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Game of Thrones - Season 2 Finale

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The others appear. From S02E10 "Valar Morghulis". All credit goes to HBO.
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Text Comments (984)
Vezy Sr (14 days ago)
ahhh good old deja vu 2:03
It's different in the book (storm of swords) sam wakes up before being killed by a fellow man of the night's watch by the first blast, same reaction, second swords are drawn to fight wildlings, third everyone is baffled that after many years not hearing the signal for the OTHERS! Still on the book, curious about what happens!
abcun17 (1 month ago)
This scene gives me chills to this day. I am just trying to imagine this from their point of view, all of a sudden being faced with the fact that the things you thought were myths, thousands of years old, are real, very real...
Christopher Hannaford (3 months ago)
What a way to end. This spooked me really bad.
Kuroro Luxifer (4 months ago)
Sam needs to be reminded of the first rule of zombieland.
Rei Vs.TheOldies (4 months ago)
when game of thrones was good
Li (7 months ago)
Poor Sam!:(
Reb3nga (9 months ago)
So it took them five seasons to reach the Wall? Really?
ACrownStag (3 days ago)
That's not the wall. that's the fist of the first men, where Sam found the dragon glass.
Reb3nga (7 months ago)
Scorch Lighter So what, they were walking ik circles for ten(?) years?
Scorch Lighter (7 months ago)
Reb3nga They never planned to reach the wall. They were waiting the entire time building up their freefolk undead army. They cant go beyond the wall without a dragon to break it down. And that's what the night king used to break it. They're very patient players
Sheep Is for the weak (10 months ago)
2:17 that one is just haunting
Napoléon Ier (2 months ago)
He is horrible
HC TV (1 year ago)
I could feel their fear when the third horn blew.
Tatiana Way (1 year ago)
Ooohhh Lord...It was Creepy and awesome. Ok lets move on to third season in 3, 2, 1...
AnthonyHanner (1 year ago)
Is that Viserys at the front??
The other walker at the end just has a regular horse because budget god dammit!
The Night King (1 year ago)
*I will rule Westeros.*
Hassan Alamoudi (1 year ago)
Who else thought winter has come after this season
Siim Koger (1 year ago)
This white walker that looks at Sam is the most badass looking out of all the previous and later encounters. He looks ancient and scary and powerful and in some ways beautiful.
Neil M (1 year ago)
So it took them 5 seasons to finally get to the wall? That's a long walk!
Alan Joy (1 year ago)
Wow 5 seasons later they bring down the wall
Seabee156 (1 year ago)
This gave me chills the first time I saw this. The White Walkers actually scared me.
Shyam Nambidi (1 year ago)
This scene adds some proof to the theory that Sam is infact narrating the whole ASOIAF story.
Pati 91 (1 year ago)
Why did it not kill Sam?
Joe Bergin • (1 year ago)
Pat Pa because he was not a treat and would not accomplish anything to their main goal
Christoph Harttung (2 years ago)
I still don't understand why the white walkers didn't kill him
Hail_vinoya (1 year ago)
Christoph Harttung so he could warn humanity, just like how that guy didn't die to the white walkers in the first episode. They let one person live to tell the tale
Charizarzar (2 years ago)
Christoph Harttung They didn't want him in the army lol
Ella (2 years ago)
Gods help those men at castle black if they ever have to hear three blasts again and they probably will next season
That Guy (2 years ago)
love this scene its so normal their just talking then out of fucking no where fucking white walker army
James G (2 years ago)
Damn legit I dunno why the third horn is so creepy
NoneOfYour Beeswax (2 years ago)
The third horn blast is creepy as it has not been heard by the Watch in eight thousand years - the third horn blast is one that no Night's Watchman ever wants to hear, as it means: The White Walkers are coming!
David (2 years ago)
The white walker at the end was so fucking bad ass!
Héc Guerra (2 years ago)
How did Samwell manage to survive?
redwan bentahayen (2 years ago)
Go for season 3! Without spoilers!
Volkish Comrade (2 years ago)
So fucking pissed these guys didn't already invade yet......I swear if the Wall doesn't come down by Season 7 I'm done
Sadeq Ahmed (2 years ago)
mm that's a fair point on only getting rid of the enchantments. Has to be Euron then. The guy is totally crazy, I get the feeling he'll summon a kraken too
Volkish Comrade (2 years ago)
+Sadeq Ahmed I think it'll be Euron. Bran going through the Wall would just bring down its enchantments, it wouldn't actually bring it down. Plus, Euron is totally the kind of batshit crazy guy to do something like bring down the Wall
Sadeq Ahmed (2 years ago)
Or Euron
Sadeq Ahmed (2 years ago)
Dw, Bran will most likely bring the Wall down next season when he goes through it
Brotherhood (2 years ago)
Another battle we never saw. =/
Marcelo Aranibar (2 years ago)
It was this scene the reason I got definitely hooked to this series xp
The_Creed (1 year ago)
TJ Malana Have fun dude. I wish I could watch this show for the first time again.
TJ Malana (1 year ago)
Marcelo Aranibar Me too. Me too! I'm catching up with the series now. about to watch season 3. I want to be able to interact and react with hardcore fans the same way when the last season airs.
Jean-Marie Bigard (2 years ago)
Sams look surprisingly calm though
Kat2291 (2 years ago)
I have always wondered... who really blows the horn
HC TV (1 year ago)
yo mama
Marat (2 years ago)
The beginning of season 3. The rest of the Night's Watch fought against the Walkers.
Jason Todd (2 years ago)
+Jasluvdeep Singh didnt you guys see in the 4x09 episode?
Jasluvdeep Singh (2 years ago)
Me too!
Kat2291 (2 years ago)
I have always wondered... who really blows the horn
Jeamus (2 years ago)
dont enter dead inside
henbt (2 years ago)
don't dead, open inside
#AsiansNeverDie (2 years ago)
one of the best scenes ever in the series
[D]arth (2 years ago)
So what's fuss about white walkers? Firstly they aren't dead, they in fact breathe and feel, then they can control ice and are merciful creatures (except when they aren't), and their main goal isn't to kill all humans, but role them, because they need human babies to reproduce.
an idiot (2 years ago)
I don't think the books have established their true reason for returning after a thousand years. But it's for sure more complicated than "just to role humans". besides, if that was true, you answered your own question. No one is going to want to be ruled over by white walkers. That alone would be quite the fuss.
E. HNV (2 years ago)
You draw your swords when wildlings come but better FUCKING RUN WHEN YOU HEAR THE THIRD BLAST!
Aiden White (1 year ago)
No point in poking a hole in something already dead. They can shatter the blades by just grabbing it. If they fought the white walkers they would have easily died.
paulblana (2 years ago)
This scene is so awesome...but it also reminds me of the scene from The Fellowship of the Ring where the Nazgul stops and the hobbits are hiding under the tree roots...even the framing, the intensity, the way the horse comes into the shot and everything...not that it is something wrong with that, tough.
Damaged Heroes (2 years ago)
i just noticed at 3:36 there is a white walker wearing what looks to be a mask while riding a white horse. early version of the night's king or just some random white walker?
Nov4x Wolf (2 years ago)
zombies r awesome
Abby Tabby (2 years ago)
He did not kill Sam because he knew his ice sword would not have any chance of piercing fat hide :)
Jonathan Parker (2 years ago)
Don't know why I decided to watch this again, but I just noticed that one of them is carrying a Stark shield. Right at the end, look towards the bottom, one of the shirtless guys has it on his back.
tna2014 (3 years ago)
I've never seen a zombie so noble before in my life
John McLellan (2 years ago)
Not a zombie. The White Walkers are living beings. The Wights (the human zombies) are the dead ones.
Jake Hayes (2 years ago)
not really zombies but whites!
Zidneya (3 years ago)
_The day you were born, the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the name: "Discount Arthas"._
LongLivePrince X (2 years ago)
+Zidneya Haha yes I thought the same :D
Kieran Pepp (3 years ago)
Is that mountain in the distance the Fist of the first men?
Singularity (3 years ago)
White walkers are awesome. Really empower the show for me. The one that appeared (with the sword) in S5E8 was badass as hell
pwnslash123 (3 years ago)
You know, with what we now know about the white walker's (and how they are clearly intelligent). It's apparent that the white walker really did see Sam, and simply decided he was not a threat. Interesting, what implications does this have? Maybe the goal of the white walkers is not as simple as just killing everything in their path...
Colin Jacobs (3 years ago)
To think, this was once the coolest White Walker scene.
FROZEN EMPIRE (3 years ago)
There shall be no Summer There shall be no Houses There shall be no King The weak shall die and the strong shall tremble Your crops shall dry and your castles shall crumble And your prayers shall be met with utter silence Enjoy these last days of wretched peace and the warmth this dying summer will hold Soon darkness will be your new sun And your precious realm shall be taken by the Cold
The prince that was promise shall bring the dawn
HMiche93 (3 years ago)
And just think, before last Sunday's episode we thought THIS was bad...
Inoue Mariko (3 years ago)
+teencomment This is ended like the last episode. After this battle most of the men died and turned into wights.
Ronin Dave (3 years ago)
People wondering why Sam lived - I think has to do with how the White Walkers see humans which is less than insects. In the first episode of season one, a white walker lets one of the three rangers go. At the Battle of the Fist, they let survivors go instead of hunting them down. The one Sam killed had pushed him aside because he was more focused on his objective which was getting the baby. At the end of the Battle of Hardhome, when jon's group barely escapes, the Night's King lets them go but shows them his power and the hopelessness of fighting against them.  I was pissed we never saw the battle at the Fist but after seeing Hardhome, I'm actually quite glad. It would have made a lot of the scenes in season 3 and 4 more pointless as we'd have wanted to focus more on the White Walkers whose time had not yet come. The Battle at Hardhome showed how unstoppable the White Walkers truly are. They rolled up thousands of Wildlings in less than 20 minutes and added them to their army. Now at last we and the survivors see what a threat they are. Now the survivors have to convince everyone else to stop their petty squabbling.
JigglyT (3 months ago)
The reason I think is that Sam has a part to play in the night kings plan, I feel that the knight king has the sight (the same thing bran has) because he let jon snow go at hardhorne because he would eventually be the reason a dragon died and then the reason the white walkers where able to cross the wall, I reckon Sam will fuck things up for Jon in some way so they kept him alive to help the white walkers
Ben Gale (7 months ago)
Maverick Assasin ironically the Others kill less people in the books as the second ranger is killed by his resurrected captain. In fact the others barley appear and tend to use whites rather than put themselves in harms way.
Maverick Assasin (10 months ago)
It's just a dirty trick by the showrunners to maintain a level of suspense. If I remember the books correctly, the Others spare no life form in their way.
OmegaOprah (2 years ago)
+James Turner It's because Cold Hands aka Benjin Stark saved him
James Turner (2 years ago)
+Ronin Dave no it is because the white walker did not actually see him. You can see in the pan out that the walker is far behind the rock where sam is hiding
Jack Thomas (3 years ago)
omg he was the ice person king thingy on season 5 :O
Jack Thomas (3 years ago)
ah kk ty :)
Otty2Hotty (3 years ago)
+Jack Thomas The "ice person king thingy" is the Night's King who can be seen turning Craster's son into a White Walker in season 4 and who turned the fallen wildlings of Hardhome into wights by raising his hands in the latest episode. This one here may or may not be the Walker that Sam killed with dragonglass, but it surely is not the Night's King.
Eric Cartman (3 years ago)
+Jack Thomas No he wasn't. That bearded guy was the Walker that Sam killed. The one from season 5, from Hardhome, who raised his hands and added the Wildings to his army, was the one who turned the baby in season 4. They just made him thinner for some reason. But he was bald and all, and didn't have a beard. How can't you see that. And if you mean that Walker with a spear, that Jon killed. That was just some random Walker...
Jack Thomas (3 years ago)
+Otty2Hotty He was
Otty2Hotty (3 years ago)
+Jack Thomas No he wasn't.
Pain4Perks (3 years ago)
:47 Sam talkin shit
mori1bund (3 years ago)
Walking straight to Hardhome...
MrTimmememe (3 years ago)
Who else is watching this after  S5E8?
Henry Odegaard (5 months ago)
who else is watching in August 2k18?😂
Ronald (1 year ago)
Who else after 7x7?
Fuze (2 years ago)
Who else is watching after 6x4 ??
TotalFailGames (3 years ago)
FROZEN EMPIRE (3 years ago)
+MrTimmememe Patience...the good part is yet to come...
Mariko (3 years ago)
My funny and favourite scene 😂
FuranDuron (3 years ago)
Meanwhile south of the wall: Petty war of five kings rages on.
Laiv Raven (3 years ago)
This ending was so *fucking awesome!*
Alcoholly (3 years ago)
Three blasts... RUUUUUUUUN
AnusBiscuits (3 years ago)
I get chills watching this
Minigun101 (3 years ago)
This scene led to a huge disappointment. They didn't even bother showing the battle, so show watchers like me were really confused.
MrPanos2000 (2 years ago)
Its a pacing thing in the far north storyline. They teazed White walkers and their wight army until hardhome, if you were confused then you didnt pay attention to the season 3 premiere making it solely your fault
John McLellan (2 years ago)
They never show it because the Night's Watch gets slaughtered. Just like at Hardhome
MrMojoRisin53 (3 years ago)
+Peter Joy Oh yeah there was a battle with a huge group of Wights featuring Sam pissing himself like 5 times haha, you see the aftermath when LC Mormont asks Sam if he sent the ravens (which he was supposed to send during the battle warning Castle Black about the Wights)
Minigun101 (3 years ago)
+mori1bund Yep.
mori1bund (3 years ago)
+Minigun101: Therefore we got the battle of Hardhome now. I think that's a good trade-off.
critias7 (3 years ago)
How is Sam still alive?  He's come close to death so many times.
MrMojoRisin53 (3 years ago)
+Man With A Shoe Sam is far from comic relief his character arc is amazing and he is going to play a huge role in the Battle for Dawn with what he learns at the Citadel.
thealiencommunicator (3 years ago)
+deadtree598 ahhh, deadtree, you must be new to game of thrones. anyone can die at any time!
Man With A Shoe (3 years ago)
+critias7 You cannot kill off the comic relief.
Sondre Bjerkeset (3 years ago)
The third horn blow really gives me the chills down the spine. It really did. That part was probably one of the most awesome parts.
Cedric Johnny (8 months ago)
Guillermo Sánchez Terrones if i scream at you the same way in a snowy mountain from afar you will shit your pants
Twigstr99 (1 year ago)
Spicy Wolf - Disagree, the White Walker screech would've make up for it
Nolan dela Peña (1 year ago)
Guillermo Sánchez Terrones 😂😂 why u so negative?
Minerva Khaleesi (2 years ago)
Without that, this scene wouldnt be that intense...
Mariko (3 years ago)
Yh mate I had the same feeling to 😨😐
Michi P. (3 years ago)
If you didn't shit bricks when you saw this... >~>
R. K. Vis (3 years ago)
+Michi P. I shat a brick mansion.
Limo Maker (3 years ago)
Now THAT is the way to end a season of a TV show. 
TheStateGaming (3 years ago)
the white walker is related to him so he lets him live
Digiflex (3 years ago)
No, the white walker doesn't see him...
Jay (4 years ago)
I still don't understand how Sam got away from the white walkers??
FROZEN EMPIRE (3 years ago)
+Springtrapeze The epicness of your comment cannot be measured.
Jakub Wallflower (3 years ago)
+daniel erlach I think, that White Walkers are not that evil as everyone think. They only kill most of the people, no all :)))
Chicken Man (3 years ago)
+SHlTTER Well I think the White Walker let Sam live for some reason. Just like the White walker let the man in S1 E1 live. They both submit and they both lived. Very weird to me.
Jack Strayfeald (3 years ago)
+Night's King Don't worry...I've got a spare 
FROZEN EMPIRE (3 years ago)
+Jack Strayfeald ...frozen...
Tiffmidon (4 years ago)
That damn horn blast is so fucking creepy. Especially the third one. Shiiiiiiiit this show is too fucking awesome. 
Kristoff Bjorgman (2 years ago)
No, that's freemasonry. Why else does the cult of the faceless men resemble the freemasons more? The warlocks of Qarth resembled the illuminati and they are gone now.
redwan bentahayen (2 years ago)
Game of Thrones is Illuminati Confirmaed!
Yela Mariel (3 years ago)
+WinstonTheFan1 search on youtube, lots of videos of creepy sounds all over the world. Some are fake tho.
WinstonTheFan1 (3 years ago)
+Yela Mariel what weird creepy sound?
Hououin Kyouma (3 years ago)
+Yela Mariel lol in the Bible it says that Jesus will resurrect the dead and will have an army against the "evil". And this has been said in the the final revelation. As after the 7.th seal.
Supernatural For-Ever (4 years ago)
That finale was the reason why i am now a GOT fan. I had a hard time getting warm with this show to be honest, but now i love it. Can't wait to watch Season 3 :3
Michael Hemphill (4 years ago)
Chills every time I hear that third horn blast
John k. (4 years ago)
where's a flame-thrower when you need one??
Gorky Duque (4 years ago)
Sam face is priceless
HyperSonicX (4 years ago)
We interrupt Game of Thrones to bring you The Walking Dead.
Hououin Kyouma (3 years ago)
+HyperSonicX DING
HyperSonicX (3 years ago)
It was a jab at Cinemasins' line at comparing scenes from certain movies to other movies.
+nick fitzhugh and you did not get the jock bud.
Bakary Dembélé (4 years ago)
This ending gave me a complete boner
I wish I could watch game of thrones for free in this quality 
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OllieQ (4 years ago)
Creepy as F*CK ,I will never forget that face
VVerTTeXX (4 years ago)
House Stark shields at 3:38 wtf??
King Arthur (4 years ago)
In land where it's always winter, how old do you think some of the zombies are? They could probably last for centuries or millennia before decaying so much as to be useless.
Matthew Christiansen (4 years ago)
Who needs to sleep anyway? O_0
FROZEN EMPIRE (4 years ago)
don't get too carried away now
Morgaith (4 years ago)
Wrath of the lich king.
Darky (4 years ago)
Holy shit i hoped he survived D:
Blood Moon (4 years ago)
He didn't
Willverinerage (4 years ago)
creep factor 10/10 the walker's horse freaked me out, lol
LeN0Re18 (4 years ago)
first valirya then westeros
Rain (4 years ago)
man seriously when the wall falls i want to see these dudes do some mayor damage if they only make it as far south as winterfell before they are defeated im gonna be seriously disappointed these mofos are supose to be the horsemen of the apocalypse they better bring some Armageddon down on westeros 
Giannis Kourdoubas (4 years ago)
+cereaxx and then here i come to spoil john snow might have died in the last book they stab him several times with swords but might not we will see
Sharpe Tutor (4 years ago)
When I sew it I shat brix
Andi bla (4 years ago)
Death is marching to the wall.Westeros is doomed.
James Turner (4 years ago)
+Tristan Still Crazy prediction: Littlefinger is the heir to Azor Ahai reborn
Tristan Still (4 years ago)
They marched to the fist of the first men, not the wall. They killed around 300 nights watch there, but they never showed the battle, probably due to budget and time.
battlebattle (4 years ago)
i watched the first season of game of thrones 2 days ago, and i finished the second season yesterday. i got to this part and in my head i thought "awwwwwwwwwww yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! shit. is. a. bout. to. go. DOWN!"
Marblez3 (4 years ago)
+Ellis Potter Um... okay lol
Ellis Potter (4 years ago)
+Marblez3 You also were the moron banned from my channel for making abusive remarks.  Good looking out.
Marblez3 (4 years ago)
+Ellis Potter Rofl
Ellis Potter (4 years ago)
+Marblez3 Are you like 12? I wasn't talking to OP, I was talking to Kunami who, like a lot of filthy casuals, are wondering where the wights and White Walkers went after Season 2.  This had NOTHING to do with with the battle between Season 1 and 2.  Jesus shit calm down.
Marblez3 (4 years ago)
+Ellis Potter He meant there was an awesome build up and no battle, no nothing. They just skipped to when the Fist of The First Men had already been obliterated. Idiot.
LordTaketh0281 (4 years ago)
Third blow of the horn hasnt been sounded in thousands of years.
TheRuthlesshobbit (4 years ago)
Don't worry they're coming. There gonna be amazing.
Cedric Johnny (8 months ago)
Indeed they are
Matt Kohnert (3 years ago)
Well the one anti climatic part I know of is when Yara went to rescue Theon and it turned into a big batch of disappointment.
bob bill (4 years ago)
+asendimchev1996 What was anti climactic.
A. Dimchev (4 years ago)
Or stupidly anticlimactic like most the show.
Tobi Rinnegan (4 years ago)
Season 3: Let's just ignore the White Walkers marching on the wall until the end.
abcun17 (1 month ago)
Well the few brothers that were there tried to stop them...but we know the result, besides how the hell could they have stopped them?! Most people, including some from the Night's Watch, probably thought that The Others aka The White Walkers, were just stories meant to frighten children...
1960's Captain America (3 years ago)
The God Emperor (3 years ago)
+bob bill  They can't get passed the wall in general, actually. Even with winter. The wall is magical after all, it has to be brought down to get passed for the white walkers (but that's likely to happen).
Richard Power (4 years ago)
+kenneth mcgriff The comment was about the video you stupid. You see how much snow there is? Thats why it isnt summer because there is just so much snow.
Richard Power (4 years ago)
+kenneth mcgriff Snow is basically frozen water. It cant snow if it isnt cold enough. And its only cold during Winter you stupid.
POWERFUL Furtive Pygmy (5 years ago)
The reason they don't kill Sam is because he's just an insignificant spec to the white walkers true goal. Says this on the episode commentary
WandererOfWorlds0 (5 years ago)
And all of season 3 passed and they still haven't arrived.
alekzander2010 (3 years ago)
They're waiting for winter. Seasons in this universe last years, so summer has been going on for 10, autumn for 2, and winter starts at the end of Season 5 or start of season 6 (at least according to the Books order)
Limo Maker (3 years ago)
They attacked the Fist of the First Men, not the Wall. Afterwards they retreat to their base in The Lands of Always Winter and continue to amass an army to launch a full scale attack on Westeros. I believe that it has something to do with the fact that the snows of Winter haven't arrived yet and once the snow begins to fall in Westeros, the Others can then mobilize. 
Ellis Potter (4 years ago)
+Kunami Do you understand how big the area behind the Wall is and the fact that the White Walkers are in no rush to conquer... They just want to maintain a foothold and amass an army. 
bob bill (4 years ago)
+Kunami They weren't marching towards the Wall.  -_-
NamiRocket (4 years ago)
+Todd Chadwick You say that, but the group of living here were walking toward the wall, too. Even if it's not in the scene. They get there eventually. They get past it. They spend the next two seasons above, below, and on the wall in the time it takes these guys to still walk to it.
Wolve909 (5 years ago)
dunka dunka
salt and vinegro chips (5 years ago)
the ending was so fucking metal
aidencurl (5 years ago)
The lich king is coming for yo ass
Lodi Dodi (5 years ago)
when i saw this part I was like they are over there fighting for the throne not knowing these things are coming for them.......crazy
Justin Katz (5 years ago)
a song of ass and fire
Krimp (5 years ago)
Yo White Walkers are probably the closest thing to a purely evil entity in the series but they still want people to know they exist and that they're coming.  That's why the White Walker from the prologue in the first season let that 1 dude from the Night's Watch go after killing two of his companions.  He wanted him to tell everyone what he saw.  Same thing with Sam in this scene.
redwan bentahayen (2 years ago)
Yea, leave ''the pure evil'' thing for One Piece villains lol.
alekzander2010 (3 years ago)
White walkers are a sentient race, the author and creator of the story hates "pure evil" so he have them a purpose we don't know of yet.
Fl0 (5 years ago)
I remember a picture on the internet where the White Walker was on it with following sentence: We'll come for you...maybe.
Zainthey (5 years ago)
Well, they let the lone ranger go in the beginning of the series didn't they? Maybe there was no need to "turn" samwell, he could act as a herald for their coming. If he's to survive.
Pravin S (5 years ago)
I highly doubt wights can feel fear. Maybe they just didn't realise he was there.

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