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Comparing Every Version of A Star Is Born

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I took a look at each version of A Star Is Born and what they say about our cultural and cinematic history. Check out my channel for more. Also I highly recommend Ron Haver's book if you're into production history: https://www.amazon.com/Star-Born-Making-Movie-Restoration/dp/1557835632 I'm here: https://twitter.com/bkrewind https://www.patreon.com/user?u=14743258
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Text Comments (2838)
rclingin (3 hours ago)
Lovend it. want to see it again.
Luís Machado (3 hours ago)
Where's Glitter? 😂😂😂
MagicalMusic34 (7 hours ago)
Loved it. Just saw it today. 😍
BLoafX (1 day ago)
The biggest disappointment in the 2018 version was the absence of Melissa Villasenor and Leslie Jones breaking character.
MissAimeePond (1 day ago)
I just saw the new one last night. It was amazing. Bradley did such a good job on it. I do agree that the film was more focused on Jack. Which is completely fine with me. Ally was Jack's angel as Bradley really wanted to make this film about love. So that's probably why we get more of Jack's side and not as much as Ally's. I would have loved to see more scenes of Ally and her dad like they did with all the scenes with Jack and his brother. I felt so bad for Ally sometimes because Jack would be such a jerk to her sometimes and was kind of possessive. I was really happy to see that Ally kept her best friend around and stayed grounded. The new one definitely had the theme of "selling out" and how your close ones really judge you as soon as you get big.
Shanice Kamminga (2 days ago)
I would love a sequel to this that does go into the minutia :D Love this
Tony Barnes (2 days ago)
Wonderful analysis, but I must point out that not all of the songs in the Judy version are diegetically justified. It's A New World is sung by Judy on her knees to Mason in their hotel/bedroom and the scene is very much like the Margaret O'Brien scene in Meet me in Saint Louis that you singled out. That is, unless the string section was hiding out in the closet. And the big number where she doesn't explain what a wild day she has had, but decides the re-enact every moment to the sound of a perfectly cued stereo track is questionable too.
Maiasatara (3 days ago)
I enjoyed how you chose both story and production elements to compare. I still haven't seen 1954 but right now my best to worst ranking is 2018, 1937, 1976. (There's no danger of Judy claiming the last spot because I was shocked to learn I HATE the Barbra version seeing it as an adult. It's comparatively empty. FYI - it's 12 notes not 12 octaves. While that sounds like a small correction it really isn't. It made me question whether you understood anything you presented in the analysis or were you just parroting back the thoughts of other people that you compiled.
Esther Bertrand (3 days ago)
My name is Esther---named after my grandmother. Rare name but wish latest version had kept it.
Rachael Salvador (3 days ago)
Lana Jeanine (4 days ago)
I truly believe that if Amy Winehouse has lived, this role would have been hers.
Emma Barnett (4 days ago)
I love Lady Gaga, but why does it always look like she's fighting a yawn when singing?
Daniela Chamorro (4 days ago)
Just saw the film and this helped me appreciate it even more!
nomeutente61 (4 days ago)
I think both of their backstories in the 2018 versions are a bit muddled, and ally's especially. There are a lot of elements that seem to go nowhere or aren't explored in depth, from Ally's mysterious home life with four random men and no mother to her principal character ark, her loss of confidence in her talent and message as a result of the star system. The film wraps up with a comparatively short scene of her singing, with a change in hair colour as the only indicator of a transition. How did she get there? The audience is forced to assume that the psychological impact of losing her husband has resulted into some sort of productive self-reflection, but that's quite a jump from the devastation of the previous scene, and never explored. Which is sadly a waste of potential.
Maiasatara (3 days ago)
She doesn't live with four "random men." She lives with her father, played by Andrew Dice Clay, who owns a limo company. He and the other drivers hang out at his house between jobs making it sort of an informal dispatch. We get the impression they all serve as her uncles both before and after her mother left. There's an implication her father was an alcoholic. (I've only seen it once so 1. if her father only drives and doesn't own the company and 2. if her mother died, rather than left, please correct me.) Or I will correct me later today since I'm seeing it again tonight.
Riva F (4 days ago)
This is amazing commentary. Thank you for doing this and sharing. I now want to watch the previous versions and analyze.
Typical LoudParrot (5 days ago)
Never heard of this channel... found it the old YT way of following a search down the rabbit whole. I honestly think it boringly started with SNL... then I got into a _Gaga Music Loop_ some how and ended here. *this is the first interesting channel that I have found in over a year* You earned a sub/like/bell... or if this is a company... then, it has. It's good to know there are still *nice things* on YouTube. You know, " cuz we can't have *_-nice things anymore-_* " I support this.
Charles Dibben (5 days ago)
This is a wonderful review!!! I have but one critique as a musician. At the end of the most recent film, he says music is how someone sees the same 12 NOTES, not octaves. There are twelve notes used in (most) western music (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, C♯, D♯, F♯, G♯, A♯)
Angela Teng (5 days ago)
I liked this video very much. Thank you for making it!
Mandy & Geo (5 days ago)
The 1976 version will always be my favorite, but the 2018 version is my second favorite.
bluebe11a (6 days ago)
What a shame GaGa has Trump Derangement Syndrome. I boycott anyone with this.
deb1958sec (6 days ago)
When I was a teenager the Barbra Streisand version was big and modern for the time and I loved it, but the new one with Gaga is fantastic too , it marks a lot more of changing times than you mentioned!
Esta-Joy Sydell (6 days ago)
Great job critiquing. I'm 53 and the 1976 version changed my life. I acted it out and know every lyric. Huge Streisand fan and loved the chemistry between her and the beautiful Kris Kristofferson. I thought Bradley Cooper directed a nice film and an Oscar nominated performance. Gaga may also be nominated and did a great job. It was definitely HIS film though which I liked. He was amazing. Musically? Streisand. Come on!!!! Da best!
Taji (6 days ago)
I bet Garlands mom had some influence on that " musical" version SIB. Its in there DNA.😁
Michelle linahan (6 days ago)
My favourite is the Garland/Mason version. Not such much for Judy Garland but James Mason and their on screen energy. It's a powerful story with an equally powerful message. I have always been a fan of James Mason. Having said that, I just saw the 2018 version & I enjoyed it but I did feel that it lacked that "message"!. Both Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper were very good in the roles & they certainly had a chemistry together, but overall I kinda felt that the Gaga character lacked a certain empathy for Bradley's character. This version really centred on Jackson finding Ally & giving her a great chance to become a "star" but I felt that her character forgot about his input. She was strong & sassy but never really appreciated what he did for her. That's just my opinion. I will say that I LOVED the music & I do appreciate Lady Gaga more as a singer than before.......fabulous voice.
Toni Francis (6 days ago)
Wow, so thorough. I appreciate this greatly. Thank you
Judy Garland, hands down.
Laura Ironía (6 days ago)
I loved it 😊
Barbra Streisand is the ultimate Star is Born gross Google has no business in a movie or anything else she has tried to corrupt our children and their minds and she's disgusting. And you are bringing shame on all the other beautiful women that were in it. Now between Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand their singing was different but Barbra Streisand I like more of her songs than I ever did of Judy Garland's Judy Garland is best known for her Wizard of Oz witch is incomparable by anyone I must say but Barbra Streisand is beautiful in out her voice and I was trained by one of the best opera singers trainers mrs. Clara Bales lions look it up and Barbra Streisand's got it
Dolores Kirtley (7 days ago)
I've seen all of these movies and liked them all. But I really love the newest one.
Peach Cola (7 days ago)
I loved the new movie so much but the only problem is I can barely understand what Bradley Cooper Or Sam Elliot are saying, like they both high key need subtitles 😭😭😭😭😭😹😹😹😹
M Thrasher (7 days ago)
Great commentary!  Lady Gaga was a great choice.
Laraine Lasdon (7 days ago)
Terri W (7 days ago)
I grew up with the Streisand version and her song "Evergreen" was used in my wedding. I loved this version and the music was divine. However, Judy Garland's version wins hands down. Her agony is real, her talent is real and the paralells to her own life are undeniable. Although Gaga shines with her singing, her acting is that of a newbie with potential. If she's nominated for an Oscar, it will be for her music. Also I found this version too choppy with some of the nuances being lost - perhaps on the cutting room floor? I didn't feel Jackson's downfall from public adulation as much as I felt his addiction.
Robbo Sturko (8 days ago)
Is this the chick who did serial?
lovely A (8 days ago)
I had no idea A Star is Born was a remake. Needless to say, I cried my eyes out with this year's version. It was so beautifully made, very entertaining and real, what I liked the most was the "realness" of the dialogues, especially when they are in the tub and start arguing and Lady Gaga calls Bradley her boyfriend by accident then corrects herself in character and Bradley makes fun of that also in character. It was a great film with an amazing soundtrack. I will watch the other versions for sure, great video analysis!!
Diana Ray (8 days ago)
1976 for the win
LordEredor (8 days ago)
I think Bradley Cooper should play Arthur Morgan...
Cold Winter (8 days ago)
Just saw the newest version...their chemistry was magical, just like Kris and Barbara. However, I feel Cooper missed the mark in the ending and it's build up to it. The bad behavior of her Mgr should've been found out by Ally when he didn't show for the concert. Then have her fire him or her quitting the tour as a result. He needed to be held accountable for his terrible confrontation w/Jack (just after he gets out of treatment!) and it's obvious affect on him. Then show her on stage visibly upset getting through the final song of concert, sensing trouble with Jack, then show her racing home to him, trying to reach him by phone with no connection, pulling up to their house to the that final shot with their dog outside the garage. I felt the current final minutes were very disjointed and fell really flat. Could have been so much better! Very disappointed as I REALLY liked the rest of the movie...Favorite is still then 1976 version.
Sara Bonetto (9 days ago)
Was not expecting such insight. Nicely done Be Kind Rewind
BigSisterW (9 days ago)
Wooo, this was superb, thank you so much ! I watched the entire 18 :08. I was excited about the new lady Gaga remake, but i only thought there was one original - with Streisand. But, there were THREE previously and this was the 4th ! Excellent video you made here. My feelings about the most recent version: I love Gaga, she did a great job and i hope she gets an Oscar. But for the turbulent times we live in, and for Gaga's extreme talent, imho i thought the movie was a bit shallow probably due to the director ? And nothing against country music, and i am not a great rock fan either, but maybe if the man was a rock star this movie would had a bit more relevance. I mainly wish they would have written Gaga's role to be more dynamic. The role seemed a bit superficial, no fault of the actress.
Anda Simmons (9 days ago)
Hi! I really just want to say that I've been loving your videos! Keep up the GREAT work!
Game Detective (9 days ago)
A Star is Born from 2018 is my favourite, it is the one that I grow up with, so yeah. :) I'm from 2000, so the earlier movies are simply outdated for me. But I reckon that all those versions were as great for their time.
Mystic Marni (9 days ago)
I would be beyond grateful for the nightmare backstories of these films! GOSSIP QUEEN over here!
Nick Doe (10 days ago)
UGH this just shows the lack of creative input in Hollywood that they keep remaking the same damn movies over and over - this movie wasn't that great to start with and really didn't need to be redone again. I'd like to see the Hollywood of the 1920s again when no names were given chances and new ideas appeared on screen.
James Antonio (10 days ago)
2018 version technically well crafted, A lot sentiment--but not much soul. A bit soap-oprish. A vehicle for Miss Gaga. For me Judy Garland James Mason version much more compelling. James , 11-7-19
Andrea Hoyos (10 days ago)
Exclente análisis. Gracias por este video. Eres brillante y te expresas increíble.
7A (10 days ago)
they plot is they are all M to F TRANNYs, except Gaynor maybe, she's 50-50. what a load of horseshit.
Zev ig (10 days ago)
I like Jackson being the main character. He breaks my heart and I love being emotionally attached to the characters.
Mary Magdalene (10 days ago)
The Lady Gaga/ B. Cooper version was tedious and painful to watch and should not have been over 1h, 30 minutes long. Cooper should not have directed and acted in this flic as it is clear he could not edit himself out of the many pathetic scenes in which he played and many of them should have been cut. Also, he cannot sing so it was implausible that he would have been this great music star. His acting range went from 1 to 2 and never changed. Gaga, however, showed a lot of promise - she has that intangible quality and, of course, she can sing her brains out. If only Cooper could have let her take center stage in this film and let himself take more of a secondary role. Alas, his ego could not allow that and that is the whole problem with this flic. Shame.
Charla Chamberlain (10 days ago)
brook cherith (10 days ago)
No one is named Esther anymore? Thats both insulting and dumb, not to mention untrue. If they wanted to rename the character, why not Star? Means the same thing as Esther. Also, some men do find it emasculating to by called by his wife's name and its not because their secretly oppressive, look at any celebrity marriage in which the man is not as gifted or well known as the woman, divorce soon follows. More is just asked of men while women don't have to try too hard to get the job because company's want to check the female hiring box. That's why the husband character feels like such a failure in these movies.
Luke Wilson (10 days ago)
Wow, I had no idea that continually remaking this film was so relevant. I hadn’t heard of it before until the new one came out, and when I learned that it was the fourth iteration I just rolled my eyes and scoffed, thinking there’s already too many movies with the same conceptual basis (like Begin Again or Music & Lyrics) to justify another straight-up remake. But this video made me actually want to watch at least the Garland and Streisand versions, if not all of them. Thanks for making this!
Fiana Viola (11 days ago)
🔵 *"A Star Is Born"* [2OI8] ᴍᴏᴠɪᴇ: t..co/19sep3hclp Unglaublicher... film!! Sehr.. zu empfehlen.. ..es auszuprobieren!!
Sandro Frias (11 days ago)
Just saw a star is born, this video should be included in the bluray extras release. Great job!
EVAN REID (11 days ago)
I loved the 2018 version both Bradley Cooper and lady gaga did fantastic, and it actually made me want to see how different the 1976 version is . Great video. Btw
K. David Woolley (11 days ago)
9:15 Wow, thanks for doing this video, digging deep, such empathy.
Armando León (11 days ago)
Another brilliant video! I would rank the versions like this: 1. 1937. 2. 1954. 3. 2018. 4. 1976.
Robert Kirby (11 days ago)
Loving your videos, Be Kind Rewind! They are excellent!
Linda Earl (11 days ago)
I absolutely loved the 2018 version. The chemistry is unmistakable. Home run!
MaryWinDenver Notgiven (11 days ago)
Interesting analysis - thanks.
Monique Hart’s laugh (11 days ago)
You should be very proud of yourself! This video is so well made
Nikola Novkovic (11 days ago)
i looooooove your channel, i love old Tinseltown glam, storytelling, acting, stars, the whole package.
Greg Walko (11 days ago)
Hi, I love old Hollywood bios/docs. Came across your channel and just watched 'Star Is Born' comparison, and Hepburn and Streisand. You do a 5***** OUTSTANDING job with your clips and your voiceovers. More interesting and better made than MANY tv bios.
Shari Fine (11 days ago)
When I first heard they were going to do a remake, I hoped that the woman (Gaga) would be the famous star, and the man (Cooper) her protégée. Now THAT would gave been a better contemporary version of the story!
Pat T (11 days ago)
This version is perfect for this season in our time. Substance abuse, over doses, and suicide are major issues in our society today. We watch this couple struggle with all these issues and it breaks our heart. We also see Ally struggling to find her identity and voice through the process. This version leaves us wondering and hoping that she eventually finds true success standing on her own.
kalps (11 days ago)
indian version ..abhiman , ashiqui 2
Shiv Mangal Yadav (11 days ago)
What about the bollywood version..😎
Glitter Berries (11 days ago)
If you can make a three-10 part series of this, be our guest 😝
skuttytip (11 days ago)
Cooper will be a huge favorite for "Best Actor." The academy may see this performance as award worthy but it's Cooper's ability to chew on diverse roles that get's a statue. In other words when I see a Cooper film, I get into the character and toss out the "he's gorgeous" factor. In other words despite this, he's got the incredible talent and ability to put Bradley aside. Now a Tom Cruise film is just Tom Cruise in a film except "Born On Th Fourth Of July" which earned him an Oscar nomination.
Lonnie Cohen (12 days ago)
Judy Garland was robbed of the Academy Award, the best version ever.
daniel silva (12 days ago)
Nobody can touch Judy Garland's performance. She gave it all.
Julie Goodrich (12 days ago)
It took me longer than I care to admit that it’s Lady Gaga in the 2018 version! I had to come to the comment section to see if it was true! She looks so normal and I think she’s much prettier without all that crap on her face.
Jupp Olonn (12 days ago)
I love this woman's voice.. The Narrator
Nana In Narnia (12 days ago)
I haven't seen any of them, but I am most interested in the 1937 original. I would like to see them all though. Thank you for the great video. Even though you dished out A LOT of info, I don't feel that it would spoil watching any of them.
No HocusPocus (12 days ago)
NOT 12 OCTAVES!!! The 12 notes of the chromatic scale!!! Perhaps it was an oversight, or more likely you know nothing of music. Regardless, an interesting analysis. What you missed is any discussion of musical value in the last three. "The Man that Got Away" will last forever. There is not one tune, not even a single motif, that will last in Gaga's version, and "Evergreen" is nice but repetitive. It would be worthless had not Streisand sung it.
Alina Hazime (12 days ago)
I really felt like the 2018 a star is born really captured what it was actually like for lady Gaga. Allie dyes her hair to look more like a pop star, so did Gaga. Allie started off not being able to do exactly what she wanted with her stuff, and so did she, but then Allie eventually showed her true self in her music at the end just like Gaga did with her latest album Joanne
Carl Creighton (12 days ago)
if there was one about Judy Garland being replaced in Annie Get Your Gun by Betty Hutton and the director getting fired and everybody hating Betty Hutton I'd watch it!
Heather Inthesixohfour (12 days ago)
Lady Gaga will win an Oscar for her performance in this movie. Bradley Cooper will be nominated but will lose to Rami Malek for Bohemian Rhapsody. He will win for best director and screenplay though. Sam Elliott will also win for best supporting actor. I’ve seen three of four versions of this film, this years’s version is my favourite.
Robert Winter (12 days ago)
Why do you say two thousand eighteen? It’s pronounced twenty eighteen.
Taylor Downing (12 days ago)
The Judy Garland version is my favorite one. I liked the recent version as well, but imho, the 1954 version is great and it has Judy Garland....one of the best entertainers in the world. Her voice alone makes me cry, it was absolutely beautiful.
mona2242 (12 days ago)
Interesting parallels , thank you, although I so thoroughly enjoyed the ‘ 54 version a gazillion times as well the 1976 musical . Loved, loved the chemistry in both movies that I decided I’d wait for this year’s Born again to be on tv. I have a strong gut feeling I will be disappointed to see it on the big screen.
elizabeth Lauer (12 days ago)
A nice piece. A few comments: it's not "the same twelve octaves," it's the same twelve pitches. (If one starts with the lowest A on the piano: 22.5, and then progresses through the fifth A (440, the pitch to which most orchestras tune these days), at number 12, it's 56320, and I think that dogs are no longer listening.). There is a kind of first-try of some of this story starring Constance Bennett that pre-dates the 1937 first version; I've forgotten the title. In the 50s version, the songs are as stellar as anything in the movie, with the (then) new "The Man That Got Away" being top of the list. I never quite believed Janet Gaynor's assertion of her talent; Garland gives ample proof.
Yaeli Fembotnikova (12 days ago)
Mason and his melancholy monologues, tho... *cue Lolita 1962*
Stephanie Wolfe (12 days ago)
Thanks for this! ( it's 12 notes though not octaves... small quibble) It was so lovely to see clips of this classic through the ages.
Vinyl Fetish Club (12 days ago)
I loved how the end scene in the new version mirrored the final scene in the 1937 version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwKJraXssTE&t=11s
ericscam2 (12 days ago)
The Gaga version SUX. Really bad movie and not really her fault. Terrible script, badly directed by Cooper, who failed Gaga miserably by not helping her in the scenes...all of which she is not good in. Cooper, usually good, is lousy and indicating here, and a cypher. But the main problem is the script, which is a mess. Cooper may be a decent actor, but as a director and writer he's utterly without a clue.
Chris Hernandez (12 days ago)
Oh but I'm sure you can do better lmao
Mike Garnham (12 days ago)
Lovely review. Thanks. I am 'late' to Gaga. What a voice. I am now listening to her back catalogue. Not all her music is for me. The film? Amazing. At some stage I will watch the Garland version - James Mason was one of my favourites when I was a child. But for now ............... I wold love to be a string on her guitar.
ks dilauri (12 days ago)
Be Kind---nice job on your commentary! The backstory of the various "Star" versions is, indeed, a film unto itself. Thanks for this interesting comparison, you put it together very well---we'll check out your other postings.
Aphrodite Lee (12 days ago)
This was brilliant! Great Job!!! Maybe the FUTURE star born will be my grandson (currently just 2 lol)! I would LOVE to see what they could do with that!
gerald berke (12 days ago)
very nicely done!
frabulishus (12 days ago)
frabulishus (12 days ago)
musicaltheatergeek79 cinematography, themes, actors, a short sentence saying beware i will spoil the plot wouldn't hurt
musicaltheatergeek79 (12 days ago)
The title clearly states "Comparing Every Version of A Star is Born." Of course, she's going to talk about the plot(s). How else can you compare?
Todd River (12 days ago)
The only thing that pushes me away from this remake of a remake of a remake, is this "Oscar-push" for Gaga that is constant (and disturbing). Is this what the film industry has come to? People with money and bought fame being shoved down everyone's throats? Screaming vocals, mediocre acting of a rehashed story made for today? People (and movies/music) have become so easily persuaded. Thankfully Gaga played a "victim", which seems to come naturally. The struggle is NOT real. Spoon fed, rich, privileged, upper-east side want to be famous ugly duckling....which uses every disease/victimization know to man for a sympathy pass....is disgusting. It' not that I don't like her. It's the way the industry constantly pushes/shoves her in every attempt she ensues....to MAKE her some super legend. Anyone with minimal intelligence can see there is nothing original or captivating about this plastic/manufactured/self-proclaimed disease ridden "STAR". Mediocrity at it's best. Now, Oscar worthy? Disgusting.
Lorraine Kamisky (12 days ago)
Great video, great job comparing all "stars being born" thanks for the insights to all the characters.
Mary Burrell (12 days ago)
Lots of good songs on the 2018 soundtrack
Mary Burrell (12 days ago)
I was impressed with Gaga as an actress I liked the chemistry between Gaga and Bradley Cooper.
Mary Burrell (12 days ago)
I went to see the 2018 version I liked it. Now I have to see the others
Laura Bee (12 days ago)
I thought this was a great video! But I think you did a disservice to the original by not mentioning Dorothy Parker.
aculady1 (12 days ago)
I never saw any of the earlier versions of this movie and I went to see the 2018 one because a friend of mine wanted to go and I agreed to see it with her. I was quite a way into the movie before I realized it was Lady Gaga. Anyway, I thought the music was great but the movie didn't flow well. It jumped quickly in its progression and it was confusing at times. Jackson's addictions ticked me off and I kept thinking he was such an idiot for choosing to ruin his life.
Evan Patterson (12 days ago)
The male lead in 1976 was originally written for Elvis to star in it.
Susan Weiss (12 days ago)
Loved your analysis, commentary, and those "scenes" you left to our imagination! I was raised around Hollywood, went to silent movies with my grandfather , stood for hours to watch the stars fill the Santa Monica Auditorium, and have sat in the back of the Hollywood Wax Museum to watch the Academy Awards Show that occurred before my time. Being a die hard Esther Blodgett fan from the first two, I could never bring myself to watch Barbra and Kris version. Kris was the barrier,for me . Soooo I forced myself to see the new one and it really was quite good. But Judy Garland's " I am Mrs. Norman Maine" will always be my number 1.

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