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C9- Level 50 Elementalist AoE gameplay - 1080p HD

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C9 - Continent of the Ninth Seal level 50 Elementalist using Circle Shrine spec - featuring Mana Pressure and Meteor mega AoE abilities
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Text Comments (43)
Apagando LasLuces (3 years ago)
Наташа :D
3DxHamster (3 years ago)
this is how asian version of gw2 looks like
Richard Lou (3 years ago)
well they are just standing there n stalking behind you n waiting for u to fire a spell at them.....looks boring......:(
sadqae123e dased132wq (4 years ago)
or we can play guildwars :D
PaddyCaker (4 years ago)
WTF is this game
Xavier Johnson (4 years ago)
A less graphic version than vindictus
Nexen4Games (5 years ago)
Well, this video was demonstrating AoE combat.. You don't have to fight that way.
Thewing2001 (5 years ago)
its a pvp game lol the pve is pretty lame aside from the bosses the bosses r actually somewhat fun and challanging
MRKanKan (5 years ago)
i hate his kind of combats, where u stack up weak monsters.. looks like all monsters here are killed in groups of 4-5
KaPQCh (6 years ago)
HOOOOLYYYYYYy This game is awesome!! 8D
Vux (6 years ago)
This looks kewl :3 I'm playing a shaman right now and I'm definately going elementalist after seeing this vid :) I'm using your guide to help me along. Kudos for all the nice MMO guides you do, they are all good stuff and much appreciated :)
BORBEWZ (6 years ago)
Hey so cool's~ !!
Denise Lugardo (6 years ago)
I wish I could play this but my vid card sux! :(
vargvikner hammett (6 years ago)
shade of wind???
begineer (6 years ago)
lol lvl 50 elemental and u need two most powerfull skills to kill mobs on tahara? and they still alive xD
MrKimadori (6 years ago)
MrKimadori (6 years ago)
I use mainly salamander and meteor on dungeons XD.. easy wipe
METROIDER123 (6 years ago)
FUCK MY BERSERKER .... ELEMENTALIST TIME BITCHESSSS .... the only bad thing is that there arent any male ones ...
Oggelito (6 years ago)
Wait, that spell is from dargon ball?
Will Northen (6 years ago)
haha yeah i did, the game engine and combat system seemed awesome but... everything else was meh :[
Will Northen (6 years ago)
Dude this is cool. Made me wanna download the game. Hope I like it :D
Melmar Marcelo (6 years ago)
Elementalist are really good at Mobs but in PvP they are like precious stone that must be protected.
Enstein Frank (6 years ago)
Then why don't you just get out of here ? This vid is about Elementalist, not Witchblade. I hope you can read the title.
Johny Mc (6 years ago)
haha lame i can own that mops with 1 skill with my 50 witchblade at weeping ice land boss master difficult i need 2-3 skills to own und i dont even have hell set or any imba stuff
The92Ghost (6 years ago)
Sorry but no, you have just the one from 25 lvl chest
The92Ghost (6 years ago)
Nope you don't :(
Tiago Passarela (6 years ago)
yeah i can see that now haha, do i get another chance to reset skill points beside the one in the lv 25 chest? i mean, for free.
The92Ghost (6 years ago)
Ifrit is way moer better... you should have never leveled up the Ice Summon... you should have keep in safe your skill points for Ifrit... just personal opinion :)
The92Ghost (6 years ago)
Nah The Elementalist is greater then that my Elemental Lord will kill those mobs for like 10 sec with my skills whatever I have as my powers they hit over 50k especially on such low mobs...
Tiago Passarela (6 years ago)
i just got the ice summon yesterday, its not bad but its not good either, i think ifrit will be much better
Fubux (6 years ago)
ur gamestyle is fuked up xD
Erlin Ylli Hysenbelliu (6 years ago)
shade elementalist is best at 1 vs 1 pvp and shine at mass pvp and yeh kinda is better than illusionist
Erlin Ylli Hysenbelliu (6 years ago)
not really depends on your equips my Elemental lord's meteor hits 50-60k and giga bolt hits over 50k i max lvled them and got only shine skills ( full shine build) + i max lvled firebolt and flare(Flare hits 30k max lvl with wide range) and master mode bosses dont last more than 20 sec :D
uchiha716 (6 years ago)
Is Elementalist Better In pvp Than Illusionist?
Qriox (6 years ago)
50 on global, 63 on korea
Tamer Jjeney (6 years ago)
hey i downloaded the OBT client but when i press login it type's : Start will be available in OBT lol !
Niskus (6 years ago)
Elementalists can fly? :o
falclao (6 years ago)
What's the max level?
Ianuario (6 years ago)
Hey one question, which class has the best summons? And which summons are there for ilusionists and elementalists? Thanks in advance (:
bcmijk (7 years ago)
I love how the mage runs in this game.. who designed it gosh... D: Learn 2 run.
Dulfy (7 years ago)
@Riimut boss fights are not too bad. at level 50 the master mode dungeon bosses have really long fights that take up to 10 minutes. For the shaman class its all about moving and dodging the boss's skills cuz they hurt!
Astraly (7 years ago)
one more questions, hows to monster AI in dungeons? Like how hard can bosses be

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