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Dragon Age 2 Full Templar Ending [HD]

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This is the ending of Dragon Age 2. Quick summary: - Male Warrior protagonist. - Romanced Isabella. - Bethany is a Grey Warden. - Anders executed. - Merrill betrayed me, but came back before final fight. - Sided with templars, but asked to spare mages when possible. - Meredith seriously kicks ass :D Looking forward to DA3 :)
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Cullen Moseley (8 hours ago)
I say mages go to a circle pass the harrowing and are free to stay or leave. And during training are allowed to leave to meet families of they want. I don't know what to do if they cant control their magic. But it's just a thought I had. Since some mages like the circle while some don't.
People complain about killing both Meredith and Orsino regardless of what side you pick, but personally I think that it perfectly shows the inevitability of the coming war. It doesn't matter what side anyone picks, in this conflict no one can win.
Tyrael242 (27 days ago)
Your character looks like Jowan from DAO
Frostyflakes 1000 (4 months ago)
Huh dragon age 2 is a prelude to dragon age inquisition, just like how the “forged alliances” group of flash points are a prelude to shadow of revenge in swtor.
Frostyflakes 1000 (4 months ago)
micha McV. (5 months ago)
fail u litterlie let bethany join the wardens to save her thats not the FULL Templer endings xD
Seva Rogue (5 months ago)
The Templars are so cool, am always support them!
Adam the Tutorial Guy (7 months ago)
What a waste of a game.
NeferPitou's True King (9 months ago)
So Meredith is still a paranoid bitch well good think i sided with mages.
Seru (3 months ago)
I wouldn't be so proud of siding with the more evil side.
That Guy Luke (9 months ago)
I don't remember the red templars being as difficult to kill as meradith
3:13. That dude, on her right. He heard enough of her bullshit ad he fucked off. There, did you see him? He was so fed up, he literately disappeared.
HTSenpai9000 (1 year ago)
Highly underrated game
Osiedlony (1 year ago)
That's when Cullen grow his balls to become later badass inquisition general!
OtomostheCrazy (1 year ago)
Willing sacrifices my ass. You could’ve continued looking for a way to get them out instead of powering up
Random Random (1 year ago)
Er apparently you're an idiot Meredith we let Varric handle our account
Windward Birds (1 year ago)
The maker has guided us here to end your evil, Orsino!
Jillsexyvalentinefan (1 year ago)
Many say that sarcastic Hwakeis the best, but I just can´t believe it, many responses are so put of place, especially after watching this video, his responses just kill the mood of this situation..
Wilco Hillebrand (2 years ago)
and then the champion got AIDS from Isabella....
N7 Fury Operative (2 years ago)
Maker! Aid your humble servant!
Gareth Keenan (2 years ago)
LOL the templar ending is exactly the same.
Rude Dude3712 (2 years ago)
TBH. I wish bioware would make a dragon age spin-off game were you play as a Templar (not inquisitor because he's not a real Templar) I know the magi went thru hell, but people often forget the magi aren't the only who go thru tragedy and oppression/fear.
Robin MXZ (2 years ago)
As long as the characters aren't ugly like in Inquisition I'm okay regardless where the next DA is held in.
Mohammad Shebli (2 years ago)
+Rude Dude3712 You can never be disappointed with dragon age keep around ;)
Rude Dude3712 (2 years ago)
Yeah, I just wish there was more variety.
Mohammad Shebli (2 years ago)
+Rude Dude3712 Well, Tevinter is all about mages and slavery, but there are not going to be any templars around. Instead, Qunari would be there trying to control people who cast spells during the conflict. The possibilites are numerous, the potential is great, and the game is going to be awesome. Can't wait for a reveal in 2017!
Rude Dude3712 (2 years ago)
I just hope it's not another mage centered story arc. Don't get me wrong I believe how they're treated is awful, but I think people put way too much crap on the Templars for it. If this one you get to choose a mentor (one of the inquisitor's companions) that would be great.
omega (2 years ago)
Siding with templars is stupid. They had no right to kill all mages
Hey Joji (1 year ago)
It's all a matter of perspective y'all
Jared Curry (1 year ago)
Not true. The Right of Annulment gave them the right, though it's only used in extreme circumstances.
Rude Dude3712 (2 years ago)
Whatever takes to make things worse for them? Magi are generally good? Yeah right, a person who can create electricity flame ice and summon demons at will are generally good. I'm sure Anders was just a misunderstood person who just so happened to blow up a church, yes he didn't deserve to die, and morrigan who wanted to create a reincarnation of a arch demon, which she can control all of the darkspawn with. Oh lets not forget Solas who brought the orb to a mad century's old mage who almost ended the world. Yeah, obviously the templars are the bad ones for being cautious.😒
Divine Potato (2 years ago)
the ending isn't suppose to be good in any way. your forced to side with one of the extremists at the end the mages, which are opressed and generally good but are extremely powerful and dangerous, especially the ones who give into blood magic or side with the templars who opress the mages, but are a huge group with great power and will do whatever it takes to make it worst for them. regardless your forced to side with someone bad
Rude Dude3712 (2 years ago)
So is blowing up a church because a mad man wanted total freedom thus starting a rebellion that see's allot more innocents slaughtered is just as bad if not worse.
Max Casados (2 years ago)
Mage propaganda, I killed Arseino and cleansed the circle, high five'd with the knight captain, slapped Meredith's butt and got to the hanged man in time for last call
Kain Xander (3 years ago)
I chose Templars from a personal choice. having read the codex that Orsino knew of the existence of the bastard that kill my mother I had to help the Templars in hope that I could reach my sister before they did because if I help them maybe they would let my sister live. that was my hope and it all worked out for me. I even became Vicount. Also what i found funny for me is just how many people lied to cassandra in my playthough. Varric knows where hawke is and Leliana in my playthrough knew where the Warden was.
TeoAdventures (3 years ago)
+Hurlock alpha Well; honestly I can't see the point of why you are wrong; maybe the mages use Kirkwall's disaster as an excuse; the problem is that is not Fiona the problem; as you say; if there will be more competent mages like Morrigan, Wynne, Bethany, The Gray Warden (if mage), even Sol....*cough*cough*..as ,there is not point for them to suffer the wrath of whatever who hate them, because like a mage in Dragon Age 2 during The Last Straw said _"Champion, Will you not defend us? Must we all be slaughtered for the actions of few?_ and he is damm right! The Templars have always had a grudge against the Mages, but not all (even Cullen in Dragon Age Origins, but showed an evolution of their behavior and attitude to them during the saga of Dragon age), but it was still the most...; certain amount of mages were trying to take care of their reputation but people like Orsino or Ander screw up even Meredith did not help much, She invokes the Right of Annulment, and you know very well what means the details of that right (she had the right to do so by the policies of the chantry) and left the mages with the last option to defend himself, and ... yes ... they did not hesitate to use magic blood ... because they had no choice, and everything went to hell!!!! *TO HELL!* but not because of Mages; because for just one f*cking mage.... _Anders_ and you just can't blame every mage; given other circumstances if the explosion had not happened, the tension had followed, and Justinia had taken up the issue, finding reports of corruption,and repeating the events,but with less death...probably... but How the hell did they establish a Circle of Magi in Kirkwall where in times past belonged to the Imperium and there were trade post for slaves? It is quite clear that the veil was..and is very fragile and they never considered that, .. but that's not the case....,oh, and they ask The Chantry for some "freedom", but they just ignored those requests... And about you said; _"Tension existed, yes, but not enough to show a sign for a rebellion"_ Divine Beatrix III has already anticipated for some reason that something like this would happen, a war between Mages and Templar..., that why she handed Cassandra the book that allow to invoke the Right to build The Famous Inquisition, but maybe she know that already? About Viviene; in few words; feminazi; I dislike her,and I proud to say that I am not the only one; a lot of people actually. She just want to be close to the Inquisitor for political reasons, and what's more, she never even tries to hide the fact.She manipulated the Inquisition for her own ends from the very beginning to get information, and she shrugs it off because there's nothing to be done with the information anymore. Part of surviving the Game is securing your position so thoroughly that having your secrets exposed does minimal damage. She refuses to acknowledge that there might be other more powerful magic outside the Circle; and that mages outside of Circle influence can actually be proficient at their craft: this in the face of Solas' superior knowledge of the Fade, for example. You get the idea she is only tolerant of the Inquisitor if they are a non-Circle mage simply because of the power s/he wields through the Inquisition. If you choose to side with the mages, she heaps scorn on the Rebel Mages for being weak after being manipulated by magic previously thought impossible. On the flip side, she behaves as if the Templars themselves had absolutely nothing to do with the fall of their Order; even with indisputable evidence to the contrary. Simply because her experience in the Circle has been one of privilege, she refuses to entertain the idea that the majority of mages in the system are not so lucky. And she is an ass with Cole, knowing that Cole past through a lot of s*it; I could agree with her, but doest not make her the best person,she's just Pro-Circle and is arrogant about it.. But getting to the point...,Fiona...in few words is a hypocrite? Yes; but would not allow her to drag innocent mages to her will just because she is just desesperate, it's my work to not allow more mages and others lives go to waste.
+TeoAdventures  There is a thing called "diplomacy". If what Viv said was right, that the Circles were tolerant, that would mean that the mages looked contempt with their life in them. Tension existed, yes, but not enough to show a sign for a rebellion. The events in Kirkwall were used as an excuse for that rebellion. If they wanted things to change peacefully they could have addressed their demands to the Divine but they didn't. They chose the worst and most destructive chaotic option, to rebel. Its worse because then you directly challenge the Divine's and Chantry's authority and every smart person will know that this will lead to a war. Of course that no one will support them. Who would? The normal people? The normal people are afraid of them and from what they can do with a good reason. Also they believe in the Maker, they will never support a mage rebellion. And this rebellion wasn't about more rights and tolerance, its about gaining total freedom for all mages. Seeing how stupid mages are, how easily they use blood magic and demons for their personal gain, this is not a good idea at all. If they were more like Morrigan, Wynne and Bethany, then yes, but they are not. Most of them are weak minded who don't understand the dangers they can bring. Fiona was selfish and i could boldly say, stupid. She knew that this was a loosing battle and yet she started it pulling down and destroying countless lives, even mage ones, in this doomed rebellion. Viv is all about discipline, order, safety and self perfection. I can see why she hates Fiona. She is no different than Anders. A reckless mage.
+Lelouchxzero1 Lol. Yea. I do don't i? xD
TeoAdventures (3 years ago)
+Hurlock alpha I never put or I meant that they are not exempt from actions that they caused; just I try to put up that either the Templars helped contribute the tension between them, did the Templars simply followed the orders of the Chantry so that this war will end soon? Just not, and to make matters worse, they made many people saw 'em with bad eyes. In other words, the rebellion would happen sooner or later, and the circles of magi, what you say is true, many mages approve the Circle system Because mages are a danger for Themselves and others, including Wynne on Dragon Age Awakening was worried because the college of enchanter would approve the divestiture of the Circle of magi. Mages are dangerous? yes, but turning against them will only make things worse for sure
Kain Xander (3 years ago)
+Hurlock alpha  while I agree with most of what your saying you really are sounding like a Zealot Templar aren't you lol.
cripplehawk (3 years ago)
When I think of Dragon Age 2 I think of Jaws 2.... Where Jaws 2 is a good film like DA2 is a good game. But despite being good Jaws 2 will always pales when comparing it to Jaws. Like DA2 pales when it compares to Dragon Age Origin
Random Random (1 year ago)
cripplehawk by the end of the first act I was thinking about getting drunk urge got heavier through each act but in the end I never took a sip of alcohol
Adan Moura (3 years ago)
se aliar aos templarios e muita burricekkkk
mram3610 (4 years ago)
I really don't like Varric dwarfs ugh. But why didn't he just tell her?
SharpieItBlack (4 years ago)
Did I do something wrong because I can't get fucking past the mages in the courtyard before this. Got close once but died right before the killing blow in the last enemy because I used all my bombs and potions. And even if I had made it I wouldn't have been able to finish Orsino :( I'm terrible at this game it seems.
Mac McJof (4 years ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that, having played all DA games now, DA2 is pretty much just the prologue to Inquisition? I still liked the game but it is just a thought.
Gledania Minos (1 year ago)
I hope we can see him again.
TeoAdventures (3 years ago)
+The Warden perhaps; DO4 (may be happening in the Tevinter Imperium) maybe there do2 decisions that are to be "relevant", maybe we found a fenris trying to free the slaves, or being subjected to Danarius; and also a Feynriel trying to control their magical skills ...,everything could be possible!
White creamy Milk (3 years ago)
It really is... I mean you're even put on rails so your decisions won't effect the future... Isabella escapes when given to airishock.. Supporting either templars or mages winds up the same way.. The game was horse shit and nothing but a frustration... Its the only bioware game I swore to never platly again... Hordes and hordes of chaff and archers isn't good gameplay. At least it let us see the qun I guess... The only redeemi g quality to the game.
Asmodianmerc09 (3 years ago)
Funnily enough DA2 was originally going to have the same plot as inquisition, but I think they decided they needed one more game for a background or something like that.
JoeTyler85 (3 years ago)
+kamikaze potato yes, and that means it's Bioware's laziest product so far
Tom Rousseau (4 years ago)
where did you get that sword
loafhero (4 years ago)
DA2 had such a serious lack of meaningful decisions. It doesn't help that you'll end up not giving a damn about Kirkwall any more for no matter how hard you try, almost everyone important to the story will disappoint you... badly. Yes, its meant to be a personal story and I actually found that approach to storytelling appealing. But games made by Telltale like the Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us proved that you can make a game with a more personal story while still giving plenty of meaningful decisions that influenced the world and people around you. 
SUpersaiyajinjerkbag (4 years ago)
Is htis an alternate ending?  Like peopel finally realized that DA2 has an even shittier ending the Mass effect 3 so now it has DLC endings?
SUpersaiyajinjerkbag (4 years ago)
+Mart R.  i dont exist
Mart R. (4 years ago)
wait wut, this is the alternate ending depending on your choices...
JacktheStormer120 (4 years ago)
Choosing a Dragon Age 2 ending is like choosing the best STD. There is none. Either asshole templars who will slaughter all the mages even the fucking Tranquil and non blood mages with the Right of Annulment, or the first enchanter and his blood mage friends.
BirthOfSerpents (4 years ago)
Hey its boethia 
Art Bnd (3 years ago)
+BirthOfSerpents she is a part time templar commander apparently
KingNazaru (4 years ago)
Hey, the Templar woman is voiced by the same woman who voiced Elenwen, Meridia, and Boethiah.
Tiffany Withers (1 year ago)
KingNazaru she voiced an elf in Skyrim
Divine Potato (2 years ago)
wait merida and boethiah have the same voice actors? explains why they sound similar lol
Welcler Castro (4 years ago)
i also noticed this she is the same voice actor  i do not remember her name '-'
Spigy ZJ (4 years ago)
The problem with the Chantry is that they use templars as prison guards when in fact they should be magic police. Subjugating of mages is why things go wrong every time. Magic users should be allowed to live free and if someone goes outside the law then they will be treated like every other criminal. But, instead of city guard, templars and other mages come to arrest them. Then again they do live in the middle ages so it's no surprise.
İntihar İpi (4 months ago)
+BirthOfSerpents You're larping right now.....right ?
BirthOfSerpents (4 years ago)
Pffft magic is a dangerous tool, and should be fiercely regulated. Magic is the greatest source of power and it corrupts, magic should serve mankind or be eradicated, there is no middle ground!!!
HalfTangible (4 years ago)
The issue isn't so much that Templars act as prison guards - it's that mages are thrown into prison (ie, the circle) just for existing. What I would do (if it were up to me) is keep the circle, but a mage is only confined to it until he passes his Harrowing. Then, he's allowed to come and go as he pleases (perhaps marked with a tattoo or some form of magic mark only Templar can see?) as long as his phylactery remains intact. We'd build a prison to hold the mages similar to the circle, guarded at all times by Templar and as many antimagic measures as can be mustered. The Rite of Trainquility would be a threat used to keep order in the prison, or for mages that (like that tranquil in the circle tower) are afraid of getting possessed by demons. Templars would serve as jailors for mages as well as magic police: they'd go out and force mages to obey the law. The 'military arm of the chantry' is a function that confuses me, since it pretty much guarantees the Chantry will be hostile to mages, and would be cut. Maybe replaced by the Inquisition. And finally, if you've used blood magic, fused with a spirit/demon, or destroyed a phylactery, you're imprisoned for life or killed. Period.
realmk (4 years ago)
It's truly amazing that no matter what your choices are in DA2, the game plays out the same way regardless. Bioware sure has gone down hill the last few years.
SophH911 (4 years ago)
+congokong87 Okay that's true. Dragon age is the only RPG I really play, so I'm used to kind of just being led along in games, that only have one ending.  
HalfTangible (4 years ago)
Not so! If you choose Templar you have to walk farther.
Robert Mitchell (4 years ago)
I think it is important to have both Mereditha dn Orsino as problems either way to ensure the correct plot for DA:I.  If it was only one faction or the other that you side with, there may be less choices in DA:I.  Giving both sides their good and their bad will lead to more compelling options in Inquisition.   
realmk (4 years ago)
+congokong87 That's exactly what I mean, Bioware titles used to have different endings, or at least different story blurbs at the end to tie up loose ends. DA2 was so obviously a rush job that they didn't even bother with even attempting to give the illusion of choices mattering. My hope is with the extended dev time DA:I received, that it goes back to feeling more like DA:O rather than the shit fest that was DA2.
SophH911 (4 years ago)
Think that is kind of the whole point, not weakness on Bioware's part. I find it interesting the concept that, whatever we do, the war was inevitable. Although saying that, our choices both in origins and DA:2 are supposed to heavily influence the third game. Suppose there's nothing we can do but wait, and hope bioware delivers. 
Matthew Henry (4 years ago)
Why would anyone side with the Templars? I just couldn't bring myself to it!
Adanu191 (3 months ago)
+Darthwin Wright Blood magic isn't evil. People are evil.
Seru (3 months ago)
Because it's the right thing to do. Meredith went insane only because of red lyrium - mages were already evil through their blood magic and this "wonderful" Orsino actually supported the mass murderer who killed Hawke's mother.
Darthwin Wright (4 years ago)
+rayden54 he was not exactly all that sane in that situation since he assumed the player character was an illusion brought by the demons and considering went from having a crush on the female mage character to that after everything that happened in the tower he probably went through a lot.
rayden54 (4 years ago)
+Darthwin Wright  Cullen comes off much better in this game than in Origins. In Origins he was the one demanding the death of all the mages.
Darthwin Wright (4 years ago)
+blank clef yeah the fact that most mages in kirkwall were insane blood mages does not help their cause. Though blood magic at its base feels more like a slippery slope of a short cut that allows one to accomplish something they would normally require a lot of lyrium for. The best examples are Merrill when she talked about how she first needed it to cleanse the mirror shard or the first option of using blood magic to enter the fade and confront the demon in redcliff. Though it would also help if Templars eased up a little. Cullen seems to be the right kind of templar. He understands the danger that mages face, but is willing to listen to other people without raving like a madman.
Norianna R. N. (4 years ago)
The Harvester in the Golem DLC from Origins was sooo much harder!
Norianna R. N. (4 years ago)
+RSMith816 My cat looks exactly like Ser Pounce-a-lot! A fluff of ginger tabby cuteness :D (All 3 of my cats are tabbies)
RSMith816 (4 years ago)
I wish I could of given Anders another cat in DA2! =/ Sir pounce-a-lot was the BEST!!!! Sry, nice cat profile pic!
Gui V (4 years ago)
I wish i could join the Templar Order, i think it would be great for a secondary storyline. :/
Ali Baba (4 years ago)
Read Dragon Age asunder by David Gaider for more information about Mage vs Templar. Its a rich story with Wynne, Leliana, Shale + new char that is bound for Dragon age inqusition
sherricarney (4 years ago)
Cool how the demon fetus from golems of ammgerak made a return in DA:2 :D
Woohoo! Lifeisamazing (4 years ago)
So the dialogues are the only differences u_u Sweet. Definitely not their best game.
Riftrender (4 years ago)
I always feel bad for Orsino in a story and meta sense. If he didn't have to deal with Meredith's tyranny, he would have stayed sane and never would have crossed the despair event horizon (mage ending) or snapped (templar ending). Also he was only made a boss in the mage ending because EA wanted another boss. 
The Icelandic Witch (4 years ago)
+LightningSamus They had the same thing with the Mass Effect series which is why the ending there was like it was and not the original ending that they intended.  I really hope they don't do the same with Dragon age.
Samantha Sunnette (4 years ago)
EA doesn't write the story or develop the game, they just published it and gave a budget and a tight deadline which is why things were rushed.. Bioware had to cut corners though because they had a short amount of time to make the game and if you didn't like the writing then that is on David Gaider.
thestormofwar (4 years ago)
+Riftrender Perhaps.  But given that Malificarum are pretty much "Kill on sight" in Thedas and Orsino was tacitly harboring Quentin's existance and indulging his research, any respectable Templar probably would have had Orsino's head.  In truth, I usually choose the Mage ending because I never subscribe the Bad Apple - Bunch theory, but Orsino pretty much had it coming regardless. 
Riftrender (4 years ago)
I'm not disagreeing, but Orsino would have never kept Quentin's existence a secret if it wasn't for Meredith's tenure as knight-commander. 
thestormofwar (4 years ago)
Given that family is Hawke's berserk button, Orsino pretty much had it coming.
Jonas De Moor (5 years ago)
Conclusion: it doesn't really matter what choices you make throughout the game; you'll get the same result: both Meredith and Orsino die -_-
Magus Silveresti (5 years ago)
Also if you want proof that being possessed by a spirit doesn't make you evil, look at Wynne.  She is the example of how mages can be an ultimate force for good, and she's possessed by a spirit of Faith. Anders would not have unintentionally transformed Justice into Vengeance if the Chantry (and thus the Templars) had not been so abusive to him and his fellow mages.  Remember that - the chain of blame for the destruction of the Kirkwall Chantry lies in the hands of the Templars of Anders' past as well. To me, Gregaoir(sp?) is an example of a good Templar (Alistair would count if it weren't for the fact that aside from having the powers, he's not really the same kind of Templar) and Wynne is an example of a good Mage. As far as blood magic goes... It has a lot of potential for abuse, but a lot of potential for good, too.  Problem is, no one is teaching how to use it for good.  The only ones willing to teach blood magic are demons and tyrants.  The Warden and Hawke are able to use it for great good, but as they are player characters they are Schrodinger's Example. Remember... magic is but a tool.  As is a sword.  An entire nation can be laid low by one mage or one swordsman.  Mages just expedite the process.
If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you. Blood magic isn't just dangerous. It is erosive.
Osiedlony (1 year ago)
Anders was tainted with blight, and so it could change Justice to Vengence. Blight affects even lyrium, so why not spirits.
Random Random (1 year ago)
Magus Silveresti honestly both sides are at fault
marchlander1 (4 years ago)
Maker bless you +Magus Silveresti :) I also belive that there are good templars, but remember something, -whole group is marked for actions of few-. That is going on though the whole game and I was very upset about it. But there is something I agree with Meredith's believe -Blood mages deserve no mercy! They deserve to be hunted, clamped, draged to the circle or, my favorite, once proven by Grey Warden(that's where Anders would come handy), executed on sight.- That belive was sealed with me when Hawke's mother was brutaly murdered by blood mage and second, when mage by the name of Grace, who I saved, later turned against me and was about to kill Bethany. As Anders said, "Justice is hard.."
The Icelandic Witch (4 years ago)
+Dave Short Don't forget the mind control.
Magus Silveresti (5 years ago)
Everyone else weighs their opinions in so I may as well. The mages being oppressed by the Chantry isn't right.  Oppressed people are more likely to resort to extreme measures.  And in this case, you have people who are capable of becoming walking nukes resorting to measures more extreme than that.  Everyone loses. However, Tevinter shows us that mages, even when they rule the chantry, are still susceptible to mortal nature.  They lie, cheat, steal, and do whatever they can to get power, including going back to how Tevinter was before the Chantry was there.  So mages being in control unchecked means everyone loses. The Templars are also slaves of the Chantry, only they are enslaved through an addictive substance that isn't even necessary for their powers.  While some of them relish in killing mages, others are more inclined to be sympathetic to the cause. My propose solution: The mages free themselves from Chantry oppression, but the Templars side with the mages.  This is something of a severalfold benefit.  Being free of the lyrium addiction means Templars are free to develop their minds.  There are still plenty of sane Mages that recognize that no Templars is a bad idea.  So the Mages help the Templars hone their anti-magic powers (since it's fundamentally similar to magic), and the Templars act to stop misuse of magical power on a more widespread scale. And for Andraste's sake, let the mages have families.  What the Chantry does to Mages is inexcusable and dehumanizing. In short, the Mages and the Templars must ally with each other and help each other if they want to avoid either worst possible scenario.  And this is possible.  The Templars of the Ferelden Circle, Cullen aside (For very good reasons) were generally level-headed, especially since their leader thought of the mages as his PEOPLE, not his wards. As for the people who talk about Mages manipulating people... it doesn't take magic to manipulate someone.  Don't forget that Loghain didn't have a drop of magic in him and yet convinced half of Ferelden that the Grey Wardens were evil.  All because he let old prejudices impact his judgment. Mages aren't the only ones capable of using magic, though it does come the most naturally to them.  Templar powers, Reaver powers... these are also a form of magic.  And anyone with enough discipline can learn them.  And these are powers even Dwarves can get, so that type of magic doesn't require a connection to the Fade. .... I wonder what would happen if a Mage learned Templar anti-magic?
Crystal the Vaporeon (25 days ago)
Mages and Templars working together? Thats like asking a KKK member and a colored man to work together.
Magus Silveresti (3 years ago)
+The Warden Even though it's been months since I made that first comment (and it's tl;dr even for me) I think it was a lot more complex than "templars are the answer."  And I even wondered if mages could learn the same anti-magic powers that Templars use.
Magus Silveresti (3 years ago)
+The Warden You still have to worry about things like what's going on in Tevinter, though.
Courtz Benjie (5 years ago)
I should try and side with the templars just to see what it's like
SlapSword (5 years ago)
Doush bag templars
Lord of The Sword (4 years ago)
ther not Doush bags blame meridith man
codafett (5 years ago)
...I don't think hearts can get cancer.
CadetYOLO (5 years ago)
And thats how the "meat ball" Necromorph was created
lordrockable (5 years ago)
I played this game only once, awful game and rather boring. hoping the upcoming one wont be the same.
strikestorm (5 years ago)
It bugs me you help the templars but the mages hear your name as a rallying cry...doesn't make much sense other then Bioware wanted to save money on cinematics...Well still an amazing game that gets flak from people who typically never played the first one but say it's better. Thanks! 
GrindTheTooth (1 year ago)
yeah, and the male hawke is the standard aswell, they didn't even animate the woman.
realmk (4 years ago)
Origins is better in every way, hands down, it's not even a contest, though you have to take into consideration the dev time on Origins was 5+ years and they pooped out DA2 in about 15-18 months.
FilosofiadiCazzeggio (5 years ago)
Your name is a rallying cry because they hate you. Varric says you have come to represent their oppression at the hands of the templars
earl smith (5 years ago)
I think that the first thing im going to do in inquisition is romance Cassandra if I can
Calob Adams (5 years ago)
The Templar ending makes no sense, they used you to destroy the circle but wanted to arrest you? And then Meredith all of a sudden wants to kill you? C'mon, the Bioware made the siding with the circle look better I guess because it's their canon.
Dylan Thomas (5 years ago)
Why the hell is leliana there?..... Should probably complete awakening to find out XD
Anthony Williams (5 years ago)
Bethany D: And all of the circle magi who fell to the templars when the first enchanter went crazy. Seems like most of the magi that uses blood magic uses it in life or death, thinking they can handle the power.
Gie Kang (5 years ago)
I kinda liked the fact that both leaders were fucked up lol I knew something was up!
Militus (5 years ago)
I had romanced Anders, always sided with mages but at the end I just /HAD/ to side with Meredith after Grace etc betrayed me.. Then Anders came back to kill me .-. ..So much for love. :(
bjwatkins1216 (5 years ago)
At least she's dead
gloriousssx (5 years ago)
i don't know orsino's harvester form is incredibly disgusting or terrifying or both
dreman999 (5 years ago)
Think about it this way. You are controlling the damage and making sure the templars spare as much as possible.
dreman999 (5 years ago)
One sound does not make an ending bad.
dreman999 (5 years ago)
More like Keep quite about him out of Fear of Meredith. In short, Both the mages and templars are wrong.
InsanityGames (5 years ago)
Ohh ok, ive been looking all over for it
InsanityGames (5 years ago)
how do you get the armor that hawke was wearing in this video?
InsanityGames (5 years ago)
how do you get that armor?
RarestDragon (5 years ago)
I thought I recognized that voice. Kind of ironic.
Shelton Nigli (5 years ago)
this is by far the worst ever ... BIOWARE ...WTF ... u have ruined DA2 .... horrible.... even MERIDITH's SWORD sounds like a Light saber .. OMG !!!! u shud have SwiTched Legacy story for the main DA2 story wud have more sense for this to be just a DLc... the hawke:rise to PowEr....
windwalk13 (5 years ago)
i thought thats the point of the game. you made your choice, you endure the consequences.
sjkcm2 (5 years ago)
Im still wondering wtf was it that the old dwarves discovered....(The red lirium) and where does it comes from? how does it tempts people? such curious things...
Darkwolf523 (5 years ago)
I can never turn on the mages, not in origin; not in da2
Ethan Benson (5 years ago)
Am I the only one that thinks the line "May the maker watch over you dring the dark times ahead of us" is yet another reference to DA 3?
Ethan Benson (5 years ago)
She has the same voice actor as daedric lord meridia, from skyrim
Pheonix Fire (5 years ago)
But the Templars keep the mages in a tower thus stealing the mages freedom. even though they can be dangerous, thats harsh. "right of annulment" (if you dont already know) is permission to kill every mage in the tower good or bad. its only for if the tower was to gets taken over by abominations or something like that. so I normally fight with the mages. because there are still innocents. as for your companions, you just need 2get there friendship bar up more. Fenris you need maxed friendship.
Pheonix Fire (5 years ago)
There is no "right side". in order 2make a choice you like, your going to have to pay close attention throughout the games. DA2 shows mostly the bad side of the Templars &mages. but in Origins you see a lot more of the good side 2both. you really cant list either side as "good or bad." the Mages are simply born with power &can be dangerous. they always feel the lure of blood magic. &the Templars are like prison guards making sure they dont use it. both sides take advantaged of the other.
Никола (5 years ago)
.. ?
Никола (5 years ago)
What side should I pick ? whats better ? I mean whats the rigth side, and whats the evil... I heard that in DA 3 you can choose what happened in previous DA parts....or you can insert the save games for DA2 and DAO....the characters and everything that happened... I dont know what to do in DA2, which side, and everyone abanded me, i just have Bethany(Grey Warden), Anders, Varric and Merril..i completed the game with mages, but I dont know if I done it right,i want everything to be perfect in DA3
Everhardt (5 years ago)
I think you can do that by having 100% rivalry with him.
Evan Vatalaro (5 years ago)
1:23 still uses small knife...
SephirothsStudent (5 years ago)
To the Deep Roads? No. But Bethany does get taken to the circle if you leave her home on the expedition.
HellsingGirl1 (5 years ago)
so if you bring Anders does he die if you dont bring Beth?
SephirothsStudent (5 years ago)
She dies in the Deep Roads if you bring her, but not Anders too, otherwise, she becomes a Grey Warden. If you leave her home, she's taken into the circle.
SEARGNT (6 years ago)
Wait bethany can become a grey warden I thought she died in the deep roads or she goes to the circle.
Games You Love (6 years ago)
but the control was becoming tyrrny not just order anymore it was oppression
Lord Harkon (6 years ago)
I find it sad when the circle had gone rogue and the templars secede from the chantry. After all I've done to restore order between the two of them in origins. I swear if I could bring my Warden to appear in DA2, I would slap the shit everyone of them. Especially Anders.
Alec Long (6 years ago)
How'd Bethany become a Grey Warden? I've never been able to do that.
jayhan94 (6 years ago)
somehow i always knew templars were the bad guys just like in AC
Meme Supreme (6 years ago)
Merideth needs to be on Soulcalibur with that big ass sword
Jazzu (6 years ago)
Just beat this with the mages and siding with the Templars just seems wrong.
almostinsane99 (6 years ago)
I think that was a bug.
Francis Ramirez (6 years ago)
Nah thats just a bug. If you romance Isabela and have sex wit her, and then you romance Merrill for the rest of the game, it will still say that Isabela stays with you.
mopsus7 (6 years ago)
How to make a BioWare moral "crisis": STEP 1, make each character in the story present their views on the issue and their methods of achieving peace and freedom. 2, make all of these characters terrorists, psychopaths or blood mages later on. 3, disregard all character development if you need to squeeze in another boss battle. 4, pretend all of the above is actually on purpose, and that its part of your artistic vision.
JacktheStormer341 (6 years ago)
The Templars are evil, bigoted fucks, but Orsino sucks too, fucking useing blood magic. What the fuck.
SealDude (6 years ago)
no dragon age character is complete without a murder knife
SealDude (6 years ago)
not really there are 2 different endings 1 where the templars bow down in respect and one when they back away in fear.. yeah...maybe not big changes but it will probably effect dragon age 3. either hawke will be mentioned/appear as a friend of the templars or a enemy of the templars
UiDClutch (6 years ago)
bow to me bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!
leibniz befehl (6 years ago)
shit have to play this again omfg! :D
Calob Adams (6 years ago)
Damn, fuck the templars, atleast the mages don't intently betray you, the templars are going to arrest you or kill you.
Wired Soul (6 years ago)
How come she doesn't turn to her real form, a dragon?
streaklyern (6 years ago)
so even as a warrior the champion sticks a dagger into things's heads, why do i start to think the default was always a rogue and not a warrior?

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