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How To be AESTHETIC | ft. Jamie Genevieve

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HI. This was the messiest video cuz we were too focused on having too much fun but I hope you guys love this as much as we did filming it hahah. Shout out to MAC for flying me to Glasgow for this and letting us live our best lives. Our video on Jamie's channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0__gLAZM_g&t=182s Products used: Myself: MAC Natural Radiance - http://bit.ly/2I59Pbr MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC17 - http://bit.ly/2xtSBk2 MAC Studio Fix 24HR Concealer In NC30 -http://bit.ly/2xwhrjb MAC Whisper Of Gilt - http://bit.ly/2xv7geI MAC Studio Fix Sculpt And Shape Palette Light Medium - http://bit.ly/2I6fXjI MAC Like Me Love Me Blush - http://bit.ly/2I3aKJu ABH Brow Pencil - https://bit.ly/2y8xcfF Stila Magnificent Metals Kitten - http://bit.ly/2xv7x1e Shiseido Imperial lash mascara - https://bit.ly/2QnxhDN Ardel wispies - https://bit.ly/1Okier8 MAC lip liner (plum) - https://bit.ly/2roGfJk MAC satin lipstick (Dianosys) https://bit.ly/2zKlOJ1 Jamie: MAC Strobe Cream In Pink Light - http://bit.ly/2I6wYui MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC42 - http://bit.ly/2xtSBk2 MAC Studio Fix 24HR Concealer In NC35 -http://bit.ly/2xwhrjb MAC Studio Fix Powder In C30 - http://bit.ly/2I5xIjd MAC Dark Tan - http://bit.ly/2I5BUQ8 MAC Whisper Of Gilt - http://bit.ly/2xv7geI MAC Studio Fix Sculpt And Shape Palette Medium Dark - http://bit.ly/2I6fXjI Natasha Denona top coat - https://slfrd.gs/2RhSRLt MAC Cork Lip Pencil - http://bit.ly/2xsKmEY MAC X Jamie Genevieve Lipstick - http://bit.ly/2xwetLM MAC fix + (pink shimmer) - https://bit.ly/2LBNlD9 SOCIAL: MAKEUP IG: GinaShkeda CASUAL IG: EverydayGins Twitter: GinaShkeda creative channel: http://bit.ly/2AMpuHI songs: Lagoon by J.A.K. Remains Authentic by Ziv Morgan Disclaimer: this video is sponsored by MAC cosmetics
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Hannyh Hollingsworth (1 hour ago)
Skylar Peppler (1 day ago)
Yasss love this , my two faves in one videooo 🖤🖤🖤
Manpreet Chandok (3 days ago)
IM HOLLERING. Jamie’s foundation shade is so dark and wrong. She looks waayyy better with her natural skin color.
Melody O (5 days ago)
Jamie brought me here and now I’m hooked you are amazing!!!!
kwistaj (5 days ago)
Can this be a series?!!??? Gina teaching us how to be an aesthetic qweeeeeen haha
Megan Yates (5 days ago)
Brittany Manus (5 days ago)
I absolutely loved this 😍😍 both of you are so beautiful
Jean Whitehouse (5 days ago)
Most girls in the UK use a darker foundation colour to bring some life into them cause they never see the sun - it's sad but true I'm one of them. We just love to be "tanned" aka orange. But I think she would suit a colour more closer to her skin shade deffo. Love both of you so much - two of my fav beauty YouTubers for sure ❤👑❤
Dallas Arenas (7 days ago)
Hey Jamie, I am coming to Scotland for my 30th birthday I will be in Edinburgh! Any thing that I have to do or see while I'm in town?
Roos Shirean (7 days ago)
love you bye
Kassandra Furtado (7 days ago)
This is so funny I love this
Kassandra Furtado (7 days ago)
Kassandra Furtado (7 days ago)
knowyourkismat (8 days ago)
Why is your friend in full on brownface tho...
LaaurenMcRae (8 days ago)
Alicia Anderson (8 days ago)
You should upload a video that goes super in depth about how you film :) I want to start filming makeup videos but I honestly struggle so much to do my makeup on camera 😂
Sabah Yaqoob (8 days ago)
obviously you get this all the time, but your videos are a MOOD. a vibe. they are so soothing. I usually find a lot of YT beauty tutorials so annoying with the same loud and garish intro music, the garish colours etc but your looks are classy and actually are making me want to put on less makeup in a good way. soothing and elegant. Obsessed x
Fernanda mosqueda (9 days ago)
You guys are so amazing together!!!!!
Jen Dearden (9 days ago)
“the second it’s November 1st, it’s Christmas” same, that’s MY aesthetic
Alice Quintana (9 days ago)
When Gina said Jamie could dream about them kissing SHOOK!!!!! My moms came together and I’m living! Both of you are my aesthetic❤️❤️❤️
m (9 days ago)
hey gina just wondering if you've had any work done on your face? love your channel and you're absolutelystunning
Oriana Munoz (10 days ago)
gina looks so good with the tiara omg
Léa Epic (10 days ago)
pink diamonds (10 days ago)
The other girl need some powder damn her face is shiiinayy
Cailin Dorr (11 days ago)
Jamie G lookin like a bull in a china shop 😂 love that woman.
Krystal Russillo (11 days ago)
5:41 LOL
Krystal Russillo (11 days ago)
I’m crying 😂😂 this is cute and funny!!
JaydenBailee (12 days ago)
YAY!! my two favourite youtubers together ♥♥♥♥ this makes me so happy! love the both of you
Katelyn Morgan (12 days ago)
Ugh 2 out of my three favorite makeup youtubers together 😍😍😍😍
Cynthia Berrios (12 days ago)
My two fucking favorite and realest beauty gurus in one fucking video are you actually fucking kidding me wow I have never been so god damn happy I’m sorry for the bad language but holy wow god I love you both so fucking much holy god
Crystal Tiu (12 days ago)
This is so cutee!
Hannah-Sofia (12 days ago)
Gina you should do like an icy winter queen makeup tutorial you have the perfect facial structure for it!
BaldGirlGoneBold (12 days ago)
Nina Lukan (12 days ago)
Jamie I wish you used your natural skin color for foundation so much... It is beautiful and more pleasing...
Ruben (12 days ago)
This video is gorgeous love. I don’t know if you’ve tried, but if you lowered your aperture a little more, things will be so sharp, as for some of the closeups in the beginning were lacking that extra sharpness factor. hope this finds you well.
Sandra Morales (12 days ago)
Imogen Oakes (12 days ago)
Immediately goes and buys Gina's lipstick.
Tessa L (13 days ago)
My heart can’t handle this ❤️
safa shabbar (13 days ago)
😂😂😂 you guys are too funny
Goth Spice (13 days ago)
This video reminds me of when you have like a slumber party and get all dolled up w ur friend even though you know ur just gonna get drunk and eat get bloated n watch like b movies 😭
Destiny Boykin (13 days ago)
All humans are pale....it's just foundation
Caterina Amaral (13 days ago)
The mascara part😂😂😂😂😂
Katrina Catacutan (13 days ago)
After reading Kant’s theory on aesthetic I don’t think I can use the word the same way anymore 😂😂
Ali Padilla (13 days ago)
I stan
Jaye (13 days ago)
this is insane, are you going to do a meetup in glasgow? i'm studying there right now!!
megankp 47 (13 days ago)
Yay! I was wondering when you guys would do a video together! 😊 Love watching both of your channels and enjoyed seeing this one of you together.
Chloe C (13 days ago)
Jamie’s fake tan is way too dark
taylor henderson (4 days ago)
saying “jamie’s fake tan is way too dark” is not at all constructive criticism that’s just straight up rude, if she likes her tan dark then let her be cause i don’t think someone with her social value really cares about what someone thinks about her fake tan
knowyourkismat (5 days ago)
Jamie Genevieve it works by the fact that your face is white and you’re applying brown foundation to it. Also no one can see how tanned your body is so how would they know if you are tanned... not to mention the little bit of skin we can see at the neckline of your shirt looks lighter as well
Chloe C (5 days ago)
Jamie Genevieve it wasn’t a dig, I wasn’t saying it to be nasty, it was constructive criticism, all I was saying is that, whatever it is that is making you look darker, whether it’s your foundation, or fake tan, it just doesn’t look right
Jamie Genevieve (7 days ago)
knowyourkismat how does that work when it matches my body?
knowyourkismat (7 days ago)
Jamie Genevieve then your makeup is. This is borderline blackface
Alicia Daisy Doray (13 days ago)
Love😍 what was the cream shadow that Gina used?💗
Morgan Taylor (13 days ago)
“Did you even apply it?...” “that’s not the point.
Flores Fulas (13 days ago)
Love the nails c:
Davina Bailey (13 days ago)
I thought this was the gabbie show
Nina Jean (13 days ago)
Lindsay Renee' (13 days ago)
amazing! definitely trying some of those techniques in my next video! you ladies are gorg x
Silvana Venezia (13 days ago)
I loved this video
Tukha Tran (13 days ago)
“Slow mo it after” I hate you & your nails, you’re a fraud 😂💕
NativeSummerr (13 days ago)
What camera do you use
_Anna Robertson_ (13 days ago)
G O L D E N!!!!!!
Masuma Khan (13 days ago)
This is the kinda content the beauty community needs, who said the beauty community is falling apart when we've got these two QUEENS 🙌🏼
Sabah Yaqoob (8 days ago)
YAS girl
Masuma Khan (13 days ago)
Aesthetic AF
Mieke de Jager (13 days ago)
Hey Gina - is the shimmer product you use on your eyes the Stila? Absolutely love it
Jovana Kocić (13 days ago)
Сооооууу естетик! Loved this!
Abbie Duggan (13 days ago)
This whole video is perfect! You two are my favourite youtubers ✨✨ please do more videos together!
Stephanie Hernandez (13 days ago)
Girl her foundation shade....... help ur friend out 😭
Naomi Xx (6 days ago)
Ellen Smith dude her neck is just a shade darker than her face .
knowyourkismat (7 days ago)
Samantha Bramald you can her skin below the neck at the border of her shirt is actually lighter than the brown makeup she used on her face and neck
Samantha Bramald (7 days ago)
knowyourkismat because it’s matching he neck not face 😂 if she wore the same colour as he face it would be too light for the rest of her body
knowyourkismat (8 days ago)
Ellen Smith it’s literally 35 shades too dark for her
Ellen Smith (13 days ago)
Stephanie Hernandez it’s to match her neck not her face
Alexandria Buzzard (14 days ago)
Honestly I’m shook you didn’t use Strip down or strip tease for lip liner 😂
Chocolate Crackle (14 days ago)
The song at the beginning is what we used for my wedding video! Such a vibe
Sofia Blazyca-White (14 days ago)
bb (14 days ago)
9:55 me
Leleitia Urquhart (14 days ago)
You both are so beautiful with and without makeup
The Mango (14 days ago)
So much fake tan and lip filler on the tan girl. Not hating just stating facts
Bonnie (8 days ago)
she isn't wearing fake tan tho 🙄
Yessalyn Villegas (14 days ago)
This video was cozy. Lol
Breanna Leigh (14 days ago)
You guys should do a get ready with me while talking about what it was like growing up in your country!!
Erica Castaneda (14 days ago)
I didn’t know I needed this video , but I’m living
Brittany Jordan (14 days ago)
I loved this
Donnamy Rose (14 days ago)
I love Y’all so much hahaha
Nadia Sydnie (14 days ago)
I loved this. I didn't know what was going on, but I was obsessed lol
Lisa DeJesus (14 days ago)
Jamie, your skin is not that color naturally and it’s highly offensive that you’re making your skin 3x darker. You don’t share the same skin color as me or the ladies darker than me so stop the shit.
Cats Pajamas (1 day ago)
Lisa DeJesus How self - centered can one person be? In no way shape or form has her choice in makeup have a reflection on a race??? 🤦🏼‍♀️ You do know 'white' people tan in summer?? hahahaha. Far out, its like some people are SCREAMING for racism to exist more !
Ruby Victoria (3 days ago)
Tbh calling someone out about their choice of makeup obviously can make the targetted person feel bad and i definitely dont support that. But then on the other hand as a mixed race person seeing somebody basically cosplay being brown is also irritating. I wish i could also be the kind of brown where people dont ask me where im "really from" 5x a month, that must be nice.
Jamie Genevieve (11 days ago)
It matched my body but ok
Katherinne Montrose (12 days ago)
+Lisa DeJesus Is she insulting your race in any way? Is she using racial slurs or being rude? No. She's not. She can do whatever the hell she wants with her face. Calm down. The only person making this offensive is you. Also assuming that all "white people like me insult you guys" is rude and stereotypical . I have never in my life insulted a black person. Or any race in general. Also you can't go round assuming people's races. I'm not white. I'm a brown Latina.
Katherinne Montrose (12 days ago)
+Lisa DeJesus Don't assume my race. I'm not white, and all I'm saying is that you have no right to judge what she does with herself. Please be respectful.
Fatima Ahmed (14 days ago)
3:41 bitch 😭😭😭😭 this had me dying omg
angel smith (14 days ago)
Fun video😍😍😍😍 Two Queens❤️❤️❤️❤️
sarah m (14 days ago)
how to be out of focus***
Jeni Breen (14 days ago)
I love this video ❤️
Hello Hello (14 days ago)
who else saw the thumbnail and thought: “ that foundation is way too dark”
Sonia Devlin (2 days ago)
An Nguyen my mum is Kenyan and I’m nc45... google nc42 and only poc will come up haha
Bonnie (8 days ago)
If you watch JG she is very tanned and she matches her foundation to her neck and body. also the iso is lowered making the overall video darker. plus they're not using JG's lights which she has in her makeup/filming room, this was filmed in her living room.
Lorena Cesnek (13 days ago)
yeh cause she's matching it to her neck not her face
Melissa Lynn (13 days ago)
Hello Hello lol me.... 😣
An Nguyen (14 days ago)
Borderline blackface. The foundation is 3 shades darker than her skin tone.
Miss Chels (14 days ago)
This was absolutely a sheer delight to watch. Also Gin do you have an eyebrow piercing scar? Not a criticism, just makes me feel less alone in my pain haha
Alayna Likens (14 days ago)
How to be pretentious.
GinsMakeup (14 days ago)
Alayna Likens ?
Tara Danyealla (14 days ago)
Nicolle Veras (14 days ago)
FYI just to correct something, no hate... You can't be aesthetic, you can have an specific aesthetic but you can't be that. I study visual communication and this is what they teach you in graphic design: Aesthetic is the way something looks the vive that gives you with the color palette and everything, you can have a certain aesthetic but you can't "be aesthetic" the term doesn't make sense, just so you know sending love ❤
Nicolle Veras (14 days ago)
Yeah just getting it out there, love the production of ur video ❤
GinsMakeup (14 days ago)
Nicolle Veras I know haha it’s more of the internet slang term play off!
Aishah Q. (14 days ago)
2 of my most fave people everrrr 😍 The whole aesthetic gave me Christmas vibes
Karolin M. (14 days ago)
Jamie holds her cup on another lever 😩❤️
queenshirin (14 days ago)
Borderline pointy is a whole mood 🤤
GinsMakeup (14 days ago)
queenshirin 😩😂
Sahara Coleman (14 days ago)
Please teach me too! I love these types of videos and I tried it once but you are just perfect Gina! Beautiful Girls 😍😍😍
lucksy bb (14 days ago)
Screaming at 8:54 😂 and "I've got a fun shadow, should I aesthetically film it?"
Dominique Kilcup (14 days ago)
Absolutely fucking love this!! Best collab fun, hilarious and beautiful makeup!! #loveyoubye
Amy Lonsdale (14 days ago)
hana qirezi (14 days ago)
Gina I absolutely love you!! Omg I get so excited for your videos. Such an inspiration ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻
Erin Kathleen (14 days ago)
You guys are hilarious! 🖤🖤we love some aesthetic queens 👸🏽 👑
Barbara Tamayo (14 days ago)
Love you, bye
autumn may (14 days ago)
this is the greatest video of life. like i’m here grinning like a freak the whole time lol.
Honey Moon (14 days ago)
Love the background, camera and lighting but I'm not a fan of greasy looking makeup , you girls are Lovely but I'm not getting dewy or glass skin vibes. Xoxo
cbris lecher (14 days ago)
I came for Jamie Genevieve and I'm leaving for boredom...
Shooketh (14 days ago)
I how gina doesn’t bother with any filters over her videos so you can see how the skin and makeup REALLY looks. Not being mean but jamies skin looked so different than on her own videos. I loved every genuine second of this video x
ginny pig (14 days ago)
I think the camera quality is just different on Gina's videos. I believe her camera has 4k capabilities so we are really able to see fine fine details on her skin, vs Jamie's camera that isn't 4k adapted.
Emily Williams (14 days ago)
I’m not trying to be a hater but I feel like the sound is off. 😭 sometimes it’s so quiet I have to turn my headphones up and then it’s so loud RIP my ears

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