someone else later
comuga (5 months ago)
Who is this guy...he's amazing
Rob Berra (5 months ago)
Weapons-grade stereotyping, misogyny, and misandry. The men I know talk with their partners, are heard by their partners, and listen to their partners. I don't know what pathetic excuses for men you've been hanging out with...
Rob Berra (4 months ago)
WarpPal I've done a lot of self-analysis as part of my ministerial training. No one tells me what to think. I notice you were so busy trying to disrespect me rather than addressing the gender stereotypes and misogyny in this ... I don't even know what to call it.
WarpPal (4 months ago)
Rob Berra You've been socially and academically programmed to interpret this from this message, I pray that you find the truth and think for yourself as an individual
Rob Berra (4 months ago)
WarpPal Trying to denigrate me doesn't negate my point. The fact that some people have internalized misogyny doesn't make it less of misogyny.
WarpPal (4 months ago)
Rob Berra sigh...... You can't even begin to understand what this man is talking about. You dam sure have no idea the relationship between black men and women because most black women would agree with this. You just mad because he hit a nerve talking about women who learn about men from other women, he explained your whole routine. I can't imagine what cookie cutout men you deal with, you must be their mama their judge and their boss.
Rob Berra (4 months ago)
WarpPal White, yes. Feminist, yes. Neither of those disqualify me from calling out misogyny when I see it. You may not recognize it, or may not care, but that doesn't mean it's not there.
That Guy (5 months ago)
There he goes Mansplaning again lolface!
Joel Gabriel Anghel (4 months ago)
women this days are nuts at least a big part of them so i agree, sometimes i better to not say anything since we already know what she will do lel
FastTX FiveOh (5 months ago)
Most women view men as disposable resources, in this age of online dating and hookup culture. They have not heard a man talk because, to them, what he has to say is irrelevant unless it supports her wishes or plans. And how many times do men in relationships have their women policing their speech like a child or a tourettes patient? The bold, confident man who swept her off her feet, no longer allowed to speak his mind. Society has poisoned the minds of most modern women via entertainment, advertising, and legislature which, at every turn portrays women as being superior to men and/or of higher value to society. Don't believe me? Watch a commercial. Watch The View. Watch almost any movie. With thay said, what reason does a man have to say anything at all? This video suggests that women are starving for words from a man. But, it also suggests that most women wouldn't understand those words if they were actually spoken. While, I don't advocate giving up, I don't see anyone offering up broadbased solutions. Maybe I'm wrong and there are none.
AB Parker IV (5 months ago)
Listening to girls is how you help them Listening to them helped me
AB Parker IV (5 months ago)
Antonio Ruiz (5 months ago)
Romantic Outlaw (5 months ago)
👏 preach 👏
bloozism (5 months ago)
This is stupid. They don't want to listen.
Dirk Diggler (5 months ago)
Gaming n nothing are on my mind. Say it all the time. U tripping TD jakes
Paradigm _sh1ft (5 months ago)
A woman who gives advice to another woman about men is like an anvil telling another anvil how to skydive
daddyrichten (5 months ago)
Men don't talk about every thought, and women can talk all day and say nothing. Both people have said nothing at the end of the day.
Broken Heart (3 months ago)
that what my life right now xD
Multimedia Tv (5 months ago)
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lolopop123 (5 months ago)
Bullshit. Everything he said was absolutely bullshit.
Key Gen (5 months ago)
As a man I would say most men don't talk with words they talk through action. Action speaks louder than words.
Netzah (5 months ago)
Massive Respect
wilbow24 (5 months ago)
Says like he is speaking from personal experience lol
Davon Coleman (5 months ago)
When do women ever listen? When does anyone ever listen?

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