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GRWM + some answers

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A v long chatty video, as requested heh👀 Products used or mentioned: Tarte smoothing primer Chanel hydro lip treatment Dior backstage skin foundation Tarte shape tape Benefit hooks stick Too faced born this way loose translucent powder BH compact bronzer Glamglow glow palette Benefit precisely my brow pencil BH cosmetics weekend festival palette Tarte tarteist cream liner Mac stripdown lip pencil Mac x Jamie Genevieve lipstick collab SOCIAL: MAKEUP IG: GinaShkeda CASUAL IG: EverydayGins Twitter: GinaShkeda creative channel: http://bit.ly/2AMpuHI Disclaimer: this video is not sponsored by anyone
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Text Comments (486)
Talyn Hutta (2 days ago)
What brush were you using for foundation??
Shannon Nuttall (3 days ago)
gosh your skin is perfect. you make me wanna cut my hair, buy your same camera, have your eye lids, just everything. you’re perfect bye.
Miriam-Ekaterina Pove (4 days ago)
I was looking at you in other video and thought “What a natural girl with natural words and body”, so I’m happy when you happy, but I love the way boobs look in your body in with the face
Isabeau Maldonado (7 days ago)
Hello doll! I have a question regarding your lip-care. Are there certain products that you know of that help boost the collagen and health of your lips? I've been looking for a nice plumper and something that will subsequently help with my overall lip health while making them look fuller.
veta (11 days ago)
sis that dior foundation is a flop... it’s got alcohol in top 5 of ingredient list, so it’s gonna dry ur skin out
pinkabuki (12 days ago)
What brush did you use for your concealer ?
Hannah Elyce (14 days ago)
Hey @GinsMakeup I have used Adobe Premiere Pro for over 5 years and am studying for my Bachelors in Film which includes editing on that software. So if you need help with understanding Premiere Pro or want someone to edit your videos for you, I'm always available. Love your work!
Sadie J (14 days ago)
Your face is so defined. Gimme dat faceeeee. I have a round face which sucks for me😂round faced girls are beautiful tho but doesn't look nice on me 🙂btw your short hair looks super cute on you x
Diana Velasquez (20 days ago)
They have liposuction for breast essentially no scarring
Smokin' Beauty (22 days ago)
Literally just watch your videos the last hour of work instead of work lmao
Blondicaaa (26 days ago)
What brushes u use in this video? U rock! 👏💞
Becca Lyn (27 days ago)
I randomly thought “hm I miss Gina” and came to watch all your vids 😂❤️ you’re just unproblematic unless some people in the beauty community 😂
Sydnie Healy (29 days ago)
PLEASE do my wedding videography ❤️
shwoods (1 month ago)
Thank you for talking about breast reduction surgery because it's something I've been debating on for years now as well.. keep us posted.. I'm trying to get on the medical wait list currently, and I feel you on the back pain... good luck lady 🤗
Nashally Tejeda (1 month ago)
I love listening to you talk....can we hangout... and youre a babe in the nicest way ❤😻
Mahra D. (1 month ago)
So how tall is Gina?
Polz Xx (1 month ago)
Try the laneige lip mask it’s bomb !
Danielle Kay (1 month ago)
Obsessed with your content. So different and you’re sooooooooo dry I am obsessed
Jenette Morell (1 month ago)
My queen. Also buying that bronzer right now.
Mignon Cobra (1 month ago)
You said you aren't tall, but I had always imagined you to be super tall. How tall you are? Also, I watched the way you set your powder and it looks exactly the same as Pony. Is it a coincidence? Loved the video, by the way. Watched the whole thing. <3 Please make more frequent videos! Film anything, I'm always inspired by your makeup.
RACH ASHLEIGH (1 month ago)
I love the chit chat vids!
TheKatieSmile (1 month ago)
*downloads bumble to find herself a max*
Erica Johnson (1 month ago)
The longer the better!! 😘
A B (1 month ago)
I like the more long videos!!!
Ramlah (1 month ago)
Do you have like thick or thin hair??? Alsoooo whats your height???
Taylor Roberts (1 month ago)
With you on the tits! Big boobs suck when you are petite. I’ve been trying to get a reduction for almost two years.
kayla Woodruff (1 month ago)
more chit chat yes plsssss. BTW, ill take some boobage from you, I'm basically Con-Caving over here lol
RACH ASHLEIGH (1 month ago)
Love u bb ❤️
Megan Tucker (1 month ago)
i got a reduction and it was the best thing I ever did for my mental state and my body, if you're thinking abt it at all... get it. Theres an aweseome surgeon in Banff, AB. If you ever go home, the detour is worth it
Felicity (1 month ago)
I just discovered you and I love your videos, style and the fact that you're keeping it real. Your videos are so chill and minimalistic. So many youtubers tend to go way overboard with their titles, their background music, the lightning (sometimes there are so many ring lights that my eyes tend to hurt lol), the quick talking, oh and don't forget about the smoothing effects they use on their skin. Your videos are just perfect!
Angelina Taylor (1 month ago)
I love the vibe your videos have, they're so chill and laid back, natural and genuine 🤙🏼❤
Sonia Anastasia (1 month ago)
get your butt into the videographer world RIGHT NOW LOL!! I am starting my own DJ business from scratch and the industry is only boys as well but you just gotta go for it, if your work is good and you advertise enough, you will make it work and even do better than any boy haha. you gotta be the one to get the ball rolling ! Scary thought but that is exactly what I am doing 😂 you got this
Samantha Clancy (1 month ago)
can you do more videos like this? K thanks
Karen Valdez (1 month ago)
12 mins of Gina wasn’t enough
Megan Yates (1 month ago)
Yes girl we love a chatty GRWM!!!!
Sonya Anguiano (1 month ago)
You are so damn gorgeous😍 love the hair and that eyeliner!❤️❤️❤️
Fatima Shah (1 month ago)
I miss these videos! I feel like theyre more personal than voiceovers
Nayeli Guzman (1 month ago)
The Mango (1 month ago)
Shes wants to reduce her boobs? She can give them to me.
Alayna Moore (1 month ago)
I want to start filming again and be really serious about my videos. But I want the quality to be the best. your videos give me so much Inspiration. from the quality to the aestheticness. its literally what I strive for. Im going to get a new camera but I don't want to spend $3K ya know. but I want the quality I get from watching yours. any recommendations ? or it that just the way to go? please let ya girl know!
Suzy (1 month ago)
Where'd you get that big coffee mug, though? lmao, I want it.
gpx219 (1 month ago)
What brush did you use to blend your concealer?
Karley Nicole (1 month ago)
We love the longer videos!
Cute 😞❤
k8 kyp (1 month ago)
So beautiful do more GRWM 😁love youuuu💜 love all the videos you do anyways.
Sonia Grigoletto (1 month ago)
loved this video!!
Jami Myher (1 month ago)
Yessss. I also had a breast reduction a few years back and it was one of the best things I've ever done. I'm so excited for you. Especially being a small person, like yourself, I know what a huge difference it is going to feel like in your daily life. It's going to be awesome. They were just always in the way! Clothes fit now, I get to wear the cute bras, my boobs don't hurt anymore, they're not in the way, people don't comment how big they are. Life is good.
Angie Ross (1 month ago)
Two of my sister got breast reductions and they both love it! They had it covered by insurance because they were in shape but it was still giving them issues. They both got in within a few months. I’m not sure if you’re interested in knowing who did it but it was Dr O’Toole in Pittsburgh PA. They both are super happy with the results and he was a really cool guy!
Mandy (1 month ago)
Female videographer here - London though. PREACH with it being such a boys club
Simra (1 month ago)
love long chit chat plz do this more
Abby Bryant (1 month ago)
Seriously need you to make a how you style your new short hair video omg
Jodi Viergutz (1 month ago)
Love the longer videos❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kelly M (1 month ago)
I love how relaxed and chill you are!!!! ❤️❤️
Darian Desjardins (1 month ago)
I got a reduction when I was 16 and got so lucky! Went in around October and got my surgery right around Christmas time! It was the best decision I ever made. I was a 32F and around 120 lbs soaking wet. I’m 21 now and I’m a 34DD and I feel so much better and they’re SO much more proportional to my body. It’s always easiest to get the surgery when you have a referral from your doctor.
Franchesca Scala (1 month ago)
yess!!! love these kind of videos <33
destinee poole (1 month ago)
I feel like you’re my friend! Would love more videos of you talking and opening up a bit😁
Cindeez Nuts (1 month ago)
pls do more omg ily
rcaire1 (1 month ago)
Absolutely stunning... the short hair on you is beautiful!
Ellie Studman (1 month ago)
love this video !! twas super relaxing :') also ffs same on the boob front, really wanna get a reduction someday but i'm too much of a wuss (because of the pain) !!! aaaa
Kalpana Singh (1 month ago)
I love your raw and genuine attitude 🤗which is going to less nowadays on youtube world, I love your esthetically pleasing vibes in every single video😇 .you deserve millions of followers 🤔✌ love and blessing xoxo 💖
Stephanie L. (1 month ago)
those transitions though ?_?
maddie (1 month ago)
I prefer these kinds of videos!!! I love longer chit chat videos!
Candice Gil (1 month ago)
I relate to the boobs
diana (1 month ago)
Remember that one time in another of your video there was a shade by UD called solstice but back then you said you didn’t know how to pronounce it because you’re Russian SKSKSNJND
Chanelle Miller (1 month ago)
Love the chit chat videos cause I feel like I could just put them on while I do my makeup and it feels like I have someone there getting ready with me :)
cindy. Glam (1 month ago)
Absolutely stunning 😍
Čarodejnica Lucia (1 month ago)
I love videos where you talk a lot, you have such a beautiful voice that's actually calming me down :) So I'm 100% for longer chatty videos ❤ and I've got the same problem with boobs, just feelin' ya.
Caitlin Doyle (1 month ago)
Sooooooo long is 40 minutes not 12 😂
Rebecca Pasquariello (1 month ago)
love love long videos girl
Olivia Tyndall (1 month ago)
Magda Ryczko (1 month ago)
I love the short hair on you 😍
AmyMichelle44 (1 month ago)
I loved this chatty video. It also wasn’t long compared to most. ❤️
Ester Sousa (1 month ago)
I hate big boobs too, It's so hard to live with them!!!
Alexa Ivey (1 month ago)
Don’t watch YouTube like that anymore but when I do, I watch you Gina. Love you so much 😭❤️💕
nb (1 month ago)
girrrrl, its not long enough ahaha
I. N. L (1 month ago)
God I wish I had her camera!
Radness (1 month ago)
Premier Pro is NOT industry approved software. Try Nuke Studio or DaVinci Resolve if you really want to shine with your skillset. Good luck with breaking into this world! Is a good place to be! 😘
Rebecca Smith (1 month ago)
I love the chit chatty videos!
Jeanette Avila (1 month ago)
I love your hair like this
Ana G (1 month ago)
Maisy Bailey (1 month ago)
Loved this 💘
Natasha Browne (1 month ago)
Love when you make these kind of vids and love uuuuuu
Ahmed Elzouki (1 month ago)
It was a long video but I felt it was like 2 mins i love youuuuu
Sydney Tate (1 month ago)
LOVE chit chatty videos. I want to listen to you tell stories and make a realll time GRWM!
miriam (1 month ago)
when i was applying for film school i came in to collect my portfolio after it was assessed and the waiting room was filled with about 20 guys and me, so here's to the women in the industry!!
queenshirin (1 month ago)
Omg hi are we twins? I also just started getting into wedding videography, but will def keep uploading onto my channel, as well. Cheers to more women in videography 🥂💕 Loved this chit chat grwm and getting to know you more!
Vanityxo (1 month ago)
Love this chit chat kind of video, but this eye look is giving me all kinds of inspo 💥💥💥
bichettebeauty (1 month ago)
I really LOVED this video!
Anna Jalomo (1 month ago)
So I’m 5’3 and my boobs are a size 30 H and what I’ve been doing is doing physical therapy and going to doctors about my back pain so hopefully insurance will help pay for it
Despina Karpathiou (1 month ago)
Ryanne (1 month ago)
What camera do you use?
GinsMakeup (1 month ago)
Panasonic gh5
Ryanne (1 month ago)
Cause I searched "h5" and I didn't find anything, so maybe if you wrote it it would be easier to find, sorry I didn't mean to upset you but I struggle understanding your accent and the subtitles aren't too accurate
Ryanne (1 month ago)
I didn’t understand the number...
GinsMakeup (1 month ago)
Ryanne did you watch the video
Haifa Lz (1 month ago)
Here in Tunisia videographers are women and men!
Sára Sklárčíková (1 month ago)
It's crazy that you have to pay for a reduction and its not insurance covered like in most of the europe (as far as I know)
Iris Vierhout (1 month ago)
Liked before watching. You never disappoint.
brook b (1 month ago)
Anyone else having issues with sound and video not matching up? Even though it’s not a voice over
Lexi Fratus (1 month ago)
Okay so unpopular opinion: tarte shape tape sucks! I bought it literally only because of the hype on YouTube. I used it for months. I started to notice I look tired when I wear makeup. Then figured out it’s the shape tape! It adds lines under my eyes that aren’t there. And I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but I noticed it did the same for you. I wasn’t even paying attention to what you used but guessed it was the shapetape based on the way it looked. Why do people like that stuff?!? It’s so drying, cakey, and unflattering.
Alessia Randazzo (1 month ago)
I had a reduction a couple months ago I was a DDD and just SO unhappy for a ton of reasons you know already and now I couldn’t be more content with how I look and feel. Most of the surgery was covered by insurance because of back/shoulder pain etc which was amazing because I wasn’t gonna do it otherwise. Honestly have no clue where you are rn but if you’re ever in nyc there’s so many amazing surgeons and I will GLADLY give you my surgeons info. I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY LOVE YOU
Iris Jarabejo (1 month ago)
im so excited for you working your way into the videography industry~ wish you the best of luck. you’re an inspiration 💕
Laura Morgan (1 month ago)
flunctuates haha I love you
Anabel Godinez (1 month ago)
You're the only person I can stand to watch on YouTube at this point. Ilysm 💛

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