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PT Boat PT-658 Deck and Interior Walkthrough Sept 2012 -18 minutes

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PT Boat PT-658 Deck Tour and Interior Tour shows details and closeups of all weapons and equipment on board. Be sure to check website at www.savetheptboatinc.com PT-658 was named to the National Register of Historic Places on 04 September 2012. The boat was restored by a group of 12 WW2 PT Boat veterans. The tour starts from Bow and works back to see entire boat with detail views of each weapon and piece of equipment. Views of 20mm Oerlikon Cannon, 37mm Oldsmobile Cannon, Mk50 Spin Stabilized 5 Inch Rocket Launcher Mounts, Browning M2 twin 50 cal machineguns, Mk17 turret, Mk 13 Torpedo, Mk6 Depth Charge, 40mm Bofors Cannon, Raytheon SO Radar Mast, signal generator, waveguide and antenna dome, Helm Equipment, Compass, Throttle and EOT, Searchlight, Reflector Gunsight, Collins TCS-12 Radios, Radar PPI Scope, Chartroom, Navigators Chartboard, Galley, Stove, Sink, Refrigerator, Toaster, Drop Leaf crews mess table, Crews Bunks, Pinup Girls, Crews Dress Uniforms, Kapok Life Jackets, Crews Quarters, Wardroom, Officers Head, Foul Weather Jacket, Radar Power Supply, Officers Dress Uniform, Officers Pith Helmets, Captains Desk, Ammo Locker, Small arms gun rack, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, 1903 Springfield Rifle, BAR, Thompson Sub-machinegun, Wardroom Fan, Fluxgate Gyro compass Amplifiyer and Power Inverter, Ammo passing hatch, Running Engine exhausting through bronze mufflers. Please help support the further restoration and preservation of this historic treasure by visiting the above website and donating. "Save the PT Boat" is a 501c3 non profit organization and appreciates all the support we can get! Check back soon for further detailed videos about starting up the engines and other operational details.
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ThatGuy (3 days ago)
Great video! Very informative. Thanks for putting it together!
ThatGuy (3 days ago)
16:15 Those aren't Pith Helmets. Those are Pressed Fiber Sun Helmets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWywAOowjPA
David Harris (3 days ago)
I thought they were equipped with smoke generators but I did not see one?
Christina Crossman (3 days ago)
Thank you for taking the time to do such an awesome tour. And thank you to all the men and women and the families for former service men who both toiled and worked so hard to preserve this true living history monument (though moving) to our past and to what was absolutely a national effort to defend our great Nation and May God preserve and Bless the United Sates of America and slaughter our enemies both foreign and domestic..
Ray G (4 days ago)
I was pretty sure McHale couldnt throw dance parties down below...you have confirmed my beliefs.
Valerie Blackhart (6 days ago)
That PT boat is armed to the teeth
Gene Dameier (6 days ago)
Thanks for the tour. There's a lot more to a PT Boat than we saw on McHale's Navy.
Alec Hemy (11 days ago)
So in essence it's an A10 warthog that flies at ultra low altitudes only and not over land.
Rick Sadler (14 days ago)
Cool vid thank you
william wallace (15 days ago)
No one has ever explained what the third Packard-Merlin engine was used for.
ford lane (1 month ago)
Nice tour.
a10warthog61 (2 months ago)
Greetings from Massachusetts
Dan N (2 months ago)
Could you talk more about the life raft? I found that interesting how the floor drops down.
Glen Kelley (2 months ago)
EXCELLENT PRODUCTION, Thank you so much.
jlfc72 (3 months ago)
Armed to the teeth.
David Beckley (4 months ago)
Nice video but incomplete without a view of the engines.
James Miller (4 months ago)
They have two Vietnam era PT boats in Alameda near the USS Hornet. I wanted to tour them but the people in charge of them said the public still cannot view the engines on those things inside. Odd that you can tour nearly all of the USS Hornet but these small boats you can't. Evidently some of the technology is still secret. The Hornet is a great day spent though.
James Miller (2 months ago)
You didn't read what I said. That is what they said about it.
a10warthog61 (2 months ago)
James Miller absolutely nothing secret about engines. They just don’t want you in there bumping your head or hitting your knees
thehal2000 (4 months ago)
Terrific informative and interesting video. Like others I have often wondered what they looked like aboard. More to a PT boat than I had thought; thanks for the tour.
Charles Bake (4 months ago)
Dull presentation. Dull dull dull.
a10warthog61 (2 months ago)
Charles Bake dude go eat a dick
MrAlumni72 (6 months ago)
What strikes me is the narrowness of the deck - not a lot of room for a mis-step if you want to stay with the boat!
Peter Lutz (6 months ago)
If you ever get a chance to visit Battleship Cove at Fall River Massachusetts, they have 2 PT boats, an Elco, the PT-617 and a Higgins, the PT-796 in addition to other notable WWII vessels, including the U.S.S. MASSACHUSSETTES and the Balao class submarine USS LIONFISH.
Rick Jones (6 months ago)
Hay hay I am videoing Hay hay eatington.
Jess James (6 months ago)
That flag is called the "Navy Jack."
scott garvey (6 months ago)
amazing restoration ..how did you find all that stuff !?
Milkman3572000 (7 months ago)
In the description, please install WHERE this display is at.
a10warthog61 (2 months ago)
Milkman3572000 Portland, Oregon
TabbyclawProductions (8 months ago)
If they didn't use the head, where did they pee?
soaringtractor (5 months ago)
Tabbyclaw Over the stern of the boat !!! DUUUUUUHHH!!!!!!!!!
Mark Frame (9 months ago)
I was on the 109 this one is better
whats goingon (9 months ago)
My late uncle by marriage was a really soft spoken guy. He was a radio operator on a PT in the Pacific. He never wanted to talk about it much. I guess he just wanted to do his time and come home. During one furlough he met my aunt on a train from NY. Thanks for the glimpse into his past world.
Anon Nymous (1 year ago)
Before the 37mm guns started to be factory equipment, the PT crews would steal spares, meant for P-39 Airacobras, from the USAAF. It offered much better armor penetration than the 20mm.
Mason Moyer (1 year ago)
That thing sounds like it's ready to go kick some ass. Nice.
ian ball (1 year ago)
am sure to build this it could be achived on a international bases.i no boats more then most things. i was brought up on boats my father was a senior boats officer ,who restored meny and retired at 72. it was hard to get a replacment and a koren vetern naval officer. he new boats and ship born air craft in side and out and every fastner used in detail every component ftom the keel up and every tging on air craft too. so i now wish to build a pt boat ftom scratch. oh well they will have modern marine engines and safety items etc but still close to the original ones of course. no we must not for get from the builders to the crews in all that they sacrifced so that we could be born. we owe then are lifes and we must never for get that. proude of them all in all the allied forces that came together to fight for are very existance.we owe them much. respect more then 100%. so yes i want to build one for lots of good reasons. chip in and i will build it. ok i like air craft carriers too but we could'nt raise the funs to build one nor a battle ship. so the next best thing a pt boat. maybe every state and all allied countries should build at least one in each city. that will be a sight to see. built out of respect and sacrifice as they did for us all. we owe them that at the very least. help me build one and then see where this may lead. a better communite spirit a better world of peace. it will have a positive effect all round because we all come together to do this honourable thing. it will mean a lot to meny. the past the presant and the future. it will show that we care and that we respect . it maybe easy to do in some ways but its the meaning behind it that counts. and what a thing to do. very effective in the best possible way.. they make a sacrific for us now we can do the same to honour them. it is are duty as human beings. it will bring the world closer together as it should be. thank you for reading . just help me make this happen and it will come about.
ian ball (1 year ago)
great vid now tell me how to build one and i will build on. yes me must and those that help will gain great insight into not just how to build and maimtain them but become experts with re gained losted skills. i and meny others would love to own one and to live on. my new home on the high seas. cheesing rope causes bust and ypu can slip and harm your self and basicly only for show
Big Mervie (1 year ago)
I had no idea the extent of gear, guns and equipment crammed into one of these vessels. True genius use of space everywhere....simply an amazing war machine.
Big Mervie (1 year ago)
No idea
Walter Holland (1 year ago)
Thanks for this wonderful video. Curious, what are the dimensions of the boat? LOA/LOW/Beam. Thanks.
a10warthog61 (2 months ago)
Walter Holland 78”
come on man! (1 year ago)
Yep these queer fucks go off sailing in this boat. Gives them the opportunity to pretend they were in the military (which come on look at then hear them, they weren't) and suck each other's dicks just a way for these fun boys to spend their weekends.
Kurio71 (1 year ago)
4 foot bunks
Jas Ward (1 year ago)
Amazing, thanks for the look around.
Tomassino Patatov (1 year ago)
airacobra cannon???
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
Yes !!! many were taken from damaged planes and installed in the field for more fire power !!!
Gordon Greninger (1 year ago)
mostly no one used the e-head? im liking the bow gunner as the exception to the rule..
Jim Bower (1 year ago)
Thank You Very Much for the tour !
jmmurdy (1 year ago)
liljgoneman (1 year ago)
PTs have always fascinated me.  Thank you for taking the time to share this with us.    It's far more "comfortable" below deck than I'd imagined.
David Farmer (1 year ago)
Great video , would have been nice to see engines as well.
servicarrider (2 years ago)
Did any navy ever get more bang for the buck the we did from both the PT & Higgins boats?
bill green (2 years ago)
Thanks for the tour, and thank you all for the preservation of this interesting (and complicated) part of our fighting heritage.
cdizzle99z (2 years ago)
Did he say Oldsmobile cannon
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
Yes he did !!! They were originally used in the Bell P39 Airocobra !!!!
Doug Bulkeley (2 years ago)
Great Vid. I had the honor of visiting & touring this fine boat several years ago at the Portland Rose Festival. My cousin, John D. Bulkeley commanded PT-41...
DrewPicklesTheDark (2 years ago)
I went on a tour of one of these, it was in Battleship Cove in Mass.
ray b (2 years ago)
Fabulous! thank you
Harald Pettesen (2 years ago)
I have only one thing to say aboat the men who oprerated these boats : RESPECT
Izzynutz Restorations (2 years ago)
Jerry that picture that you showed PT 495 was my father's boat although I don't see him in that picture Claude Greenwell PT 495 Ron33😁
Hadrian Wall (2 years ago)
I've always wanted my own PT boat since I was a kid...THANKS for sharing.
Monokuma (2 years ago)
It's crazy how President Kennedy was on one of these.
Hayden Bump (1 month ago)
He was in a PT 109 not one of those
306 CHAMPION (2 years ago)
Great video Mate, I have always wanted to see a PT Boat below decks and now I have. It looks bigger than I imagined. Thank you.
michael maxwell (2 years ago)
Was there last month - got the same tour, so busy takin pix I missed most that-now I know! Wish you could have done the engines!!
2degucitas (2 years ago)
Is it still in commission or retired?
Jesse Bains (2 years ago)
Retired, preserved as a museum.
Nele Abels (2 years ago)
Great video. It really captures what the men in service had to do and endure in WW2. Thanks for your work.
Germany had the S-boot, which was like 120ft? While the PT boat is 80ft...And the S-Boots were never used in open water like the pt boats in the pacific...They stayed in the baltics, and in the shallow sea between the Netherlands, and England
And they took these things out into open waters...Which is unbelievable
David Farmer (1 year ago)
Bobarino Isbell (2 years ago)
I'm thinking of building an RC 1/6 scale model of JFK's PT 109. Think of the 12 inch GI Joe action figures of our long ago youths. This will help with the details.
2degucitas (2 years ago)
Sounds cool. Post pics and a link when you are done.
leadfootsixgun (2 years ago)
Hi. Thank you so much, for all of us how can not get to such a tour.... God be with you Gentiles.
Robin Kennedy (2 years ago)
What a privilege. Thank you.
GARY HESS (3 years ago)
Very cool video. I always thought PT men were the swash bucklers of the navy and very brave to go to sea in such a mini battleship.Thanks !
Richard Najjar (3 years ago)
Great tour. I was a torpedoman in the nuclear submarine service back in the 70s. We still had the old 21 foot long World War II manufactured Mk.14 torpedoes, along with newer wire guided and acoustic weapons. The older torpedoes were retained well into the Cold War because they were "war-time proven" weapons. The Mk.13s on your PT boat have internals similar to our Mk.14s -- combustion flask, main drive gears, and other features like an external starting lever. I heard from some of the older guys that I served with that PTs were like howling demons fueled by avgas and powered by three 12-cylinder aircraft engines. Hard to imagine that the Navy had over a thousand of them -- and scrapped almost all that survived at the end of the war. Thanks again for a great tour.
soaringtractor (10 months ago)
Richard Najjar The PT Boat engines, Packard M2500 were NOT aircraft engines !!! They were purpose designed by Packard for the PT Boats. They did have aircraft influence, all aluminum, overhead cam, 4 valves per cylinder and supercharged, 1200 to 1800 HP depending on the model of the engine !!!
-=Sp00k=- (3 years ago)
James has a nice vape in his hand. ~spotted~ :)
T Allen (3 years ago)
WAIT a minute1 Did that guy say that the Swedish Oerlikon ( pronounced "war-like-un") WAS A 20 MM.? It was an 18 mm. when I was an Aviation Ordinance man. It was also an anti aircraft rifle, but a little longer.
Jerry Gilmartin (3 years ago)
+T Allen Yes they made about 50,000 20mm Oerlikons during WW2, they could be mounted in a dual or single mount. The ones in aircraft wing guns are belt fed and have a larger powder casing, but the projectile is still 20mm in bore size.
George Geller (3 years ago)
I have great admiration and respect for the men who went to sea and fought on America's PT boats. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who had a hand in preserving this wonderful piece of our history.
The Greenman (3 years ago)
Thanks for posting that. I knew those things were bad ass but I had no idea how bad ass. I was in the Navy from 90-95 as a combat aircrewman. Much respect for these boats and crews.
fourfortyroadrunner (3 years ago)
Collins TCS radio transmitter -receiver. Used to know them well. As a teenager, this stuff was around "surplus" as a young general radio amateur. 1625 tubes in PA modulated by a pair of 1625s
PCWCFA (3 years ago)
Thank you. Great tour.
trucking604 (3 years ago)
Geeze, why weren't you in the engine room when the engines were started and running??!! Come on!!!
David Farmer (1 year ago)
Inclined  to agree but  great video never the less.
honipop (3 years ago)
Fascinating, thanks for the tour.
you did that complete detailed tour,, with NO ENGINE ROOM?????  come on
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
T Allen hey dumb ass !!! These PACKARD M2500 MARINE engines have NOTHING to do with the RR Merlin !!!! DUUUHHH!!!!! Aside from the fact Packard did build BOTH !!! The M2500 PACKARDS were being delivered to the US navy 3 years before RR Showed up on their begging mission !!!! Get the facts straight BEFORE opening your shit hole and spewing shit all over !!! Merlins were never used in a US Navy PT Boat !!!! DUUUHH!!!!
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
Jerry Gilmartin RR Merlins are only 1650 Cu I displacement PACKARD M2500 are.........yes 2500 Cu in displacement !!! 50% larger !!! and they had NOTHING to do with the RR Merlin engine !!! !These Packards were being delivered to th US Navy 3 years before RR showed up at Packard on their begging mission !!!!
Jerry Gilmartin (3 years ago)
+T Allen A quick search will show 2 different engine room tour videos. And Yes we do indeed have 3 Running Packard V12 Gas Engines. NOT Rolls Royce. Common mistake, Packard made licensed copies of Merlin Aircraft engines but the engines installed on PT Boats were bigger than Merlins (1830 cu inch Merlin vs 2500 cu inch displacement on Packard Marine PT Boat engines.
LegitGrantham20 (3 years ago)
+T Allen pt-658 does have Packards
T Allen (3 years ago)
+South West Florida Aerial Yeah, guess they couldn't find any Packard-Rolls Royce engines for restoration. Coulda' used Allisons, tho.
alpha18412 (3 years ago)
My dad served on PT811 as a punk kid in very end of the 1950's. Rode her to the scrapyard. Took me 50 years to drag the story out of him.
drmarosen (3 years ago)
Mr. Gilmartin, Thanks for the great tour. It was fascinating to watch and very difficult  to hear very clearly over the drone of the Packard engines. Would you consider re-recording so that folks that are interested in hearing every word don't have to struggle  to listen. I put the audio thru my stereo speakers and got a room full of engine noise, the Packard(s) actually cover you up repeatedly. Great boat, interesting subject, although not too bright an idea trying to record a duet with V-12 engines. Very interesting, very frustrating. BTW, if you re-record, don't have people talking louder than narrator while up on deck. Hello?! M.A. Rosen, M.D.
Jerry Gilmartin (3 years ago)
+drmarosen Sorry Doc I was just learning how to make videos at the time this was recorded. I have made a few others that you can hear them better. I was trying to get those background people to be quiet but the world evidently does not revolve around me as I mistakenly assumed.
Mark Battista (3 years ago)
Paul Kelly (3 years ago)
Great video thank you very much. Bigger than I thought. Now to see the engine room video.
bob5944 (4 years ago)
Thank you for making this video! I've always been fascinated with these boats since watching McHale's Navy as a kid!
karlhungusjr (4 years ago)
ever since I was a kid I wanted to know what the inside of a PT boat looked like. Thank you for this video.
Kosh's Shadow (14 days ago)
Especially when I watched McHale's Navy as a kid! Thank everyone for showing me what they were like!
soaringtractor (10 months ago)
Dutchy That M2500 Packard was 50 percent larger than a packard built 1650 Merlin !!!And the Packard 2500 was in no way even remotely related to the merlin. Packard was building the M2500, which was purpose built for the PT boats, over 3 years before RR showed up at Packard for Packard to build the merlin, which they did built BOTH engines at the same time !!! 14,000+ 2500's and 55,523 V1650 merlins The M2500 was the marine version of the A2500 aircraft engine. a lot of aero influence !!!
soaringtractor That's essentially like a plane engine? I think that engine is actually more powerful than the Merlin-Packard that was in the P-51
soaringtractor I need a car with that engine
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
Three large Packard built V12 engines each putting out 1850 HP !!!! Made for a hell of a ride !!!! M2500's !!!!
Tim22410 (4 years ago)
Fascinating. Very well done. Kudos to you for an exceptional and informative tour. Always had an interest in these classic fighting boats. Outstanding! Thank you!
Mark Allen (4 years ago)
It's amazing how much these guys got done with so little. Much respect for these guys. 
charles richardson (4 years ago)
thanks for this up load
scdevon (4 years ago)
20,000 lbs of gasoline. Wow. I bet there was a noticeable difference in the handling of the boat between empty and full fuel tanks. 
Kelly Meacham (4 years ago)
The 8 dislikes came from Japanese boat crew members.
Eric Pelote (3 months ago)
Kelly Meacham no !! They came from Americans who don't appreciate this piece.of Navy history !!! The Japanese who battle against these boats respect them
Ronald Robertson (6 months ago)
Jerry Gilmartin Fuji!!!
Jerry Gilmartin (3 years ago)
+Kelly Meacham lol
cpfort (4 years ago)
Thanks for the tour.  I just watched a PT boat documentary, and I was curious about the details.  This was very informative.  Also, ignore the rude jerk below.  Some people have no manners.
senatorclaghorn (4 years ago)
Very informative! Thanks for sharing this!
Leonetm1 (4 years ago)
Great Boat.....Lousy host.   "0" Skills, Can't talk.
jpx1967 (4 years ago)
Beau travail. ..
MortimerEsq (4 years ago)
Seeing the uniforms were cool. And at 12:12 that these boats were made of wood is quite evident. I wonder if that gap in the wood is original. I suspect any kind of ventilation next to a bunk was welcome.
Jerry Gilmartin (4 years ago)
You have a keen eye Michael! We have repaired that gap since I filmed the video. We had to replace some rotten planking on the inside and outside. Thanks for watching! Jerry
MortimerEsq (4 years ago)
Fantastic video. At 13:30 guy at far right, bottom row looks like Lee Harvey Oswald!
Fernando Fausto (4 years ago)
thank you for the tour.
Clayton Sauberan (4 years ago)
Hey there nice vid can you tell me the square feet width and length of the boat please
Jerry Gilmartin (4 years ago)
Hello Clayton, the boat is 78ft 6 inches in length and 20 feet 5 inches beam. It weighs 103,000 pounds (51.5 tons). Thanks for watching
RetiredGuy Adventures (4 years ago)
Bravo Zulu...Excellent video!
homebuiltindoorplane (4 years ago)
Wheres Ernie Borgnine when you really need him?
T.M. H. (4 years ago)
OUTSTANDING      Thanks very much
flywelder (4 years ago)
really awesome work!  thank you so much for making this and posting it here!  Well done! I hope you will post more videos of this vessel soon perhaps  of it under way and doing maneuvers,  perhaps like we see in McHales navy? ( the TV show)  perhaps of the guns being test fired with blanks of course.  perhaps of the motors, in the silent running  set up. and interviews of the different men who served onPTs  and have them describe the job on board and what it was like on board and at sea and under fire.  these would be excellent additions! Again, thanks so much!
Jerry Gilmartin (4 years ago)
Thanks flywelder for watching! Yes those are great ideas. We need to get a "chase" boat to shot underway videos. If you go to our website www.savetheptboatinc.com under News tab we have an underway video taken from an aerial drone. The other part about shooting the guns will be more difficult since all of our weapons have been demilitarized and cannot be fired. Maybe we can work on getting them able to simulate firing. Thanks again for your interest.
dapsapsrp (4 years ago)
Great video. The only thing lacking is not seeing the engine room although I'm sure it was quite noisy when they were running. Excellent attention to detail and I hope the boats lasts forever for future generations to see.
Jerry Gilmartin (4 years ago)
Thanks for watching! I made another video that tours the engine room and another trying to start and another doing post startup checks. Just search YouTube for PT658 and they should come up.
Jimmy Haley (4 years ago)
Damn,,thought you were going into the engine room,,my world in the 61-65 Navy,,being an E5,,engineman I sure was hoping to re-visit that engine ,,,thanks anyway,,great vid
Jerry Gilmartin (4 years ago)
Hi Jim, Thanks for watching and commenting. I did make a couple of videos that show the inside of the engine room. Just search for PT658 Engine Room Tour and "PT658 engine startup" and "Post start engine checks" on YouTube
Jono Edwards (4 years ago)
Great post of a brilliant machine,amazing living quarters,Lest we forget these brave Sailors.
DrBill (4 years ago)
In 1963 there was an empty PT hull, no deck, I used to play on/in as ah kid. long gone now. My Dad, in 1956,  used to run the Fastest Fishing Boat In Florida, an old PT with the original engines. On occasion he would run Ernest Hemmingway to Bimini from Miami Beach.  
EBOHLING57 (4 years ago)
It sure is strange how the Navy cannot make up its mind on mission capabilities. Now that they have a mission to combat global piracy they developed the LCS which is the same tonnage of a World War II Destroyer Escort, I venture that the PT Boat concept should have been maintained even through the Cold War.
peterahjorter (4 years ago)
Very intresting tour thanks for showing us

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