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Playing on the Zero / War Thunder

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A Zero is a rare sight in Random Battles. Pilots prefer to fly speedy German Friedrichs, powerful Thunderbolts, well-balanced Spitfires or nimble Yaks. It’s not often that you see someone flying the most produced Japanese fighter. Download: http://warthunder.ru/download Site: http://warthunder.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/warthunder Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WarThunder Forum: http://forum.warthunder.com/ G+ https://plus.google.com/+Warthunder/posts #WarThunder
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Text Comments (512)
Benett Willbanks (10 hours ago)
I'm just here cause I love the A6... I don't know what FPE or parts are, or why everyone's so mad about it...
Wuffball (11 hours ago)
Don't get (bu)cocky
Meme Boi (1 day ago)
No one plays the zero becuase all the japaneese repair costs are so dang high
Okay. I liked this video for what it is. I also loved the Cowboy Bebop reference at the end. Love your stuff gaijin
Fabio Ganassini (2 days ago)
Can i have a free M1 abrams ? Pleasee. Id is Gananemesis
Ruan van jaarsveld (2 days ago)
ThatZenoGuy (3 days ago)
War Thunder: let's talk about parts and FPE.
BekkyB! (3 days ago)
Can we talk about the SL and RP gain for tanks...
Lord Kiltridge (3 days ago)
Only fight on your own terms and if you can't, don't try to run away because they WILL catch you. Got it.
BroBear Brobear04 (3 days ago)
Can't see Dislike or Likes, that's when you know things went downhill over the last year or two lol.
Criterior 18 (3 days ago)
War Thunder,promoting push-ups since 2018!
Sehun Park (3 days ago)
zero player here
ExPel (4 days ago)
0 + 0 : 0 = War Thunder
Leevi Starck (4 days ago)
parts and fpe
Fusō (4 days ago)
well….guess the kamikaze attacks always works
Joshua Mitcham (4 days ago)
so funny !! mouse aimers dont "fly" anything in wt! they do navigate well tho
Ah The best (4 days ago)
We want parts and FPE free and the rp cap removed our demands are simple
o shitposter br (4 days ago)
"well balanced spifire" nice joke
WOLFRAM01 (4 days ago)
When will the xbox version of war thunder will be free?
Sean Báisteach (4 days ago)
I've played the Zero so much. It's honestly surprising it's so unpopular, it absolutely wrecks havoc
Thapagorn Mokhasuwan (4 days ago)
Yes i'm loving their rice armor and fuel tank they had. It alway burn nicely when hitting . : }
lastcrusade101 (4 days ago)
War Thunder: let's talk about parts and FPE
Atesh (4 days ago)
Nice video and voice !
Ed Johnson (5 days ago)
BS! Again!
john tanker (5 days ago)
You forgot to mention about the G-Tolerance when it comes to piloting Zeros. It's a common problem
Ace Attorney Fan (5 days ago)
Find your inner zen, channel your chakra. Become the sky samurai! Fighto! Fighto!
Regiane Bia (5 days ago)
Nice gajin!
ANDREW CONIN (5 days ago)
I love the zero, it is a shame it is out of meta right now. This video made me want to try it again. Some tips are useful, but most are only good when playing against unexepienced pilots. When are you going to address the fact abrams is dominating over all other top tier tanks?
RobloxManlyTom (5 days ago)
well time to main japan
thomas smith (5 days ago)
the zero's are fun to play but i do bloody hate when there is only 1 american p 47 left in the enemy team and he just runs wasting 10 extra minutes
BlurAirsoft (5 days ago)
this is so stupid the zero's are the easiest plane to fly this video isn't needed
Kami Kaze (5 days ago)
“the zero is a hard plane to master” this is why i ask my grandfather how to fly it
Peter Trebilcock (5 days ago)
Free foe and parts
Chandra GreatEmpire (5 days ago)
zero is acrobatic fighter, fast turn time untill 10s
Firebolt1089 (5 days ago)
Lets talk about parts and fpe. Oh, and that rp cap while we're at it
ahmedrugo20 Ahmed (5 days ago)
Can I have 200000 golden eagle please
ClayMore769 (5 days ago)
The longer you ignore us andsend retarded comments back and delete your comments the worse its gonna get!
Crazy (5 days ago)
FREE PARTS AND FPE If not we want our free Abrams
Bruno Araújo (5 days ago)
Playing with a stock tank without parts And fpe
Noor Majid Khan Supom (5 days ago)
lets be a hero with parts and fpe
the gaming duck (5 days ago)
I like the zero i find most us pilot's stupid they just try to out turn you cuz thay can outturn german or russian planes most pilots i meet are idiots
A.J H (5 days ago)
Parts and FPE should be stock and remove the RP cap.
Mr Bencroft (5 days ago)
I'm almost offended. Really, I appreciate this kind of video, but there are urgent issues to be dealt with first. You know.
Thomas Sackett (5 days ago)
I'm back from playing 30 games in the Zero. The results 3/30 games are wins. losses 27/30. Those three wins i got were played against Russian aircraft. Those 27 losses against American Aircraft on the Pacific maps where the American planes get a air spawn while the Japanese are force to take off from CV's
Thomas Sackett (1 day ago)
+dharmdevil maybe so. If only these players just learn how to use the zero and not just banzai a single plane. There only a few players in this game that master the zero in Air RB.
dharmdevil (1 day ago)
yes. that scenario or you get lucky to have skilled zeroes and turns the game into a "mine mine mine" scenario finished in 5 minutes and you get no kills. that's why i use my zeroes in ground RB, jp planes are the best for CAP.
Thomas Sackett (1 day ago)
+dharmdevil I do that alot but it's my shitty noob team that can't do the same. 6 of my team mates dive atleast 9,000 ft down to kill one p-47 while the rest of the enemy team dive at my team and slaughter them. I'm about to give up on japanese planes. I love the planes but HATE the my team who can't use them
dharmdevil (1 day ago)
My best tactic against skilled US pilots at a US vs JP map is to climb. Zero got godlike climb rate and retains maneuverabilty at high alts. p51s mgiht outtclimb you little but you can easily evade and turn back to them. Skilled US pilots won't do stall games with zero. They usually will dash away but eventually they get impatient and turn hard to repeat their bnz and losing their energy state and will have to soon dive to evade you. Maintain the alt advantage and BNZ planes attacking your friends(yes use their tactic against them). If flown with skill, zero is simply unkillable(and ki-43 III)
Thomas Sackett (1 day ago)
+dharmdevil I don't dive at american aircraft or even climb to go head on. I try my best to bait them in a turning dogfight. only work like 30% of the time. most of my team like you said go for the first plane they see, losing the height advantage. I try to make enemy planes stall climb me where i can roll and attack them before they regain airspeed. I can fly a zero but i wouldn't say i completely master it. But if you have that noob team like you said going against a team that knows what to do. It can be challenging
Mike MPR (5 days ago)
when you will enable cross-network between pc and xbox i really want to play with a friend and we cannot
zzziiip ss (5 days ago)
Noob player: hacker!! Pro player : .........???
jonasxdufek (5 days ago)
Did gaijin just make a bunch of fake youtube accounts which they use to respond with hate messages to every free FPE/Parts comment?
jonasxdufek (5 days ago)
Free FPE and Parts, when?
Kamil F (5 days ago)
spitfire " well balanced " lie ! reasons ? 1: climbs like a rocket 2: turns so fast you cant even see 3: shots everyone down with less then 30 bullets 4:achives unbelivable speed 5: with flaps turns faster then anything thats reasons of spitifre unbalance
cheezymuffin (5 days ago)
just saying, but 90% of these enemies make mistakes that not even american pilots make. A P-38 turning when engaging a zero?... no, just no... no one turns against a zero, just like no one turns against a biplane while flying a monoplane. these tips are pretty useless, relying on stupid enemies, dumb luck and other random factors. the only usefull ones are pretty general. how about something that might be usefull. velocity of aircraft guns. because then we can see whether or not we need to get close, vertically converse our guns, and where we need to set our gun range too for the best result. I have no idea, how much the early 20mm canons on the zero stack up against the 7.7mm in terms of velocity. and this problem isn't adressed in this vid either. for example, the last zero has a 7.7mm, a 13.2mm and 2 20mm weaponry. what is the best confergence? also, planes that are flown less are flown less because they don't fit the game. please add more gamemodes that are fun to play with different planes than either: metta fighters, fast climbing bomber interceptors, or heavy bombers that can wipe out all bases by themself. give use to divebombers, attackers(they are played, but 99% are useless for their team) naval bombers, floats and other interesting planes. give us imersive gamemodes, like battles set in the pacific with only planes from the pacific, and carrier battles. when I play japanese planes, I play them to defend islands from american landings, shooting F4Us and F2As out of the sky, getting shot at by battleships and see them getting hit by torpedoes. that is why you play japan. not to fight the russians, in the same old gamemode. or to fight in norway. please make your game more interesting again. we are getting sick and tyred of you not listening to the comunity. you are losing players, making you more desperate to sell, which turns away more players.
derKleriker (5 days ago)
Never get yourself in a fight with half of the enemy team... Well then there is that moment, when half of the enemy team pick a fight with you because you are ripping the other half one after another...
주원 (5 days ago)
Soon theyre gonna disable comments
Ştefan Denis (5 days ago)
Spitfire too op
SHESH SAVIOR (5 days ago)
want to know why nobody take them cause they die with 3 shots
Harris Papadopoulos (5 days ago)
Centurion Sebastian (5 days ago)
mohamd mlg90 (5 days ago)
what do you mean mate i cant fight any thing ITS JUST ZEROS EVERY WHERE
Hananel Dahan (5 days ago)
how to get better in war thunder reciving PARTS and FPE for free......
Skythunder Sky (5 days ago)
His/Her, He/She Him/Her... Just say their..
Arch Vile (5 days ago)
Let's talk about the 20mm nerf that you made. Because you nerfed the MG 151 20mm, the MG FF and FF/M have been nerfed too, now I have to put half a weapon's munition if I use stock ammo because it just sparks most of the time. The Hispanos and the japanese 20mms suffer from the same fate. Why do you buff something to just nerf it back?
Aditya Pandey (5 days ago)
Hey I have a zero
THE RED ARMY CCCP (5 days ago)
THE RED ARMY CCCP (5 days ago)
let me tell you something if u see a Japan plane just go head on if u don't kill him ther or he you just run away you don't wana turn with them ;)
ZdrytchX -{Reference (5 days ago)
i love it how they've removed the visibility of like vs dislikes
hiro Taka (5 days ago)
so cool!!!!‼︎‼︎
Grizllow (5 days ago)
free parts and fpe
What an unfortunate (5 days ago)
What's the deal with these people wanting to ''finally talk'' about FPE & Parts? They are discussing it right now in the forums. There is an official threat there where you can comment on, what's the actual problem now?
Just A P39N (5 days ago)
I am getting pretty sick of these comments nagging for FPE and Parts. I personally, don't have an issue about them.
Iso pod (5 days ago)
F6F & F4U= I have the high ground! A6M= Screw your high ground!
vexonica 02 (5 days ago)
C'mon guys stop talking about fpe and parts cough* cough* we here talk about other things that more important than just *FPE and PARTS* we here are talking about glorious Japanese a6m that become back bone of ijn over the pacific, did I've already telling you to stop talking about FPE and Parts?
VzArts MP (5 days ago)
Where my free abrams.......???
HAIDER IBRAHIM (5 days ago)
we need a tank mission editor in game please .
Yureina Sf (6 days ago)
This is pretty much how I've played a Zero for years. A lot does come from knowing how to use it and about the enemies you fight. But the thing that gets me the most kills with them is screwing with other people's expectations, like making them think i'm going to do something stupid or that I'm AFK/preoccupied because i'm flying in a straight line. Then right before they get in range... poof, and suddenly they find themselves dead. For me, it's not good enough to kill them. The enemy also has to feel stupid for even trying. :D Sadly, most of my deaths while flying with a Zero end up coming from friendly fire because some idiot teammate starts blindly shooting. It only takes one good hit to kill a Zero most of the time. ;_;
WarmasterHorus96 (6 days ago)
Sweet but the completly useless. On the most Maps you have to start from carriers while the Allied (mostly USA/Brits) have Ground Maschines with Airstart. That and the fact with a speed gap between the japenese and the other Nations make it very difficult. Almost everyone just boom and zoom you and when 3 People from above dive on you, you are simply dead. You can´t outrun them. you can´t outturn them because the most time one is alway diving on you with the right angle. This nonsense 50.Cal Buff from last year just blast them into hell. One time i just shot down a Zero with just 5 Bullets ?! Also the "no Armor"- Almost no plane had real Armor protection, only for the pilot and the fuel tank. For Example also the P 47 Thunderbolt had only a plate fro the pilot and fuel protection - similar to the late A6M5 Version. Before this stupid changes i had over 250 kills in RB with my beauty but now i am just a victim. By the way sweet to see the most time here late war variants against Wildcats and PBY´s. The BR is funny when you just fight P51H : P Personally i quited the game months ago and keeping just an eye to see if something is changing but yea doesn´t look like that. I can only hope that Il-2 Great Battles announce their Pacific Part in the next year.
Vasily01 18 (6 days ago)
This comment section: 95% Free FPE and Repair tools as stock 5% good video I better learn
Jayachandran VS (6 days ago)
SECRET NUMBER FIVE Play the game 24×7 for 10 years so you can reach rank 6 SECRET NUMBER SIX You can buy ge too
Thats Nodildo (6 days ago)
free parts and fpe and remove rp cap you greedt bastards
Thành Hoàng Ngọc (6 days ago)
where is my free abrams ? i want my free abrams plz gaijjin
Manuel Munoz (6 days ago)
well, there is still a A6M8 that out-performs all zeros in speed, maneuverability and the first zero to have armor. Will be more dangerous in the hands of a mad skilled pilot.
Yicheng Wang (6 days ago)
What are you going to do about parts and FPE ? RP cap?
ssd21345 (6 days ago)
"the faster enemy aircraft goes, the more sluggish it gets" not for most US planes, which Japanese usually fight against.
Smowl (6 days ago)
By the way, instead of saying "He or she", just use "they". It's a lot faster, easier, includes people who are neither a he nor a she, and (for all you salty people who will probably reply) has been used since Shakespeare's times.
Basil Bäckman (6 days ago)
I bet this is what the japanese pilots were told before they were set to fly zeros whit 0h of flying time ;P
Matthew Williams (6 days ago)
How do you play without parts/fpe? Better yet, how does Gaijin make a profit pissing off their base? Time will tell, wont it...
Basil Bäckman (6 days ago)
*Takes quotes from art of war* Me: Don't make it sound that simple since it isn't >_<!
Thomas Sackett (6 days ago)
Gaijin you want to know the reason i don't play the Zero in RB. First reason: The U.S Planes get mostly Air spawns in the Pacific maps while the Zero's take off the carrier. Second reason: i always get pity against the P38, P47 and the P51. All they f***ing do is stay 20,000 to 30,000 ft above everyone and just Boom and Zoom all game, really annoying. My entire team made no kills and didn't even fire a shot. This happens about (95%) of the time. I love the Zero's, but hate going against most players when I'm flying the Japanese. I got to the point of Bailing out of my Zero when i see P-51's or P-47's diving at me, not giving them the kill. I don't care if you people call me a coward for this. I just don't care anymore.
Thomas Sackett (5 days ago)
+Major_kukri Very funny. Maybe you get a very high win rate with them but everytime i play with the Zero it's a (95%) lose rate.
Major_kukri (5 days ago)
What else are they supposed to do? Get down low and turnfight? Plus, Japanese planes have very high win rates anyways.
Brendon (6 days ago)
Fong Jin Hong (6 days ago)
Haid, yiokaidess!! Did you making to how to destroy P-47 please hurry tomorrow Friday I go home Seri kembangan state Selangor in Malaysia you know that I hate P-47 SHOT ME DOWN!!!
Riyadh Khaddar (6 days ago)
This was actually a pretty good video, a shame I had to dislike it.
milton pittman (6 days ago)
Josh Finn (6 days ago)
Great video, been playing the Japanese planes and almost got the zero. Keep them coming
suicidevaan (6 days ago)
Hmm.. Gaijin ? Most of them use A6M Zero as a plane for suicide missions / Kamikaze Attack, Can you please activate Kamikaze system one more time *BUT* only for Tank "*REALISTIC*" Battle or Aircraft "*REALISTIC*" Battle Mode. In Aircraft Realistic Battle, A6M Zero can be used for Attack *AFK* ENEMY in their Airfield. *Please give this opportunity one more time.* . . . . **INSERT EVIL LAUGH HERE**
Connor dreyer (6 days ago)
this is a nice video! im going to go play japanease
Luckyluchs777 (6 days ago)
For once, I'm going to stop complaining about free parts and fpe. The ZERO-SEN is my favorite World War 2 aircraft and I'm going to take a moment to appreciate that Gaijin made a video about it :D
jackson schumacher (6 days ago)
let's talk about HOW A ZERO CAN OUT RUN A F4U CORSAIR, A CORSAIR!!!!!!!!!!!
Jermu (5 days ago)
If there were any and i mean any dmg on your corsair that will slow you down. If your plane was stock it will slow you down. If you played arcade that will speed up zeros. These are just guesses of reasons. Ofc there is one simple reason of you doing something wrong like having flaps down or forgettin to open throttle completely.
jackson schumacher (5 days ago)
well please explain to me how I dived away from got more speed from him, then leveled out lost airspeed because the corsair(usmc) in game cant even reach 550 kph in level flight even though on the stat card it says It can go to over 600 kph(and I was at an altitude close to the alt given on the stat card) in my situation it would be impossible for that to occur
Jermu (5 days ago)
It cant unles it has more energy from diving while corsair isn't diving.
Arashi Shimizu (6 days ago)
Don’t waste your time with your stupid video. You just have to update the zero’s model.
Aburu (6 days ago)
People prefer other planes since their models arent ancient, with cannons that actually function.
sinister is random (6 days ago)
Finally Some Respect For The Zero
sinister is random (6 days ago)
Aqua Fyre (6 days ago)
How the Zero helped Japan hold on to so much for so long -- I have no idea.

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