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Creepy Clown Girl | Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Instagram: emmacervin Hey guys! Welcome to my first halloween tutorial this year! If everything goes according to plans,I’ll be uploading 5 halloween looks this week! One video every day Monday-Friday, just to give you guys some inspiration for your halloween looks! In this tutorial I’m showing you how to create this creepy clown girl. I actually filmed a tutorial on this look last year, but I never uploaded it because I wasn’t 100% happy with it. In the video I’m using lots of purple colors, but if your costume is another color, you could totally change the colors to fit your clown! FACE Inglot Mattifying Under Makeup Base Make Up Store Sculpt Excellence -Cinnamon Paris Berlin Le Fluide LFC20 Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer -2.0 Make Up Store Loose Powder -Honey Suckle EYES theBalm Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette - Matt Moskowitz - Matt Ahmed Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Eyeshadow - Touch of Lilac Makeup Geek Single Eyeshadow -Wisteria - Corrupt Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow - Callisto Inglot AMC Gel Liner -77 IsaDora Build Up Volume Mascara H&M False Lashes CHEEKS Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer LIPS Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick -Potion -Vintage BRUSHES Furless Cosmetics Purple Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush Furless Cosmetics Must Have Pro Blending Brush Furless Cosmetics Must Have Pro Blunt Blending Brush? Furless Cosmetics Must Have Pro Precision Brush Furless Cosmetics Purple Concealer Brush Zoeva 231 Luxe Petit Crease Zoeva 221 Luxe Soft Crease Zoeva 317 Wing Eyeliner Inglot 30T Iconic London Angled Liner Brush (White And Rose Gold Brush Set) Iconic London Large Eyeshadow Brush (White And Rose Gold Brush Set) Marc Jacobs The Blush - Angled Blush Brush no. 10 BLOG blog.emmacervin.com MUSIC Royalty Free music from YouTube music library Artist: Gunnar Olsen Song: Late Night Snack
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Text Comments (260)
IN beauty (1 month ago)
This makeup is SO COOL
Vana Pantou (2 months ago)
That mirror with the creepy guy tho oh boy 😶😶😶😓😓😫😫
LaMarkus Williams (3 months ago)
I like it creepy clown girl good stuff thanks a lot.
KatiShadow (4 months ago)
Love this ! I did a creepy clown on my channel as well :)
Emily Galvan (4 months ago)
What contacts are theses??
Destiny Garcia (4 months ago)
Why are her eyes so creepy uhh 🙄 uh
FairiesWearBoots (4 months ago)
Oh look, it’s the every girl at the club last night makeup tutorial.
Cloud 47 (4 months ago)
Awesome! You should do more of these videos Keep up the excellent work Just saying 😎✌
imsoginger (4 months ago)
indische kanal (4 months ago)
Elizabeth Sergio (4 months ago)
her voice is sex
mx rubyy (4 months ago)
Mariko618 (4 months ago)
I usually don’t like clown makeups but this one is really cool I love it 👌🏽
Autumn Jay (5 months ago)
I CANT TAKE HER VOICEOVER SERIOUS!!! Lmao sis...that ain’t it
Mika Duckett (5 months ago)
Oml your voice is so annoying, about 1 minute into the video I just muted it because I couldn't stand hearing what I heard. I apologize and Y'all can come after me if you want but idc but I do wanna say I loved the tutorial byeeee
Rebecca Johansson (5 months ago)
Are they white lenses?
Isabella (5 months ago)
Really wanna do this but don’t have contacts 😭😭😭
Ashanti Hoeg (5 months ago)
definitely doing this look for halloween!!!!
Xxlindy cornxX (5 months ago)
I have the makeup down but can someone plz help for what I can wear as like a glam clown and I’m in hs so it can’t be cringe someone plz helppp
Holly Gough (5 months ago)
Your so beautiful 😍
Jade Johnson (5 months ago)
Damn her nose big asf but her make up 👌🏾👌🏾
milkeh S (5 months ago)
Need a blowjob
Brianna Falk (5 months ago)
This cute lol
Adina Mössmer (5 months ago)
Its really good but your fouce is sooooooooooo freaking creepy (sry from my english)
ViolentJay1985 (5 months ago)
👍 thats wicked i like it so Much
тнιѕ ιѕn'т creepy... ιт'ѕ cυтe!!!!!❤👏😂
Desiree Timmons (6 months ago)
Her technique is excellent.. Makes me feel like I'm watching makeup porn! 😂😆
Angelina Mendoza (6 months ago)
Were did you buy white contacts??
HGB 1 (6 months ago)
Hello, you are very talented, and I admire your art. I have question, what is the idea behind the lines above and below the eyes? I wonder what is the meaning behind it
PatienceMelissa (6 months ago)
You are certainly an excellent Halloween make-up artist! Nice job!
Grecia Nardulli (6 months ago)
Where can I get those contacts?
Yvette Da Costa (4 months ago)
BadDeathRose cat (7 months ago)
Martha Toledo (8 months ago)
WH505P WH505P!! clowns luv much luv!!! 😍💙
Geilste Schokolade (8 months ago)
You are so sexy with it... I Love it
Sandra P :P (8 months ago)
That's awesome 😍😍😍
Ariel Sparkz (9 months ago)
This takes tine and skill that I do not have 😂
Reny Diah (11 months ago)
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Malshan Madumadawa (11 months ago)
Caroline Aubin (11 months ago)
I’m doing it
Sir Giles (11 months ago)
This is a link to a COSPLAY DATING GAME!!! Starring Harley Quinn. Also Deadpool, The White Ranger, and Good Ole Dr. Doom. It's like a weird Japanese Dating Game yeh. https://youtu.be/-LcikX23gKo
mattie Williams (11 months ago)
Where can i get those eye contact lens
Mia Porter (1 year ago)
U slay that look u go girl
Shannon G (1 year ago)
I liked it it was so good
Dee (1 year ago)
bet she likes it up the azz and prob 2
Candace Spurlock (1 year ago)
sandy Gallegos (1 year ago)
Did you put eye contacts on ?
Chuckerz (1 year ago)
wow nice hair nice lips,nice...everything!
sw707sr V gang x3 (1 year ago)
hella cute
Dahrlene Abregunda (1 year ago)
ur voiceeee
gisselle a (1 year ago)
Im doing this tomorrow ❤😘
Wer spricht deutsch?
Léala Valentina (1 year ago)
Great vid BUT EHAT DO I WEAR...
actual alyssa (8 months ago)
LayHoola Xo lol ikr
Loved this so much ❤️
Tota Brunilda (1 year ago)
I love it ! It's so beautiful!
Heaven Was Here (1 year ago)
you bad as hell no gay shii
ALBANIA EMPIRE S (1 year ago)
Tiera Simpson (1 year ago)
Slayyyyy my life sis
iiXxii Unicorngirl (1 year ago)
😖 why are your eyes like that
Mike TBM (1 year ago)
pH Girls Sangweni marongwe Joyce Contacts
Jenny Manalang (1 year ago)
Hi it just OK for you to my costume is all black
Talk is Overrated (1 year ago)
When you have to copy someone else's look? Damn
Unique by Design (1 year ago)
Your voice is what creeps me out!!!! It's actually so annoying that I can't watch!
Yvette Da Costa (4 months ago)
Turn the volume down 🙄
aanisa (1 year ago)
This Eyeshadow 😍
Br Ass (1 year ago)
c'est donc la que enjoyphoenix a trouver l'idée du make up d'halloween😏
Anju Teeluck (1 year ago)
We. Watched that be. Cas. It is Halloween
Ayse Dourmoush (1 year ago)
Please answer cause i love your videos ❤️❤️❤️
Ayse Dourmoush (1 year ago)
She is so pretty
Anju Teeluck (1 year ago)
Who. Watched. This in October 24. 2017. I am. 💎
B M-Crockett (1 year ago)
Anju Teeluck I am Lol
Anthémis fshn (1 year ago)
Great makeup ! I do some videos if you want to check too
Alicia Sheldrick (1 year ago)
Chloe Michel (1 year ago)
lovely cookie (1 year ago)
where can I get those contacts?!?!😭😭
Emma Cervin (1 year ago)
lovely cookie they're from a local party/Halloween store. I'm sure you can find them anywhere that sells costumes etc.
IN beauty (1 year ago)
monicamae (1 year ago)
totally doing this at this years halloween party!i don't have a lot of purple so i'll be using red and i won't use cintacts cause i have super light blue eyes and DONE
KawaiiTwins MSP (1 year ago)
"I saw these purple rhinestones in my draws, so I decided to glue them on to my face." Hehe, so funny xD
KawaiiTwins MSP (1 year ago)
no more touch me. >:o
josselin quijada (1 year ago)
Jennifer Heck (1 year ago)
This eye make up🥀🔥🔥🔥
Christen Anthony (1 year ago)
Pls make video on how you did that liner !
Brianna Camacho (1 year ago)
Your voice is to low 😅
Julia Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Stephanie Rubio (1 year ago)
so cute! love it! Thanks!
Isabelle Rea (1 year ago)
where did you get these contacts??
Cat Heart (1 year ago)
Flawless 😍
Whys the title creepy girl clown if its not even creepy
Jasmine Valiente (5 months ago)
People have different opinions on what's creepy
Madison xo (1 year ago)
Where are your contacts from?
Drama Queen (1 year ago)
girl pennywise
Savannah Mccloskey (1 year ago)
Her eyes are so pretty 😍
ß L Ø Ø M (1 year ago)
You look sooo pretty OMG♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Demarria Bailey (1 year ago)
I don't like boy clowns I like girl clowns because girls are prettier than boys
Hannah Cruise (1 year ago)
Sexist ten year old alert 🚨
Emily’s World (1 year ago)
Those contacts freak me out 🤡
Cjs Trading (1 year ago)
Get this awesome powerbank lighted #makeup mirror 👉https://goo.gl/HbBDmV
kailyn white (1 year ago)
where are your contacts from?
aeoniqn (1 year ago)
this gave me the absolute creeps but i love it
Hallie Hyatt (1 year ago)
You did good
Amber Medlock (1 year ago)
U Just Gained A New Subscriber I Absolutely Love This Look😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘💅💅💋
Rachel Powell (1 year ago)
Where did u get contacts
Emma Cervin (1 year ago)
Rachel Powell they were from a local party/costume shop. I'm sure you can find them anywhere they sell Halloween things!
Precious Bria (1 year ago)
Love this look 💕
Analia G (1 year ago)
love this video tysm 💞 u definatly earned a new subscriber 💖💖
Dee Luther (1 year ago)
😗😗😗😗🖤🖤🖤🖤Definitely LovE This Video as well💜💜💜💜😙😙😙😙

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