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Trump's Hollywood star destroyed

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Los Angeles police are looking for the man who destroyed Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star with a sledgehammer and a pickaxe.
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chris rosato (12 hours ago)
I like Trump and he did not do that and you should be ashamed of your self he is a good man
ThingsToDo 101 (1 day ago)
I don't think this guy knows what "sexually assault" means
Ricky Perez (1 day ago)
he derses that b
Asuncion Morales (1 day ago)
Fuck you donald trump,😈
RYLAN SALE (2 days ago)
BRO That Never Happened! TRUMP NEVER DID ANY OF THAT! YOU LIAR! TRUMP IS a NICE PRESIDENT! I Am GLAD to have him as the President Of The United States Of America! So you better shut your LIAR MOUTH BECAUSE TRUMP NEVER DID THAT!
Timmyjimmy Pingpong (2 days ago)
Like he’s destroying Americans lives.
Aidan Biggs (2 days ago)
He deserves it..
Da RealJboi (6 days ago)
I'm so Fucking happy bout dis
XxMaseEmixX Lol (9 days ago)
I hate trump who agrees?
ZE7379 (12 days ago)
Crazy Tempo (15 days ago)
Subscribe to me coz I'm next
Juan Pérez (1 month ago)
no la merece
The Beast (1 month ago)
Give this man a medal!!
K-pop Robot (2 months ago)
Just put some flex Tape on it.
TheDominatorxD (2 months ago)
Man lowkey looks like Arthur Morgan.
Vladimir_Lenin - (2 months ago)
Blyatiful, this racist, sexist, violent, idiotic, human garbage doesnt deserve presidency, or a spot on the walk of fame, i will honestly likely leave the states if these hardcore patriotic racist scumbags get another term for trump
Jermano Mayfield (2 months ago)
Something ain't right about this at all. The LAPD looking for the man on the video that just destroyed it? Really CNN? I ain't fallin for it. Looks like this was set up. BY Y'ALL!! CNN y'all so phony it's ridiculous. Y'all set this man up and had him do that. How come y'all just happento be there when it happened?
matthew benard (2 months ago)
give me the pick ill do it!
matthew benard (2 months ago)
GOOD, what the hell would he have a star anyway, when is he such a scumbag! I believe in why and, fear not when its repaired, somone else will come and redo your work. Tump will have no monument in this world! >.<
Fabian Vasquez (2 months ago)
Trump can go fuck himself
iceberg (2 months ago)
Liberals got too weak to flip cars, now they take a picaxe to smash a star
Kimerlyn Schaffer (2 months ago)
What a bitch go trump
Eliana Kim (2 months ago)
CNN FAKE NEWS ❎Do Not Watch❎
Ooof Zippitybop (2 months ago)
What do all people on the left have in common is the are all scrawny bitches
William mccarrol (3 months ago)
FrostytheKiller1 (3 months ago)
Oh yeah. Let's start destroying a Hollywood star because Trump didn't break any laws, yeah.
*This person deserves a Pulitzer!*
Daniel Harkins (3 months ago)
That’s like the size of the Mexico and US wall haha
spaghetti bunch (3 months ago)
Kelsey’s World (3 months ago)
Thank you for destroying it
Sgt Edinger (3 months ago)
I’m going to selll stolen property makes sense
Alex (3 months ago)
I hate Trump. But that wall was funny.
TwistedSwivler (3 months ago)
This guy should be in jail for destroying the star
TONY JENKINS (3 months ago)
That rat bastard mothafuka,s not my president Fuk Trump and the ignorant assholes that support him !!
Christina Preuss (3 months ago)
Juan Dela Cruz (3 months ago)
CNN stands for criminal news network, that is why they support criminals, drug dealers, and sex offenders like that guy.
Not only is it destruction but theft...
Glen Jones (4 months ago)
they could have put a port-a-potty where trump star is
Grumpy Kitten (4 months ago)
I feel like people are making trump out to be worse Than he actually is. He went to help give food out after the hurricane Florence disaster.
Brian J. Wood (4 months ago)
not vandalism. Just getting rid of trash.
Authorized User (4 months ago)
CNN has to be the worst journalists in history
petrol devo (4 months ago)
This guy needs to pay restitution for that. You cant just pick axe your problems through life. This guy seems to have a problem with people in his family getting raped ? Is he mentally deranged ?
devongillis123456789 (4 months ago)
yes because vandalizing property is somehow going to make any difference to whatever you to hate trump for. don't you have something productive to do or somewhere to be (like your job, family, etc.)
• SilentWīsh • (4 months ago)
The 11k dislikes are Trump supporters lmfao. He deserved it.
Mickey Mouse (4 months ago)
How sopid do you have to be
Drop It (4 months ago)
Best thing I’ve seen in decades
Maymeen Islam (4 months ago)
Good job
TheLordMemeGenerator (4 months ago)
retarded ass liberals in there natural habitat
Daniel Turner (4 months ago)
This guy is a Dame peace of shit ediot you know that's not true what Trump did he keeping listening to that Dame CNN media bull shit
Rick Martignetti (4 months ago)
Fuck fuck fuck trump
mad hanger (4 months ago)
That’s one of his seven Horcruxs destroyed! Where are the rest?!
DISBOI 54321 (4 months ago)
FUCK THEM. Mr Trump is the best, he lowered taxes and made piece. I used to be so poor we couldn't afford FOOD we had to get donations from a church
Orange Erndog (4 months ago)
The Orange monkey 🐒 with the vocabulary of a 6 year old 😂
Ur my biggest fan Trump (4 months ago)
Poor Trump this makes me sad fucking libtards and crooked Hillary supporters
Bryce Grounds (4 months ago)
linedruby (4 months ago)
Fuck you CNN why did you not turn I him or are you to retarded to know what vandalism is or are you dumbass liberals
Orange Erndog (4 months ago)
Trump is carnival huster a bafoon on the world stage just a fat little monkey 🐒 with zero class a hateful cowardly asshole nothing more
Ewan Wilson (4 months ago)
Why are people getting upset. He hasn’t played a major role in a film.
Salam Hamza (4 months ago)
Is trump an actor ? No Is trump a singer ? No Dose he has anything to do with hollywood ? No!! Then he dont deserve a star :-)
Au Hung (3 months ago)
Even Oscar prize can be bought, so what is the matter?
Ewan Wilson (4 months ago)
Salam Hamza *some pretentious dickhead* actually he played many cameos including one in home alone 2. But I totally agree with you. No major role, no star. Like Mark Hamell just got his star.
Pava L'originale (4 months ago)
N Allmond (4 months ago)
Thank you
haha yes 👏👌
CrystalPharaoh (5 months ago)
What a criminal creep-- arrest this pervert with the pick axe! Trump had girl friends who are lying to get rich now he is in the spotlight. Not one cried rape and went for a rape test!
king of random (5 months ago)
Fucking Republicans are dumbasses liberals are smart and don't vote for a dumbass president who sucks an 8 year old would be a better president than trump
Patrick Stapleton (5 months ago)
Good on him i hate the Flog Donald Trump he.s a racist and a sexist pig to women and is disrespectful to America and is the the boil that needs to be popped on his armpits which smell like Bin Juice that reeks of 1000 years of utter filth
xd Eki (5 months ago)
Niggas needed 10 stone to place launchpad down
•Rogerina Loves Us • (4 months ago)
Anonymous (5 months ago)
Star Wars May the Force be with you!
sabina Sabina (5 months ago)
Good job
John Smith (5 months ago)
Somebody needs to take a pickaxe to CNN building
Jordan H. (5 months ago)
So glad he didn’t destroy Bill Cosby’s star, you know, an actual woman abuser. Good job liberals. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bNaXoRplqPA 👌
Jordan H. (5 months ago)
And after all of this Trump is just going to get the newest, shiniest star on Hollywood’s walk of fame. Well done liberals. 👌
PinkWolf (5 months ago)
Just why?
Esther Cronk (5 months ago)
This guy has issues...who knows if he will really give the money away he might just keep it😠
John Fasanelli (5 months ago)
That guy is a looser
Yoongay (5 months ago)
*T H A N K Y O U G O D*
InfiniWolf (5 months ago)
Dont they have cameras around the area? Wouldn't it see the person destroying it?
Dannie Mathew (5 months ago)
Doesn’t that dumbass know that the women even claimed that it was fake and they didn’t get assaulted
Antonio Arango (5 months ago)
Fuck trump fuck trump fuck trump
Antonio Arango (5 months ago)
Mike Bird (5 months ago)
I’m tired of this man who all he cares about and all he talks about is women who are sexually harassed, like I know that’s a bad thing but that’s all he rants about
Natalie P (5 months ago)
He should've made an effort against Bill Clinton and the countless of other politicians who are sexually assaulting innocent children! Loser!
Susan Ervin (5 months ago)
Really? The Clintons? What about THEM?
Cappy 22 (5 months ago)
😅 What a wackjob
FBI (5 months ago)
So he’s gonna keep the money? Pretty sure there’s no women sexually assaulted by him but then again some propel have trump derangement syndrome
Chris Plmmr (5 months ago)
I’m guessing the guy had no punishment for destroying public property
Darwin Lambeth (5 months ago)
And this is why Trump keeps winning and will continue. Libs are digging their own grave.
Jimmy C (5 months ago)
Hell, I would resigned the president position, stay home and enjoy the family life! Why make U.S better? Looks like people don't care at all...
Bubbles McGee (5 months ago)
Childish people act like children.
Kats Nu (5 months ago)
Loser alert
Bryant Whittaker (5 months ago)
Trump Rocks!
brandon german (5 months ago)
I wish CNN could be destroyed.
srvblueslvr (5 months ago)
I guess this is what immature anarchists believe we should all act in a civilized society. These dope heads don't even know what their destroying property for. They're useful idiots that have yet to develop a rational train of thought. So they act out like spoiled children. It would be nice to catch these piss ants and throw them in jail for a year and give them that ever lasting criminal record to live with the rest of their meaningless lives.
Tres Amusant (5 months ago)
Wonder why that happened ??? LOL
truth dog (5 months ago)
More liberal tears 😢 😢 😢!
Orange Erndog (5 months ago)
It’s going to be destroyed each and every time it’s replaced may I suggest using Muretic acid just pour a cup full upon his star and walk away fast and easy 🤐
Ewan Wilson (4 months ago)
Orange Erndog blow it up.
Star Wolf (5 months ago)
What a legend
Raffi Boghosian (5 months ago)
Trump 2020! Leftists will turn right or they will be crushed!
The 90'S Productions (5 months ago)
Defend Europe Identity (5 months ago)
*Mental illness is an American disease, no wonder why the US is the biggest medication dependent country, more than 48% are mental disorded people, brainfucked inhumans!*
fudge nugget (5 months ago)
I'd have punched that bitch in the face.

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