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Vehicle overview: BRITISH TANKS / War Thunder

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57, 58, 59... five o’clock! Team, it’s tea time! While the kettle is on the stove, let’s go through the list of British vehicles available in the game and find out what machines are your best picks for getting to the top! Download: http://warthunder.ru/download Site: http://warthunder.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/warthunder Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WarThunder Forum: http://forum.warthunder.com/ G+ https://plus.google.com/+Warthunder/posts #WarThunder #Tanks
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Mr. Pain (1 day ago)
Kirk Shipp (2 days ago)
I think Gaijin is worried that we won't play the game if we unlock everything. I can honestly say that I enjoy the game MORE when I go back and play my spaded tanks. I have battle groups saved for 4.7 and other BRs that I really enjoy. I even spent gold to make my favorite tanks premium so as to play spaded tanks I enjoy to unlock other tanks faster. Gaijin, we'll still play the game long after the grind is gone.
Ruslan Krylev (3 days ago)
free FPE & parts for stock tanks!!!
Tanksteel45 (4 days ago)
Tanksteel45 (4 days ago)
3:50, yeah the VC not so much
deadman55661 Walter (5 days ago)
Ignoring the problems we have with warthunder right now the fv4005 is my favorite tank period. The armor is pretty much non-existing and the mobility is ok but the gun is super fun to use (especially if your teammates at 6.7 can help you cause most of the time for me my teammates don’t help that often and when they do help they barely do anything helpful) but still it’s fun plus it’s the only tank I really like using for Britain until I get my centurions up and I get my caernarvon and I get to rank 5
Darsa (5 days ago)
Grinding issue aside, I won't be focusing on that. After seeing the soviet getting T-55AM for fancy medium that add on to their already diverse collection, I feel that the british is lacking in comparison along with the Japanese and some other newer lines. The british do not have enough tanks around the rank four to allow players to really get into Rank 5 without playing anti aircraft or tank destroyers, granted, I do not play anti aircraft as it's pretty challenging to deal with an aircraft flying in 3 dimension while having to look out for hostile ground vehicle, that's two layer of challenges, it's useful for the team but not really efficient for specialist player who play War Thunder for their unqiue tank combat only. Hold your horse. That mean I don't like to grind or play AA, I play War Thunder ground forces for the big gun thick armour, not to fly or pew pew down aircraft, though I feel that killing tanks with AA is fun and add to the diversity. A Realistic battle require players to field in Aircraft, AA, tanks to be able to be useful after being dead in the tanks, to respawn in a newer vehicle, each vehicle require grindings and effort to fill up so that players can influence the battle better, that require a lot of time and give advantage to more experience players, that's understandable. But I want to approach on the fact that in War thunder, a player can die without doing anything or even have a chance of doing something, because he can be killed in one shot via ambush and flanking, he's punished with huge repair cost as every match go, he is not rewarded for even playing, stock grind, fire etc, the list goes on. I do think that the problem do not lie in Part and FPE but the repair cost of every units, Gaijin have been trying to discourage player from playing more popular tanks by increasing repair cost, in Russian tanks understandable, American bombers understandable, but hey, british tanks, what's up with those repair cost? There's not even a wide variety in the tanks to choose from in british tank lines for rank 4 to being with. I as a player feel that It's not fustrating to die or being burnt helplessly, somebody is enjoying killing and playing war thunder, A player must not be punished for even playing and being a cannon fodder with his stock tanks, I am not annoyed by dying, I'm annoyed at dying every match with a high repair cost. That's is annoying. coming onto encouraging player to play a wide variety, I don't know if gaijin as a team have tried to increase income multiplier for some tank to encourage people to play them, but, please do increase the income and reduce repair cost for less popular tank and advertise them, says they don't have high repair cost and is economical for grinding, get more players to play unique tanks, and being rewarded well, and hopefully even boost the skill level of the whole war thunder population in general because of the encouragement to play a wider variety of tanks. Adding variety; before the addition of centurion AVRE, I discussed with my friends and community, saying that if you gaijin give the british Sho't Kal, improved armour, better engine power, or even a good range finder for more modern version like Sho't Kal Dalet for british, I'm buying, and will be even willing to do so more if there's rear basket, crew equipments, details, to make the tanks look good and war proven, no, AVRE, I was like, why gaijin, why would you put a derp gun that have long reload , high drop, something that doesn't really represent British normal gameplay at its tier, and even putting it as premium as cash grab? It's a unique tank and fun but it is not a good investment in the long run in my opinion. To sum it up, repair cost and fpe isn't issue, it's the goddarn repair cost for dying No variety in tanks, you encourage players to play existing variety through solid and real incentive, not a summary video like this, you must also make sure player are happy enough to get their happy tanks and then grind aircraft, new toys to support their current toys, not fustrated over a single grind. Counter the reduction in skill level by enticing players to play wide variety, learn his enemy and himself, so he will win in every battle, by actually playing as his opposition. again, increase reward for less popular vehicles. Investment in premium tank, premium tank must be unique yes, but they also must justify as a good investment for their lineup, something that represent the nation while also being unique to justify as a good investment, T-55AM, Leopard 1 L/44 120mm in my opinion is a good one, as I think leopard 120mm is inferior to 105mm version due to reload speed, where it matters more in this field. Adding to premium vehicle and variety, I myself as a player want a Sho't Kal Dalet, a british centurion 105mm with ERA armour, add on armour, a 3 machine gun format, a turret rear basket, a better engine taken from the M60s, used in Yom Kippur War, and so on, that is unique, beautiful, collector enticing, ERA plating fancyness that doesn't really help but look cool, and most importantly, a 105mm that represent the british lineup, with a faster engine, representing the british but better and worth the investment, similar to Tiger II H slav premium from German tree. I myself also wish to see more Centurion variant, like roof top machine gunned, crew tools kit details, turret basket, etc as a subsection under their main tank, setup similar panther 1 ww2 variant, T-54s. That can fill up the tech tree, allow more centurion backup, give british more fighting power in quantity. That goes to other nation as well, an optional choice to grind the same tanks over again but more beautiful or even have an extra machine gun, more smoke grenades, details like bags, kits, turret rear basket that come with the tank stock for pure details only. Do not force, encourage. I wish Gaijin a good development progress ahead in such a magical moment where what wasn't possible, is.
Dwwolf (6 days ago)
Good british SPAA : Joke of the Year Mid tier SPAA are overtiered AND bad. The Final SPAA is good. Mid tier SPAA has atrocious ammo loads (crusader 2x20mm ) or has a bad ammo load, has a bad turret, and abysmal RoF ( crusader 40mm ).
Snowcale (7 days ago)
british bias
I’ll have to skip the tea time for weeks just to get parts and fpe
Ruan van jaarsveld (8 days ago)
The 747 (8 days ago)
biofrog (9 days ago)
Can you please bring back more British premiums I know there was a lot and just as I got the tanks they were all taken away
Delta 03 (7 days ago)
Just cause Parts and FPE has always been behind the RP wall does not mean it's a good thing. And I strongly believe that if another game like War Thunder comes out one day, you're gonna be watching a lot of players never touch your game again.
Gaijin can you add vickers mk 3
loneHunter (9 days ago)
for me the annoying thing about the British tanks is they just about all have the same guns
KNARF XD (9 days ago)
Mateusz K (9 days ago)
Still trash instead of Parts and FPE free ( and all modifications cheaper ). Justh dislike anything untill the Parts and FPE free.
Robert Phipps (10 days ago)
All hail war thunder now can we talk about parts and fpe 😀
Mark Teekasingh (10 days ago)
I just unlocked the Panther D and when I took it out in a match I got sniped and my transmission broke and I was stuck for the entire match Gaijin pls add free parts and fpe.
Leevi Starck (10 days ago)
parts and fpe? When?
warbound1 (11 days ago)
How about Parts and FPE?
Andres Vialpando (11 days ago)
Giving a thumbs down because they are blatently ignoring the player base at this point. I don't even feel like watching it anymore or even playing the game right now...
Lasse Thomsen (11 days ago)
The 8.3 British tanks are no match for the T-62 etc.. and are often fighting 8.7/9.0's and we all know who is the king of the hill there. In short UK needs some love. I rather play a stock T-62 than my fully Aced and spaded Mk3, come on snail be fair...
Briar Applebury (11 days ago)
I'm not too familiar with higher rank tanks, so can some one tell me what the hooded iron sight looking thing is used for on the barrel of the tank at 6:30 ?
Caio Figueiredo (11 days ago)
Artur Esteves (11 days ago)
Gaijin, has your convenience store been turned into a game yet?
override (11 days ago)
Ignoring the parts and fpe issue isn't doing anyone any favors.It's killing the usually healthy comment section.
Bartek Bartek (11 days ago)
FPE and parts overview when?
CheesecakeMania (11 days ago)
Jason Scott (11 days ago)
Can we get the ability to also allow/disallow camo patterns? Auto is retarded as it will pick a default camo about the same as it picks the one i bought. Maybe the ability to toggle some of them off so the auto camo cant use them?
T-Stop Studio (11 days ago)
It feels like the business and PR decisions are made by either a grumpy grandpa or a 7 year old, or possibly both. It's 2018, Gaijin, if you are gonna go down this road, WT is going to die long before it reaches its full potential.
T-Stop Studio (11 days ago)
The only logic behind Gaijin's policy of make grinding stock vehicles is 'people with less disposable income deserve to suffer in grinding since they cant buy their way through it'. Change my mind.
Xxxfury gammingxxX MNE (11 days ago)
very brrrrrrrrrrrrritish indeed,but im kinda more into spaggetti......
LuckyRabbitZ (11 days ago)
As a paying premium player im very dissapointed in you Gaijan
Darkfuin (11 days ago)
gaijin stop ignoring your community, its only hurting you.
Cutlas (11 days ago)
idiot russian
twentysevenbones (11 days ago)
Fix your game already.
Michal Jaško (11 days ago)
remove this poor nation from the game
Diogo Fernandes (11 days ago)
I´m done Gaijin, until I see some real effort to fix the game this is goodbye to war thunder. (PS: I don´t care about forum posts I expect real changes for the better. But hey, you probably will ignore this comment too)
puppy140604 (11 days ago)
Crusader AA is my grinder
Denaldi Arthasika (11 days ago)
Can you guys increase the turret traverse speed of the Comet? Because that tank is suffering from the lack of turret traverse speed when it's still a stock vehicle
Sanli (11 days ago)
Why not fixing APDS so my British Tanks without FPE & Parts would be becoming a little bit more useful then being useless
Ethan Bowmar (11 days ago)
Bruce, you're an engaging narrator but the PR team needs to address the current situation. For good or for worse it is time something is said
Ace Attorney Fan (11 days ago)
Tier 4 British Tanks are phenomenal! My god those APDS rounds are perfect for sniping tanks from over 1200 meters! For any players who are new to the British Tech tree, all I have to say is keep your head held up high because once you grind through the worst of the tree (1-3) it gets better! Having said that though, I really don't recommend this tree for new players of War Thunder giving how punishing it can be while playing Tiers 1-3. The FV4202 is my favorite Tier 4 tank over the others because of its lower profile and hidden lower glacis which is perfect for fighting over hills and taking cover. Panthers beware...
MultiMadmilk (12 days ago)
Hummmmmm Russian warthunder community is not mad about parts and fpe and so the English community are ignored
오지훈 (12 days ago)
hey soviet bias, is it fun??
LeprinhaGul (12 days ago)
Hey Gaijin, I'll make you an offer. Untill FPE and Parts are stock on every tank, I'll not be playing the game. I also encourage every player to do the same, and let Gaijin know that you are not going to play untill they give us what we want. That's it. PS: Make FPE and Parts atock inside a week and I'll buy a bundle before the year is over.
Warfare Daily (12 days ago)
https://youtu.be/aP9G67xFq2c watch this video about parts and fpe
Orion (12 days ago)
Can we get a video like this for the Germans
Orion (12 days ago)
F r e e that spells free Free Parts and fpe
Jim Dollens (12 days ago)
So I took the Kool Aide and spent $60 from my hard earned Disability check to buy one of your bundles. I got about 5 decent games out of that tank and now it has cost me in Excess of $1,000 silver eagles per game for the last half dozen or so games. Are you run by the Russian Mafia? Or has Putin increased his Ruble Expectation from Y'all so you have to rip us off more blatantly than before?
Admiral RoadRunner (12 days ago)
TheDaftAviator (12 days ago)
Gaijin, I remember when I first got this game back in '16. This was a game that truly satisfied my desires for a WWII vehicular combat game, and I was so hooked that to this day it's one of the only game I play. But you guys have really started to neglect your community in recent times. A community made up of people just like me. I care about this game's prosperity, and I want to see it at its full potential. I once played this game for the enjoyment, but now I only play it due to sheer dedication. Otherwise, I would have jumped ship long ago. Therefore, I ask that you heal the wounds for the community rather than pour salt in them. That includes research costs as well as parts and FPE.
Chris Stewart (12 days ago)
Free parts and FPE?
Alex Vaughn (12 days ago)
Gaijin, I love your game,like really love it and play it a lot but more and more players are going away from your game due to the parts and fpe issue. Your making a treadmill and not a game. Please listen to us. *edit* Also please remove the rp cap that is just ridiculous
Armin Engelhardt (12 days ago)
I am not a good player and get shredded frequently, so I disabled auto repair. I do not understand the metrics for that. Why do vehicles from the same nation with the same battle rating with similar max repair cost have wildly different repair time. In other words, why is repair time not a product of repair cost?
Benjamin Downing (12 days ago)
Ahhhhh, who remembers the good old IL-2 Sturmovik Birds of Prey days? Anyone, Just me? Ok
Cole Simmonds (12 days ago)
IS 2 mod.1944 (12 days ago)
Any of this tank can pen T34-85 with apds.... Doubt Green pen on T55AM1 front plate 600m , from chieftain, what's that a round bounces off from second plate below add on armour (at a range of 50meters) . On Green pen.... A warthunder rusdian bias No 20pdr apds bounces of T44 front plate.... Conqueror bouces of T34-100.... Love the damage pattern for apds too, 120mm somehow penetrates centre of the armour light yellow damage.
Nicos Eftychiou (12 days ago)
The British tank tree has been neglected.
Raphix (12 days ago)
kaimera7 (12 days ago)
as per their own video, trash after rank 3
Johnny Roux (12 days ago)
I apologize for being rude by keeping this info for myself, but I have a serious info from an inside source that we will get a free Abrams. And it will have Parts and FPE... So, why so you complain so much, fellas? 🤣 *I dare those ( sorry if I counted voices bad in that epic stream ) 2 streaming masters to open a live stream 🤣
Giovanni Cazzella (12 days ago)
Italian tank?
Alex Daniel (12 days ago)
Hello, I am a player who plays war thunder from the beta, and we are really seeing how this game deteriorates day by day, starting from the pieces of the tanks to the one that pays the most but wins (pay to win) Totally unbalanced and impossible play in top tier. Hopefully they realize in time, although there are clear signs of fewer players every day. Listen to the players that without them they would be nothing. bye!
Turbo Twinky (12 days ago)
Im surprised that the comments aint disabled
Putinizdabest (12 days ago)
Please just make PARTS and FPE FREE
HauptmannFerencz (12 days ago)
Hi Gaijin, can you discuss FPE and Parts for ground vehicles? Tnx
efrainkiller 1 (12 days ago)
Great video again Gaijin, but let’s talk about Parts and FPE please
Martin Vokurka BRBe (12 days ago)
FPE AND PARTS! FPE AND PARTS!!! "And do what g..." Me: Oh please, be quiet, ty.
Mike Christensen (12 days ago)
Do Golden eagles unlock the ratings of this video
Linker Genosse (12 days ago)
FREE parts and FPE
Elinzar (12 days ago)
you still can see my dislikes gaijin, like it or not and even more importantly, YouTube can too
Patryk 923 (12 days ago)
I love challanger. It has much better gun reload than other 3th rank tanks, great apds and turret that can bounce some shells. Also they buffed it's turret rotation to over 20 °/s. It is better than other 3th rank tanks imo. Only downside is weak hull. German aa will kill it easily at close range.
maciek modelarz (12 days ago)
BXT media (12 days ago)
res cue (12 days ago)
Lets talk about parts and FPE
Jason Latouche (12 days ago)
Climb to the top? Really?
R4V3-0N (12 days ago)
The Tanks that helped me climbed to the top was the Infantry Tank Line. I consider that play style the most enjoyable for me. Though I am saddened about the Black Prince having it's BR raised to BR 6.0 from 5.7, but nearly a year later every enemy tank it fought in RB ground battles got a lower BR (IS-1, IS-2, tiger II(P), VK 45.01(P), Command Tiger, Tiger E, just to name a few) as well as many TD's being added bellow her battle rating. This turned the once problematic "invincible tank" into an overtiered tank that even in a max downtier it can still be killed by a few targets with APCR load outs or with TD's. Making that the balanced point while at around it's BR plus it's armour becomes irrelevant to the higher calibur guns and special munitions. But before all that, I used to enjoy the Black Prince and the Churchills the most and I can't wait to see the TOG 2* (the real TOG 2*, not with War Gamings inaccuracies. Don't let me down Gaijin!), A.20, and a few other vehiclesi n the British tech tree of her type of line and some more higher tier vehicles that can represent the "heavy tank" nature like the FV201.
Luckyluchs777 (12 days ago)
Nice Gaijin, you've disabled likes and dislikes so people can't hate every one of your videos :) #freefpeandparts
XF (12 days ago)
German Panzerlied (12 days ago)
1:25 Crusader deus vult 4:02 British KV-2
CMDR Antezscar (12 days ago)
they have disabled ratings, lul.
AtoZ0to9123456 (12 days ago)
It's really strange that you're doing a showcase on a nation that you've utterly ruined for the sake of keeping the RU and GER playerbases happy. Not only are they annoying to play, the fact that they come with no parts or FPE stock makes it even worse. So how about we talk about free parts and FPE?
stephen Binkley (12 days ago)
Venrisss (12 days ago)
rating disabled? seriously, this is how you deal with the situation at hand gaijin?
Frankie (12 days ago)
I use the Cromwell and Valentines to climb except i don't get more than 1-2 kills before being stuck in one spot for the rest of the game
Stever win Choury (12 days ago)
galin did you want to add the sturmtiger in war thunder (please read my question)
LT_COL Brexit (12 days ago)
I’m just going to ask, if and when we’re going to see the vickers mk 7/2 and the chieftain 900?
Destiny XU (12 days ago)
we want part and fpe also the dislike numbers
Nugroho W. (12 days ago)
Lmao why they disable the FPE/Parts-o-meter?
Fpe parts and rp cap make it happen
paulius mantas (12 days ago)
57,58,59... games required to make a stock vehicle somewhat competetive! Gaijin, it's FPE and Parts talk time!
Bastian Neumann (12 days ago)
how to ignore your Community in 3-2-1 - LOOK BELOW YOUR VIDEO @War Thunder
J20assassinator Gaming (12 days ago)
Gaijin please upgrade the challenger mk2 tank with its upgrade packages on which will turn the tank into a mk3 instead of mk2 the tank can barely survive a battle that's if the player is lucky or good at using the tank. its a challenge trying to play with it. i hope u respond to this pleases.
smackdatmoney (12 days ago)
Are you still gonna ignore parts and FPE problem? that's not cool Gaijin ......not cool
Victor Frostyman (12 days ago)
Really? "Harmless Archer"!? Dud it just killed me when i watching it strolling towards me.... Thought it was "harmless"....it just doin "Running in the 60's" shits and shot me! FFS!
Thorbjørn Ragnar (12 days ago)
Nice video as always, now can we have a discussion about parts and fpe ?
Minegamer (12 days ago)
Colonize on sight! Full speed ahead!!

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