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Comparing Every Version of A Star Is Born

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I took a look at each version of A Star Is Born and what they say about our cultural and cinematic history. Check out my channel for more. Also I highly recommend Ron Haver's book if you're into production history: https://www.amazon.com/Star-Born-Making-Movie-Restoration/dp/1557835632 I'm here: https://twitter.com/bkrewind https://www.patreon.com/user?u=14743258
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Daniel Hammond (1 hour ago)
I would like to see a version which reverses the roles, makes the falling star a woman and the rising star the man. No, this is not anti-female thinking. This is a desire to see what a woman can make of the acting side of the catastrophic fall. Maybe in another decade it will happen.
Anik Beckan (3 hours ago)
Please make video On Cate Blanchett,Halle Berry,Sandra Bullock,Meryl Streep,Anjelina Jolie,Monica Bellucci.
Johnny Braccia (8 hours ago)
I appreciate considering the sociocultural impacts of the period for each production. It was a good bit of research that others may have glossed over.
dnightwalker (11 hours ago)
9:37 Though she wasn't aware of that at the moment of filming.
Adam Feliciano (15 hours ago)
Freakin Awesomeness <3 <3 <3 Great Job!!!!!
Fourth World (17 hours ago)
12 notes, not 12 octaves
Morgan Osborne (21 hours ago)
Rose Eeee (1 day ago)
Interesting! How they recreated this movie for every generation except mine. So the original ASIB would have been for my great g'ma to enjoy and the 50's version for my grandmother. I know for a fact my mom has seen the 70's version as she is a big Streisand fan. The current one out is one my daughter would enjoy but where is my version, the that should have been made in the 90's with Madonna (if you follow the 20 year timeline). Then again most of the movies she made were subpar according to critics.
manu M (1 day ago)
MissBey IsOfficial (1 day ago)
SPOILER ALERT do not watch this if you have not seen the movie.
beulahboi (1 day ago)
Wonderful breakdown of these movies! GaGa's performance was far from Oscar worthy, however. In my opinion. The music , very well could win an Oscar and would be deserved I think.
Brian Brian (2 days ago)
I would definitely like a behind the scenes story on each version! Also of course Barbra would be her own wardrobe stylist AND give herself the credit for it! She is the best! Also she is the WORST!! That's kinda why, SHE IS THE BEST!!!
adlegacy56 (2 days ago)
Who the Hell is this woman who compares all the versions. If she actually knows anything about the genesis of A Star Is Born, she should of started with the first film adaption, which used the title of the book the film is based on , What Price, Hollywood! Clearly she doesn't quite know the history of the film. She's partially right on some points, regarding the first 2 Star is Born films, (excluding What Price Hollywood), but on the Cooper/GaGa version, she''s way off. The current update of A Star Is Born is, as much as I love GaGA, pure Trash! There is nothing redeeming about this current version. As for What Price Hollywood, Ester is a woman who knows what she wants, and knows the game being played in Hollywood, and once discovered, knows how to play the game to her advantage. Unfortunately, she is discovered by an admiring, loving alcoholic, who loves her more than anything, and she falls deeply in love with in return. But, he realizes he will destroy her career, so he commits suicide. But, why does Ester, or Alli have to be a woman who is manipulated and used as she is in the current version. Why couldn't she be a strong woman, driven for success, who happens to fall in love with the wrong man, as in What Price, Hollywood. As far as all versions go, the Garland version is still the quintessential and best adaption so far.
MM R (2 days ago)
Gawd Lady Goo Goo is ruff looking: even Streisand looks better
LOIZE V. (2 days ago)
I enjoyed your video, the technical-objective approach you have provided. I was quite tired of listening to people saying I hate or I love this or that movie but without giving any solid argument. How about making one on BoRhap or Green Book?
Lucas Kanyó (2 days ago)
YOU ARE "TROP" GREAT! More please!
Love your channel.
Omara Oliver (2 days ago)
Am I the only one who got annoyed at Gaga's puffy, botoxed, emotionless and unrecognisable face?
Gwen Marie (3 days ago)
That Song Evergreen Was Everything!!! Barbara did her thing.
Luvie1980 (3 days ago)
Bradley Cooper outshined gaga in that movie
Andre Freitas (3 days ago)
Again, your research is impeccable!!!
Ryan Davies (4 days ago)
This channel is the coolest thing on Youtube
smokefan4000 (4 days ago)
Lady Gaga looks EXACTLY like Barbra Streisand did
Imaan Hammam (4 days ago)
idk bout gaga winnig an oscar for asib (2018), i mean based on ahs i wouldnt think so (she was HORRIBLE, dont know how she won, probably ryan murphy bought it), but after watching it i think she does have the range, but i still think that she has a long way to go before being crowned as the hollywood queen. i would rather see olivia or glenn or toni winnig ad i do think these three actresses are more deseving
cosmogal (4 days ago)
I love your video essays. Tis one chanel to cozy up with and definitely binge watch. 😎🤓🤔. More, please.
I'm sorry but it is really offensive to me that Gaga is even in talk to be nominated for anything. This role was anything but hard to play, she wasn't convincing in plenty of scenes from that terrible lip-synch SNL performance to the Grammys speech. Whole movie is actually very Lifetime-ish. The only difference is that Gaga and Cooper have connections in the industry and money for payola and campaigns. Gaga started her campaign in 2015 when she put her name on that Warren song, and started campaigning for it for about 5 months. So in the end this is the result of her campaign era that is going on for years now. Industry is so fake. Especially Gaga who exploited rape in order to get her song to win. Even when you look at song credits you see plenty of people in them, including, legit songwriters and musicians , Gaga hardly has any acclaimed music, and her most acclaimed work is dated dance music with no substance.
Cunty Jackpot (4 days ago)
Lady Reductive was so bad in star is born. She plays herself - ugly girl who wanted to be a singer. Only Gaga wanted to be Madonna. Now she is in her evita phase
Holly Newton (5 days ago)
Solid video, good job
Dr.Utsab Das (5 days ago)
gaga did great , but gaga's is a first time performance that too re-remake of a movie same storyline made 4 times , and moreso , she's almost playing herself... so a nomination is what gaga deserves definately , but not a win ... i feel glenn > olivia should win.. gaga will win best song instead...
Evafamia Langstodir (5 days ago)
There's also an Indian version called 'abhimaan' which I grew up with and it's really memorable to me, would love your insight on it!
Laura Garza (6 days ago)
Does anyone know the name of the woman at 3:13?? Thanks if anyone answers!
Kim Taehyung (6 days ago)
A star is born 2018 is the best one, fight me
Kim Taehyung (6 days ago)
A star is born 2018 is THE BEST (a star is born) movie I've ever seen, no one can change my mind, and nothing can compare to it, seriously though I don't think I'll EVER see a movie that good
Miguel Victor (6 days ago)
Thank u so much for this 💗
leocasturuguay (7 days ago)
Do not get me wrong, I think Gaga does a fine job in the movie but it is not award-worthy. And the movie itself is not award-worthy either. It is just a good movie. I guess there's too much lobby for Gaga to win an Oscar; she's tryin' too hard, and so are her agents.
Kim Taehyung (6 days ago)
I disagree, I don't think I'll EVER see a movie that good
Connzie Griff (7 days ago)
same 12 notes in an octave. not 12 octaves
Maximum Melody (9 days ago)
I’m a normal girl from Montana ☺️
Rebecka Snell (9 days ago)
I happened to watch the 1958 film of Herman Wouk’s Marjorie Morningstar with Natalie Wood and Gene Kelly yesterday. It had some religious overtones and more of a morality challenge but the plot featured an aspiring actress and talented playwrights (appropriate to NYC in the 1950s), but again the struggles with substance abuse, established star fulfilling a stary-eyed young woman’s dream (or not). Marjorie Morningstar comes into her own without the stardom...that’s the main difference. The on-screen chemistry, however, and the dance choreography was the same high value entertainment and give a glimpse to the mores and expectations of the period.
Rebecka Snell (9 days ago)
I loved Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper today. And I appreciated the backstory and Sam Elliott.
Christina Clifton (9 days ago)
FANTASTIC analysis. I haven't seen any of them and I feel I'm well equipped to enjoy them in full understanding. Thanks so much for this!!!
Peace Lover (9 days ago)
Great job
Brimmy Burner (10 days ago)
Amy's Space (9 days ago)
Brimmy Burner agreed!
La Land (10 days ago)
I LOVE the new one! Haven’t seen any of the old ones. But maybe if I had seen all the old ones, I’d have a different opinion.
Demoin (10 days ago)
Demoin (8 days ago)
+Amy's Space they should at least have spoiler warnings for the dumb ppl
Amy's Space (9 days ago)
Demoin why would you watch this then ffs??
Panterlo Art (10 days ago)
My favourite part of the 2018 version was how realistic the relationship felt. It wasn't all romance and roses (like any other romance movie) it felt real and complex.
shitpostistan tv (11 days ago)
I don’t care for movies to go see them, after like 5 mins I’m totally bored. But I do like your your videos, your voice and your hot takes on movies I’ve never seen, and people I’ve never heard of. Very 👍
Esther Pollock (11 days ago)
yeah who names someone Esther in 2018 yknow what i mean
serenityq26 (12 days ago)
that maybe true but its rock "music" so........NO! thank you fast forward button
serenityq26 (12 days ago)
babs and judy's films are the only ones i've ever seen and ever will see
Backyard Stranger (13 days ago)
Yes. Yes. Yes. I want it. One of the best videos I gave ever seen about films. #astarisborn. 🎶
George R. Carmichael (13 days ago)
1954 version is still the best version.
diddymuck (13 days ago)
the silent version?
Nicole 9volt (13 days ago)
8:48 Jesus... With that short hair she looks JUST LIKE her daughter 😮
Dank Hill (13 days ago)
The same 12 notes in different octaves, not “twelve octaves”. 😐
Duilio Pintagro (13 days ago)
Thanks, I didn't know the older versions... made me want to watch them, starting with Streisand's version... Good job! Yes, do the other video you suggested!
Sasha Twill (15 days ago)
Now, its called A SNUB IS BORN !! Yes
Fernando Gastelo (15 days ago)
Thank you that was a great analysis. Im definetely checking them all out. But now im more curious about the 70s version which seems to have the stronger main character
Edward Melendez (15 days ago)
This was amazing. I just subscribed and liked. Yes, please. Another video on the back stories of the making of these films would be great!
Richard McLeod (7 days ago)
The first actual movie version of "A Star Is Born" with Constance Bennett is called "What Price Hollywood?". The remaining 4 versions were called "What Price Hollywood? All the 5 versions (including "What Price Hollywood?) had their initial influence based on the book "The Skyrocket" written by the noted Hollywood Columnist, first woman news-paper woman and "Mother Confessor to the Stars", Adela Rogers St. John's.   Adela Rogers St. Johns was not a novice to Hollywood script writing as she wrote many, including one film "The Single Standard" starring Greta Garbo. Her father, Earl Rogers was the most noted Attorney in California at the time and he died an early death from alcoholism in a decrepit old Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. That sorrow in her life led to writing the book and her connection with Hollywood led to the rising star and the declining star theme that runs through all of the various versions. The original idea came from the relationship of Greta Garbo and John Gilbert. He helped Garbo get the salary from MGM, as she was unknown at the time. As the relationship progressed, Garbo's star rose in Hollywood and Gilbert's declined due to many reasons including alcoholism, which led to an early death for John Gilbert.
Amber K (16 days ago)
Yes to a behind the scenes comparison video!
Skeptigirl (16 days ago)
There are versions of this done in other languages and other countries. For example the Finnish version Tyttö sinä olet tähti, strangely known as The Beauty and the Bastard in English, a not so well fitting title. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0471957/
Jacob (18 days ago)
It was a great movie. Just saw it. 10/10
TrueBlueMajikDewd (18 days ago)
I found the new movie really boring. I checked my watch several times. The dialog never grabbed me. And the 3rd act came in and sucker punched me. I just didn't find the characters likeable. And I just don't want to remember the movie at all. The song didn't work for me. I really prefer Out of Ashes and Back To Life. I think I would have preferred the original or the 2nd movie. The suicide in this one came out of nowhere. And it felt like a dark comedy scene where Ally tried introducing her husband and it jumpcuts to him hanging himself with the dog waiting outside the garage. I actually almost laughed out loud in the theater when that scene happened.
Jim Armitage (19 days ago)
I think “A Star is Born” story, could be better serviced as an HBO mini series.
Jim Armitage (19 days ago)
The 2018 version was a good movie, and a crowd pleaser. What has vexed me was the first half I was totally into Ally, but when she became a pop star, I lost interest. The second half with the air of despair and suicide, and a time crunch of plot points. You fell in love with the love of Jackson and Ally in the first half. Then you were sent postcards from their lives in the second half. As a result, the ending with Ally, was Hmm’k.
DackRambo (19 days ago)
Cooper and Gaga by far the least compelling to watch
adamzanzie (20 days ago)
Great video. I have subscribed. It’s been a long time since I saw the 1954 version on TCM, but seeing Garland’s heartbreaking performance in these clips again becomes all the more powerful knowing that Cukor pushed her to go to some place that was deep, personal and sensitive. How tragic that Garland’s own life was not much unlike Norman Maine. It’s probably the best version... though I do like the new one. I assume Bradley Cooper has enormously helpful input on the script from the great Eric Roth.
Sarah Walter (20 days ago)
2018 will always be my favourite version. Their connection felt so genuine and both of them were given equal attention we understood both of them. And lady gaga was an incredible actor! Who knew? There was never a moment where I didn’t believe her performance
+Sarah Walter aww really , that's great 😻
Sarah Walter (16 days ago)
Louie Mark Apan Bitangcol I had no idea who the guy was and I don’t listen to lady gagas music so for me it was the same as any other actor
that's the same expression I had but then I realized that I am only.living in this moment where gaga is one of the famous lady and so he is too...but if we are living in 19so on ..maybe we are more amaze with their works than this new one
Ashley Lavergne (21 days ago)
The Best is Barbra Streisand- period.
K.C. Marsh (21 days ago)
You are exactly right! I went straight to YouTube to investigate previous versions. Didn’t realized there were 3! I really liked this but I do kind of agree about it skewing towards Bradley Coopers character a little bit, but here’s why, not because of the story, because of Lady Gaga’s acting. Her singing and emotional availability are stunning and amazing but her acting ability is still a work in progress. Not bad, but Bradley ended up outshining her by quite a lot. She outshined vocally of course. I’m sure many will disagree and that’s cool. I’m glad you enjoyed her if you did. The scene that showed that the most was her visiting Bradley in rehab and asking if he wanted to come home. Not sure if was the writing or more the fact that she needed more help from a director and the director was busy acting. Now that I say that I think that this may be the root of why it feels imbalanced. I think what you see on display with Lady Gaga is obvious raw talent but I think she needed more help from a director. It’s extremely hard to direct and act because the missions are not the same. Yes, you’re telling the story together but when Bradley’s acting he has to be completely dedicated to walking in his characters footsteps and telling his part of a story. A director gets to sit outside of that and help guide/nudge/encourage each performance to a greater whole. Bradley could have felt a scene went really well (so could Gaga for that matter) but a really important subtext could be completely missed while people are swept up in emotions and their own characters. I say this with years of performing under my belt and being married to an incredible actress as well. Another interesting thing that I realized was that I’ve given up my bias on remakes. I get it. Like great pieces of theater, actors want to go back to certain classics and this seems like a piece that can be reinvented every now and a again as you so astutely pointed out. Great video and very good food for thought.
Valerie McNeal (21 days ago)
I have seen the 1937 and the Judy Garland versions of A Star Is Born and found them heart wrenching and memorable. (Especially The Judy Garland version). I love seeing Fredrick March and James Mason in anything. I saw the most recent A Star Is Born on a date and we both left totally depressed and disgusted. (I haven't heard from that guy since). I thought Lady Gaga did a good acting and singing job. Bradley Cooper had too many close-ups of his maudlin drunkenness. The plot seemed plodding with no tension or build-up. I didn't like that there was zero glamor either. They just looked unkempt and dirty. The songs were pretty good but repetitive. I kept hoping he would finally die so I didn't have to watch him anymore.
Valerie McNeal (21 days ago)
Great youtube documentary also. I subscribed to hear more.
Ross Mandell (22 days ago)
and what price Hollywood in 1935
Boredom (22 days ago)
Didn’t watch the movie idk why I didn’t expect any spoilers 😂
i don’t know (23 days ago)
i love this
zwesoe lwin (23 days ago)
Bradley Cooper’s version should have been called The Downfall of a star rather than A Star Is Born. It was more about him than her. He could have directed it or acted in it. not should have done both.
Dan Jakubik (23 days ago)
Millennial female film enthusiast narrator.
robert roberson (24 days ago)
I find Lady Gaga unpalatable personally won't go and see it.
robert roberson (24 days ago)
The King and I is a tragedy in its own right. The man is struggling to modernize a nation by breaking tradition which leads him to failure and eventually suicide through starvation. The lead actress is a woman fighting tradition and mores of more than 1000 years to help him see that women have as much to give to any society as anyone else. I give you that it is wrapped in froth and something that seems to be light-hearted. However, all that is stripped away when he goes to beat a slave girl for running away. Have you even seen "The King and I" or just FOX's horrific cartoon version?
Jaishree Singh (25 days ago)
Great job!!
LaVioletaAmatista (25 days ago)
If you ask me the 2018 version was the best because it was the first time where the acting AND the music were both phenomenal. All the other versions soundtracks don’t hold a candle to the 2018 soundtrack. But I can’t say that the 2018 version is the best because everyone and their fucking mom would shit their pants so I’ll say from best to worst it goes like this. 1. 1954 version 2. 2018 version 3. 1937 version. 4. 1976 version.
James Kendall (26 days ago)
This is about Hollywood. I write sings about this all the time. Okay I'll tell you some of it. You're comin' round a corner wanna pass a tanker truck but your numbers'up and you're outta luck James Dean. We see you on the silver screen but you're not here today. Sure it's Hollywood and it's 1976.
dreamghoul (26 days ago)
Jimi Janis and Jim all died in 70/71 :/
José Pedro Rodrigues (26 days ago)
The same twelve tones to an octave, not twelve octaves. Twelve octaves would be crazy
Michal Hrdý (26 days ago)
Seems like the newest ASIB's the best. Jack gets an equal time to Ally's which I prefer over being it focused just on her. Giving Jack his backstory makes you care for him more and makes you understand better his reasons why he did what he did. Excellent movie and great video!
jaimee z (27 days ago)
Imo it's still the 1950s version! That scene in the dressing room where she talks to Norman's manager still breaks my heart, seems too real. 😢 Plus everytime I hear "The Man That Got Away" I get goosebumps. So good. Also I have noticed most of those who didn't like this version was because of its length and it being a 'big' musical and some didn't even know that the 2018 one was the 3rd remake. Lol Sorry for such a long comment btw haha nonetheless i love how each version adjusts to the era it is in.👍
Sasha Twill (29 days ago)
Gaga was not sweeping the critic movie awards - NOPE , she win some and lose some . Olivia Colman won Best Actress from Bifa, New York Film Critics Awards Best Actress goes to Regina Hall (Best Actor Ethan Hawke) Hollywood Film Award Best Actress went to Glenn Close, The Wife, Gotham Independent Film Awards Best Actress went to Toni Collette. And Yet Toni Collete considered dark horse for the Oscar Academy Award . Gaga on the other hand she has the most weak performance , unoriginal compared with other nominees. Although she is great Pop Star Singer. Only a fan mentality would say shes great.
Sasha Twill (29 days ago)
In fact, i find her very self concious . her acting , her speaking manner .
Esther (29 days ago)
16:25 "the Esther character is named Ally because, no one is named Esther anymore" Well fuck you
Pedro Lázaro (1 month ago)
I love every video youve done! More More!
CC CC (1 month ago)
I loved Barbra in the 70's version until I saw Lady Gaga play this role. Bradley was outstanding too. They both deserve awards.
Dennis Fuller (1 month ago)
Love the music, hate the f-bombs.
Lamont Hillard (1 month ago)
Soo is it base on a true story or not ?
Be Kind Rewind (1 month ago)
The short answer is yes. Multiple people's stories in one.
ferociousgumby (1 month ago)
Bad vocal fry - very distracting to hear frog croak at the end of each sentence
Olivia (1 month ago)
The songs and the singing was outstanding, but the acting from Gaga was cringe at times because she's not a pro. I lovedddd her in this role for sure, and she does deserve a nomination, but I'm not sure she'd win. Bradley Cooper on the other had did amaaaazzzing on both the singing and acting omg. This role made me adore him.
Casp Mct (1 month ago)
Factual note: you said Streisand hadn't appeared in a movie musical in 6 years (referring, I assume, to 1970's 'On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever'). In fact, 'Funny Lady', the regrettable 'sequel' to 'Funny Girl', was released in March of 1975, just 10 months ahead of 'A Star Is Born'.
Bryan Lawson (1 month ago)
It'd be interesting to compare the 2018 version to the 2013 film Beyond the Lights due to the similarities
Here Now (1 month ago)
The woman that does these videos is truly talented... On point, informative, charismatic, and succinct. I’ve learned tons from watching and I thought I was an expert on old Hollywood. Lol
iris wood (1 month ago)
I like the 1976 version
Jerald Collins (1 month ago)
Judy Garland's dressing room scene with Charles Bickford is one of the great moments in cinematic history.
Steven Green (1 month ago)
LoL songs about......ass
Steven Green (1 month ago)
Was that ma kettle
Sasha Twill (1 month ago)
Oscars insiders , critics were all rooting for GLEN CLOSE for her realistic performance in 'THE WIFE'. its about time. while Gaga will help to increase ratings of the show.

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