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Monster Hunter X - Opening Cinematic

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Gigantic beasts battle it out in this introduction for the 3DS game, before a group of explorers take on a Dinovaldo. Subscribe to IGN for more! https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1
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Text Comments (3083)
__ori0n dExus__ (12 days ago)
Popodrome: is sick and tired of being bullied so he started lifting weights
夜桜紅月 (1 month ago)
狐桜餅 (1 month ago)
Kristy Powers (1 month ago)
bubble dragon? also, cats are very motivational, especially with music
John Saunders (1 month ago)
Like to see the pinecone fite old shockie bug there.
batoro vn (1 month ago)
So scary
Thắng Trần xuân (1 month ago)
link full?
two Angela (1 month ago)
OMG ALL Creatures in this game is so cool
Skc Shcjv (2 months ago)
Muhammad Almunzir (2 months ago)
Pokemon monster version?
江戸川乱歩 (2 months ago)
Tigrex zinogre rathalos and......thats what i know from this video
송주완 (2 months ago)
근데 쪽바리들이 취하는 동작은 어째 다 하나같이 오버스럽고 유치하냐
NUKE DUOS (2 months ago)
Wow! This is the best movie ive seen this week
リリコ (2 months ago)
I want playstationversion mhx & mhxx
ピンクの悪魔' (3 months ago)
どろしー (2 months ago)
Fujihara Kira (3 months ago)
soap lizard fighting music is the best
TalenGio (3 months ago)
Fujihara Kira Soap Lizard? LOL!
HoloBat (3 months ago)
Venez découvrir l'histoire complète de Monster Hunter World sur ma chaîne ! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYIZYV69xYk&list=PLnFTIzSSdaAeUGcxW_HNfwJR6j90phQHL
Png Ting Jun (3 months ago)
We all know that its the glavenus that's in the most danger
Daniel Graff (4 months ago)
i would so buy this game if it wasn't made by cap-con.
Kevin MHfan (2 months ago)
Or locked content
Kevin MHfan (2 months ago)
Why? There's nothing wrong with the game. Dlc is free unlike capcoms other shitty games
VellaZoides (4 months ago)
check this gameplay https://youtu.be/TxcegIh4TGY
Vishveshvar Tudu (4 months ago)
Matthew Ashby (4 months ago)
Mizutsune probably has my favorite theme of any monster in the fated 4 and in the franchise overall
The Jinxed Nightcore (5 months ago)
I want the Fated Four back
johny bravo (6 months ago)
can we have all these monsters on World
xT HEMO (6 months ago)
IGN・・・ 威厳!?
detonater7 (6 months ago)
Monster Hunter World
FinalHunter (2 months ago)
Pointless comment.
JehoFlame29 PhantomBat (6 months ago)
I wish some of these monster were coming to MHW.
Zorah Magdaros (6 months ago)
I Cant Believe Tigrex Is Going For An Enemy That Big
My Balls Are Itchy (6 months ago)
Tigrex should be in Mhw Hunters will know the true meaning of pain :D
LF (7 months ago)
New flagship monsters vs old flagship monsters
EL DARONATOR (7 months ago)
Francisco Davis (7 months ago)
These are cooler monster than the ones in mhw
James Bustarga (7 months ago)
Tigrex vs gammoth
John Saunders (7 months ago)
I just realised that Dinovaldo looks like a CROSS between anjanath and radobaan xD (even tho its actually Gen :P)
FinalHunter (2 months ago)
Your kidding right?
John Saunders (8 months ago)
Mitsune must have some epic skill if it can dodge zinogre so well
John Saunders (8 months ago)
Tbh Astalos was my fave monster from Cross and rathalos had a reason to run as its weak to thunder
John Saunders (7 months ago)
I Mean Gen
John Saunders (8 months ago)
When I heard astaloses theme kick in I was like rath boi you had better watch out ol' electric dragonfly gonna give you a bad time
Rizaki Konoshima (8 months ago)
Monster Hunter World
bb liu (8 months ago)
the chinese white bubble dragon is so beautiful!
Tiger_du _15 (8 months ago)
MH X and MHGEN are the same isn't it?
Bruce Wayne (8 months ago)
whats the name name of the monster who attacks Rathalos?
S.iCE☆ (8 months ago)
Bruce Wayne Astalos
Quanti Capezzoli (8 months ago)
too bad this was the worst monster hunter game
Sylvain Orange (7 months ago)
Kelly Rowlett ikr
David Brown (9 months ago)
If only the game looked that good
Exgecko (9 months ago)
Damn these monsters are so cool
bob by (9 months ago)
This is now called monster hunter world
Oshian (9 months ago)
Im here from the future. the latest game of this doesn't let me move like that with a great sword and I'm sad about it
Saijou Candari (8 months ago)
are you okay?
JIN (9 months ago)
mhw is so bad dude I am angry and disappointed..
Lol I bet Mizutsune could give really good bubble baths
Astalos vs Rathalos...hmm...I would love to see that
aronth (9 months ago)
Astalos is basically designed to hunt rathalos, the fact possesses aerial prowess to match rathalos with the element advantage to boot
Acers2K (9 months ago)
guys... after worlds.... dont you notice that these maps and bosses look like how they are ingame in MHWorld??? :D?!?!? does it mean they are already have the models and only need the movesets to get them DLC ready?
Nolin Cividin (9 months ago)
love how you can lure monsters to fight eachother in MH world now...
Rugia chaN (9 months ago)
GTEscapehD Tredes (9 months ago)
진그레이 (9 months ago)
썸네일 드빌에 파브레가스같음
Gabe Visperas (10 months ago)
Rivals Astalos-Rathalos: air superiority Mizutsune-Zinogre: speed Glavenus-Devil jho: intimidation Gammoth-Tigrex: brute strength
jay loe (10 months ago)
Its actullay mh gen
HKsuperman (9 months ago)
well its actually mhX since X is the original game and mh gen is just the western import of it, that's why there's mhXX for the g rank
We don’t Know?? (10 months ago)
หยก หยก (10 months ago)
Rockaletta -Senpai (10 months ago)
That pink dragon is awesome!!!
Hien nguyen (10 months ago)
It feels like this is a realistic version of Pokémon
sunsavel gm (10 months ago)
lightcore jack (10 months ago)
the is the most fu**ing coolest opening cinematic i ever seen
이동범 (10 months ago)
이름 며에요
Wonjae Yi (10 months ago)
If Indominus Rex faced that monster that the hunters were battling, she would be sliced up.
Jared C. (11 months ago)
This is the exact same intro as mhgen
Kevin MHfan (10 months ago)
Jared Cochran because X is gen lol
Mave ToSubstance (11 months ago)
my god its so guuuud <3
PolterPup (11 months ago)
oh i see.....old bosses vs new bosses
YouTuber the Dino (11 months ago)
Wasn't that "Cheryl , Sir Bibit , Weston and Mittens ?!!!!!!
이하 (11 months ago)
한글판 패치좀
Madara Uchiha (11 months ago)
I like Dem gud fight between raizex and rathalos also tigrex and gammoth
616あくま (11 months ago)
why is in the trailer they always use heavy weapon, use the light ones dammit !
Shiba Doge (11 months ago)
Is this pokemon
Danellboy (11 months ago)
Why couldn't they have a trailer like this for monster hunter world?
Kevin MHfan (10 months ago)
Danellboy because its supposed to appeal to the west
Oni (11 months ago)
RUDY.R die (1 year ago)
Magnifique 👌
Yasuhiro Akadashi (1 year ago)
織田信長 (1 year ago)
Endershield Chaos (1 year ago)
Dunno why but this satisfies me everytime. When i open up the game i watch it every time
POTATO EYE (1 year ago)
So is IGN Japanese, or are they just using all of the Japanese names and titles for this one?
msyach nezar (1 year ago)
im gonna have a monster nightmares ;-;
Brandon Nakagaki (1 year ago)
everyone all stoked for all these epic looking monsters and I'm just here for the little cat people
New Game: Console Wars
aries gamer (1 year ago)
We all knew who lost in Rathalos' fight right?
Benni Zieger (1 year ago)
HIDAN (1 year ago)
Ох и дерьмище...
Binny Lee (1 year ago)
Im waiting to see a #MHWorld trailer like this one
Yeetle Thebeetle (1 year ago)
3:08 sharpness has decreased
Matt P (1 year ago)
hey, fun fact, the new monsters that they showed are some of the ONLY NEW MONSTERS IN THE GAME.
Híp Híp (1 year ago)
Clark Trinidad (1 year ago)
That soap monster looks fabulous 💁🏻‍♂️
petre iulian (1 year ago)
nio chanel (1 year ago)
ArcadiaMandroid (1 year ago)
Weston, Cheryl, Mittens and Sir Bibit....And here I thought they were just made up characters by NCHProductions
Quinn Russell (1 year ago)
3:04 the coolest part in the video
Party Pigy (1 year ago)
Jeremy Ledger (1 year ago)
Oh goody, robot dragons :)
Zero03 X60 (1 year ago)
astalos vs seregios would be cool
Matthew Craig (11 months ago)
Sergios would get wrecked

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