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Official PT Boats Knights of the Sea PC video game HD trailer Naval surface combat

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http://www.gamezplay.org - PT Boats features way more than just the tiny boats of the "mosquito fleet". In fact, in both tactical and strategic modes, you can direct full fledged naval battles of destroyers and other military vessels, on the sea's surface, below it, and above it. This video highlights the drama, special effects, damage calculations, crew simulation and other exciting and unique aspects of naval surface combat in PT Boats!
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Text Comments (3)
indoorin (7 years ago)
Where can I get this game and what consols does it play on?
UncleStas (7 years ago)
@JoNniixD why not?
JoNniixD (7 years ago)
what happens if you crash other ships :D Kamikaze ships? :)

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