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💢 Only in War Thunder!

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If you are a veteran of War Thunder, you probably know very well that our game is fairly special. We’re not speaking, of course, about boring or trivial things like sheer numbers of vehicles and aircraft available in game — after all we broke that world record ages ago, in 2014. No, today we’d like to speak about things that can only be experienced in War Thunder! Download: http://warthunder.ru/download Site: http://warthunder.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/warthunder Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WarThunder Forum: http://forum.warthunder.com/ G+ https://plus.google.com/+Warthunder/posts
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Text Comments (791)
Slavic Legend (3 days ago)
"Our" game
Marie BCFHS (5 days ago)
not to mention that this is the only game that has a decent model and mechanics for a flying wing (the Horten of course)
Quek Scoop (13 days ago)
only in war thunder german tanks can fight german tanks
Clunt Westwood (20 days ago)
Number 1 rule in war thunder never help a team mate
Kyle Murrin (26 days ago)
"that's a pretty stupid.. uh we mean ballsy move" love that part!!
Michał Głowacki (26 days ago)
so charming old voice i love it
Devastating Joke (26 days ago)
Only in Warthunder you can have flying tanks that goes like 100k- km/hour
SirMan McDude (27 days ago)
Only in War Thunder can you shoot a pickup truck with an AP shell and watch it punch through the truck bed, not even phasing the truck... and then your heavy tank gets killed by AA machine guns... can you tell I'm speaking from experience?
IWTD (27 days ago)
only in War Thunder : My BR 1.0, My teammate's BR 8.7
Vegtam The Wanderer (30 days ago)
How come the m163 cant float?
trollface bzowski (1 month ago)
1:38 *cough* po-2 *cough*
Robert Fitzwater (1 month ago)
Me:cool! I have all 5 crew members after that fight *Dies by crew members knocked out* Me:but only one died True story
G Man (1 month ago)
2:40 narrator please don't die
Leland Worsfold (1 month ago)
💢 Only in War Thunder! Stock parts and fpe!!!
Jerzy Kohut (1 month ago)
Only in War thunder: You have to research FPE and Parts...
واحد من الناس (2 months ago)
I think they should fix the physics of the tanks , fix the balance of the tanks and give us option to select more songs in garag , .... .
Menuka Kombalavithana (2 months ago)
I love war thunder, it's my most favourite game in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Markus J (2 months ago)
Ohhh Maus shouldn take M24 Buldog for a walk
Goldentime3 (2 months ago)
Jorge Haro (2 months ago)
Only in war thunder *pilot knocked out*
Lets go gaming (2 months ago)
And that's why wt is better than wot
flamingrubys11 (3 months ago)
4:23 im sure there are several places in hell reserved for me
engi cake (3 months ago)
Only in War Thunder:Over will maked April fool day joke
GreyFox (3 months ago)
What tanks are can drive in water ?????
Nightcore Everything (3 months ago)
only in war thunder ping 200-400 random ly TT
U forgot no fact that only in war thunder you cam Control multiple guns on a tank!
Phylarious (4 months ago)
Yeah it happened to me to a mixed match i brought an m3 stuart to a high tier match with mbt's lol
Großadmiral Dönitz (4 months ago)
Why I still play this game?
Dimas Abiyoso (4 months ago)
2:56 also exist in sniper elite even sniper elite got it first
ThomasNorge224 (5 months ago)
1:00 How much does it cost to buy one? And What do They eat?
Martin Babl (5 months ago)
Only in War Thunder can your 150mm HEAT round bounce off a T-34.
Xxx Xxx (5 months ago)
the only problems in war thunder are......arcade kids from wot and people that use random battles for....troll or complain and chat all the time
Mali (5 months ago)
There is no healt (And The Armours are amazing!) for tanks and aircrafts! That's amazing and reality! World of tanks is horrible :/ Health???? and premium ammos? , rockets? horrible! Also War thunder needs to historical tree like if your tank is 1943 your enemy must be maximum 1943!! And premium tanks etc. should be free too with low exp :/ and pls let us destroy the houses as men of war :(
Trujelo (5 months ago)
War Thunder > World of Health Bars
DL CAT COBRA (5 months ago)
E-15 do u mean I-15
The day when there will be men on foot, the day this will become a perfect battle royale game(men, tanks, air crafts, ships) imagine that.... PUBG, Fortnite like games. They will be long gone 🤩😉
penguin wombat (5 months ago)
gamer17138 felltomate (5 months ago)
Im playing war thunder since 2 jears and i only once got helped with repair or towing
lil fagget (5 months ago)
Get pilot sniped from 2 km away
Immersion Gaming (5 months ago)
Hello Survivors
Mevlüt Yılmaz (5 months ago)
This channel is rly cool
Big Boy 1 (5 months ago)
💢 Only in War Thunder! Get shot from across the map by some Japanese tank and somehow the shell duplicates it self and you get destroyed
The Slave (5 months ago)
Only on War Thunder you can fire AA guns on tanks
Wolf Mann (5 months ago)
Only in War Thunder: - Discover Realistic Battles then curse Gaijin with eternal impotence.
Clyde Pillejera (6 months ago)
i love War Thunder
Phan Tan Huy (6 months ago)
Only in War Thunder: WW2 tanks vs Early Post-war tanks 50.cals that act like cannons 20-30mm cannons that kept sparking But most important of all: russian bias and gibbing new allied vehicles
Jay Boschetti (6 months ago)
This is like listening to David Attenborough talking about war thunder tho
Harish Sridharan (6 months ago)
TheVermilion Doom (6 months ago)
2:39 When you lite a joint in the mall.
дру г (6 months ago)
Only in war thunder: there are more premium is6 tanks than normal tech tree russian heavys at 6.7
дру г (6 months ago)
This was a comment meme storm waiting to happen
rayo kill (6 months ago)
5:00 or just a blow let it sink in for 4 sec Just a blow
WheatSnackBread (6 months ago)
Only in Warthunder, 8 out of 10 matches uptiered to frustrate players enough to buy better tanks, so they can get uptiered again.
Konii (6 months ago)
"Just know, that there is a special place in hell for people like you." Oh man, you're killing me narrator.
fulcrum 29 (6 months ago)
Where's the flying tanks?
Justin Xie (6 months ago)
but can you jump out of your jet and shoot and destroy the jet behind with and rpg ?
Sities Skylines (6 months ago)
Yeah it happens sometimes, but my tiger e is too heavy :(
expand dong (6 months ago)
Only in War Thunder: Can I pay each month for a premium account.
Sotis175 (6 months ago)
My profile has been frozen for a year now and i want to play more than Ever please help me
Black chocolate (6 months ago)
I’ve tried to pull someone in to cover, but they either refused or my tank just isn’t powerful to pull their tanks.
William Neale (6 months ago)
only in warethunder can you catch cancer
Grosvenor Lester (7 months ago)
Only warthunder be available on every platform but Xbox
King Shoot (7 months ago)
Only in War Thunder can a 122mm German shell bounce off the side of a Russian tank
Delta9SFBay (7 months ago)
There's a perfect song for WT it's --- GUNSHIP -Fly For Your Life
kralj balkana (7 months ago)
Imagine 16 british RP3 rockets in a tunel. Omg😎😮
MarSec (7 months ago)
Ill say the Truth, Ive played this game since the first test for it came out. Warthunder is truly nothing short of special, Ive maxed out all my trees, and loving coming back for more, thank you for the many years of fun, and the more soon to come.
Makarov The Plat (7 months ago)
Who ever the hell is this handsome old man voicing these videos, I just want to say, you have the best amicable grandpa voice i've ever heard, thank you for simply existing.
Bintang Cahyana (7 months ago)
*these acts of stupi-- we mean daredevilry...** I lost it at that xD
Josiah Vileniskis (7 months ago)
will there be more japanese tanks or tank distoryers for late and will there be more tanks and if so is there any plan to add the type 73 type 90 and type 10 just to name and fiw also if so is there any plan to add more atgms for japan cause the type 60 atgm is kinda an sad tank not that its too bad its just really hard to play for players with less then 200 hours+ of atgm experience (in realistic
Ma Boi Scotty (7 months ago)
Notice these comments? These issues have been around for years, and what does Gaijin do? Hur dur here's some submarines... The game has its moments but for every time you shout "yes!" You'll be face palming for twice as long. Imagine spending hours to unlock a vehicle. Only to realise that after unlock you have to have enough funds to purchase it. Then, after purchase, you have to spend additional funds on crew training. 3 stages of grinding for an unlock. Oh, and did I mention you have to then unlock and purchase 5 other vehicles of the tier before you can even start work on unlocking the next tier? Grinding for vehicles you don't even want or need. Yup, the game has its moments but it's a game that forces you to play on and off for fear of losing your mind.
Doug Mate (7 months ago)
Is there going to be a chance of including the Bradley fighting vehicle into the American tier since the Abrams has been introduced?
Reid Menzies (7 months ago)
War Thunder: the Wikipedia of combat simulators
Reid Menzies (7 months ago)
💢only in war thunder: have 200+ tanks but have are absolutely no chance against a T-26
[AoC] TheGasmaskReaper (7 months ago)
Crossout guy ;-;
hazmat unit (7 months ago)
Well I was In a custom battle in a be6 and a biaplane shot me down
onix 444 (7 months ago)
More amphibian tanks please 💙🔝
Ivke (7 months ago)
Only in War Thunder: - 100kg+ HVAR rockets pen 36mm of armor -15kg RBS-82 pens 64mm of armor 👏👏👏
Vojta536 (7 months ago)
Or your teammates can crash into you for no reason and you will fall to water and drown
Underscorezed (7 months ago)
Only in War Thunder, where you either get uptiered to fight jumbos, or get uptiered in a jumbo to tanks you can't kill, but where you couldn't hope to escape unsacthed after their first shot.
Underscorezed (7 months ago)
Only in War Thunder, where people opt for ramming Anti-Air, rather than actually using guns.
Underscorezed (7 months ago)
Only in War thunder, where you can get spawncamped by ATGMs, as the enemy sits in spawn.
Ulfric Sombrage (7 months ago)
Only in War Thunder: A Tiger II shell bouncing off a T-26 armor.
Karl Heerwagen (7 months ago)
Only in war thunder.... no realism... not historical accurate... no realistic penetration models...
Gwyn's Last Knight (7 months ago)
Only in Warthunder: Would Russian hundred thousand dollar garbage beat a multi million dollar tank.
Meki Katt (7 months ago)
They should lower the grind its becoming worse. after level 3 the experience bar is barely moving. I completely lost interest in going for the higher ranks because of that and the fact that the repair and ammo costs is way higher than the reword at least wen the k:d is under 2
Absaalookemensch (7 months ago)
So tow cables is the big draw to War Thunder?
Trollololol (7 months ago)
Only in war thunder can you get killed by a Russian tank without even hitting you.
josh johnson (7 months ago)
700 hours of war thunder, i think people have towed me out of danger maybe twice
only in war thunder .50 cals are best "cannon" in the game
Sokar 61 (7 months ago)
Only in war thunder 17 powder bounced by T-34 hull armour.
Breizh Rudie (8 months ago)
You know, +War Thunder. Official channel. you should amend your scoring system. Stop giving players with Super high reward when they killed a tank. The other teammates who do the engagement or guarding military tank movement are doing their job too; *give them equal points of reward; at least for Lions. * *Thanks repair are Expensive for some Tanks.* *ELSE, most morons will just keep rushing in as idiotic cluster of tanks; staying tightly together to hope for that single tank kill*. = which cause the team to lose/ which is unfair to the others. (As some tanks repair cost *ARE EXPENSIVE*) Please tank note of this.
Adolf Hitler (8 months ago)
Ww2 tanks vs modern tanks? Oi' boy
Renegate 96 (8 months ago)
David Attenborough go to hell!
Nibrasakhi (8 months ago)
Only in war thunder: Milk trucks
jeremy Herobrine (8 months ago)
you are right exept one thing : in the game Armored Warfare you can use smoke as well but I agree with everything else
Baird McCutcheon (8 months ago)
Only in war thunder: having tanks from the 1980s but only having planes from the 1950s You what we want gaijin
pig pig (8 months ago)
"without damaging parts" I HATE T34 SIDE FUEL TANKS FOR THIS "getting tracks wet" now we have tanks under the bridges.
pig pig (8 months ago)
"Sometimes, I Swear!" I towed my squadmate off the shore with my torpedo boat. Apparently a torpedo boat has better armor than the titanic!

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